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Presentation Re UFOs to a US Congressional Sub-Committee

Presentation Re UFOs to a US Congressional Sub-Committee

New US Congressional hearings on UFOs?

     In a post dated 28 June 2018, titled "New US Congressional hearing on UFOs?" I explored which Congressional committee might be undertaking a fresh look at the UAP topic. The best fit for this, is the US Congress' Senate Armed Services Committee.

Further research led me to conclude that it is the subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which is the actual interested party.

Indeed, my research shows that this very subcommittee, has oversight of the area of the US Department of Defense, where I believe the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program
By Keith Basterfield
(AATIP) operated, namely the Undersecretary of Defense (Intelligence.)

Chase Kloetzke
Chase Kloetzke
Now, thanks to the eagle eyes of Canadian researcher Paul Scott Anderson, it has come to my attention that MUFON's Director of Investigations, Chase Kloetzke, was interviewed, on 25 September 2018 by Alejandro Rojas. Part of the interview was about Washington politics. The following are my notes on the relevant portion of this interview.

Chase mentioned that she now lives in Washington, DC, and two years ago obtained a lobbyist's identification. After spending six months learning the Washington political system, she started making telephone calls. She now has been promised a ten minute time slot to provide a presentation on UAP, but hopes this might lead to more time in future. The presentation is to the "threat assessments subcommittee" and will be a package of evidence from a recent case that MUFON and NICAP have investigated.

She said that anyone could get their foot in the door. They do background checks but she was not asked to show her lobbyist's identification at any time. You need to be careful how you present to them. They care about what is going on today. The case she will present, is a "door opener." You also need to follow the money the $22M. Senator Rand Paul had a meltdown over this money. Chase called his office and said that if the AATIP is still going, who is funding it? Let me know what you find out.

So, if Chase is presenting to the "threats assessments subcommittee" this is likely to be the US Congress' Senate Armed Services Committee's subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities (or a staffer for this subcommittee.)

It should be noted that while the US Congress House of Representatives also has an Armed Services Committee, subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities it would appear that the Senate subcommittee of the same name, is in the lead at the moment.

I hope that Chase Kloetzke is able to keep us all informed of the results of her presentation.

I welcome hearing from any blog reader who might be able to throw additional light onto the contents of this post.

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Dr. Garry Nolan Resigns From Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Firm

Dr. Garry Nolan Resigns From Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Firm

TTSA Report to SEC: Garry Nolan Resigns
from Advisory Board, $37 Million Deficit

     A financial report submitted by To The Stars Academy (TTSA) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) states the resignation of Advisory Board member Dr. Garry Nolan was effective Aug. 31. The report for the fiscal semiannual period ending June 30, 2018, discloses financial data, including an accumulated deficit in excess of $37 million.

Dr. Nolan is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University. His involvement in the UFO community includes work on what came to be known as the Starchild skull. He was also involved in controversial analysis of the Atacama
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail
skeleton prior to serving on the TTSA Advisory Board. Offered an opportunity to comment on his resignation, Dr. Nolan replied in an Oct. 3 email:
The answer is really quite straightforward.

I had a number of conflicts of interest with my current employment agreement at Stanford and with other, purely conventional, mainstream business interests. I remain fully supportive of the goals and ideals of TTSA. I plan to advise them as needed-- while remaining under no long-standing contractual framework. Of course, I might from time to time enter into a short term CDA on matters that arise, especially with respect to my academic scientific interests and where I might be able to provide relevant expertise.

As I see it, this is more in alignment with my academic work and will (hopefully) ensure I maintain maximum credibility on matters related to the Phenomena. This should eliminate any financial or other conflicts vis-à-vis TTSA in how I discuss such matters. I certainly look forward to the continued success of the TTSA enterprise and I remain good friends with, and a colleague of, all the individuals on the TTSA team. As you know, I am one of the few "mainstream" scientists willing to openly discuss matters related to this area of interest, and I expect to continue my public, and private, interest in the arena.
Operations and Finances

TTSA stated it continues to conduct meetings with potential strategic partners, including the U.S. government, in the report submitted to the SEC. Details were not specified. Also reported was the closing of over a million dollars in funding:

Financial Report TTSA (Snippet)

However, TTSA declared an accumulated deficit of $37,432,000. "These factors raise doubt about the Company's ability to continue as a going concern," the report states. TTSA indicates it will continue to offer the sale of common stock to third parties and use a revolving line of credit to try to fund operations.

"If we are unable to obtain sufficient amounts of additional capital," it explains, "we may be required to reduce the scope of our planned operations, which could harm our business, financial condition and operating results."

The accounting firm of Louis Tommasino, CPA, who is listed as TTSA Chief Financial Officer, did not immediately respond to requests for comment and further clarification. TTSA also did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the report and deficit.

Related reading on the topic includes Robert Sheaffer's March 3, 2018 post at his blog, Bad UFOs. Sheaffer describes his visit to the office of Tommasino to inquire about discrepancies in financial circumstances surrounding To The Stars Academy as reported by Dun and Bradstreet.

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Three UFOs Encountered By Six Passenger Planes Simultaneously | VIDEO – CHILE

Six Airliners Report 3 UFOs - Chile 5-7-18

Due to the objects' movements, one of the flights had to 
detour some 20 miles off its course to insure passenger safety.

     Six airliners in flight reported three objects whose movement suggests the possibility of their being unidentified flying objects. The mysterious event took place last May, but it was
By Inexplicata
discussed again only a few months ago, as the conversations between the pilots aboard became known.

The airliners were on their scheduled runs with nothing to report until a LAN-Chile airliner reported the presence of some lights near a control point known as Livor.

Shortly after, a pilot for the COPA airline confirmed it with a photograph, capturing 3 shiny unknown objects. A total of five LAN-Chile flights and one COPA flight pointed out, almost simultaneously, the sighting of three unidentified objects seen by pilots and those at the control post located 380 kilometers east of Antofagasta.

CEIFAC - Center for Anomalous Phenomena Research of Chile - published a video with the aviators' recordings. Due to the objects' movements, one of the flights had to detour some 20 miles off its course to insure passenger safety.

The pilots' voices say it all.
COPA 174: We have lights on the left and one is fading away. Affirmative, it appears to be at our same altitude. It wasn't at Livor, because the lights are there. No traffic is reported and we don't know what it is. One light just disappeared, there's only one left.

LAN 639: Santiago, Lan Chile 639 ¿Could you indicate the identification of the traffic ahead of us?

ATC (Air Traffic Controller): The traffic ahead is Lan Per 2473

LAN 639: 2473...ehhh, look at it (...)

LAN 2473: 2473 is go.

LAN 639: Position downward. Apparently over the sea. Could you also identify another light?

LAN 2473: Look sharp. We have another light in view, approximately at our 4 o'clock. Where there were two [lights] there's now only one.

LAN 79: Affirmative. I can see it clearly, a little more to the south of (...) at sea level. A very small light, appearing and disappearing.

LAN 2473: Exactly.

COPA 174: Copa 174 to Livor, 340 and we now have 3 lights. We are to the right of Livor 340 and the lights are to our left, approximately at our 10 o'clock. Lights are moving and increasing and diminishing intensity. In fact, we're turning right as they appear to be approaching.
After these initial events, the control tower decided to contact the Oceanic Air Traffic Controller, in charge of ascertaining the traffic of craft flying over the sea, beyond the reach of ground based radar.
ATC: Good morning. Oceanic

ATC: Good morning.

ATC: You have a note there with UFOs in the Livor block. Oceanic

ATC: Yes, it's full of UFOs.

ATC: Seriously? Oceanic

ATC: Of course! That's why the Copa detoured so much. Lan 639 and 2473 also saw them.

ATC: Ha,ha! That's great!
Minutes later, other flights would witness the same three lights.
LAN 501: Santiago, Lan Chile 501, holding position at 08 11, flight level 370, estimating Livor at 08 32, Sulna next. We have that light at our 1 o'clock around the Livor block.

COPA 174: What an odd phenomenon. Now we have 3 lights shaped like a triangle.

LAN 577: Santiago Lan Chile 577, Livor position at 08 34. Sulna next at 08 12. Livor next at 08 34. We will advise Livor.

ATC: Lan Chile 646 Oceanic?

LAN 501: Lan Chile 501, and there it is, the third light appeared.

LAN 577: Yes, some 60 miles from Livor and we also confirm (...) yes, between 2 and 3. Could be some
2000 feet below at a distance of some 20 or 30 miles.

LAN 501: Affirmative, we have them now almost a 3 o'clock. One's brighter than the other, and they are two lights.
The control tower chose to advise another aeronautical authority of these events.
ATC: Good morning sir. This is the Oceanic Control Center in Santiago.

COA: Good morning.

ATC: Good morning, there's a rather strange situation in the Livor sector. There are some 5 or 6 aircraft in the Live for Lima 780 air corridor reporting a movement of lights. Two, four, up to four lights in that sector, to the east. To the west of the Livor sector, at their own level or lower. The situation is ongoing. Three aircraft have reported it. In fact, an aircraft detoured 20 miles to avoid them. Altitude is approximately thirty two thousand. Now there are two traffic coming along the same corridor from the United States and are flying over the sector. They also have them in sight at 2 or 3 o'clock, over the sea.

COA: In the Livor sector?

ATC: Of course, and there is no traffic. We have our own traffic controlled. But we cannot see the lights maneuvering there on radar.
The phenomenon continued for about half an hour. ATC made the decision to advise COA "to avoid any situations."

LAN CHILE 501: We have lights at our 4 o'clock at that position.
According to CEIFAC, one of the first hypotheses put forth for the event was that the lights belonged to seagoing vessels in the area "arising from changes in air density that created a light refraction, causing the optical illusion of being over the sea."

However, the organization dismissed this given that the lights, theoretically, appeared to move intelligently and form a triangle. Furthermore, had it been a consequence of light refraction, the reflection would have been still.
* Source: PLANETA UFO and La Semana

* Translation © 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and La Semana

The early morning of May 7, 2018, strange lights were reported by several flights in the Livor airspace, located several miles west of the Antofagasta coasts. One of the pilots of the Copa flight to Panama, managed to photograph the lights even, had to make an emergency maneuver to avoid any unforeseen. Research done by the group CEIFAC Antofagasta in conjunction with CEIFAC Temuko, since May 2018

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The findings support those who argue that "the Great Silence" is merely an artifact of our limited investigations. "Bright and obvious radio beacons might be quite common in the sky, but we would not know it yet, because our search completeness to date is so low," the authors wrote in the paper.

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Announcement to End UFO Secrecy Anniversary – What Now? | VIDEO

What's happened since major announcement to end UFO secrecy?

     One year ago today, a Pentagon intelligence officer stepped forward to announce that he had been in charge of a secret military study of UFOs.

The statement by Luis Elizondo set off a chain reaction that is
By George Knapp Matt Adams
still unfolding, and several of the story angles led right here to Nevada.


The UFO world tends to want it all and want it now, so no matter what Elizondo and his colleagues have said or done since then would be enough for the die hard saucer people but some pretty remarkable things have been made public in the year since the announcement was made on Oct 11, 2017.


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DeLonge took to Instagram to quickly shut down what he called a "blatant lie."

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SUPER SOLDIERS: Merging Human Beings and Machines

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November Issue 2018
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What is Really Happening at the Skinwalker Ranch?

What is Really Happening at the Skinwalker Ranch?

Hunting the Skinwalker

     It was after uncovering some disturbing information about the Skinwalker Ranch owned by Robert Bigelow that I began to have doubts about the real purpose behind the MUFON-BAASS project. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) is an aerospace company allegedly involved in discovering novel and cutting edge space technologies and contracted MUFON in 2009 to perform UFO investigations on its behalf. In the following email to the MUFON Board of Directors, I summarized my research findings and my misgivings about any further relationship with BAASS.
James Carrion
By James Carrion

Note that this email has been modified to remove identifying information about the confidential source here called Brad Newton who is still under a non-disclosure agreement from his work with the now defunct National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS), also an organization founded by Robert Bigelow.


Since taking on the MUFON International Director position, I have been in observation mode trying to understand the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. In 2007 I personally financed a “meeting of the minds” in Fort Collins to try and gain insight into what the status quo was in Ufology. I have personally investigated high level cases such as Kinross and the California Drones and have found myself on the receiving end of a constant flow of disinformation. What I have observed over the last three years seriously disturbs me.

It is my belief that there are forces at work here that “manage” Ufology for their own purposes. When an organization like MUFON starts to operate outside of the box “they” intend to keep us in, then these controlling forces move in to tighten their grip. Case in point is MUFON’s relationship with BAASS. Although John (Schuessler) knows who BAASS’ sponsors are, I am no longer comfortable with the MUFON-BAASS relationship. Let me explain in detail.

Just last month, I financed my own trip to Utah with Dr. Frank Salisbury who was looking to republish his book “The Utah UFO Display” and was looking for new material to add. Since the book covered the Uintah Basin in North East Utah where the Bigelow Skinwalker Ranch is located, Salisbury sought and was denied access to the Ranch. I also asked and was denied access. Instead, we spent our time interviewing new witnesses around the Ranch. Our contact person was Brad Newton (real name withheld) who has researched the area for many years. What I learned from Brad is what has led to the doubts I now harbor.

Brad worked with NIDS on the ranch and mentioned that after an alleged sighting, metal rods were found on the ranch that were sent to NIDS for analysis. Brad was in contact with a NIDS scientist who informed him that the rods were made from Element 115 and did not originate on earth, and that he (the scientist) had worked at Area 51 on a reverse engineering project where they had accumulated 300 pounds of this material. This in a nutshell is the Bob Lazar story.

Through Dr. Salisbury, we were able to interview the brother of the original owner of the ranch who sold it to the Shermans who subsequently sold it to Bigelow. The ranch owner’s brother was adamant that there was no UFO or strange activity on the ranch prior to the Sherman’s purchase, contrary to what was discussed in the Skinwalker Book and that he (the owner’s brother) had personally received a call from Bigelow trying to convince him otherwise. I found this to be extremely odd and disturbing. I also subsequently learned of a business relationship between Lazar and Bigelow (documented in the MUFON archives).

What I see in the MUFON-BAASS relationship is active management of MUFON’s work, despite assurances from BAASS otherwise. By carefully controlling the purse strings with each contract evaluation period, they are ensuring they receive a constant flow of information from MUFON while also making sure that MUFON does not end up with operational funding to stabilize its long term financial well being. Who’s on the receiving end of this information? Since that will not be disclosed to MUFON, I cannot state for sure, but I don’t feel confident that the information is being used for what MUFON was originally informed.

If you were able to listen to my speech at the Symposium or read my paper in the Proceedings or read my blog, then you know where I stand on the active management and control of information on the part of governmental or quasi governmental forces in our work. Conspiracy theory? Yes. Plausible? Yes.

MUFON has an obligation to the public to fulfill its mission. I for one believe that we cannot adequately do so as long as we are actively managed, nor can I in good faith stand by while this is happening. Those are my personal feeling however and as such I don’t want to speak for the organization when making the decision to renew or terminate our contract with BAASS. I leave it to the Board for a decision on this.

I have already stated my decision to step down as the International Director, and in large part my decision has been based on my research. I will continue to work within MUFON and for MUFON’s long term viability, but I will not stand by and be managed. My time will be better spent actively uncovering the trail left by the forces of disinformation and my efforts focused on uncovering the truth. In the end that is all that is important.

John Schuessler responded with the following email:

I am concerned for you if you are basing decisions on what Brad has said. It is not my intent to argue the point, but the whole Element 115 thing is pure bunk. Don't take my word for it, just ask any scientist. Both CSICOP scientists and MUFON scientists like Stanton Friedman have thoroughly debunked Lazar's Element 115 story. If you could get Element 115 (or Elements 114 and 116) to be stable enough to make them into rods, they would make extremely heavy rods. I can find no one except Bob Lazar and now Brad that believes there are Element 115 rods anywhere, let alone dumping them out on the ground in an uncontrolled environment on a ranch in Utah.

As for the rods found on the Skinwalker Ranch, I was on the NIDS Scientific Advisory Board back in those days and can verify that rods were found. They were not heavy Element 115 rods. Instead, they were thin carbon rods that are used in arc lamps to make very bright lights in field operations. I have personally used this type of rods in arc lamp operations many years ago.

My email response to John follows:
Hi John,

That is my point exactly. Lazar and element 115 are bunk but it appears to me that the NIDS scientist was promoting it to Brad. Why? I found Brad to be honest in his demeanor and he is held in high esteem by everyone we came into contact with including many of the witnesses we interviewed. Brad has no motive for promoting the Bob Lazar story but it was communicated to him nonetheless.

Actually, it was the former ranch owner’s brother’s assertions that cemented for me that something is amiss. The Skinwalker ranch story did not play out as described in the book and that coupled with us being denied access does not add up for me.

I can only conclude that BAASS is at someone else’s beck and call. The Board does not need to agree with me on this, which is why I am leaving the contract renewal response to the Board.

Best wishes,
It was after this email exchange that the MUFON Board bypassed me as acting MUFON International Director and secretly engaged BAASS in renegotiating the MUFON-BAASS contract while purposely keeping me out of the loop. As you can see from the email exchange, this secretive communication was altogether unnecessary because I deferred to the majority decision of the MUFON Board.

Unethical behavior on the part of the MUFON Board aside, the following questions still beg for answers: What is really happening at the Skinwalker Ranch and why are serious investigators being denied access? Why was a NIDS scientist pushing the Bob Lazar story which is a known farce? Why does the book “Hunt for the Skinwalker” describe paranormal activity present on the ranch prior to the Shermans purchasing it when a close surviving relative of the former owner denies such activity? Why is the truth about activities on the ranch being censored through non-disclosure agreements?

It appears that once again in Ufology there are more questions than answers; common fare for a field where the waters are muddied but never cleared. If you consider yourself a truth seeker then perhaps it is time to take a stand against these forces of ambiguity that seek only to obscure the truth rather than bring it to light. It is time to promote truth and not mystery in a field that has too many mysteries already. It is time to reveal the truth by not compromising ethics or principles or by allowing truth to be censored. It is time to stop falling prey to fear and lies but instead to hunt the Skinwalker forces of deception in their own territory. Who is up for a hunting trip?
Editor's Note: As most know, James Carrion is the former International Director of MUFON. Given the renewed interest in the Skinwalker Ranch precipitated by Jeremy Corbell's documentary, based on George Knapp and Colm A. Kelleher book of the same name, Hunt for The Skinwalker, we re-present James' article on the ranch and his involvement originally published in 2011-FW

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Project Blue Book: Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs

Project Blue Book: Alien-Hunting Agents Seek the Truth About UFOs

     During the 1950s and 1960s, were extraterrestrials visiting the United States? At the time, a spate of panicky sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) thought to be "alien" in origin were reported across the country, prompting the U.S. Air Force to create a top-secret program dedicated to the investigation of unexplained phenomenon related to UFOs.
By Mindy Weisberger
Live Science

Under the code name "Project Blue Book," the Air Force documented and scrutinized 12,000 UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969, led by J. Allen Hynek, a former astronomy professor at The Ohio State University. The project's efforts — set against a suspenseful undercurrent of political intrigue — come to life in a new dramatic television series, which shares some of the long-buried secrets of this mysterious initiative.

UFO Sightings in Project Blue Book Covered Up?

Project Blue Book

     It’s one of the more mysterious episodes in American military history: the creation of a top-secret task force to investigate UFOs.
By Rob Waugh
Yahoo News

But did Project Blue Book really seek to uncover the truth – or cover it up?

The project marked the dawn of the ‘UFO age’, and with 700 cases still ‘unsolved’, it’s still something that obsesses UFO fans today.

A new History Channel drama starring Aiden Gillen explores the history of the project – and how it spawned the first ‘ufologist’