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The National UFO Historical Records Center is Born

This is the new logo for the National UFO Historical Records Center. The largest historical archive dedicated to the  preservation and centralization of UFO/UAP information in the United States.

"Our mission is to collect, preserve, and provide historical UFO materials to the general public and interested parties. With the accumulated data, we hope to assist with serious research endeavors and aid in an accurate chronicling of UFO/UAP history for present and future generations regardless of belief or non-belief in the subject."

Subject: Introduction of the newly-established National UFO Historical Records Center (a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization)
Who: An assemblage of the leading U.S. UFO/UAP Historians and Archivists led by David Marler that includes: Jan Aldrich, Rod Dyke, Barry Greenwood, Dr. Mark Rodeghier, Rob Swiatek, and others.

What: The establishment of the largest historical archive dedicated to the preservation and centralization of UFO/UAP information in the United States.

Where: Physical archive to be based in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

Why: Our mission is to collect, preserve, and provide historical UFO materials to the general public and interested parties. With the accumulated data, we hope to assist with serious research endeavors and aid in an accurate chronicling of UFO/UAP history for present and future generations regardless of belief or non-belief in the subject.

Context: In recent years, there have been successive U.S. government disclosures acknowledging the UFO/UAP subject as a genuine phenomenon. Subsequently, multiple U.S. military, intelligence, and scientific agencies have started adopting programs to study the subject such as NASA and the AIAA. In addition, within the civilian sector, there has been an influx of new researchers into this field of inquiry. Many academics and scientists are included in this group.However, most of these parties do not have access to the vast array of historical materials and data sets in the hands of civilian U.S. UFO/UAP historians and researchers.

In conjunction with this new-found respectability regarding the UFO/UAP subject is the growing need to create more space for these historic materials. Individual U.S. researchers and historians have amassed large collections of data over the decades. These have been home-based archives scattered throughout the country. The National UFO Historical Records Center has been created to gather and centralize this historical UFO data in the United States into a singular freestanding facility. With the physical holdings residing in the Albuquerque area, these will be made available to those who visit in-person while efforts will be underway to actively digitize these materials for global accessibility.

A vast array of UFO files and collections are already destined to be added to the growing inventory during the course of the next 1-2 years. Currently, the collection consists of materials from over 25 countries derived from 70+ U.S. and foreign individuals. Some of the largest U.S. collections serve as the cornerstone for this center. This includes diverse materials from The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). We are also interested in anyone wanting to donate historical UFO/UAP materials to us.

Efforts are underway to acquire a building to house this national treasure and make it readily accessible to researchers,academics, and the general public. Funding and donations will be vital to making this vision a reality. Thus, the creation of this non-profit organization to facilitate achieving that goal.

We look forward to working collaboratively with similar free-standing worldwide UFO/UAP archives and those within the university setting. Together, we can preserve the history and, perhaps, gain insights into the mystery.


National UFO Historical Records Center
P.O. Box 15541

Rio Rancho, NM 87174
David Marler
Executive Director

Saturday, November 19, 2022

U.S. Has 'Flying Saucers' and Pilot, Says Colorado Man

A UFO Chronicle entitled, “Colorado Man Alleges U.S. Has “Flying Saucers” and “Pilot” From One of Them” was published by The Pueblo Star-Journal back in 1952. This was the proclamation from one, Joseph Rohrer to Chamber of Commerce members in a meeting at the Vial Hotel.

"The United States government not only has a number of flying saucers from outer space in its possession but it also has a living "pilot" taken from a crashed saucer in Montana two years ago ..."

     The United States government not only has a number of flying saucers from outer space in its possession but it also has a living "pilot" taken from a crashed saucer in Montana two years ago, Joseph Rohrer told Pueblo Chamber of Commerce
members at the organization's weekly membership meeting today noon in the Vial hotel. Speaking on the "Mystery of Flying Saucers," Rohrer also stated that there is some fact and some fiction involved in flying saucer reports.


The president of the Pikes Peak Broadcasting Co., alleged that he was inside one of seven flying saucers at a California federal base in 1942. The saucers are giant flywheels covered with metal skins, he stated. They are powered by electrostatic turbines and have cabins in the center. The cabins are pressurized and have an atmosphere containing 30 percent oxygen and 70 percent helium, instead of part nitrogen.

Thru the use of the flywheel, a magnetic field is created which permits the saucers to travel at tremendous speeds, said Rohrer, who became interested in flying saucers as the result of a thesis he wrote on electronic tubes used to measure electronic tubes during his college training in electrical engineering.

“If a magnetic field is opened around the earth it should be possible to travel at about the speed of light,” he stated. “They have never tried to fly the saucers that have been captured. They are put together in five sections and come apart easily after the center section is removed.”

I have been in one which is 100 feet in diameter and 18 feet thick, Rohrer stated. “The sleeping quarters for crew members are tubes with caps on the ends and the cabin was pressurized and air conditioned.”

Sunday, November 13, 2022

‘Non-Human Entities Have Disrupted the Operation of Our Nuclear Weapons’—Robert Hastings

"... the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons is remarkably well documented. Declassified files from the US Air Force, FBI and CIA reveal, at least since 1948, a continuous and compelling pattern of UFO activity at US nuclear weapons sites."

     Although it is a matter very unknown to the general public, the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons is remarkably well documented. Declassified files from the US Air Force, FBI and CIA reveal, at least since 1948, a continuous and compelling pattern of UFO activity at US nuclear weapons sites.
Moreover, these mysterious incursions did not occur only during the Cold War, but continue to occur today.
UFOs & Nukes - Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
UFOs  & Nukes
Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites #ad

For more than 40 years, prominent researcher Robert Hastings, one of the world's leading experts on this issue and author of the groundbreaking book UFOs & Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, has located and interviewed dozens of current and retired members of the U.S. Air Force, with whom he has spoken about the existence of UFO incidents related to nuclear weapons. All these people, with multiple ranks and assignments within the military framework, have revealed to Hastings numerous extraordinary encounters with obvious implications for national security. Indeed, taken to their logical conclusion, these cases have planetary implications, given the terrible consequences that would result from a full-scale global nuclear war. Significantly, UFO activity sometimes transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unequivocal interference with strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of sudden and unexplained failures of a large number of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby. Declassified documents from the Soviet Ministry of Defense confirm that such incidents also occurred in the former USSR.

To date, Robert Hastings has interviewed 167 military veterans who have been involved in various UFO-related incidents at U.S. missile sites, weapons storage facilities and nuclear bomb proving grounds. The events described by these people leave little doubt that the American nuclear weapons program is a source of constant interest to someone who possesses far superior technology.

On September 27, 2010, Hastings hosted the UFO-Nukes Connection press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC, broadcast live on CNN, during which seven veterans of the U.S. Air Force discussed UFO incursions into nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era.

In this exclusive interview with Jacobo de Andrés of La Tribuna del País Vasco, Robert Hastings explains in detail four decades of intense research on this phenomenon.

How did you become interested in the relationship between UFOs and nuclear weapons bases?

My father made his career in the United States Air Force. In 1967, he was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, which was, and still is, a nuclear missile base. He worked in a huge building that was the radar center.

In March of that same year, several UFOs were tracked on radar while flying near some of the missile launch facilities, located in the surrounding countryside. I eventually learned about that incident from my father and was fascinated by the idea of unidentified, advanced aerial craft apparently monitoring our nuclear weapons. Eventually, a civilian researcher named Raymond Fowler, who worked for one of the missile system contractors, published information about this Malmstrom incident and revealed that his colleagues at the base had informed him that UFOs had temporarily disrupted the functionality of the missiles. That is, these ICBMs could not be launched until they were repaired.

This revelation seemed very important to me and I decided to try to document as many UFO incursions at nuclear weapon-related sites as possible. In 1973, I began searching for and interviewing Air Force veterans who had knowledge of these types of situations. Some of them were reluctant to talk to me because the events they witnessed were still classified. However, to date, I have successfully interviewed 167 U.S. military veterans who were involved in various UFO incidents related to nuclear weapons between 1945 and 2010.

Also, I felt it was important for the American people to know that these kinds of things were happening so, in 1981, I began lecturing on the connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons at American colleges and universities. It's an ongoing phenomenon and I think people all over the world should be made aware of it. Most of my taped interviews were included in my first book, UFOs and Nukes.

In your opinion, and taking into account the numerous testimonies you have collected throughout your research, what is the interest of UFOs in nuclear weapons?

I believe that those who operate UFOs are otherworldly beings who, for whatever reason, have an interest in policing the possession of nuclear weapons by humans. The fact that they have apparently disrupted the functionality of these weapons on some occasions, according to U.S. and Russian military veterans, may mean that the entities are sending an urgent message to the nuclear powers: Listen! Get rid of these nuclear weapons! If you use them on a large scale, you will destroy your species and ruin the environment of your planet! This is just speculation, of course, but many of the veterans I've interviewed have the same opinion.

Obviously, many questions about UFOs remain unanswered. For example, if aliens actually operate the incredible aerial craft, how do they get to Earth, given the vast distances between star systems. They must have a knowledge of physics that we don't yet have... And why would they be interested in human society in the first place, including the wars we wage incessantly? What else are they doing while visiting here? Are they involved in other activities that we would find threatening? Clearly, there are many questions that could be asked.

What is the case that has most caught your attention of all those you have studied?

The most dramatic incident I know of is perhaps the Big Sur, California case, where apparently a UFO used beams of light to push a dummy nuclear warhead out of its suborbital flight path, during a missile test at Vandenberg Air Force Base in September 1964. This event was inadvertently filmed with a high-powered telescopic camera. When examined, the motion picture film showed a disc-shaped ship with a dome suddenly appearing in the camera frame; It began to pace the warhead and then flew around it and directed four laser-like beams at it. Seconds later, the warhead began tumbling and soon fell into the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles short of its target.

I think the beings aboard that UFO were demonstrating that they had the ability to destroy our missiles in flight. In the early 1980s, two former Air Force officers, Dr. Robert Jacobs and Dr. Florenze Mansmann, confirmed the reality of the incident. Jacobs headed the telescope team and Mansmann was the photographic analyst at the base. Mansmann said the UFO was undoubtedly an alien craft. He also revealed that two CIA agents quickly confiscated the film and made him swear he would keep the secret. Years later, Jacobs said he began receiving anonymous death threats over the phone after publishing this story in a magazine.

As he reveals in his book Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed, extraterrestrial phenomena have also been very present in his private life. What is the presence of these non-human intelligences in your day to day?

Yes, sadly this is true, and the incidents are physically real, not psychological fantasies, despite what skeptics claim. I kept information about my private experiences secret until 2019, because I knew that the investigation I was conducting involving the military would be automatically rejected by journalists and many others if I had frankly admitted that I had been abducted decades ago by non-human beings.

However, three years ago I decided it was time to tell the truth. Like many other humans around the world, I am an abductee and have had several face-to-face encounters with the entities that are now commonly called "the Grays." While I vaguely remember a childhood encounter with them, most of the abduction events I can recall with some degree of clarity began in 1988. Basically, the beings appear unexpectedly and take me aboard their ship. Sometimes, other people are present, and apparently they are also kidnapped. Because the entities communicate through telepathy and have the ability to erase our memories, most abductees only vaguely remember these events. But there are countless credible accounts of these encounters in the available literature, including books published by the late Dr. John Mack of Harvard University, who studied and endorsed the reality of the alien abduction phenomenon.

I understand that all of this will seem crazy to people who have never had these experiences, but this is actually happening, and scientists' attempts to explain it away as delusions due to sleep paralysis, or other mundane reasons, simply do not correlate with known facts. But, really, I don't understand the reason why these beings take humans and perform procedures on them; I only know that this has been going on for many years. Some abductees say the aliens told them they are part of an alien program to create human-alien hybrids. If that's true, and I think it probably is, I can only say that I don't remember anything like it during my own abduction encounters. I have tried to explain all this in great detail in my book Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed.

In your opinion, what are UFOs? And, above all, who are they?

I simply cannot deny the reality of my personal experiences. It is clear to me that UFOs are technologically advanced spacecraft operated by non-human entities. Where they are from, how they got here, and what their plans are, are questions that remain unanswered for us. Maybe some people in the Pentagon have the answer but, like most people, I have only a limited understanding of what's going on. However, I know for a fact that these beings are monitoring and repeatedly disrupting the operation of our nuclear weapons. My research confirms this beyond any doubt and Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon's secret UFO research group, called AATIP, has publicly confirmed the existence of a link between UFOs and nuclear weapons during several interviews in recent years. In fact, he recently referred to me in a podcast, noting that I had done "a fantastic job" studying and gathering the facts related to this subject.

If the general public knew everything you know about the UFO phenomenon, do you think people should feel fear, excitement, worry, amazement...?

I believe that when the truth emerges, either by an official announcement by a government, or by some action by these beings that cannot be denied, there will be all kinds of reactions among human beings. Some people will be frightened, others will reject the revelation of extraterrestrial visitation as contrary to what is taught in the Bible which, in my opinion, is not true. But those people will probably think aliens are demons or angels. However, other people will welcome the revelation that aliens are real and hope perhaps to learn from them, if they were willing to teach us about many things about which we currently know little or nothing. But maybe the aliens won't interact openly with us, at least for a while. And perhaps they are indeed engaged in a hybrid-entity breeding program with us, or other activities that should concern us. I certainly have no answers. Who knows how things will actually unfold? I'm 72 years old and probably won't live to see the official government admission that UFOs are operated by aliens, but when this finally happens, it will certainly be an amazing and exciting event in human history.

* Special Thanks To Jacobo de Andrés & La Tribuna del País Vasco La Tribuna del País Vasco for exclusive permission to publish the english translation of this article
Pentagon Utilized UFOs and Nukes Data Collected by R. Hastings
UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites, Including Disabling Ballistic Missiles
UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites, Including Disabling Ballistic Missiles
UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Weapons Managed By The Air Force
"UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Weapons Managed By The Air Force"

Monday, November 07, 2022

Hidden 'Planet Killer' Asteroid Could Smash into Earth One Day

Hidden 'Planet Killer' Asteroid Could Smash into Earth One Day

Asteroids of this size are big enough to cause mass extinction events.

     A "planet killer" asteroid that is hiding in the glare of the sun has finally been detected, and the giant space rock could smash into Earth one day.
By Ben Turner
Live Science

The 0.9-mile-wide (1.5 kilometers) "potentially hazardous" asteroid, named 2022 AP7, is one of several large space rocks that astronomers recently discovered near the orbits of Earth and Venus.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Former Astronaut Scott Kelly Joins NASA UFO Team

Former Astronaut Scott Kelly Joins NASA UFO Team

Do you ever look up into the sky and wonder about your place in the stars? Soon, we may know more about just that.
     A group of 16 researchers, including retired U.S. Navy captain and astronaut Scott Kelly, will spend the next nine months on a NASA team studying unidentified aerial phenomena, also known as UFOs.
By Jonathan Lehrfeld
Using unclassified data, the team of scientific experts will “lay the groundwork for future study,” according to a NASA press release. The study begins Monday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

NASA Announces UAP / UFO Study Team Members

NASA Announces UAP / UFO Study Team Members

     NASA has selected 16 individuals to participate in its independent study team on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Observations of events in the sky that cannot be
identified as aircraft or as known natural phenomena are categorized as UAPs. The independent study will begin on Monday, Oct. 24. Over the course of nine months, the independent study team will lay the groundwork for future study on the nature of UAPs for NASA and other organizations. To do this, the team will identify how data gathered by civilian government entities, commercial data, and data from other sources can potentially be analyzed to shed light on UAPs. It will then recommend a roadmap for potential UAP data analysis by the agency going forward. The study will focus solely on unclassified data. A full report containing the team’s findings will be released to the public in mid-2023. “Exploring the unknown in space and the atmosphere is at the heart of who we are at NASA,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science

Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Understanding the data we have surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena is critical to helping us draw scientific conclusions about what is happening in our skies. Data is the language of scientists and makes the unexplainable, explainable.”

Unidentified aerial phenomena are of interest for both national security and air safety and the study aligns with one of NASA’s goals to ensure the safety of aircraft. Without access to an extensive set of data, it is nearly impossible to verify or explain any observation, thus the focus of the study is to inform NASA what possible data could be collected in the future to scientifically discern the nature of UAP.

The NASA official responsible for orchestrating the study is Daniel Evans, the assistant deputy associate administrator for research at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. As previously announced, the independent study team is chaired by David Spergel, president of the Simons Foundation.

“NASA has brought together some of the world's leading scientists, data and artificial intelligence practitioners, aerospace safety experts, all with a specific charge, which is to tell us how to apply the full focus of science and data to UAP,” said Evans. “The findings will be released to the public in conjunction with NASA’s principles of transparency, openness, and scientific integrity.”

The members of NASA’s independent study team on unidentified aerial phenomena are:

David Spergel was selected to chair NASA’s independent study on unidentified aerial phenomena. He is the president of the Simons Foundation where he was the founding director of its Flatiron Institute for Computational Astrophysics. His interests range from the search for planets and nearby stars to the shape of the universe. He has measured the age, shape and composition of the universe and played a key role in establishing the standard model of cosmology. A MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, Spergel has been cited in publications more than 100,000 times.

Anamaria Berea is an associate professor of Computational and Data Science at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She is a research affiliate with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, and a research investigator with Blue Marble Space Institute of Science in Seattle. Her research is focused on the emergence of communication in complex living systems and on data science applications in astrobiology, for the science of both biosignatures and technosignatures. She uses a wide range of computational methods to uncover fundamental patterns in the data.

Federica Bianco is a joint professor at the University of Delaware in the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration and the Urban Observatory. She is a cross-disciplinary scientist with a focus on using data-science to study the universe and find solutions to urban-based problems on earth. She also coordinates more than 1,500 scientists for the 2023 Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Science Collaboration to study the night sky in the southern hemisphere and discover new galaxies and stars. She has been published in more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and received that Department of Energy’s “Innovative Development in Energy-Related Applied Science” grant.

Paula Bontempi has been a biological oceanographer for more than 25 years. She is the sixth dean and the second woman to lead the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island (URI). She is also a professor of oceanography at URI. She spent eighteen years at NASA and was appointed acting deputy director of NASA’s Earth Science Division for the Science Mission Directorate. She also led NASA’s research on ocean biology, biogeochemistry, the carbon cycle and ecosystems, as well as many NASA Earth observing satellite missions in marine science. She is a fellow of The Oceanography Society.

Reggie Brothers is the operating partner at AE Industrial Partners in Boca Raton, Florida. He previously served as CEO and board member of in Columbia, Maryland. Brothers also was the executive vice president and chief technology officer of Peraton, as well as a principal with the Chertoff Group. Prior to his time in the private sector, he served as the undersecretary for Science and Technology at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research at the Department of Defense. Brothers is also a Distinguished Fellow at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology and he is a member of the Visiting Committee for Sponsored Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jen Buss is the CEO of the Potomac Institute of Policy Studies in Arlington, Virginia. Before she became CEO, Buss worked extensively with NASA to explore policy issues and strategic planning processes for astronaut medical care and cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. She is nationally recognized as an authority in her field for science and technology trends analysis and policy solutions.

Nadia Drake is a freelance science journalist and contributing writer at National Geographic. She also regularly writes for Scientific American, and specializes in covering astronomy, astrophysics, planetary sciences, and jungles. She has won journalism awards for her work in National Geographic including the David N. Schramm Award from the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the American Astronomical Society and the Jonathan Eberhart award from the AAS Division of Planetary Sciences. Drake holds a doctorate in genetics from Cornell University.

Mike Gold is the executive vice president of Civil Space and External Affairs at Redwire in Jacksonville, Florida. Prior to Redwire, Gold held multiple leadership roles at NASA, including associate administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships, acting associate administrator for the Office of International and Interagency Relations and senior advisor to the Administrator for International and Legal Affairs. He led for NASA, jointly with the Department of State, the creation and execution of the Artemis Accords, which established the norms of behavior in space. He also led the negotiation and adoption of binding international agreements for the lunar Gateway, the creation of new planetary protocols and the first purchase by NASA of a lunar resource. Gold was awarded NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal for his work in 2020.Additionally, Gold was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to serve as Chair of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee from 2012 until he joined NASA in 2019.

David Grinspoon is a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tuscon, Arizona, and serves as a frequent advisor to NASA on space exploration. He is on science teams for several interplanetary spacecraft missions including the DAVINCI mission to Venus. He is the former inaugural Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology. His research focuses on comparative planetology especially regarding climate evolution and the implications of habitability on earth-like planets. He was awarded the Carl Sagan Medal by the American Astronomical Society and he is an elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is also an adjunct professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Science at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, as well as Georgetown University in Washington.

Scott Kelly is a former NASA astronaut, test pilot, fighter pilot, and retired U.S. Navy captain. He commanded the International Space Station Expeditions 26, 45, and 46. He was also the pilot of Space Shuttle Discovery for the third Hubble Servicing Mission. He was selected for a year-long mission to the space station where he set the record at the time for the total accumulated number of days spent in space. Prior to NASA, Kelly was the first pilot to fly the F-14 with a new digital flight control system. He flew the F-14 Tomcat in fighter squadron VF-143 aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. He is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and was recognized by Time magazine in 2015 as one of the most influential people in the world.

Matt Mountain is the president of The Association of Universities for Research and Astronomy, known as AURA. At AURA, Mountain oversees a consortium of 44 universities nationwide and four international affiliates who help NASA and the National Science Foundation build and operate observatories including NASA’s Hubble Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope. He also serves as a telescope scientist for Webb and is a member of its Science Working Group. He is the former director of The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, and the International Gemini Observatory in Hilo, Hawaii.

Warren Randolph is the deputy executive director of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Accident Investigation and Prevention for Aviation Safety department. He has an extensive background in aviation safety at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is currently responsible for setting and implementing safety management system principles and using data to inform the assessment of future hazards and emerging safety risks. Prior to the FAA, Randolph served as an aerodynamicist for the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Air Force for multiple flight simulations.

Walter Scott is the executive vice president and chief technology officer of Maxar in Westminster, Colorado, a space technology company that specializes in earth intelligence and space infrastructure. In 1992, he founded DigitalGlobe which became part of Maxar in 2017. He has held leadership positions at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California and was the president of Scott Consulting. In 2021, he was inducted into the David W. Thompson Lecture in Space Commerce by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Joshua Semeter is a professor of electrical and computer engineering as well as the director of the Center for Space Physics at Boston University. At Boston University, he researches interactions between Earth’s ionosphere and the space environment. Activities in Semeter’s lab include the development of optical and magnetic sensor technologies, radar experiment design and signal processing, and the application of tomographic and other inversion techniques to the analysis of distributed, multi-mode measurements of the space environment.

Karlin Toner is the acting executive director of the FAA’s Office of Aviation Policy and Plans. Previously, she served as the director of the FAA’s global strategy where she led the FAA’s international strategy and managed threats to international civil aviation. Prior to the FAA, Toner served at NASA in multiple leadership positions including director of the Airspace Systems Program at NASA Headquarters. She is a NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal recipient and is an associate fellow for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Shelley Wright is an associate professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Studies. She specializes in galaxies, supermassive black holes and building optical and infrared instruments for telescopes using adaptive optics such as integral field spectrographs. She is a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) researcher and instrumentalist. She is also the principal investigator for the UC San Diego Optical Infrared Laboratory. Previously, she was an assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Did UFO Crash in Valley in '47?

Did UFO Crash in Valley in '47

Selman Graves says he saw "a large aluminum dome-shaped thing" after it landed on the hill in the background. The house (top) is where the aliens were kept frozen for a while, he says.
     Fat clouds drag saucer-shaped shadows over the desert and an old ranch house in Cave Creek obscured by mesquite and paloverde trees.

Inside, 73-year-old Selman Graves looks around a small, dank
By Thomas Ropp
The Arizona Republic
basement filled with horse tack hanging from rafters like strips of meat. As his eyes adjust, he finds what he's looking for, the bare spot near the door where Walt Sayer used to keep his freezer.

Even though fifty years have passed, Graves cannot forget the freezer or the two humanoids that may have been inside.

It's been a half-century since the "Incident" at Roswell, N.M., as well, what UFO believers point to as the most infamous crash of an unidentified flying object and government cover-up. But Arizona, the center of national attention recently over a UFO flap in March, may have had its own Roswell, three months after the New Mexico Incident.

20 Questions About Flying Saucers (UFOs / UAP) For The Air Force - 1950

20 Questions About Flying Saucers (UFOs / UAP) For The Air Force - 1950

     The recent announcement by the Air Force that its Operation Saucer had been closed failed in its purpose to put an official quietus on discussion of Flying Saucers [UFOs].

The announcement followed by 24 hours of the appearance in True Magazine of an article by Lt. Donald E. Keyhoe, entitled, "Flying Saucers Are Real." Lt. Keyhoe spoke in Buffalo and repeated his statements after the Air Force announcement had been issued.

Among the columnists and commentators who have taken part in the discussion is Frank Scully, who writes a column entitled
Frank Scully
By Frank Scully,
Buffalo Evening News
"Scully's Scrapbook." Mr. Scully scoffed at the Air Force announcement and listed 20 questions which he would like to ask the Air Force top command.

Subsequently, Mr. Scully said the questions were propounded in utmost seriousness, that whatever others might think, he saw no reason for treating the subject of Flying Saucers lightly. Mr. Scully's questions follow:

Friday, October 14, 2022

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs Over Ukraine – Physicist Avi Loeb Weighs In

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs Over Ukraine – Physicist Avi Loeb Weighs In

     Over the past two weeks I was bombarded by a dozen requests to read a new report by astronomers on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in Ukraine. My response to all of these messages was the same: "I am not sure what to make of the report. Ukraine is in a military conflict with a lot of human-made activity in the sky. This must introduce a lot of noise for any search for objects that are not human-made. In science we aim to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio, and so Ukraine would be the last place on Earth where I would initiate UAP studies."

But last evening I received a special request from a high-level
Avi Loeb
By Avi Loeb
official in the US government to summarize my thoughts on observable signatures of UAP. And so, this morning I checked the UAP report from Ukraine and wrote a paper about it a few hours later.