Monday, July 13, 2020

Recording Surfaces Re Hickson and Parker Alien Abduction

Recording Surfaces Re Hickson and Parker Alien Abduction

'They didn't make it up.' Interview recording
surfaces in Mississippi alien abduction case.

'He was genuinely scared. He was telling Charlie, 'Don't talk to the deputies. They'll come back and get us.' They didn't make it up. I can guarantee that.'

     It's been 47 years since Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson contacted the Jackson County Sheriff's Office claiming they were abducted by aliens. Recently, a recording, said to be made that night of what they told Sheriff Fred Diamond and Capt. Glenn Ryder, has surfaced.
By Brian Broom
Mississippi Clarion Ledger

Are UFOs a Threat?

Are UFOs a Threat

Unidentified aerial phenomena have been reported around the world

     There's no denying that America has an enduring fascination with unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. However, UFO interest extends far beyond the U.S. — sightings are reported worldwide, and multiple observations in far-flung locations describe aerial objects that are uncannily similar to each other,
By Mindy Weisberger
Luis Elizondo, former head of a top-secret U.S. government agency tasked with investigating UFOs, recently told Live Science.

Though some label UFOs as alien spacecraft, the term simply describes aerial objects that defy explanation. One possibility is that they represent technology deployed by a hostile human source, so it's impossible to say for sure that UFOs are harmless, Elizondo said. Evaluating the potential threats posed by UFOs should therefore involve the collaboration of leaders around the world, said Elizondo ....


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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Pentagon Has More Classified UFO Videos Says Ex Head of Secret Program

Pentagon Has More Classified UFO Videos Says Ex Head of Secret Program

     The Pentagon has "a lot more" highly classified videos of so-called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the ex-head of a secretive government program has said.


By Aristos Georgiou
"I knew they were genuine and there's also a lot more the Pentagon currently has, unfortunately remain highly classified," he said. "It is truly a historical moment when you have the United States government and multiple agencies in the organization coming forward and saying that the videos are not only real, but they are truly unidentified aerial phenomena."

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Four Mysterious Objects Spotted in Deep Space

Four Mysterious Objects Spotted in Deep Space

     There's something unusual lurking out in the depths of space: Astronomers have discovered four faint objects that at radio wavelengths are highly circular and brighter along their edges. And they're unlike any class of astronomical object ever seen before.
By Mara Johnson-Groh

The objects, which look like distant ring-shaped islands, have been dubbed odd radio circles, or ORCs, for their shape and overall peculiarity....

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Project Loon and UFOs

Loon Balloon

     It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not superman. But it is something that is almost out of this world. Something that is really unique and could help those with poor internet service.

By Matt DiNardo
Mystery Wire
Some residents in Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia are seeing tiny “white dots” in the sky.

These floating “white dots” are balloons from Loon, which are floating at roughly 60,000 feet about ground.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

UFO Documents: Provenance and Credibility

MJ-12, CIA, NSA, Secrecy & UFOs

     With regard to Keyhoe, he received contemporary documents from known sources. Sometimes, sources were not named but the information was not sensationalized and survived the passage of time. In Flying Saucers- Top Secret, he talked of "Hidden Cases" where they were aggravatingly thin on researchable detail. I spent time over the last three years in the NICAP files looking for these reports but they are missing. Keyhoe was derelict in not having safety copies of these reports in a safe place and now they are lost to history. I asked Gordon Lore about this but he was not in the loop. I guess Keyhoe thought he could live forever!
Barry Greenwood By Barry Greenwood

There was always hoaxing in this subject but the transition of the usual hoaxing to deliberate falsification of government documents crossed a line in the late 1970s. We finally had achieved some sort of credibility in what the government knew about UFOs by gaining access to official inquiry and investigations that revealed they didn't quite know what it was with what they dealt. Then a few fakes appeared followed by one in the military [Richard Doty] who planted fakes in government files and had those officially released via FOIA, a nefarious act that was eventually supported by major names in UFO research. This same source continued to circulate questionable documents as real. But by then every government paper officially released had a taint of "how do you know that is real?" A more effective watering down of what we had achieved, I can't recall and it took little effort.


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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

UFO Secrecy Has Changed Our World

Secrecy Surrounding the Analysis of UFO Material Deepens


     ... Marilyn Monroe was murdered by government people, in 1962 at the age of 36, because in her dalliances with President John Kennedy, she became privy to classified information about UFO crash retrievals.
By Donald Burleson

A now famous CIA document, issued just the day before she died, states that one secret she unfortunately knew about had to do with “the visit by the president at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space.” (I’m quoting exactly.) When I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the wiretap transcripts of Marilyn’s telephone conversations, the CIA declined to admit having them, and I filed an appeal based on the CIA document mentioned. They accepted the appeal, thus inadvertently authenticating the document for me, and for all of us. They wouldn’t accept an appeal based on a purported CIA document that they didn’t recognize as being legitimately their own.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Mach 10 UFOs Are Spying On Iranian Nuclear Sites (Maybe?)

Mach 10 UFOs Are Spying On Iranian Nuclear Sites (Maybe)


     Iran is the only other country besides the United States to operate arguably history’s most powerful interceptor aircraft, the F-14 Tomcat.

By David Axe April 2020

The Americans retired their F-14s in 2006, but around 40 of Iran’s Tomcats remain active. Their main role is defending Iran’s nuclear sites. It’s a mission that has brought the interceptors in close contact with some very mysterious aircraft, according to a bizarre and fascinating 2013 story in Combat Aircraft magazine by reporter Babak Taghvaee.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Roswell, Alien Craft and Colonel Phillip Corso

     The most famous UFO incident of all time occurred this week. On July 2nd, 1947, something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico.

It was this incident that inspired books, movies, TV specials, and multiple theories. Everyone wanted to know: was it a flying
By George Knapp,
Duncan Phenix
saucer from another world, a weather balloon, a foreign craft? Even today, believers in the UFO theory still argue about the basics such as where and when the Roswell crash occurred. George Knapp sat down with Col. Corso for a one-on-one interview in 1997. This complete interview has never aired or been published before now.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Giant UFO Recorded Over La Paz, Mexico | VIDEO

Giant UFO Recorded Over La Paz, Mexico 6-22-2020

     Dozens of residents of La Paz witnessed an unusual event at 8 o'clock in the evening on Monday: a gigantic, well-defined circle in the heavens to the south of the city. Social media was
By Inexplicata
flooded with reports suggesting the presence of a "mothership" over La Paz. The object remained motionless for at least half an hour.

This is an extraordinary event, since some believed that it had to do with a fire at the city landfill, which gives off a column of smoke that can be seen from various points of Baja California's capital. However, this cannot be ascertained at the time. The object appears to it into what has become known as Unidentified Flying Objects.

Reporter Erick León of Noticias La Paz, who managed to take several photographs, said this UFO is suspended 200 meters over the ground, and issued a glow that ranged from bright yellow to intense red.