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Citizen Scientists Discover Green Ghosts

Citizen Scientists Discover Green Ghosts

     Citizen scientists have discovered a new form of upper atmospheric lightning: The Green Ghost. Catalogued for the first time only a year ago, Green Ghosts appear above strong sprites, leaving a weird verdant afterglow at the edge of space. A fine specimen was just photographed over New Mexico.

UFOs and Nukes – One Man’s Investigation

UFOs and Nukes – One Man’s Investigation

     In 2007, then Senate majority leader Harry Reid and two of his most trusted Senate colleagues conferred in a highly secure room about the perplexing mystery of UFOs. The three senators agreed to authorize black budget funds for a study by the
By George Knapp
Mystery Wire
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) into UFO incidents and related phenomena.

Sen. Reid said one reason he wanted a formal study was a series of dramatic incidents where UFOs appeared over American nuclear weapons facilities. These are cases that have been documented in a book and film by investigator Robert Hastings. You can watch Hasting’s film on his website and on Amazon Prime Video.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Senate Staffer, Dick D'Amato's Statement On UFO Crashes in New Mexico

Senate Staffer, Dick D'Amato's Statement On UFO Crashes in New Mexico

     Recently, I discovered Dick D’Amato’s current official position on UFO Crashes. He was a senior US Senate staffer, who met numerous UFO researcher on the matter back in 1990s. According to, the statement is present on his official website at least from 2013. It reads in full:
By Giuliano Marinkovic

“In the 1980's and 1990's, I served on the staff of the Senate Democratic Leader, Senator Robert C. Byrd, and my responsibilities involved helping manage the budgets of the Department of Defense and the National Foreign Intelligence Program. My duties included responding to a Senators and committees request for information, analysis, and legislation on a variety of national security issues. In this context, a senior Senate Committee chairman asked me to conduct a preliminary inquiry into allegations that came to his attention regarding unidentified aerial crashes in the 1940's in New Mexico. I met with a number of people who had made public statements on the matter. I reported my conclusion to the Senator that the basis for such allegations did not appear to merit any further Senate investigation. Beyond this inquiry on behalf of the Senator, I have no personal opinion on the matter and consider the inquiry to have been closed for over 20 years.”
Discovery happened while I was processing some leftovers on Dick D’Amato that I previously collected. Amato’s official page was located on this address:

However, that domain is now defunct but this one still works:

His statement is positioned under the section “Downloads” where it leads to subsection titled:

Response to UFO Chronicles

I immediately contacted Frank Warren – author of the UFO Chronicles website - to double check if D’Amato ever submitted this response to him. It was not so but this article possibly triggered D’Amato’s to put his reaction on the website (article describes meeting between Jesse Marcel Jr and Dick D’Amato):

Jesse Marcel Jr.

Although D’Amato’s statement on his website has a different tone compared to reported off the record meetings, it is still valuable to be aware about his official position on the topic.
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C Richard D'Amato and 'black" UFO programs

More on C Richard D'Amato and 'black" UAP programs

For additional context check my 2019 tweets too:

2006 audio interview between Thomas Horn and Jesse Marcel Jr

Whitley Strieber’s Novel (related to meeting between Marcel Jr and D’Amato)

D'Amato, Stevens & Inouye

Stanton Friedman Confirms Dick D'Amato

Stanton Friedman confirms in this UFO Updates 2006 post he was also present in secure room with Marcel Jr and D’Amato.

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Will The New York Times Ever Stop Reporting on UFOs?

Will The New York Times Ever Stop Reporting on UFOs

     In December 2017, The New York Times published a front page story about a ”shadowy” UFO Pentagon program that investigated encounters between Navy fighter pilots and mysterious, gravity-defying objects. Illustrated with several
By Keith Kloor
grainy cockpit videos posted to the Times’ website, the scoop was captivating. ABC News called it a “bombshell.” Brett Baier of Fox News said, “a lot of people are taking this revelation seriously.”

A lot of journalists, that is. Many news consumers did lap up the story like a new X-Files episode but nobody ran for the hills, and nobody in Congress called for hearings about the “revelation” and its seemingly huge implications for civilization. As one observer on Twitter noted: “I mean the New York Times literally just gave us proof of UFOs and the world didn’t skip a beat.”

That’s because the world didn’t believe there was much to the story—or, at least, the world didn’t believe what the newspaper was hinting at. Indeed, the evidence touted by the Times (such as a supposedly recovered piece of unearthly wreckage) was shredded pretty easily by writers at New York magazine, Scientific American and WIRED.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Official UFO Disclosure “May Be Imminent” – A Historical Perspective

Official UFO Disclosure “May Be Imminent” – A Historical Perspective

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The history of the UFO field has many, many examples (some of which I’ve collated below) of predictions of imminent official disclosure of the existence of alien visitors. Headlines claiming
By Isaac Koi
that UFO “Disclosure” is coming soon have been made by popular UFO authors and lecture-circuit speakers for decades. Specific dates or time period (often measured in mere months) until the grand revelation of the Truth have been common but all such predictions have failed.

Even those that support the view that at least some UFO sightings probably have some exotic cause (whether aliens, time travellers, inter-dimensional beings or some other non-mundane explanations) have recognised the frequency of such failed predictions of Disclosure.

Should Scientists Take UFOs and Ghosts More Seriously?

Should Scientists Take UFOs and Ghosts More Seriously?

Journalist Leslie Kean investigates topics that many consider to be beyond the pale

     Like many long-time readers of The New York Times, I was shocked when the staid old paper published, in 2017, a front-page article on Pentagon investigations of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. This article, plus a shorter sidebar and a 2019 follow-up, heartened those who believe that extraterrestrials
By John Horgan
have visited us and annoyed skeptics like my friend journalist Keith Kloor. Last December, I met journalist Leslie Kean, a co-author of the Times articles and sole author of the 2010 bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record, at a week-long symposium on challenges to conventional scientific materialism ....

... last week, after the Times published yet another UFO story by Kean and her collaborator Ralph Blumenthal—which triggered more pushback from Kloor--I emailed Kean a few questions:

Navy Reports Describe Encounters With Unexplained Flying Objects

Navy Reports Describe Encounters With Unexplained Flying Objects

     Navy fighter pilots reported close encounters with unidentified aerial vehicles, including several dangerously close, in eight incidents between June 27, 2013, and Feb. 13, 2019, according to documents recently released by the Navy.

Two happened on one day, according to one of eight
By Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean
The New York Times
unclassified Navy safety reports released in response to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act by news outlets, including The New York Times.

Last month the Defense Department authenticated three videos of aerial encounters previously published by The Times, accompanying accounts of Navy pilots who reported such close encounters.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Robert Spencer Carr, The Aztec UFO Incident and Hangar 18

Robert Spencer Carr, The Aztec UFO Incident and Hangar 18
Carr seems like a minister as he speaks slowly and deliberately in a deep, lilting voice. And, in a way, he is a minister. He preaches an attitude of peace, good will and cooperation with "our friends from space.”
- Jane Baumann in the Clearwater Sun, Oct. 27, 1974

     Professor Robert Spencer Carr was the guest of a local radio show on Oct. 11, 1974 to promote the upcoming Flying Saucer Symposium by PSI Conferences in Tampa, Florida. During the interview, Carr made the shocking disclosure of the US government’s cover-up of the crash of a UFO in New Mexico. It created a media sensation that lasted for months in print and broadcast news. But who was Robert Spencer Carr?

Bob Carr was born March 26, 1909, and as brilliant youthful author published in prominent magazines, not only in pulps such as Weird Tales, but also mainstream slicks such as the
Curt Collins
By Curt Collins & Claude Falkstrom
Saturday Evening Post. His son, Timothy Spencer Carr, contributed a mini-bio to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database that fills in some of the blanks:
He was a child prodigy with published magazine articles at age 10, an international best-selling novel author at age 18 and a Hollywood screen writer at 20... he had 3 novels and at least a dozen short stories, mostly science fiction. Like many of his colleagues, he became a member of the USA Communist party during the 1930's. He actually lived in Russia from 1933 to 1938 (during the worst of Stalin's purges), where he became totally disenchanted with Communism. He returned to the US and renounced his party membership. He refused to testify against his former comrades during the HUAC witch-hunts of the 1950's.
Back in the US, Carr resumed his writing career, which included a substantial body of work during his four years as Director of Educational Research for Walt Disney Studios. He served in the Army during World War II, enlisting in 1944 and becoming a sergeant where he wrote lectures for officers to deliver to the troops. After that, he returned to the motion picture industry for several years, writing and producing educational films contracted by the State Department at the International Film Foundation. It was also during this period that Carr became interested in flying saucers.

Carr's Science Fiction Potpourri

Carr had a particular fondness for fantasy and science fiction, and his story about extraterrestrial visitors, “Morning Star,” was published in the December 6, 1947 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. In his author’s profile, Carr was described as “a devoted follower of the late Charles Fort, and a member of the Fortean Society,” and that he was a supporter in the possibility “that men from Mars—if not babes from Venus—already have visited the earth.” In Carr’s “Easter Eggs" (later retitled “The Invaders”) from the Sept. 24, 1949 edition of The Saturday Evening Post, two alien ovoid spaceships land, one actually on the White House lawn, the other in Moscow. It gives a hint of Carr’s thoughts on the advanced mental and psychic powers of extraterrestrials - and our potential to match them. Bette Pringle, a White House secretary, establishes communication:
“I caught a glimpse of something alive inside, about the size of a man, sitting at controls. He tried to talk to me… He seemed to speak inside my mind, not with words but with ideas. With pictures too, pictures no artist could paint.”
Carr and Ufology

1952 marked the end of Carr’s film work and his literary career, his “The Coming of the Little People,” published The Blue Book, for their November issue. However, in July of that year he wrote something memorable for the President of the United States. Little evidence of Carr’s early UFO-related activity survives, but researcher Larry Bryant found documentation of it. Bryant examined letters to President Harry S. Truman from the public on the subject of flying saucers, writing, “The collected letters – or at least that portion that somehow escaped referral to the Department of Defense for reply – now reside at the Truman Library in Independence, Mo. … A White House staffer synopsized each letter in a cross-reference log.”

Carr’s letter to the President was forwarded, but the remarks by the staff note:

–Robert Spencer Carr of Clearwater, Fla. (7/31/52)
“Writer encloses miscellaneous material relative to 'flying saucers’ – suggestions for contact. Respectfully referred to the Department of the Air Force for appropriate handling. Requests President’s comment re this. Threatens to publicize his letter if he does not receive an answer. Critical of the Pentagon. (consideration and appropriate handling.)”
Carr, During the 1965 Brooksville Investigation
Carr, During the 1965 Brooksville Investigation
During the 1950s, Carr otherwise was not active publicly in UFO activities, but he was a long-time member of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). The best period documentation of Carr’s NICAP role in a high-profile investigation into a 1965 UFO occupant encounter.

The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida, September 26, 1965:
“A Public relations man from Pinellas County, Robert Carr, a member of NICAP,” told about the investigation of “the Brooksville incident in which a man testified that he spotted a landed unidentified craft with strange creatures walking around outside... Creatures three to four feet long have been reported... Carr also stressed that he does not believe any of the reports involving sightings of space creatures that he has investigated so far.” (Project Blue Book has a 109-page file on the Brooksville case, and on page 44, a clipping of the APRO Bulletin, which mentions Carr’s investigation.
Operation Lure
Operation Lure

1973 marked Carr’s next public UFO exposure, in a book by Major Donald E. Keyhoe. Carr was teaching classes in creative writing at the University of South Florida, but became more vocal about his position and beliefs about UFOs as he neared retirement. He’d written to President Truman in 1952 about contacting aliens, and twenty years on, Carr found someone interested in the idea. There was a plan, Operation Lure, which was the title of the ultimate chapter of Major Donald E. Keyhoe’s final book from 1973, Aliens from Space. According to Keyhoe, Operation Lure would be “The first planned meeting of aliens and humans could be the start of mutual adjustments, leading to great advances for our world.” It was the UFO equivalent of a duck blind, complete with decoys, “an isolated base with unusual structures and novel displays, designed to attract the UFO aliens' attention... three or more dummy UFOs, disc types with domes, built of aluminum... the decoy UFOs and the education buildings flood-lighted from dusk to dawn. It may be several days before there is any reaction, but there are solid reasons to believe the Lure will work.”

The architect of Operation Lure?
The basic idea was first suggested by a NICAP Special Adviser, Robert Spencer Carr, former Director of Educational Research, Walt Disney Studios, a specialist in visual-aid education who has served with the Army Orientation Service and has produced educational films for the State Department. Since the original suggestion, I have privately expanded the plan with aid from Carr, linguists, psychologists and experts in other fields.
Carr placed special emphasis on the need for the lure to have projected movie images on an outdoor screen, noting that there had been many UFOs attracted to drive-in theatres. Once friendly contact was established, Carr believed the aliens could begin sharing “the benefits they might bring us.”

With his name and plan published in Keyhoe’s book, Carr began exploiting it, using it as evidence of his expertise in the UFO topic. In January 1974, at the University of South Florida, Carr engaged a USF Astronomy professor on stage in a debate, “UFO - Believe It or Not.” It was during this debate that Carr made his first public claim about captured flying saucers. The Tampa Tribune, Jan. 16, 1974 reported:
One of the best-kept secrets of the United States Government is that in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, there are two flying saucers of unknown origin, a University of South Florida instructor said yesterday.
Does The Air Force Have UFOs - The Tampa Tribune 1-16-1974
The Tampa Tribune, Jan. 16, 1974

Operation Lure to Establish ContactThis article on Carr’s debate seems to be the the first time Hangar 18 was named as the hiding place for UFO secrets, at least in print. If Carr wasn’t the first to name it, he certainly is responsible for making the name Hangar 18 famous. The story only was good only for some local news coverage at the time, but it exploded in the Fall with further disclosures.

Hangar 18 was just the opening of Carr’s message, though. The crashed saucer story was a teaser to demonstrate what the UFO cover-up was depriving us of, to highlight how much more we could learn from the aliens by using Operation Lure to establish contact. 

Dr. Carr’s Radio Disclosure

Robert Carr retired from the university in June 1974, and took up a new career as a UFO lecturer. PSI Conferences (PSI for Psychic, Spiritual and Intuition) hired him for the Tampa “Flying Saucer Conference,” and on Oct. 11, 1974, during a local radio show interview to promote it, Carr told his story of captured saucers again, but in far greater detail. This time, it made international news, and Carr was hounded by newspapers, radio and television reporters for more information. Local radio started the buzz with the Carr interview, and the Zodiac News Service (ZNS, provider of bizarre and offbeat stories to progressive radio stations, college, community and underground newspapers) helped broadcast the sensational news nationally.

It's Out of This World...
(ZNS) Professor Robert Carr, a former instructor at the University of South Florida, announced last week that the United States government has secretly captured a complete U.F.O. with 12 dead beings aboard. Now. Professor Carr is predicting that by December 15th - in about eight weeks the U.S. government will launch a carefully-engineered effort to prepare American for an announcement of the existence of extraterrestrial life. the professor created a minor sensation last week after stating in a Florida press conference that the Pentagon has recovered a perfect "flying saucer" that allegedly had crash-landed in the desert near Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948. Professor Carr says that his sources for the incredible story are three men directly connected to covering up or protecting the project—a biologist who examined the bodies; a security guard who protected the ship in a hangar at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio; and a high ranking military officer who reportedly viewed the bodies of the 12 small beings while autopsies were conducted on them. The professor states that all his sources report that the 12 beings were apparently the victims of a decompression accident when the ship was punctured alter entering the Earth's atmosphere. All witnesses, he says, described the visitors as being exactly like small humans —three to four feet tall; white skinned; light haired; blue eyed; in perfect physical condition, but with highly-developed brains. The professor insists that the 12 bodies are still in "deep freeze" at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and that the ship is being concealed in a hangar at the air base. Wright-Patterson Air Force officials flatly and unequivocally deny the entire account.
Albany Student Press, Oct. 29, 1974

Carr’s mission was to launch Operation Lure, but all most people heard was, “Wright-Patterson Field has in its possession a spacecraft… blah, blah, blah.” Many people hearing the news break on radio took it to be an explosive new disclosure, mistakenly thinking Carr was describing a recent UFO capture, not a story from 1948. Reporters were just interested in the saucer and bodies in Hangar 18, so the plan for peaceful contact was seldom mentioned. The press coverage of the story was huge, carried in newspapers across the US and Canada by syndicated newswires such as the Associated Press and United Press International.

Air Force Chills Tale of Frozen Space People - The Orlando Sentinel 10-12-1974
The Orlando Sentinel, Oct. 12, 1974

There was a great deal of excitement, and a fair amount of confusion. When newspapers reported the story the day after the interview, the story began to be challenged....

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(Aztec) UFO Cover-Up Blamed On CIA

UFO Cover-Up Now Blamed On CIA - The Victoria Advocate 2-12-1975

     As if they didn't have enough trouble already, the folks at the CIA now have to deny stories that the agency has suppressed information about creatures from outer space and, in one instance, allegedly held captive until death a crew member from an unidentified flying object.
By The Victoria Advocate

The man making the charges about what he calls the CIA's "Saucergate" scandal, is Robert S. Carr, a former lecturer in mass communications at the University of South Florida. Carr says he also once worked for Walt Disney on what he says were "highly classified secret government projects" involving nonverbal communication.


Incident One: On Feb. 13, 1948, 12 miles west of Aztec, N.M., a 30-foot flying saucer made a crash landing killing all 12 "little men" aboard. The bodies were whisked away to Dayton, Ohio, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where they remain today in a medical lab in cryonic suspension. The whole thing has been covered up by the CIA.