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FAA Releases Statement Re UFO Encounter Over New Mexico

FAA Releases Statement UFO Encounter Over New Mexico

The American Airlines Airbus A320 was buzzed by a mysterious "cylindrical object" at high speed as it traveled from Cincinnati to Phoenix
          After nearly three days of waiting, and following American Airlines confirming the incident to The War Zone, we finally have received a statement from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding the recent bizarre encounter between American
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone
Airlines Flight 2292 and an unidentified fast-moving cylindrical object over New Mexico.


The pilots on board the Airbus A320, which was heading from Cincinnati to Phoenix, came on the radio channel with the Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center and stated:
"Do you have any targets up here? We just had something go right over the top of us - I hate to say this but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing - moving really fast right over the top of us."
Now, the FAA has released a short statement, which reads:
A pilot reported seeing an object over New Mexico shortly after noon local time on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021. FAA air traffic controllers did not see any object in the area on their radarscopes.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Airline Confirms Encounter With Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Over New Mexico

Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Zooms Past Commerical Airliner
The radio transmission regarding a rogue cylindrical-shaped
object traveling at high-speed near the Airbus A320 is authentic.
     Less than 48 hours after our initial reporting on an outright strange incident involving American Airlines Flight 2292 as it flew at 36,000 feet over the northeastern corner of New Mexico on February 21st, 2021, we have confirmation that the event in
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone
question did indeed occur and that it is being investigated by the FBI. The incident involved pilots of the Airbus A320 being buzzed by an unidentified cylindrical-shaped object moving at high-speed, which resulted in them querying the FAA's Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Zooms Past Commercial Airliner, As Reported By Pilot

Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Zooms Past Commerical Airliner

Airliner Encountered Unidentified Fast-Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico

     American Airlines Flight 2292, an Airbus A320 flying between Cincinnati and Phoenix on February 21st, 2021, had a bizarre close encounter with what its crew described as a "long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile" moving
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone
extremely fast over the top of their aircraft as it cruised along at 36,000 feet and 400 knots. The incident occurred over the remote northeast corner of New Mexico, to the west of the tiny town of Des Moines.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The EAAROCIBO Project: New Methodology in Searching for Aliens


Is there anyone working out there?
Astronomers plan to listen for noise made by alien factories using the first UK telescope dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrials.

     The EAAROCIBO project – launched by a group of scientists and businessmen based in East Anglia – aims to ditch the traditional method of searching for ET that has so far failed to detect interstellar radio transmissions.

The new project is named after the iconic space telescope at Arecibo in Puerto Rico that featured in the 1997 movie Contact, starring Jodie Foster.

Last November the US National Science Foundation announced
David Clarke
By David Clarke
The UFO Chronicles
the closure of operations at the 57-year-old observatory after two cables gashed a 30-metre hole in the telescope’s huge reflector dish.

60 years ago Frank Drake used the 85-foot antenna at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank in West Virginia to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (SETI). This was humanity’s first attempt to detect interstellar radio transmissions.

There have been many other unsuccessful attempts to detect alien signals from space. Billionaire Yuri Milner recently extended the search by backing Breakthrough Listen, a new $100 million effort to find alien life searching for signals from a million nearby stars.

Argentinian physicist and UNESCO consultant Guillermo Lemarchand believes that we have only probed around a hundred-trillionth of the cosmic haystack for intelligent signals. Scientists say that the search for ET is a numbers game and the more you look the greater the chances of you finding evidence for their existence.

Jason Williams and Jeff Lashley of the East Anglian Astrophysical Research organisation (EAARO) have a new search concept, based on an idea by British-born physicist Professor Paul Davies.

The EAARO team have developed a disruptive approach to traditional SETI that is dedicated to finding the techno-signatures of interplanetary industry and mining operations.

This novel search method works by looking for noise produced by industrial technologies such as machinery and spacecraft. Unlike traditional searches, EAAROCIBO’s ground-based telescope will focus on a particular patch of space with the largest number of stars, a concept similar to that used by the orbiting Kepler Telescope in its search for extra-solar planets.

EAARO are looking at two possible locations for siting the telescope. The first is near Bodmin in Cornwall, and the second option is in North Yorkshire on the edge of the National Park. Filming started last month for a documentary that will be used as a resource for crowd funding. The first funding stage is to build a scale working model of the antenna, the second stage will be for the materials and services required for the actual antenna and associated equipment.

“I’m delighted that EAARO will be dedicated to this new approach to SETI,’ commented Professor Davies. ‘While all searches are welcome, what the subject really needs is some innovative thinking. Under Jason Williams’ leadership, the EAARO project will serve as an inspirational trailblazer for SETI 2.0.”

In 1977 Jerry R Ehman using the Big Ear Telescope in Ohio discovered the historic WOW! signal which showed characteristics of being extra-terrestrial. The origin of this 72 second radio signal is still unknown and may be the strongest candidate for an alien radio transmission ever detected. Ohio State University scrapped the telescope in 1998 to make way for the expansion of a golf course.

In honour of Dr John D Kraus who designed and built the Big Ear, EAARO plan to rebuild a similar ‘Kraus Style’ Telescope as the receiving end of EAAROCIBO. It will be the only telescope of its kind ever to be built in the UK and its design elements fit well with Jason and Jeff’s design concept.

EAARO’s Space Operations Centre in Cambridgeshire (EAARO)
EAARO MD Jason Williams said:
“EAAROCIBO will be the first dedicated SETI instrument of its kind ever to be built in the UK. Our novel research strategy and innovative approach to combining classic and cutting-edge technologies will give us a refreshing new perspective in this exciting field of research.”
Robert Kuhn, creator and host of the TV series Closer to the Truth, said:
“For centuries, as part of humanity’s grand quest to comprehend existence, to find our place in the vast, ineffable cosmos, great minds have been wondering about, and arguing about, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence on other planets. As we continue to confirm new earth-like planets throughout our galaxy, and no doubt throughout the universe, employing new technologies in our search, here’s hoping EAARO can help bring us closer to truth.”
The project is supported by Associate Professor David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Culture Media and Society. He said:
“The desire to find evidence that we are not alone in the universe may become one of the defining human quests of the 21st century. Opinion polls consistently show that up to half of all Britons believe that ET life exists. This project is important because direct confirmation that we are not alone is seen by many as being fundamental to understanding our true place in the cosmos.”
EAARO is a not for profit charitable company established back in 2011 as a space research organisation with a high level of public engagement:

The organisation has a growing estate with a Space Operations Centre at the former RAF Alconbury airfield near Cambridge, a fully operational radio observatory, a satellite ground station in Hertfordshire and an on-going meteor radar system project on the Orkney Islands Their objective is to educate and inspire people in the areas of Science, technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) through meaningful space research.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Project Moon Dust, Operation Blue Fly and Clifford Stone (RIP)

Project Moon Dust, Operation Blue Fly and Clifford Stone (RIP)

     Clifford E. Stone, known for his relentless pursuit of UFO documentation through his use of FOIA died on February 10, in Roswell, New Mexico.

Stone rose to fame in the field with his chase of Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly, two Air Force missions that dealt, in part, with UFOs and the recovery of material of either foreign manufacture or of unknown origin. Many of the documents he recovered hinted at secret programs, which the Air Force, at first, denied existed. With the help of United States Senator, Jeff Bingaman, Stone forced the military to admit that the programs did exist.
By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

But Stone was also a figure of controversy. He claimed, repeatedly, that he had been involved in some of the biggest UFO cases and said that he had been a member of a secret crash retrieval team. As a teenager, he said that he had been near the Kecksburg UFO crash and had seen the military flatbed that removed the object from the woods near the Pennsylvania town. Later, he would say, that as an enlisted soldier, he had glimpsed part of the Alien Autopsy film when it was shown to high-ranking officers on the military post where he had been assigned. The film was later admitted to be a hoax.

Stone spent 22 years in the Army, entering right out of high school, and was trained as a clerk typist. He was deployed to Vietnam and claimed four tours, though his military records showed that he had been overseas for 37 months and not all of it in Vietnam. He said that on arrival in Vietnam, he had asked for an assignment to a combat unit, but that the first sergeant rejected his request. Instead, he would sneak out at night, according to him, to hunt the enemy. There is nothing in the record to support that claim.

I met Stone in February, 1989, in Roswell. He joined Don Schmitt and me, at the Burger King on North Main. For some reason, he appeared in uniform. We eventually, retired to his house where he paced up and down, smoking a big cigar and lecturing Don and me about UFOs. His knowledge was extensive, demonstrating a long and deep interest in the topic.

It was later that he would tell us about his brushes with government agents, who harassed him repeatedly. He would say they would call at all hours and demand he meet them in some deserted location for interrogation often threatening him with firearms. There was no proof that any of this took place.

Later he would say that his involvement on a crash retrieval team gave him inside knowledge of UFOs and that alien beings from 57 different worlds were visiting Earth. The documents he had did not prove this, but did suggest a continuing US interest in UFOs.

After Stone retired from the Army, he worked for a time as a security guard at the Roswell Mall, which would be irrelevant here, except for a tragic circumstance. He was called to the scene of a motorcycle accident not knowing that the victim was his son. I can think of no more horrific circumstance than arriving to assist only to see that it was his son who had been killed.

Stone made the rounds of the talk shows, the radio programs, documentaries and UFO conventions and symposiums, describing his activities with crash retrievals. While his tales were met with an enthusiastic response, there was little in the way of evidence that what he was saying was grounded in reality.

Although I enjoyed talking with Stone, visited him at his home many times, I found his tales to border on the incredible.

Cliff Stone was 72.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Enormous Circular Craft Caught on Video? | Uruguay

Enormous Circular Craft Caught On Video – Uruguay 1-9-21

In Piriápolis, a coastal community along the River Plate located 100 kilomteres from Montevideo, it was possible to see a UFO crossing the sky and seemingly descend near Cerro del Toro. The incident was recorded.
     Piriápolis, a coastal location on the River Plate located 100 kilometers from Montevideo, Uruguay, was shaken in the early days in January by an impressive sighting and recording which
By Inexplicata
showed an enormous circular and/or arrowhead-shaped craft which crossed the sky, giving the appearance of descending near Cerro del Toro, located nearly 5 kilometers outside the city.

The most important feature of the recorded material (see below) is that it was taken by a resident of Barrio La Falda who could see the UFO clearly as he spoke with two other people, while many others also witnessed the event. The video's other relevant feature is that aside from its clarity, despite the fact that it ocurred at night, it was possible to ascertain that it was not an airplane or any other known object, with a duration of over four minutes, which is a rarity.

At one point in the conversation, one of the witnesses expresses the possibility that the sighting could be people coming down the hill with flashlights, but the images do not show this (given the distance of 5 kilometers) and do show an enormous circular or arrowheaded craft with various colors, with a sequence that was hard to explain. It should be noted that these people had previously taken UFO photos in 2020.

The event was investigated by renowned Uruguayan ufologists such as Gustavo Farías and Richard Karlen. According to Karlen, he ratified the continuous 'visits' to the country, as only a few days earlier he had managed to take a photo of another strange craft in Playa La Mansa, Punta del Este, in broad daylight.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

UFO Debris? Here We Go Again


     Wild sensationalized headlines and misinterpreted FOIA results has all landed a new UFO story that is, well, just not accurate. Although at the recording of this, mainstream media coverage has not commenced, the blog in question has found itself posted throughout multiple social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter; all resulting in many questions.

This is addressing the rumor, while adding a few more tidbits about AAWSAP that you may not be aware of.

By John Greenewald
The Black Vault

Mystery Lifeforms Discovered Beneath Antarctica

Mystery Lifeforms Discovered Beneath Antarctica


     ... when scientists drilled through an Antarctic ice shelf far from light or warmth, they found a seafloor boulder that's home to several species we may have never seen before.

A few of the organisms have been seen in similar locations, but
By Michelle Starr
this discovery marks the first time stationary creatures that live their lives attached to one place, such as sponges, have been found in this hostile environment.

Monday, February 15, 2021

"The Study of UFOs ... Often Presents in Deceptive, Elusive, and Ambiguous Terms"

Discerning Truth

Discerning Truth

      Misinformation needs no introduction. You've seen it around, and a lot of it piggybacks on fringe subject matter. Sensationalism is a staple of the UFO genre. It can be argued that has to be accepted as the case before meaningful discussion becomes possible.

I asked a few writers and podcasters familiar with UFOs and similar subject matter if they would share some thoughts on how we explore such topics without getting overwhelmed in false information. How do we know what's true and what's not? How do we keep an open mind without making ourselves vulnerable to lies, opportunists, and cult-like thinking?
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

Sarah Scoles is a science journalist and writer of many articles published at outlets such as WIRED Science and Popular Science. She is the author of the books Making Contact: Jill Tarter and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers. Sarah replied in response to my request for a contribution for this blog post:

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