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Did Socorro UFO Also Land in Montana? | UFO CHRONICLE

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Saucer Sighting Has Canyon Ferry Buzzin' - Great Falls Tribune 5-1-1964

Saucer Sighting Has Canyon Ferry Buzzin' - Great Falls Tribune (Cont) 5-1-1964
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By Great Falls Tribune

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Pretty odd. I live in Helena which is about 20 miles from Canyon Ferry Lake. This is a man made lake made from damming ( or as I like to say, Damning ) the Missouri River. The original town of Canyon Ferry dates from the 1860's and was below the new town of Canyon Ferry Village and it is now inundated by the lake. It used to be where there was a ferry that took people, wagons, horses, oxen etc. across the Missouri River. The valley that was flooded in the process of creating this reservoir or lake was once one of the most beautiful and fertile valleys in Montana. It was called the Canton Valley and the town of Canton also existed further up the valley near present day Townsend, Montana. It is under water now too. I've personally never heard of this case, so it's interesting to me. Especially with it being so close to where I live. I know the exact house where these kids and their parents lived. It's still right where it's always been. I can see from the newspaper photo right where the supposed craft would have been in the large yard that surrounds this house. I fish out there all the time and always drive right by this house. Now it's going to be weird driving by it and knowing that this might have actually occurred there. There have been many other sightings in this area though and the one I know of that is widely known about around Helena and the Townsend area is the Udo Wartena case. He was a miner who saw a craft land and actually went up and spoke with the beings that were inside of it. This happened in the 1930's or 40's I think. The case can be found on the internet on some other UFO sites but I don't know if you have it on this site or not. If you don't, I would highly encourage you to find it on the net and read it and perhaps add it to your case files. Personally, I think the guy saw exactly what he said he saw and that he did speak with the occupants of the craft. As for the Davis case above, I've not heard of it before now, so don't have anything to add.


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