Tuesday, September 04, 2012

VIDCAST: Flying Saucers [UFOs] and Science - Stanton Friedman LIVE

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Stan Friedman - Flying Saucers & Science

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  1. There is no evidence for the presence of extra terrestrial intelligence on this planet. Alien humanoid beings can be the result of illegal/criminal genetic manipulation of humans. The group of people that hides Tesla's flying saucer technology is a group of criminals anyway, capable also of the illegal creation of humanoids by means of genetic manipulation. Keep in mind also the last message of Werner von Braun, this message is spot on. Friedman is hired to spread the lies about "extra terrestrial intelligence. The only reason for these lies is this: TO MAKE THE SHEEPLE HUMBLE. Now remember this: HUMANS CREATED FLYING SAUCERS.

  2. Friedman talks about nuclear ramjets, based on fusion (can't be fission) of HYDROGEN. Officially this is NOT possible, so Friedman is disclosing this information, which obviously is a SECRET. Mind you, this nuclear fusion RAMJET, already developed in 1960 or so, could have revolutionized the entire energy industry and make energy dead cheap for us all. So basically, Friedman says our society is a big fossile fuel SCAM. We are paying our electricity bills and car gas bills, because this nuclear RAMJET technology has been kept secret for more than 60 years now, this is what Friedman is telling you! We have no energy problems at all, cause we have nuclear fusion RAMJETS! So why all those wars about OIL during the last 60 years, why Friedman!

  3. I enjoyed Stan Friedman speaking.He knows and and the reason for the oil wars for dominence.That's all.Overpopulation so we lose our boys and girls knowing we can do without their oil.We have the means to live free of polution but what would these other countries do without all our help.Let them destroy themselves lets do something for our own people for a change.UFOs yes and Aliens I'm sure.

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    We should not bad mouth Mr. Stanton he is a good man gives his time to us people who do not understand it all any way. As I see it he is telling us very much and I can not understand it and he knows it but he keeps on keeping on, we should help him any way we can and no bad mouthing him. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it. Bill Davidson Marion, Ky. Love all of you all very much


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