Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Source of the Pentagon's UFO Videos was Ex Intel Official

Source of the Pentagon's UFO Videos was Ex Intel Official

Chris Mellon is a member of Tom DeLonge's To the Stars Academy and claims he got the videos "in the Pentagon parking lot."
     In the recently released UFO documentary The Phenomenon, Chris Mellon, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, stated that he was the source who provided the New York Times with the three infamous UFO videos it published in 2017.
By MJ Banias


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I Know What I Saw
The Movie


Monday, October 19, 2020

THE PHENOMENON: Bold UFO Claim Made By Former Head of Project Blue Book – VIDEO

Sgt. Charles R. Sharp, Lt. Col. Robert Friend, Capt. Hector Quintanilla

Lt. Col. Robert Friend was in charge of Project Blue Book, the military’s famous UFO study.

     A retired Air Force official in charge of one of its most famous UFO research efforts said before his death last year that the effort may have been scuttled not because it was fruitless, but just the opposite.

By Ed Mazza
The Huffington Post
In a clip from the new documentary “The Phenomenon,” Lt. Col. Robert Friend pointed to the sudden closure of Project Blue Book in 1969.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Footage of 'UFO' Captured Over Grangemouth

Footage of 'UFO' Captured Over Grangemouth 10-12-20

A Grangemouth resident believes he has video footage and photographs of a craft from another world.

     The sighting, which happened on the evening of Monday, October 12 near petrochemical giant Ineos, is now being investigated by professional UFO hunter Malcolm Robinson.

By James Trimble
The Falkirk Herald
Mr Robinson, the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI), said: “The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, has, over the past few weeks, observed a circular white object in the sky near the refinery plant on consecutive nights beginning at 8pm and concluding at around 9.30pm.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Scientists Call For Serious Study of UFOs / UAP

You don't have to be an alien truther to be curious about recent UAP events


     The recently observed UAPs purportedly have accelerations that range from almost 100 Gs to thousands of Gs — far higher than a human pilot could survive. There's no air disturbance visible. They don't produce sonic booms. These and other
By Leonard David
oddities have captured the attention of "I told you so, they're here" UFO believers.

But there's also a rising call for this phenomenon to be studied scientifically — even using satellites to be on the lookout for possible future UAP events.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

New Documentary Claims UFO Wreckage – VIDEO

New Documentary Claims UFO Wreckage

Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘Outrageous’ the Government Is Still Hiding Evidence of UFOs

     As he often does, Tucker Carlson took a break from talking politics for a few minutes at the very end of his Fox News show on Friday night — to talk about aliens and UFOs.

By Phil Owen
The Wrap
The last time Tucker talked about aliens on his show was mid-September, when we got the the news that there is very likely some form of life on Venus. This time, the topic was prompted by the release of an obscure new documentary called “The Phenomenon” — which claims to be, according to the product description on Vudu, “the most credible examination of the global mystery and cover-up involving UFOs.”

Trump Answers Questions on UFOs, Quickly Cites Our Strong Military

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, President Trump
said he would take a "good, strong look" at whether UFOs exist.

     "Sunday Morning Futures" host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump point-blank whether the objects exist, to which the president replied, "Well, I'm gonna have to check on that. I mean, I've heard that. I heard that two days ago, so I'll check on that. I'll take a good, strong look at that."
By Chris Ciaccia
Fox News

Monday, October 12, 2020

UFOs Made US Nukes Unlaunchable; Fmr. Sen. Harry Reid Wants Investigation – VIDEO

UFOs Made US Nukes Unlaunchable; Fmr. Sen. Harry Reid Wants Investigation – VIDEO

     Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid repeated claims in a new documentary that UFOs interfered in U.S nuclear weapons facilities – even prohibiting the weapons’ launch altogether.

In the documentary “The Phenomenon” that released Tuesday,
By Laura Widener
Reid said, repeating claims told to him, “If they had been called upon by the president to launch [the nukes] they couldn’t have done it.”

'The Phenomenon' – It’s Not a Question of Belief

'The Phenomenon' – It’s Not a Question of Belief

'It’s not a question of belief':
the film examining government UFO records

The Phenomenon studies the history of UFO claims from the 1940s to this summer’s revelation of a Department of Defense investigation into military sightings
     The question of unexplained phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects have long fascinated the public, as the subject of feverish American news coverage in the years post-second world war and too many films and investigative documentaries
By Adrian Horton
The Guardian
to count, all landing on speculation without certainty. But the frenetic, oxygen-sucking rollercoaster of headlines in the Trump administration has overshadowed a cascade of strange evidence released by the government in recent years: in 2017, the New York Times revealed the existence of a shadowy, partly classified government program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), which investigated UFO reports from deep within the Pentagon.

This is the grounding fact presented in The Phenomenon, a documentary from longtime UFO enthusiast James Fox which updates longstanding extraterrestrial theories with recent government regulations....

Saturday, October 10, 2020

"Close Encounter of the Third Kind Incident ..." THE PHENOMENON

"Close Encounter of the Third Kind Incident ..." – THE PHENOMENON

Monster in the ring

     “The day the sun didn’t come up was so surreal. I mean, it was literally apocalyptic. There was this orange glow in the sky all day, the sky was orange and dark and everybody was walking around like they were in some matrix. It was eerie and spooky and unsettling, and it was like, let’s get the hell out of here, man, we can’t even breathe fresh air.”

James Fox is doing the phoner from somewhere in Arizona, where the choking ashes from multiple conflagrations near his home in
Billy Cox
By Billy Cox
De Void
northern California aren’t filtering through the seams and powdering the pillows. He and his family left the state a couple of weeks ago; with any luck, the weather will have taken a more rational turn when they return home in November.

This is a huge moment for the director of “The Phenomenon,” which is premiering online today following 7½ years of soul-searching and turmoil during its bumpy production schedule. The documentary – Fox’s fourth on UFOs – is drawing rave endorsements from some of its featured subjects, including the likes of Bill Richardson, John Podesta, Chris Mellon, Jacques Vallee (“the most credible documentary ever made about UFOs”) and Luis Elizondo. But, after being plagued by budget shortfalls, transient partnerships, the collapse of a major distribution agreement that might’ve translated the film into 50 languages and opened in nearly 200 countries, and (of course) COVID-19, Fox sounds exhausted by the ordeal.

“I’m not trying to sound melodramatic, but that film nearly killed me. In every way,” he says. “Mentally, physically, psychologically, like I was in the ring with a monster and I was literally just trying to survive to the next round.”

There’s a load to unpack in this 101-minute treatment of The Great Taboo, and enough material in storage for an additional five-part mini-series. But maybe the greatest source of Fox’s anxiety was the ending, which culminates with a textbook Close Encounter of the Third Kind incident involving African schoolkids in 1994. If UFO hardware, videos and radar tracks get clogged in the windpipes of the American mainstream, purported interactions with the voyagers themselves are the subculture’s gaudy emetics. When he first heard about the faceoff, Fox’s instinct was to run the other way.

“If you’ve seen any of my work, you know I don’t do CE-3 stories, I cover CE-1 and CE-2,” he recalls. “And knowing full well that most of the high-profile officials I interviewed for the film wanted to see the whole documentary before they signed off on it, I knew that going there would be a slippery slope, and incredibly challenging.”

Fox learned about the Zimbabwe playground incident in the 1990s, when he was “naïve enough” to think he could cop an interview with Steven Spielberg. Spielberg’s intermediary, a mutual friend, got back to Fox and told him Mr. Hollywood wasn’t interested in chatting. However, she added, “he does want you to know there’s an incredibly compelling landing case in Africa and you should look into it.

“And I thought, there’s no way a UFO could land in broad daylight at a school, where the occupants could get out and interact with children, without the entire world knowing about it. And I thought, if I was gonna dismiss it that quickly, the general public was gonna dismiss it even quicker.”

But after taking a look at the footage recorded in the immediate aftermath, with the young eyewitnesses struggling to make sense of what they saw, Fox was a fish on a hook, and with a major dilemma: How to get the most credible authorities in his documentary to consent to participate in a film that ends with a CE-3 kicker? “To have to cut any of them out because of this,” he says, “would’ve been devastating.”

None bailed. In fact, off-the-record accounts of high-strangeness imparted to Fox by some of those same folks suggested that maybe what happened in Zimbabwe was more palatable than he initially believed: “What I learned from meetings with some of these high-level people shocked me, in terms of the evidence they’ve seen, and the evidence that’s not been released. I think about this almost every day. And as (retired Senator) Harry Reid says in the movie, what ended up on the front page of the New York Times (12/16/17) is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Among the angles in Fox’s odyssey that will likely never see the light of day is how he managed to nail down the Zimbabwe story. He promised never to air that part of the journey, but the way it happened reinforces Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous truism, “There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” Because with one stroke of generosity that will not appear in the credits, “The Phenomenon” was allowed to become something more than just another UFO tale.

“Now that I’m a dad,” says Fox, who has a 6-year-old son, “I look at children differently. I care about their future. There’s a very powerful environmental message in this film. I didn’t create it, I just highlighted it.

“We need congressional hearings. This is not a pie-in-the-sky idea, this is something that’s realistically possible, based on some of the meetings I’ve been in. And the only way we’re gonna get any traction with elected officials is to rattle their cages. They need their constituents to rattle their cages. That’s it.”

Here’s the contact info on all members of the U.S. Senate:

You can reach members of the U.S. House of Representatives here:

Friday, October 09, 2020

James Fox's New UFO Documentary, THE PHENOMENON

The Phenomenon

     Released on Tuesday, James Fox's new documentary The Phenomenon, offers a historical inquiry into UFOs. Or what the U.S. Military refers to as "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena."


By Tom Rogan
Centering on more credible witnesses, such as military observers, Fox documents how UFOs are not something new. He examines the so-called "Foo Fighter" wave of UFOs that were seen by American pilots over Europe and the Asia-Pacific during World War II. Fox also studies the heavy occurrence of UFOs in and around nuclear sites. The correlation of UFO reports and the development of the atomic bomb is seen by some analysts as a critical point of note. Again, Fox breaks news here, getting former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the record as saying that UFOs have, on occasion, even interfered with U.S. nuclear weapons systems (note that the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers are nuclear-powered). This nuclear interference has been previously — and extensively — reported by Robert Hastings. However, to have Reid, who was instrumental in the forming of the Pentagon's 2009-2017 UFO program, corroborate that reporting is important for its political salience. On that point, we should note that Sen. Marco Rubio, current Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now demanding a new Pentagon report on UFOs.