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Scientist Confesses to Meeting Extraterrestrials

Scientist Confesses to Meeting the Extraterrestrials

     Something remarkable happened this past weekend. So remarkable, in fact, that I wanted to share it with everyone (after receiving permission to do so). The story once again involves quantum physicist Deep Prasad.
By Jazz Shaw


One thing I’d always wondered about Deep is how and why he became so interested – some might say obsessed – with the topic of UFOs and perhaps extraterrestrials. He’s a busy guy with a lot on his plate, trying to change the world of quantum computing. Why would he be on such a quest?


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UFO Dropping Orbs Filmed Over Mesa, Arizona?

UFO Filmed Over Mesa Arizona (1 & 2) By Doug Maier & Kerri Burnett 12-8-19

     Mysterious lights hovering above the east Valley have many wondering if we've had a close encounter.

By Cameron Polom

The object captured on two cell phones looks like a bright orb hovering silently in the sky. Every few moments, the object appears to drop what looks to be flares towards the ground.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Witness To UFO Dropping Orbs Posts Original Videos

UFO Dropping Orbs Over Mesa, Arizona 12-8-19

     We are the couple that filmed the object in the sky above Mesa. We put together a compilation of the footage we had from each of our phones, my Facebook Live Footage, and the news Interview. After I go into detail and recap of what was strange in the sky, how it behaved, and the news interview. I
By Doug Maier & Kerri Burnett
am still in shock because I believe whatever that thing was, it wasn't man-made. Yes, I swore like a sailor but hey I was in shock. My way of dealing with whatever the heck that thing was.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

An Unidentified Target, Secret Missile Launchers, Fighter Jets Scrambled, White House in Lockdown – This Was Not Drill

Washington D.C. No Fly Zone
It was 8.27am when computers picked up a “slow-moving blob” entering the no-fly zone over Washington DC, triggering a full-scale crisis.
     Secret missile launchers were uncovered. Fighter jets scrambled into the air. The White House went into lockdown. This was not a drill.

By Jamie Seidel
Last week, the Battle of Washington DC was just a hair-trigger away.

It was 8.27am on November 26 when air-defence computers picked up something unexpected.

It was an unidentified target. It was a “slow-moving blob” relentlessly flying towards the heart of the US capital.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to be doing that.

UFO Which Precipitated White House Shut Down was 'Hovering' say, Security Officials

UFO Which Precipitated White House Shut Down was 'Hovering' say, Security Officials

     Fox News reporter Chad Pergram spent the day looking into a strange security threat on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning that has left security officials stumped.

By Sarah K. Burris
Both the U.S. Capitol and the White House were on lockdown after the restricted airspace was breached and fighter jets were scrambled. The problem is that after several hours, no one knows what it was or even if it was real.


“Officials heard it was ‘hovering’ and were even given ‘knots’ measuring its speed. But they still don’t know what it was,” Pergram continued.

UPDATE: Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP Related,” said Pentagon Spokesperson

Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP Related,” said Pentagon Spokesperson
“Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP related,” said Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough in an e-mail to The Black Vault.
     The Pentagon has recently opened up to The Black Vault about the rumored “secret UFO Program,” known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP.

By John Greenewald
The Black Vault
On December 16, 2017, news of this obscure program was first announced by the NY Times and Politico. Both media outlets reported that UFOs- now being referred to as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” or UAPs to reduce the stigma surrounding the topic – were the direct focus of this program. However, the Pentagon now seems to have changed their stance.

Claiming they want to correct the record and clear up some inaccuracies, the Pentagon now says AATIP was not a UFO or UAP program.

“Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP related,” said Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough in an e-mail to The Black Vault. “The purpose of AATIP was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years, and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies.”

Inexplicata Entering an Indefinite Hiatus

Inexplicata Entering an Indefinite Hiatus

     It was October 1998 and every single UFO publication (magazine, ‘zines, newsletter) boasted an article by Scott Corrales in it. Features appeared in FATE, California UFO, and the stable of UFO magazines published by Mr. Timothy Green
By Scott Corrales
Beckley, ‘zines like Greg Bishop’s unrivaled The Excluded Middle, and the month also witnessed the christening of INEXPLICATA, the website of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with its unfortunate Star Trek: The Motion Picture musical theme, but musicalizing websites was quite a thing in those days. Oh, the joys of .wav files.

In congratulating me on my ubiquity, a friend and researcher from Pittsburgh said: “Scott, whatever you do, when you run out of ideas to write, please don’t become one of these ufologists-turned-skeptics. It would be so sad.” I reassured him laughingly that such a juncture was unlikely, and that he would know I’d run out of ideas when I started writing about werewolves.

We both shared a laugh and…two years later I was writing about werewolves in Fate Magazine. The ironies of life never fail to amaze me, but I was far from out of ideas.

The early ‘00s witnessed the birth of Arcana Mundi, INEXPLICATA Spanish language sister, which had quite a similar mission: to inform readers in Latin America and Spain about U.S. / U.K. and Australian cases that had not been picked up by the paranormal press in those countries. INEXPLICATA went on to become a journal, printing long-form articles by the leading lights of UFO/paranormal research en español. One of these – written by Javier García Blanco on the subject of saucer sightings during the Spanish Civil War – garnered tens of thousands of views and also appeared in Flying Saucer Review. Gordon Creighton would later tell me it was one of his features in the journal.

As the rhythm of UFO and paranormal events south of the border picked up, it was necessary to take a more responsive tack and translate news items immediately, posting them right away to the Internet. Mailing lists such as World of the Strange, created by the late Louise Lowry, carried stories about the Chupacabras’s predations in Chile and Argentina to a far-flung readership; Lucius Farish’s UFO Newsclipping Service honored us greatly by including the news items in his monthly releases, where they were committed to hardcopy (a blessing when it came to recovering information that was lost through many changes in computer hardware and software over the years). Robert Frola’s Australasian UFO – UFO Magazine – also carried the word to his readership. The Aughts were quite busy.
Strolling down memory lane is inevitable as circumstance compels me to make an announcement.

Effective immediately, INEXPLICATA will enter a hiatus of indefinite duration.

There are a few reasons for this; the most compelling being my wife’s illness – cerebral amyloidosis that for which there is no cure and with grim prospects. I find it hard to take an interest in the ‘far off and far away’ as I used to, faced with my new responsibilities. Readers can rest assured that any truly major piece of information will be reported, but “lights in the sky” (LITS, the CE-1s that the late Ivan T. Sanderson said should be round-filed) and the blurry photographs that accompany them will be sent to INEXPLICATA’s Facebook presence.

In the event that I do not return, I would like to use this space to thank the masters – and masters they were, in every sense of the word – who welcomed me to the field. The late George C. Andrews, the first major author to reply to my correspondence on the mind-blowing information revealed in his Extraterrestrials Among Us (Llewellyn, 1987), allowing me to become his agent, in later years, for the publication of Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes (Illuminet,1992); P.M.H. Edwards, the brilliant musician and ufologist whose voluminous correspondence and knowledge engrossed my filing cabinet and my mind, an unswerving advocate of the paranormal/interdimensional origin of the UFO phenomenon; Dr. Bernard E. Schwarz, whose supportive mail would arrive, as if by Jungian synchronicity, whenever I faced a setback. It is a sad shame that many future devotees of the subject that draws us together will never read his landmark UFO DYNAMICS; the late Bob Girard, who welcomed my first newsletter warmly to the pages of the Arcturus Books Catalogue…so many voices and thoughts that now belong to the history of our field.

In retrospect, my greatest disappointment – and it will haunt me to the end – was the inability to find a publisher for the late Salvador Freixedo’s Defendámonos de los Dioses. The stern Jesuit firebrand trusted a young translator with his work, and thanks to the late Ron Bonds of IllumiNet Press, “Visionaries, Mystics and Contactees” saw the light of day. But the understandable fear of controversy kept subsequent projects like “Israel: Pueblo Contacto” from ever appearing. The larger Defendámonos fared no better despite having been shopped around to other publishers. You can’t win them all, in ufology or any other endeavor.

What was originally meant to be a notice turned into an article, and you have my apologies. Very best holiday wishes to all our loyal readers and my wishes for success and prosperity in the coming years.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Dechmont Woods UFO Incident: A Local Resident Chimes In

The Dechmont Woods UFO Incident

     Dechmont, specifically Dechmont Hill, though listed as not part of it, is in fact an area of Livingston New Town West Lothian. I lived in Livingston for 18 years and at the time of Bob Taylor’s encounter lived in the Deans South area of the town.
By Pat Cecil
The UFO Chronicles
Which is not at all far from the hill and the surrounding woodland. I would fairly often go for walks there with my dog or friends; it is the highest point in the area and there are views out to Edinburgh and the River Fourth.

I was about 13 when the events in question took place.

Dechmont Law, Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland
The view from the hill

Robert Taylor - Eyewitness To The Dechmont Woods UFO Incident
Robert Taylor - Eyewitness To The Dechmont Woods UFO Incident
Bob Taylor was a worker for the LDC, if I recall right. LDC was the Livingston Development Corporation that was the local council that was in charge of the town including the local forestry.

He lived with his wife about 10 mins walk from my house, although I never knew him personally, my uncle was aware of him through work.

My uncle was at the time a huge skeptic of the UFO subject but I do remember him saying at the time, Bob was not the type to make up stories, he was a very quiet, and down to Earth man with no malice or nonsense about him.

My uncle, years later revised his opinion, I'll come to that.The skeptic part I mean.

Ok enough back ground.

I first heard of the encounter very close to the time of the event, it’s so long ago ... certainly within days. At school, we were buzzing with the news, my classmate was frantic. He said on the night before the encounter, his uncle as I recall had said he had seen what he took to be a helicopter hovering and shining bright spotlights on to 2 others. Even at the time I thought this was very unlikely–we never saw helicopters back then, let alone 3 acting so oddly.

Now, I may be wrong about the timeline here, but I think it's right: The event happened on Friday, I am sure we heard about it on the news, must have been on Saturday, in any case me and 2 school mates headed out to find the site on that Sunday afternoon.

I realize it is possible because of the elapsed time since and the possible time of news reports it may have been a week later, but for all these years I thought it was the same week as the event.

We did not as far as I know find the actual landing site, however, it is possible the police had not fenced it off yet so we may well have walked right by it. Bob said it was in a clearing, there were several. We did find something we thought was very strange though.

It was a very cold and misty afternoon, I think there may have been a slight frost, but I may be wrong. We came across a pile of ash that was still slightly warm. It was about 3 feet high, dome shaped and about 5 feet across. I lived in the area for all those years and never saw that in the woods before or since. I am not suggesting it had anything to do with the case, but at the time we did wonder if someone was hiding something. This was very fine light grey ash, it would have been a very hot fire indeed.

The area in general has a lot of UFO sightings. In the early 90's it was part of a rash of them.

Fast forward to 1991. I was playing in a band for a Christmas show. The organiser of this was a man named Lain Drumond. Later he reported his father was Bob Taylor's supervisor in the council

A detail that I have not read or heard anywhere else is that he was at the scene, I don't know if Bob was there too, when the police arrived to investigate. Has said that far from carefully preserving the scene, they tramped all over it with their big boots! The boss (I think was) Malcolm Drummond, protested and the officer in charge got them to stop it before the forensic team turned up and took all the data.

Encounters in the Area

The men in the car reporting a possible abduction were driving in the Pentland Hills, to the south of Livingston. I mentioned my Uncle changed his mind about UFOs: In the mid-2000s he told me on the phone he had witnessed a classic silver disk hovering not too far from his 4th floor window. He said the object had been videotaped by a woman in the town and it was on the evening news. He didn’t go into any more detail, but I can assure you 100% with the amount of scorn and ridicule he heaped on the subject for years, if he said he saw that, he did.

So for now, I hope some of that is of interest. I'll pass on some more later.

Oh except for this one, a friend of mine was at primary school in the Ladywell area of Livingston, this would have been late 70's he had been off school with a cold. When he went in this morning, he said the whole school was buzzing. The story goes, at break time a "flying saucer" had flown low directly over the playground and most of the school kids had seen it and were going crazy with excitement. Sorry it's hazy and third hand but he was emphatic that his mates were pretty freaked out by it.

Billy Meier UFO Photos Sold at Auction for $16,500

Billy Meir UFO Photo Example

     Fraud or not, “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier’s photos claiming to show clusters of UFOs over the Swiss countryside are a prominent part of the lore surrounding UFO investigations.

By Mystery Wire
News that they sold for $16,500 at auction to an unnamed bidder at Sotheby’s Auctions should come as no surprise.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Alien UFO ‘Wreckage’ Is Being Held By U.S. Government, Claims Fox News Host

Alien UFO ‘Wreckage’ Is Being Held By U.S. Government, Claims Fox News Host
Conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson appeared on the History Channel program 'Ancient Aliens' last week.

     In an interview with British journalist Nick Pope that aired on the November 22 edition of Ancient Aliens, Carlson claimed that a “knowledgeable” source has told him that the United States government possesses physical evidence that alien spacecraft have landed on Earth — or at least, crash-landed.
By Jonathan Vankin