Monday, September 17, 2012

Daylight Photographs Revealed of UFO Over Vancouver Island | UFO NEWS

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UFOs Over Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (Collage Edit) 9-14-12

UFOs Over Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (Edt Crpd 1 of 3) 9-14-12

UFOs Over Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (Edt Crpd 2 of 3) 9-14-12

UFOs Over Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (Edt Crpd 3 of 3) 9-14-12
From Ken PFeifer

     We were sitting on the beach off Dallas Road, in Victoria B.C, (Vancouver Island), when across the water I noticed some bright lights hovering above the ocean. It was odd to see such a bright, large object in the middle of the afternoon, on a beautiful sunny day.

The object appeared to be somewhat cylindrical,but with 3 almost separate,glowing parts. Shortly after I started taking photos, I noticed that 2 black helicopters had now appeared as well, and seemed to be flying around the object; one of the bright spots, on the right side appeared to get larger, as if it was turning with the arrival of the helicopters.

I continued to take several photos, eventually the object seemed to just evaporate in the distance. There was no significant movement of the object, it seemed to just hover above the ocean.

Upon further investigation of my photos, it would appear that there was a significant heat source emitting from the object, as when I zoomed in (on my computer), it was obvious that the color of the pixels changed from the center outward, becoming almost a pale green around the edge.


  1. That is a good catch. Looks just like the one object that has been seen often off Myrtle Beach, Florida. And, similar to the on that caused a shut down of an airport in China last year. Very cool. Are there any photos that have the helicopters in them?

  2. Looks like the sun reflecting off the side of a jet liner to me.

  3. These look like the holographic planes that have been spotted in numerous places.

    I'm in rural Alberta and I see these type of objects spraying into the atmosphere. They are very bright, almost see-through.

  4. Ahh I am glad this was posted. I had a similar yet much closer experience at my house one night about 3 years ago. Military helicopters included and much more. I have shared the event with just a handful of close friends and it still boggles my mind. I was actually tackled to the ground as the UFO floated over my home by three men in suits and injected in the back of my neck with a needle that left me unconscious until the next morning. Woke up still feeling the prick of the needle in my neck. Strange but true. No photographs to share due to the whomever that that threw me down on my deck and put me to sleep. The craft floating overhead my home was huge. Oval shaped, wider than taller and was being circled by two black helicopters that looked like small toys flying next to this craft. The craft was headed south over the mountain upon which I live and made no noise whatsoever. It was so large and small that it covered the almost 8 acres I live on. I was awakened by a disturbance- noise outside my country home and when I went to the front door to investigate I was greeted by three men, dressed in plain suits. I saw the craft overhead as described and was promptly thrown to the deck. One of the men held me down with his knee in the small of my back while the other held my arms and the 3rd injected me in the back of the neck with a syringe containing who knows what. I found evidence of the late night visit by the road in front of my property a couple of days later and I mowed the grass. Other interesting things have transpired in my life since that may or may not be connected to this event- it clearly leaves room for much speculation.

  5. looks like a helicopter.

  6. If you look at the sky it's cloudless suggesting it was a particularly hot day. If you look at the sea the waves're all relatively small and uniform suggesting on a relatively windless day they're mostly being created by the tide eaither coming in or going out.

    Some of the waves are sparkling intensely. Those intense sparkles're of course reflections of the sun and their distribution across the water suggests the possibility the ufo may've been one or more linked silver foil inflatables also reflecting the sun. This might explain both the brilliance of the 'lights' and the fact they seem to give off heat.

    It may also of course be an example of an unknown technology.

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    If it were a sun reflection, it would not be that bright in the middle of the afternoon, as the sun would be nearly directly over the object. Most times when the sun reflects off a jetliner with such brightness, it is either early or late in the day, as the sun angle is below that of the jet. Being above the jet, the reflection would not be so distinguishible

  8. Go back to sleep Mike. What part of hovering over the ocean did you not understand? If there are Black helicopters around as well you can bet they are American UFOs which makes them IFOs.

  9. ufo or not it's boring, aliens stop being boring ur stupid ships are getting old

  10. Too bad your photo did not include those black copters. That would of added creedence to your story.

  11. I live in Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island and I see this image everyday .. it is a BC Ambulance Airevac Helicopter ... they transport emergency patients all over the Island to Vancouver or Victoria General Hospital ... Hope this helps

  12. Good Day Keith,

    Thanks for chiming in (and everyone else too). This makes complete sense; would it be possible to take a pic of this?


  13. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I got a video of this type Craft,in fact viewed by the eyes looks like a cross,viewed by a video camera it looks like a Cigar.

  14. REV KELSEY been watching to much Men In Black

  15. It's funny how people see an airplane even as you said it hovered. It also does not look like a helicopter, but I guess if a resident sees this everyday, maybe it is.


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