Monday, November 23, 2020

U.S. Does Not Want China or Russia to Find Out How UFOs Work, First!

U.S. Does Not Want China or Russia to Find Out How UFOs Work, First!

How does China share the U.S. government’s UFO interest?


     ... While the Trump administration has admitted that the government is now actively studying UFOs under the so-called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force,” Beijing has been very quiet on this topic. But it seems a fair assessment that if
By Tom Rogan
the U.S. and Russia have had these UFO experiences, so also has China. Considering the rapid development of PLA hypersonic glide vehicles and nuclear weapons platforms, established UFO trendlines would suggest an increasing incidence of credible sightings in or around Chinese airspace. Xi Jinping’s interest in rapidly closing military gaps with the U.S. would also give him reasons to authorize studies of UFOs. After all, whichever nation is first able to figure out how UFOs actually work is going to have huge military advantages in terms of building platforms with highly advanced sensor, propulsion, mobility, and concealment potentials. Indeed, this is one critical reason the U.S. government is secretive about UFOs: it does not want China or Russia to find out how UFOs work, first!

Mysterious Object Found in Utah by Highway Patrol – PHOTO

Mysterious Object Found in Utah by Highway Patrol

     Not since a monolith was found on the surface of the moon in Stanley Kubrick's classic "2001: A Space Odyssey" has a mystery object confounded the greatest minds of our generation.

Jeff Tavss
Fox 13
Or maybe not.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

John Fogerty’s UFO Fascination | VIDEO – INTERVIEW

John Fogerty’s UFO Fascination


     Fogerty calls his music “swamp rock.” Dating back to his Creedence Clearwater Revival days, his themes and lyrics are populated with spooky, swampy folklore, whether its chasing hoodoos, dark premonitions, voodoo spells and a zombie or two. Is he a student of the paranormal?
By George Knapp
Mystery Wire

George Knapp: You know about this stuff. You’re knowledgeable. Bob Lazar, Area 51, Roswell. You’re up on it.

Fogerty: Yeah, I’m up on it in a sense. I guess you’d call me a fan. I started quite young. In the ‘50s, it was a great time for a kid growing up to experience the flying saucer phenomenon and the green men from outer space and all that. I saw every science fiction movie that was made, and a lot of the horror ones too.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

UFO Hovers Over Holloman Air Force Base | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

UFO Hovers Over Holloman Air Force Base

     On June 4 at approximately 12:30 am, a pale, blue-green globe-shaped light approached Holloman Air Force Base from the direction of Sierra Blanca (referred to as "Old Baldy
By APRO Bulletin
July 1957
Mountain") in the northwest. The speed of the object was not great, and the outstanding feature of this incident is what the object did when it reached the air base.

During a period of between 10 and 15 minutes astonished civilian and military observers watched the weird object swing to and fro like a pendulum. There was no discernible shape except the light, which was either large at high altitude or small at low altitude.

The light, as though bent on a specific mission, swung in even arcs over the base, then headed for White Sands Proving Ground, to the Southwest, and over that area, again began the pendulum-like swing. It was observed by military and civilian personnel at the Proving grounds also....

Christopher Mellon and James Fox Talk UFOs / UAP with Military Matters host Rod Rodriguez – INTERVIEW

Christopher Mellon and James Fox Talk UFOs


     To try to understand what the Pentagon calls UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena, Military Matters host Rod Rodriguez talks with Christopher Mellon, former Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations; and James Fox, director of the documentary film "The Phenomenon."

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

UFO Fragments Found, More Craft Sighted | UFO CHRONICLE – 1947

Fragments of Two Flying Disks Reported Found, More Sighted (Headline)- Abilene Reporter News 7-8-1947

     Two flying disks were reported found in Texas and at least one is being investigated by military officials as the total number of Texans claiming to have seen the mysterious objects passed the 50 mark yesterday

By Abilene Reporter News
The disks were reported found on a beach near Trinity Bay, near Houston and near Hillsboro.

The Houston Chronicle said a great deal of mystery surrounded the one found near there by Norman Hargrave ....

Monday, November 16, 2020

UFO Forces Emergency Landing of Supersonic Transport | The Manises UFO Mystery

UFO Forces Emergency Landing of Supersonic Transport – The Manises UFO Mystery

     On November 11, 1978, a "Super Caravelle" passenger plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Manises (Valencia) after being harassed by strange red lights. The case, which has captivated mystery lovers for decades, is still surrounded by intrigue today

By ABC (Spain)
Manuel P. Villatoro
The event took almost two days to make the leap to the press. On November 13, 1979, the newspaper ABC carried to its last pages a story that, few imagined, would open Pandora's box. "Emergency landing of a plane due to a UFO" . Incredible but true. A "Super Caravelle" (in practice, a turbojet with capacity for 109 passengers) of the company TAE -Trabajos Aéreos y Operaciones- had been forced to deviate after running into two large red lights and landing at the airport in Manises , located in Valencia .

The scene did not end at that point. While the Super Caravelle settled over the Valencian countryside ....

UFOs and Politics

UFOs and Politics

When the Republicans release this as their closing paragraph of a multi-year investigation into Trump. Hard to call this fake news when the red team is the one that put it out. Stay tuned for some sealed indictments that may finally start rolling out -

— Tom DeLonge (@tomdelonge) October 18, 2020
     Tom DeLonge has been expressing his political views on Twitter. After writing a line like that about DeLonge, reporters and bloggers typically give readers an obligatory few sentences about how he is the unlikely front man of an organization consisting of former defense officials and contractors who purport to research UFOs. We'll skip the intro since you probably already know about TTSA if you're reading my blog in the first place, but we could add that very little in the way of compelling evidence has actually been produced by those former officials and contractors. After decades of spooky stories and promises of forthcoming UFO Disclosure, we continue to have little more than hearsay to show for it.
Jack BrewerBy Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

While plenty of the burden falls on the shoulders of self-described scientists who plundered around Skinwalker Ranch, it's not all their fault. It's been three years now since Kean and company broke the AATIP story in the Times, and there are a whole lot of relevant assertions made in that article that still haven't been verified. The Times, its writers, and TTSA bear responsibility for that.

As we have explored on this blog and elsewhere, the Disclosure movement is a chronic staple of the UFO genre. It has endured some 70 years of public hearings, Congressional panels, and forecasts of big things to come. Nonetheless, many UFO advocates continue to suggest a Congressional hearing will, this time, reveal the secrets that are surely withheld.

Deeply withheld secrets, we might add, that allegedly seem to be rather puzzlingly made available to men like Luis Elizondo. These men, secrets purportedly in hand, apparently decided to launch a corporation with a stock securities strategy for fundraising rather than seek counsel from attorneys with expertise in national security and whistleblower law. It might indeed be considered reasonable to tap some brakes on the validity and objectivity of their insider knowledge that rests so heavily on taking them at their word.

As DeLonge weighs in on the upcoming election, we could consider a prevailing point that towers above the support and criticism he receives: The UFO topic is married to the political arena.

In order to realistically discuss possible Congressional hearings and initiatives (like the Rubio-backed effort to obtain a DoD appraisal of the UAP situation), we must consider political allegiances and related dynamics. Moreover, while some high profile characters state they support a nonpartisan approach and that politics should stay out of the UFO fray, their actions suggest somewhat otherwise.

As suggested in the above tweet, TTSA personnel and its friends of the program are fond of guest spots on the right wing, highly dubious FOX News. The "highly dubious" description I opted to use is not just my personal observation, but is in line with court filings by FOX itself. Attorneys argued on behalf of FOX that reasonable viewers do not take Carlson seriously and understand his segments to be hyperbole, as suggested in the screenshot below.

Tucker Carlson Disclaimers
The seemingly ever present Nick Pope is also among those who frequent Carlson's show and discuss issues which many would argue he is not the least bit qualified to address, much less explain. The political leanings of Pope, who generally supports TTSA or most anything that keeps people talking about UFOs, may be explored at his Twitter account.

UFO enthusiasts and TTSA fans, whether they like it or not, are somewhat forced to accept that Congressional support for the UAP topic is enmeshed with political issues. Acknowledging the political factor in the UFO arena is a sensitive undertaking for the talking heads because it lays bare the topic's often overlooked social complexity. It is often overlooked, both mistakenly and as an insincere matter of convenience, in lieu of promoting an overly simplistic and unrealistic model. UFO buffs might also consider why their preferred spokespeople, if they sincerely want to keep the topic as apolitical and nonpartisan as possible, congregate to talk about it on the defacto state media channel.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Drones: The Worst Thing to Happen to UFOs Since Orson Welles

Drones: The Worst Thing to Happen to UFOs Since Orson Welles

     This month, mysterious lights startled some people looking to the skies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Readers of this website will already know there is no mystery; the UFO lights at Maier Festival Park were just drones practicing for a Christmas Pageant light show.

By David MacQuarrie
But there’s a long history of alarming lights in the sky and earthlings assuming it just can’t be good.