Monday, September 03, 2012

UFO FOIA Flash! CIA Opts for Compliance over Resistance

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By Larry W. Bryant
     Champions of the public's right to know what the U. S. intelligence community has been up to UFOlogically can take heart in something positive (for a change) exuding from the arcane records-management catacombs of the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency.

This heartening development of June 15, 2012, arrived in my USPS mailbox via a letter from CIA FOIA chief Michele Meeks, enclosing some 76 pages of "open source" documentation from the Agency's Foreign Broadcast Information Service. The "responsive" pages comprise nine documents created during the period May 1, 2011, through Aug. 12, 2011.

Ms. Meeks couldn't resist chiding me for daring to utilize a modern medium of communication, one supported by taxpayers' funds: e-mail. "With respect to your concern about not receiving a response to your original request and follow-up email dated 29 September 2011, we currently do not receive correspondence over the Internet," she pronounces. (Her statement has a disingenuous ring, indeed, inasmuch as certain CIA personnel have been known to exchange e-messages with certain staff members of the U. S. Congress. Does the Agency maintain any regulation prohibiting its FOIA workforce from answering e-mail queries from us lowly taxpayers?)

Anyhow, Meeks's letter does offer us another positive tidbit: "During our searches, we located additional material not originated by the CIA. This material appears to be relevant to your request, and has been referred to the originating agency for review and direct response to you."

As I begin to peruse the (sanitized) contents of this package, I intend to keep you updated. Please check back occasionally to see what gems I've managed to glean from the contents. But get not thy hopes up -- for a thumb-through so far reveals mostly mundane newspaper clips.

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  1. i would like everyody to think on this, i do not think our government wants the alien races to make there presense knowen for many reasons,one lets say we recieved advanced technologies and knowledge in, say the medical fields,what would happen to all the people who went to college and are in college..let alone all the hospitals and clinic and universities, it would make them obsolete thats just the tip of the iceberg the implications are stagering are economywould fall..


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