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Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 2)

Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 2)

Health and Activity App Showing Rise in Elevation

     Photographs from an iPhone (see above), alleged to document an alien abduction were today (2-7-20) released publicly.

Terry Lovelace
Former lawyer Terry Lovelace (65) says his cell phone was in his pocket last April when he was abducted from his bed and taken aboard a craft over his home in Dallas, Texas.

The images from his health and activity phone app show a vertical line which
David Haith
By David Haith
The UFO Chronicles
demonstrates the phone moved 60 feet upward in less than a minute. Later, Terry woke up traumatized, thinking he'd had a heart attack.

"I have no idea how long I was up there - likely about 32 minutes" he said.

Showing me pictures of his phone read out he explained that it displays the 60 seconds or less is the time it took him to travel 60 feet into the air at 5.23/4 am.

He said: "I assume I was somehow deposited back into my bed sometime between being taken at 5.23/4 and 5.55am when I awoke."

After what he believes was the abduction experience he discovered the phone remained in his pocket and the charger wire and his ear bud listening lead was still connected.

He explained: "The wires went up and down with me.”

When I awoke my earbuds were on my chest and the charging cable had been disconnected from the power socket. In older homes the connection becomes loose from usage and wear, so pulling the charger from the wall didn't require a lot of force."

He was rushed to hospital but after seven hours released with no cardiac event being diagnosed.

He had no recollection of the April event but revealed today that the following month he underwent hypnotic regression.

During this he recalled travelling through his house ceiling and into the air towards and into a large saucer through a camera-lens type opening in its underside.

Terry is well known in UFO circles for his book, Incident at Devil's Den which documents how in 1977 he and a friend were abducted into a huge triangle shaped craft while they were camping in Arkansas.

In an interview with Dean Caporella on the recent Alien Live revealed summit online he talked for the first time about the recent April abduction and how it was recorded on his cell phone.

In a new interview with me today Terry responded to skeptics and critics who are suggesting he might have strapped his phone to a drone to obtain the same app readings.

Terry Lovelacce's Medical Bill After Abduction
He said: "I don't own a drone and have never operated one. I have no proof other than my word. I do have medical bills that document my ambulance ride and hospital stay for April 16. If I hoaxed this, it was a costly venture"

Terry also answered critics who suggested that because he revealed in the Alien Live interview that he'd written a motion picture script of his experiences, he was a fraud just out to make money.

He said: "I've made my money. I worked very hard over a lifetime and had a very good career both in private practice and in public service. I don't need to sell books or cash in on a movie script"

He explained that he wrote the script so his story would be portrayed accurately without theatrics. He said he wrote his book as a cathartic exercise to relieve flashbacks, nightmares and obsessive thoughts that interfered with his life.

He revealed that the month following the April phone event he climbed five flights of stairs as quickly as he could manage with the same phone in his pocket.

He said: "The iPhone health app showed a stair-step like readout because time passed as I climbed upward. The reason my April health app shows a single bar is because I covered 60 feet - the equivalent of six flights of stairs - between 5.23am and 5.24am - a time that could have been anywhere between one and 60 seconds."

He added: "The two year old iPhone 6 has been through diagnostics and I will make it available for scrutiny under reasonable conditions. The lady at Apple who ran the diagnosis said the health app measures height by change in barometric pressure. She was confident about its accuracy. It's not measured by GPS - that has a margin of error. It doesn't show that I ever climbed down stairs. That would not have registered as 'steps taken' since I wasn't descending a ladder or opposing gravity. My phone shows that I took zero steps at 5.24am - I only traveled upward. My descent, absent body movement, would simply not register. That's how she explained it to me. I'm no engineer."

Terry revealed that his regression was performed by Robert Schwartz, a medical doctor with a psychiatric practice in Dallas.

He said: "I have the session on digital card. My regressed memory of April 16th was traveling through the ceiling and into the air toward a large saucer over my home. The bottom of the craft opened like a camera lens or an eye pupil and I was inside the craft. Even under hypnosis I couldn't provide much detail about being inside the ship. It was emotionally traumatic to relive and I was told would likely take several sessions to recall more detail."

The Dallas abduction all happened while Terry's wife slept beside him unaware until he awoke in distress thinking he was having a heart attack.

He said: "My wife is accustomed to strangeness and odd occurrences. She has been with me through screaming nightmares once or twice a year. She's very supportive and accepts that for some reason I am a ‘targeted individual’. She has spoken with my 82 year old sister who verified, that at times ...’Terry would disappear from the house when the lights came in through the windows’ I was between 5 and 8 years old when those events happened."

He told of one experience in 1987 when his wife woke up in the middle of the night and found he wasn't in bed beside her.

Explained Terry: "At the foot of the bed, silhouetted against a window, was an entity she perceived to be a young petite woman, possibly Asian. This woman telepathically told my wife "Everything's OK, go back to sleep" And she did! That was very uncharacteristic of my wife who's been frightened by a home intruder."

There's one other small piece of evidence of Terry's abduction - if he was carried literally through the solid plaster and timber of his home's roof.
Terry revealed: "My wife found pink fibers on the bed where I'd slept. They were consistent with attic insulation."

Future Release of RAF’s Secret UFO ‘X-files’ Ain't Happening

Future Release of RAF’s Secret UFO ‘X-files’ Ain't Happening

The Truth in NOT in here…
The RAF’s secret ‘X-files’ of reported UFO sightings in British skies are to be placed online for the first time – according to the media.

     This was the hyperbolic story published by the Mail Online, Metro, The Sun, Fox News and assorted others on Monday, 27 January 2020.

Their source was the Press Association who made a request under the Freedom of Information Act for data on UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence since the closure of their UFO unit in November 2009.

The MoD responded to a similar FOI request from me, on 23 January 2018, as follows:
David Clarke
By David Clarke
The UFO Chronicles
“The MoD ceased investigating UFO reports after 2009 because they served no defence benefit. Nonetheless, the Department has continued to receive requests for UFO records from members of the public and, occasionally, reports of their own UFO sightings. Therefore, while the MoD does hold information relating to UFOs since 2009, these consist solely of emails and letters from members of the public and the Department’s responses.”
Self-styled ‘former head of the [non-existent] British government UFO project’ Nick Pope is quoted by the MailOnline as saying he is pleased the public are going to be given an insight into ‘our work on these real-life X-files‘.

Sadly nothing could be further from the truth. As the MoD have made clear on numerous occasions, no work has been done on these ‘real life X-files’ since the admin office that logged calls was cut in 2009.

Originally MoD intended to retain any letters received after 30 November 2009 for just 30 days and then destroy them, ‘largely removing any future FOI liability and negate the need to release future files’.

But it seems they overlooked their own ‘Guidance to Record Reviewers’, issued in 2011. This lists records on UFOs as being ‘historically significant’ and protected from destruction. My 2013 blog post UFO Files – saved! explains how this decision came about.

Therefore, the records currently being scanned for release online via a dedicated gov.uk webpage consist entirely of:

a) letters and emails reporting mainly ‘lights in the sky’ received by MoD since the closure of their UFO desk in November 2009, with personal information (names and addresses) redacted. In effect exactly the same type of ‘report’ that can be found in the records released before 2009 available here and here.

b) duplicate copies of a standard letter that is issued in response to public inquiries that blankly states the MoD’s official line on the subject. This says they have no information or expertise on the subject of extraterrestrial life and all their surviving historical UFO records have now been transferred to The National Archives.

In summary, there is definitely nothing remotely ‘top secret’ being hidden away within these records and, as this link to MoD UFO reports 1997-2009 proves it is also not the first time – as incorrectly claimed – the UK MoD has made this type of material available online.

This is just the latest example of the UK media seeking out a story, any story!, about UFOs and aliens, in this case as light relief from the bleak January news agenda full of Brexit, epidemics and other miseries.

As one former Fleet Street journalist once said, “sometimes it just seems like it’s the right time to run another UFO story”.

And if there is no story, then just make one up.

It is of course pleasing that someone, somewhere, in the UK defence establishment is prepared to collate and publish records of this kind.

But missing from these so-called ‘X-files’ is any content that reveals how the MoD and RAF respond to reports of unidentified aerial phenomena reported by military personnel and air defence radar stations.

This material, if it exists, has now been removed from the reach of the Freedom of Information Act. If there are any real journalists out there, this is where you should be looking for a story.

Ripping Open the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

Ripping Open the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program

Inside the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program
The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth.

     Now, after two years of scant details and a myriad of contradictory statements, Popular Mechanics is ripping open the U.S. government’s massive UFO problem. What follows is a deep, unprecedented well of information that’s only been known by a very small select group of insiders—until now.
By Tim McMillan
Popular Mechanics


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UFO Hovering at Tree-Top Level Witnessed By Police Officers and Farm Workers

Police Officers, Farm Workers See UFO On Outskirts of Town - The Sacramento Bee 5-29-1969

     VINA, Tehama Co. – Farm employees and law enforcement officers reported seeing a "large, bright blinking" Unidentified Flying
By The Sacramento Bee
Object near here.

Tom Kitchen, a tractor operator, said he spotted the UFO yesterday while on his tractor in a field near the Woodson bridge on the outskirts of Vina.

"It was about the size of a large auto or small bus." Kitchen told officers who said they saw it in its ascendancy.

Follows Train

Kitchen said the UFO hovered at tree-top level and he watched it for considerable time. Then, he said, a Southern Pacific freight train rolled by on the nearby tracks and the object followed the train.

Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data? – (Pt 1)

Alien Abduction Supported By Cell Phone Data?

     For perhaps the first time in history a man claims he has electronic data proof that he has been abducted by a UFO.

He was taken from his bed in Dallas, Texas while his iPhone was in his pocket.

And his cell phone health activity app, records that he had been transported 60 feet above his house in less than a minute.

Former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace is known in
David Haith
By David Haith
The UFO Chronicles
UFO circles for writing Incident at Devils Den (ad) a book which records an event in 1977 in which while serving in the US Air Force, he and a friend suffered serious burns and decades of trauma after they were abducted aboard a huge triangular craft while on a camping trip in Arkansas.

But it was only a few days ago in an internet interview by Dean Caperella for the Alien Live Revealed summit, that Terry revealed this second recent abduction and showed Dean and viewers the phone evidence.

In the interview Terry said: "I was taken on April 16, 2019 and I actually have empirical evidence to prove it. "

He explained that he sleeps with his cell phone in a top pocket of his T shirt and listens to orchestral music.

He said "I plug in my ear buds and the charger and stick the whole thing in my pocket. I don't move around a lot in my sleep, lie on my back, listen to the music and sleep all night"

He went on: "On April 16 I got up at 5.55am completely exhausted and out of breath, thought I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance."

At hospital he was given X-rays and and an EEG which showed he hadn't had a heart attack and all was fine.

When Terry got home he felt well enough to "walk a little bit" as he tries to take a two mile walk every day.

He explained that his activity phone app records how many steps he takes but also stairs.

"And if I climb six flights of stairs for instance it will show a stair step app because the bottom line impacts the time. where the vertical index represents distance.

Health app in Terry's Phone Recording Elevation (Flights of Stairs)
It showed one line. It showed a vertical line going straight up between 5.23 and 5.24 am. According to the phone, I climbed six flights of stairs in less than one minute. I took it to the T-Mobile phone store. I asked the guy ‘What does this mean?"

He was told: "The mobile says you were 60 feet above the house at 5.24am"

Terry told interviewer Dean: "My house has no stairs"

According to Dean Caporella's Alien Live Revealed webpage, Terry Lovelace served on active duty in the United States Air Force from 1973 to 1979. Trained as a medic and EMT, the bulk of his enlistment was spent as a first responder at the Emergency Room of Whiteman Air Force Base Hospital.

After military service, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, cum laude, from Park University. He earned a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan and was admitted to the bar the same year. In addition to serving as a felony prosecutor, he was keenly interested in healthcare law. He’s a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and was certified as a healthcare risk manager. While an Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Territory of American Samoa, he served as General Counsel for LBJ Tropical Medical Center. He finished his legal career as State’s Attorney for Vermont’s Board of Medical Practice in 2012 and lives in Dallas with his wife of 45 years.

UFO Reported Over over Mechita, Argentina

UFO Reported Over over Mechita, Argentina

An Aerial Intruder over Mechita

     Legend tells us that in the early 19th century, a handsome but wild pony wandered the plains surrounding a lagoon in western Buenos Aires province - a reddish beast with a savage mane. It was admired by all the locals, and everyone harbored
By Luis Burgos
the dream of capturing it and taming it. Many tried, until one fine day, some gauchos cornered it against the lagoon. The pony took its own life, leaping into the waters from a cliffside, vanishing in a matter of seconds.

The legend of El Bragao was thus born. Around 1845, when the village of Santa Rosa del Bragado was established in the vicinity of this event, its founder, Sgt. Major Eugenio del Busto, had taken his inspiration from the popular story that spread from mouth to mouth over the years.

Geographic Location

Bragado is a city located on National Route 5, 210 kilometers west of Buenos Aires - a road that has its share of enigmas, with sightings of all manner of UFOS (keep in mind the famous 1963 Abreu case), but also strange situations experienced by drivers over the years, who found themselves "reappearing suddenly" in the blink of an eye on other sections of the road, unmindful of having passed through them.

10 kilometers northeast of Bragado we find the town of Mechita, population around 1900, and some 3 kilometers distant from the aforementioned road. There we find the Museo Ferroviario (Railroad Museum) and containing all the history of the western railroad, much to the pride of its inhabitants.

It is here that we find Diego Marcelo Sarquis, age 43, a native of Buenos Aires and the protagonist of a UFO incident with exceptional characteristics. Unpolluted by the subject aside from having heard all manner of stories, the witness never had an experience that he could relate to what we have been studying for decades - the UFO phenomenon.

The Incursion

Having become aware of the incident, we contacted Diego, who kindly shared with us his incredible sighting of the evening of 24 January 2020. But it would be best to allow the astonished witness to tell the story himself.

"On Friday the 24th at around 22:30 hours, something incredible happened to me that I never in my life thought would befall me. I was at a friend's house and he was kneading dough for homemade pizzas. The activated pizza oven was so hot that I asked permission to remove my t-shirt. He said OK. Still feeling hot, I stepped outside, leaned against his car and stretched backward...at that moment I raised my eyes to the sky and saw a black triangle, darker than the sky. A circle of red light was visible at each tip, but not entirely, rather in the shape of a red ring. This triangle was rotating from right to left, flying slowly to my right. I calculated that the object was some fifty meters over the treetops. It was very, very low.

"No noise could be heard. No sound of an engine or turbine, completely silent. I suddenly began yelling: "A UFO! A UFO!" when my friend and his children came out, the object had already gone, covered by the bordering trees, and even so, it was traveling very slow and rotating with an apparent SE-NW heading, going toward Junín.

"I made a drawing of what I saw, since in my forty-three years of life I was never able to see anything similar. The object was as big as a house (greater than ten or fifteen meters in length) and I can assure you that seeing all this made me feel very frightened. As from that night, a thousand questions are circling in my head. My idea is to look every night, with my cellphone ready to record, should I be lucky enough to see it again."

The Controversial Flying Triangles

These flying devices are nothing new in the domestic case histories, and therefore, worldwide ones as well. Their true origin has been, and remains, the cause of major debate in UFO forums. It is an overwhelming phenomenon to someone like Diego, not versed in the subject and caught unawares. The first case involving a flying triangle over Argentina can be dated, according to our exclusive UFO database - which holds information on 5500 cases starting in 1947 - to the year night 1958 in Mendoza, when 'a strange black aircraft' was seen descending in the vicinity of the El Plumerillo Airport. Since then, we have been able to earmark some very interesting characteristics, as follows:
• One hundred thirty reports of triangular, boomerang-shaped, flying wing or arrowhead-shaped objects fill our dossier.
• They are mostly large in size;

• Their color is predominantly black;

• 95% of their incursions are nocturnal;

• Their movements are variable, as we have description of slow, moderate, swift and even supersonic flight.

• 70% of their manifestations occurred in absolute silence. No noise, buzzing or rumbling was heard at all.

• The duration of their flight is not extensive. Their transit is short-to-medium in the travel that has been observed.

• A slight number of episodes hint at landings or near-landings by these craft.

• 95% of the evens suggest that these triangles fly alone.
From the 1950s to the 1980s, we only have 17 reports. The massive increase occurs in the 1990s, with 21 reported sightings. During the first decade of the 21st century, the investigated cases totaled 36 and the maximum increase, up to now, was in the 2010s, with the uncanny number of 51 reports.

In this newly-commenced decade, we are starting to receive the first episodes of these mysterious devices that fly over our heads with impunity.

All this suggests that the triangular UFO phenomenon will continue to manifest itself more frequently over time. The affected provinces were 17 as well as the Federal Capital. It is remarkable that we have no reliable reports from the remaining 6 provinces.

The two Argentinean regions yielding the largest number of reports correspond to the Western Corridor, as I christened it in 2008, which covers the strip running from Ramos Mejia to Lujan, almost parallel to National Route 7, and the "Argentinean Nest" region, mostly in La Plata and extending to Sanborombón Bay, and from Route 2 to the coast of Rio de la Plata.

40% of all triangular UFO apparitions in our country - from 1958 up to this day - have occurred in these two areas. A major difference compared to the rest!

In closing, we can say that this category of unidentified object does not bring about the controversial and fearsome human abduction phenomenon. At least we do not have, to date, any abduction event produced by an object of these characteristics.


"It began one lost night on a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut. David Vincent has seen them..." says the opening narration to the epic The Invaders television series. From January 24, 2020, Diego Sarquis can be added to the long list of those who have seen them. Startled at first, and beset by many questions inner doubts following the sighting, the witness of that night in Mechita now knows we are not alone.

His case is exceptional from every standpoint, given the strangeness and reliability of the eyewitness account, so sought by current ufology. Even the counterclockwise movement of the vehicle, for which I was only able to find another incident: an event in Banfield (Buenos Aires) on 23 August 1992, involving the passage of a dark triangular object rotating on its own axis! Serquis has seen the same, nearly 28 years later.

We should also bear in mind that the town of Gobernador Ugarte is located to the southeast. It is the location of some amazing UFO events, which we discovered in the year 2002, which have withstood the test of time. It is in a straight line from Mechita.

Obviously, we cannot bring this to a close without listing the typical questions raised by the event, giving rise to myriad hypotheses, ranging from alien craft to U.S. prototypes.
What was that object doing over Mechita?

What was its final destination?

Where did it come from?

Did it follow the course of the Samborombón River?

Could it have flown over Ugarte earlier?

Could it have landed in some field in Buenos Aires province?

Was it detected by some airport radar?

Are there free areas or flight permits to operate with impunity over our heads?

What is the role of the air force in all this?
In other words, as I have always said: "Time is always in the researcher's favor, in this case, ufologists. Let us hope to be alive for when the enigma is finally deciphered."

New Hampshire Reporter Quizzes Presidential Candidates on UFOs

New Hampshire Reporter Quizzes Presidential Candidates on UFOs
"I feel like UFOs could be one of the greatest news stories of our time and I want a piece of it​," says New Hampshire-based reporter Daymond Steer.

     Daymond Steer, a journalist for a local New Hampshire newspaper, keeps asking politicians and presidential hopefuls about UFOs, and it is the best thing ever.

By MJ Banias
By hosting informal, video recorded Q&A sessions, the Conway Daily Sun has had a lot of politicians vying for the presidency stop by its office.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Kingman UFO Crash, Operation Upshot–Knothole and Experimental Radar

     Spring 1953, the Atomic Energy Commission unleashed a series of massive explosions at the Nevada Test Site, codenamed “Upshot Knothole.”

By George Knapp
Mystery Wire
In the same time period, across the state line in Arizona, witnesses reported seeing a fleet of eight flying saucer-type craft engaged in what looked like a dogfight. This is an artist’s rendition of the event:

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Pilot Films UFO Flying Near Plane? | VIDEO

Pilot Films UFO Flying Near Plane - Medellin, Columbia Jan. 2020

     Airline pilots see plenty of weird things while flying passengers from one place to another, but most of it occurs in the plane's cabin. However, what one pilot spotted outside of his plane has a lot of people talking. His name is Cesar and he
By Dave Basner
flies Airbus A320s for Viva Air, a low-cost Colombian airline. While soaring over Medellin recently, Cesar saw a strange craft and decided to film it.

Monday, February 03, 2020

Aliens Exist Argues New Documentary | TRAILER

The Phenomenon

     If aliens exist, eventually we’ll know about it. How will we find out? What will they want? These are the kinds of questions that spark our imaginations every single day. Could the revelation possibly come in the form of a documentary? If the
By Germain Lussier
language being used to promote The Phenomenon is right, maybe it will.

Directed by James Fox and narrated by Peter Coyote, The Phenomenon is a new documentary that covers over 70 years of UFO history.