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Study: Comet Wiped Out First Americans

Asteroid Impacts Earth
By Rossella Lorenzi
Discovery News

     A large extraterrestrial object exploded over the heads of the first Americans about 13,000 years ago, wiping them out and making big mammals and other prehistoric creatures disappear, according to a new U.S. study.

Presented last week at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Acapulco, Mexico, the controversial research proposes that the extraterrestrial blast triggered a catastrophic millennium-long cold spell.

The dramatic climate change would have been the major cause for the sudden disappearance of mammoths throughout much of Europe and America and the demise of the Clovis people, the New World's most sophisticated hunters.

"The impact occurred precisely when the megafauna suddenly disappeared from North America. The Earth, which was warming from the last ice age, was plunged suddenly into a 1,000-year period of cooling known as the Younger Dryas," nuclear scientist Richard Firestone of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in California, told Discovery News.

A sort of "mini ice-age," the Younger Dryas swept across the globe at the end of the Pleistocene epoch — a period of time spanning from about 1.8 million years ago to 11,500 years ago — making Earth shiver through one final cold spell before entering the warm Holocene epoch.

The major cause of this dramatic climate change has long been seen in the melting of a massive ice cap that covered most of North America.

Running off the ice cap, the cold meltwater ended up in the northern Atlantic Ocean, interrupting the motion of the North Atlantic Drift, a powerful warm ocean current that had acted as a sort of heater for the northern hemisphere. The result was an abrupt climate cooling.

The explanation fits well with the extraterrestrial theory, according to Firestone and colleagues, who suggest that the major cause for the ice cap melting was heat from the extraterrestrial impact.

The main evidence for the new theory lies at various sites in Europe, Canada and America, Firestone and colleagues reported at the conference.

"We have discovered a narrow layer of metallic and carbon microspherules and grains at 26 sites from California to Belgium and Canada to Arizona. The layer is a clear indication of an impact event," Firestone said

Geochemical analysis revealed that metallic microspherules are enriched in iridium, while the carbon spherules contain nanodiamonds and fullerenes — all extraterrestrial markers.

According to the researchers, they are possibly the remains of a giant carbon-rich comet that exploded and spread debris across the continent.

While intriguing, the controversial theory has raised widespread skepticism among scientists.

Missing in the theory is a crater marking an impact, though the researchers argue that the comet burst either in the air or into the Laurentide ice sheet north of the Great Lakes, which would have absorbed much of the impact.

But most of the debate is focused on whether the comet impact could have triggered the Younger Dryas. That theory "requires an extraordinarily huge leap of faith," according to climatologist Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria, Canada.

"Over the last glacial cycle, there have been many millennial scale oscillations in climate of which the Younger Dryas is the last major one. If you want to evoke a comet for the Younger Dryas you have to find comets for every other such event," Weaver told Discovery News.

"35th Fighter Squadron . . . Routinely Tracked UFOs On Radar"

Weird? Yes. Cover-up? No

By Billy Cox
The Herald Tribune
Craigie, Laurence C     The official biography of the late Lt. Gen. Laurence C. Craigie on the Air Force Web site describes him as the first American military pilot to fly a jet, and that he ended his distinguished career as commander of Allied Air Forces in Southern Europe in the 1950s.

But there’s no mention of what he did in December 1947 – issued an order establishing the first Air Force study of UFOs.

Craigie was USAF director of research and development when he authorized Project Sign, which ended in 1948, not long after Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg reportedly rejected analysts’ suggestions that the phenomena had extraterrestrial origins.

In January, 82-year-old Ellenton resident Ben Games told a UFO Group of Manatee audience that for a six-month period in 1947, he was Craigie’s personal pilot. And that in the summer of that year, Craigie had been dispatched by then-Deputy Chief of Air Staff for Research and Development Gen. Curtis LeMay to Roswell, N.M., to investigate what was being reported in the media as the crash of a flying saucer.

Although Games said the tight-lipped Craigie volunteered nothing to him about what he’d learned during his overnight stay in Roswell, and that Craigie met with President Harry Truman immediately afterwards, the military never deceived the public about what happened.

“There was never any conspiracy to cover anything up,” Games told listeners. “But conspiracies sell newspapers, and that’s all anybody talks about.”

Games, who has 22 DD-214 discharge papers to show for his eclectic, 44-year military career, also possesses personal flight logs dating back to 1942.

But records from early July 1947, when he says he ferried Craigie from Bolling Field in Washington, D.C., to New Mexico, are missing. He can’t explain that.

However, Games says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if something weird had crashed near Roswell; after all, he says the 35th Fighter Squadron he was assigned to in occupied Japan routinely tracked UFOs on radar at 60,000 feet during 1945-46.

They pulled 90-degree turns at gut-splashing speeds of 1,000 mph at a time when state-of-the-art American warplanes struggled to reach 40,000 feet. Pilots even scrambled stripped-down P-51s and P-61s to get a visual lock on the bogies -- to no avail.

“But there was no secrecy about any of this stuff, nobody ever told me to shut up about it,” Games says. “So I wish people would just get off this conspiracy kick.”


MY UFO EXPERIENCE: "I Saw Three Different Kinds and Found Interesting Piece of Metal"

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     I saw three different kinds. One was a glowing ball that was about the size of a cantaloupe, and there was a dark shadow in it, one was three red dots in a triangular shape, but it was very small. Maybe like a quarter of a pie. And the other was mushroom shaped, much larger, but not huge, and it had letters on the top that I could not read.

I had pictures of it on film, but I can not get my Sony digital camera to unload to the computer for some reason, so I have about 7 cassettes of pictures, some are wierd. I kept taping over. I only saw one of the mushroom shaped, but many of the round dots and the triangles. If you can unload the film, you can have it.

We are having problems, even if my husband overlooks half of them, or just shrugs off the others. I have fought this problem since last year and it has steadily gotten worse. We live in Knox, Pensylvania. My Mother has since passed away last month.

I would welcome anyone to investigate this that would consider doing it, because we need help. They definately do not mean us any good.

I found a very interesting piece of metal in our driveway beside the house. So, I cleaned and polished it up and took pictures of it. I had been keeping it in my pocket at all times, but I went to the Dr. last week and put it in my purse. When I came home I set my purse on the kitchen table and went outside to work. The piece of metal is now gone. All I have are the pictures I can send you if you wish. My husband said it was just a piece of metal, but he did not know what kind it was. It was really shiny, like silver the more you rubbed it, and every way I turned it, I could see different things in it. It was about 3 inches by 3 inches and thick and knobby.

Thanks for listening. I'll tell you like I told my husband. I'm not crazy, I know what I saw and do see and I'm tired of fighting this alone. Any more info. you may want, please leave me know anytime. XXXX XXXXX XXX-XXX-XXXX Mom knew all about this too, we just did not realize in the beginning what it was all leading up to. Thanks again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UFO Spotter Shocked By Worldwide Interest

By Joel de Woolfson
This Is Guernsey

CAPTAIN RAY BOWYER is shocked that his
UFO sighting has made news around the world.

     The Aurigny pilot’s story was featured in The Sun and The Independent, which dedicated a whole page.

The internet took the sighting global, with hundreds of UFO websites featuring it. But the biggest surprise for Captain Bowyer was a small article in the New Zealand Herald, that country’s largest paper.

‘My mum lives in Auckland and said she saw it in the paper there,’ he said.

‘The story has gone all over the world. I didn’t think it would ever get further than Alderney or Guernsey, so it’s unbelievable how much attention it has got.’

The 50-year-old said he had been overwhelmed by the response.

‘I have had about 50 people speak to me and all told me of sightings within the islands,’ he said.

‘There appear to have been so many around the triangle of Alderney, Guernsey and Jersey. It’s really strange that there seem to have been so many in that area.’

Captain Bowyer believed that by coming forward, he had made it more acceptable for other people to talk about their experiences.

‘I have been really impressed with the quality of reporting and I wanted to thank the press for that because I know it could have been sensationalised.’

‘Many people have told me their stories and I would like to collate them.

‘The amount of people who have had similar sightings in a similar area has made me want to investigate what has been happening in the Channel Islands.’

* UFO sighting details can be passed to Captain Bowyer, by letter at La Croix Guerin Cafe, St Martin’s.

More Controversy Over "White Sands UFO Video"

White Sands UFO crash footage may have been concocted by hoax artist

By Mike Smith
The Daily Lobo

     In the last "My Strange New Mexico," we examined a mysterious film that many believe shows a UFO crashing in the desert of the White Sands Missile Range in 1997. In the film, a white, football-shaped craft plummets from the sky, skips violently across the ground and explodes. Where the film came from, who shot it, or even when it was first viewed, has remained uncertain.

After the column about this unusual film appeared in print and online, a number of intriguing e-mails have arrived at the top-secret "My Strange New Mexico" lair, printed out and delivered, of course, by a trained staff of flightless, 5-foot-tall owls.

One such e-mail, from someone calling himself Light Eye, read simply, "This video was made by Ted Loman. It's not a UFO crash."

Another, by Peter Gersten, former director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), stated, "Ted Loman produced the video on UFO crashes and created the opening scene of the skipping UFO."

Loman is a well-known UFO researcher. In 1973, Loman became convinced he needed to travel to a mountain in Baja, Mexico, where aliens were going to land, pick him up and return him to his home planet. Instead, his family forced him to go to a psychiatrist, and for the most part, he filed the incident away in his mind for around 17 years. Then, in 1989, he suffered a severe injury while melting silver in a laboratory - an injury that cost him his left eyesight, left him wearing a pirate-style eye patch and gave his father plenty of time to read to him about UFOs.

This led to 1997, when Loman began hosting and producing a weekly cable access show in Tucson, Arizona - "UFOAZ Talks," a live, one-hour show that examined the reported presence of UFOs in the West. In 1997, the show, by then widely syndicated, changed its name to "Off the Record," and in 2002, the show went off the air.

Loman moved to northern Idaho and finished work on a documentary about UFO crashes, entitled "It Fell From the Sky." It was as the opening scene for that hard-to-find documentary that the footage of the alleged White Sands crash may have first appeared.

Loman is currently on vacation in Mexico and unavailable for comment, but Gersten, who served with Loman on CAUS's board of directors, said, "The only thing that isn't real about ("It Fell From the Sky") is that opening scene. That is not real ... I don't remember if it was actually CGI or some sort of computer enhancement."

In an undated online clip from "UFO Connections," a Sacramento, Calif., cable-access show, Loman played the video of the crash, said the footage had not yet been professionally analyzed and claimed he didn't know when it was made.

Of the film, he said, "That came to me through Jaime Maussan. Right. And, uh, uh, I don't know where Jaime got it. Well, I just don't know where ... it's best to say I don't know where Jaime got this. But, I, uh, I believe it to be at White Sands. But I cannot, and I will not, confirm or deny that it is, uh, I'll leave it up to the viewers to, to, see it and watch it, and decide for themselves."

Bringing Maussan into the story, unfortunately, does not improve the film's credibility. Maussan is a popular Mexican television host - the self-proclaimed "Mike Wallace of Mexico" - and has a reputation as a recklessly gullible and even dishonest promoter of UFO hoaxes. His Web site is loaded with the sort of footage almost anyone with a trash can lid and a camcorder could produce, and he has inspired such online articles as's "Jaime Maussan: Damaging Serious UFOlogy One Hoax at a Time."

The film of the White Sands crash either came from Maussan or was made by Loman for his documentary. The absolute truth still remains to be learned, but unless Loman tries and succeeds at a little interstellar hitchhiking while in Mexico, the truth will come out eventually.

On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Donald R. Burleson
- Part IV -

Donald R. Burleson
By Tom Horn
Raiders News Network

Editors note: This is the fourth in a special series of Raiders News Network interviews focusing on the 60th Anniversary of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Incident. Tom Horn is joined by Donald Burleson, New Mexico State Director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and author of "UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe."
Tom Horn Sml     HORN: Donald, let me introduce you by pointing back two years ago to the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, when a Los Angeles County prosecutor who investigated her case said the he wanted a new autopsy done on the Hollywood sex symbol because large doses of barbiturates found in her body may have been administered "by someone else." John Miner, 86, told the Los Angeles Times that Monroe's psychologist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, had allowed him to listen to secret audiotapes made by the star during one of her therapy sessions just before her death and that a "key revelation of the alleged tapes" was that "Monroe was not depressed." She was in fact anything but suicidal according to Minor--very happy, and actively planning her future. What did Minor believe happened to Monroe? He wasn't exactly saying, but he indicated she had been "suicided" by the CIA. You are the one man who may know the real story behind Marilyn Monroe's death and whether or not Miner was right, or partly right. But before we get to that, tell us generally how you became interested in the subject of UFOs.

BURLESON: I had a close fly-by UFO sighting myself at the age of five on the night of 4 July 1947. This was "Roswell night" but I was 300 miles east of Roswell at my grandparents’ house in Breckenridge, Texas. From that time on, I was fascinated by the whole question of strange objects in the skies.

HORN: What is it like being the New Mexico State Director of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network?

BURLESON: It’s an exciting position to serve in. I get sighting reports fairly often through the MUFON online Case Management System, and I assign them to one or another of our field investigators, sometimes assign them to myself depending on where the sighting was. The "N" in MUFON stands for "network," and that’s really what we are. It’s always gratifying to see so many people with common goals working together to try to get at the truth.

HORN: Since you have written a book titled UFOs AND THE MURDER OF MARILYN MONROE, what first suggested to you that the death of Marilyn Monroe was connected to UFO secrecy?

BURLESON: There is a now famous CIA document strongly suggesting that the CIA and other agencies were concerned over secrets imparted to Marilyn by John and Robert Kennedy, including matters related to at least one UFO crash retrieval.

HORN: I haven't read it, but I understand Matthew Smith, who paid a fee to Miner to use the Monroe transcript in his book, "Marilyn's Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death," doesn't believe the Kennedys had anything to with her death. He believes disenchanted survivors of the Bay of Pigs, the CIA agents had her killed. What is your take on this?

BURLESON: If Matthew Smith thinks the Kennedys didn’t have anything to do with her death, he clearly doesn’t have all the information I have. Actually Donald Wolfe in his book "The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe" linked the Kennedys to Marilyn’s death, but Wolfe doesn’t go the extra step of asking why they would have her killed, or at least without entertaining the same hypotheses that I do. Wolfe reproduces the CIA "Marilyn memo" but says nothing about its references to a UFO crash retrieval. Steve Miner, by the way, whom you mentioned before, was right about Marilyn not being suicidally depressed. Her mood was one of defiance mixed with optimism. She was looking at something like twenty different movie scripts because of parts she was being offered, and had a million dollars’ worth of new contracts sitting on her attorney Mickey Ruden’s desk waiting for her to sign. The notion that she was depressed was simply part of the deception. Anyway, it’s clear to me that the Kennedys felt trapped when Marilyn started threatening to hold a news conference and "tell all." There would have been indictments against the president on criminal charges, having to do with unauthorized disclosure of classified information, and in the process the public would have found out a great deal more than the government was willing to reveal. And by the way, I also have an FBI document that places Bobby Kennedy smack in the middle of things the night Marilyn died of a massive lethal injection of pentobarbitol and chloral hydrate. They wanted her dead to shut her up once and for all about what she knew.

HORN: The infamous libido of the Kennedy boys, as well as in a bigger sense how often other famous men have gotten in trouble over beautiful women, is nothing new. Why else would foreign and domestic government intelligence agencies spend so much time and money recruiting femme fatales as spies in order to bring us dumb men down, right? But the purported CIA document you have mentioned, dated 3 August 1962, which surfaced in the early 1990’s may reveal that Marilyn Monroe was 'suicided' over something even more intimate; her knowledge of the Roswell UFO crash and the recovery of alien bodies -- information she allegedly was told during pillow talk with John F. Kennedy. If you can, tell us what this document actually says and also whether the legitimacy of the document has ever been authenticated.

BURLESON: The CIA "Marilyn memo" in part reads this way: "…she had secrets to tell, no doubt arising from her trists [sic] with the President and the Attorney General. One such ‘secret’ mentions the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. [Dorothy] Kilgallen replied that she knew what might be the source of visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of secret efforts by US and UK governments to identify the origin of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British government official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the New Mexico story in the late forties."

As for authentication of this document I have in effect been able to bring that about, myself, because I manipulated the CIA into authenticating the document themselves. I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the CIA asking for the release of the transcripts from the wiretaps on Marilyn’s phones at the time of her murder. When the CIA refused to release any such transcripts to me, denying that they had them, I immediately filed an appeal, appending the "Marilyn memo" of 3 August 1962 as justification. The CIA accepted the appeal and sent the case up to the Agency Release Panel. Ultimately they still didn’t release the wiretap transcripts to me, but their acceptance of the appeal authenticated the document as one of their own, since it would have been contrary to Agency policy to accept the appeal if it were not based on a legitimate CIA document.

HORN: Your website says that your book on Marilyn Monroe presents NEW evidence connecting her death with the UFO cover-up; what is this NEW evidence?

BURLESON: My computer enhancements show a "bleed-in" (or optical show-through) on the CIA document involving the name of Brigadier General George Schulgen, who was the chief UFO investigator for the Air Force at the time. Clearly the Schulgen "intelligence collection memorandum" exhibit-document and the "Marilyn memo" had been archived together, and this obviously forges a link between Marilyn’s death and the whole matter of UFO secrecy.

HORN: We see that you and your wife moved to Roswell, New Mexico from New England in 1996; was this due to your interest in UFOs?

BURLESON: Yes, mainly. My wife Mollie and I have always loved the state of New Mexico and spent years trying to find a job and move here. But the UFO phenomenon in particular was the draw, for us, to Roswell itself.

HORN: Have you worked on the Roswell case itself?

BURLESON: Yes, I’ve worked on the Roswell case in a number of ways. I did much of the original decipherment work on the famous "Ramey memo," interviewed a number of major Roswell witnesses, and as a mathematician have done trajectory feasibility work to try to determine probable placement of the UFO impact site.

HORN: What other major UFO cases have you worked on?

BURLESON: I’ve worked on the Lubbock Lights case of 1951 (doing photo enhancement and airspeed estimations), the Levelland, Texas case of 1957 (reopening that case with new witnesses and new evidence), the Great Falls, Montana case of 1950, the Socorro, New Mexico landing case, and a number of other cases, including a recent one for which I was the original investigator, one I call the "Melrose Lights" case involving a close-encounter and lost-time experience that occurred about a hundred miles north of Roswell.

HORN: Why do you think the government continues to keep everything about UFOs secret?

BURLESON: People often ask why the government keeps up the secrecy routine. My best answer is that at this point they can’t tell us the truth, because it’s too late. There’s too big a bill to pay. They’ve threatened people, they’ve killed people (Marilyn is a notable example), they’ve committed all sorts of illegal acts and deceptions. There isn’t a word in the United States Constitution, or in statutory law for that matter, about the government’s right to keep everything secret, so they’re on very shake ground, legally, and they know it. All they can do now is keep telling the big lie, or just keep saying "no comment."

HORN: The field of UFO studies doesn't always get high respect among some scientists and academicians; why do you think this is the case?

BURLESON: It’s mostly peer pressure and professional concerns. If you’re a scientist working with federal grant money, you’ll lose it if you talk too much about UFOs. If you’re an academician interested in UFOs and you’re up for tenure, things could get awkward. I got my tenure okay at Eastern New Mexico University, but that was in Roswell!

HORN: What do you see for the future, in the field of UFO studies?

BURLESON: I think we will find out large parts of the truth, but not by any official disclosure. We’ll dig it all out for ourselves.

HORN: Are you giving a lecture during the Roswell Festival this year? If so, tell us what it's about and when and where people can hear it.

BURLESON: I’m lecturing on the murder of Marilyn Monroe at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, 5 July at the Civic Center in Roswell.

HORN: How else can people find out about your research or get a copy of your book?

BURLESON: The best way is to visit my publisher website at

HORN: Donald, thanks for taking time to discuss this research with us during the Raiders News Network "On The Road To Roswell 2007" series.

BURLESON: My pleasure.

UFO Spotted By Group Near Chilliwack

By Laura Payton
The Province

     VANCOUVER - A Chilliwack woman says she is wracking her brain today after seeing an unidentified flying object last night near University College of the Fraser Valley.

Lisa McCubbin was in bed around 12:30 a.m. when she got up to see what was going on.

"I heard people outside on the street shouting, Oh my God, it's coming back, what is it?'" she said.

McCubbin describes the object as a hang glider shape, but about the size of a small airplane, and white with dark ridges running from nose to tail. She says the object was silent and glowing. It circled overhead, underneath the low-lying clouds, and then flew west toward Vancouver.

"I can't begin to imagine what it could have been," said McCubbin.

"I don't believe in UFOs [but] I've never seen anything like it. It gives me chills."

As otherworldly as the object looked, a University of British Columbia scientist says it was likely something as terrestrial as a flock of birds.

"The lights from the cities can reflect off their undersides and their wings," said Jaymie Matthews, an associate professor in the department of physics and astronomy.

"It'll look translucent and ghostly."

While Matthews acknowledges there aren't many birds flying late at night, he says it's always possible something startled them and caused them to take flight.

"There certainly are things in that night sky that would look strange," he added.

"The question is whether she's seen something that nobody can explain."

If so, McCubbin wouldn't be the only one. Last year, there were three UFO sightings in Chilliwack, according to the 2006 Canadian UFO Survey. None match McCubbin's description.

Monday, May 28, 2007

UFO Buffs Plan Summer Summit in Charleston

Flatwoods Monster Front Cover
By Mannix Porterfield

     Is the truth really out there?

For the answer to that and more questions that have persisted after the landmark Roswell episode, make plans to attend a UFO summit in late summer at Charleston’s old Capitol Theater.

Billed as the “Flatwoods Monster 55th Anniversary and A Flying Saucer Extravaganza,” the two-day event promises to be more than the usual fare surrounding the issue.

Headlining the event will be author-illustrator Frank Feschino, who penned “The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-Up of The Flatwoods Monster,” and has a follow-up book in publication, titled “Shoot Them Down,” detailing aerial combat he says was waged in 1952 between U.S. aircraft and alien ships.

Joining Feschino will be world-renown UFO investigator Staton Friedman, a nuclear physicist who took the lead in ferreting out information on hold in the alleged government cover-up of the Roswell incident in 1947.

Added to the mix will be Freddie May, an eyewitness to the Braxton County’s own special “monster.”

Skeptics could be in for more than just a couple of days of amusement.

“I believe if you come to this show you’ll see some hard evidence,” says promoter Larry Bailey, himself a believer that alien spacecraft have been scoping out this planet for quite some time.

“You’re going to see some hard evidence. That’s a promise. That’s not just promotional talk.”

Bailey, who promotes a series of automotive shows, says his belief in aliens has been reinforced since he began drawing up plans for the Sept. 7-8 event, even though he has never actually witnessed an unidentified flying object or anyone on board them.

Besides actual physical evidence, doubters often ask the faithful why aliens with the intelligence to navigate craft through the galaxy always pick a lonely wheat field in Kansas for maneuvers, but never land in downtown Chicago or, say, the Rose Garden at the White House to meet the leader of the free world.

“Maybe where they were coming from when they landed in Braxton County in 1952, they were superior at that time,” Bailey said.

Bailey says he cannot rule out the prospects of life on other, unexplored and unknown planets, far beyond man’s ability to investigate, and that some inhabitants of other worlds have been paying Earth some visits in recent decades.

“I can’t say for sure,” he said.

“I’ve never seen them. But being a believer of God, I think He’s the Supreme Being. How could this (earth) be the only thing? I’m not closing the door on it. If it flew down in front of me, I wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, my gosh, I couldn’t believe that.’ I would say, ‘that’s proof, evidence, right there.’”

Friedman, likewise a believer, has taken his message on hundreds of radio and television programs, among them, “Nightline,” “Larry King Live” and “Unsolved Mysteries,” while preparing some 80 papers and poring over records stashed in 20 government document archives.

Based on nearly half a century of research after the 1947 incident in Roswell, N.M., the nuclear physicist is convinced some UFOs are genuine, and that the government has been aware of this since Roswell but covered up evidence in what he terms a “cosmic Watergate” and considers the biggest event in a millennium.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident, still a source of controversy amid growing suspicion the military covered up the landing of a spacecraft and hid the hard evidence — fragments of the ship and the bodies of tiny aliens.

In preparing his Braxton County book, Feschino invested 14 years of research into the 12-foot oddity in Flatwoods. He plans to present a 53-minute documentary on his findings, joined by May.

Bailey is anticipating a large turnout in the 660-seat theater for the UFO summit.

“We’re getting a lot of response from out of state,” he said. “The Midwest. Up in New England. It’s really being pushed.”


UFO Fleet Photographed Over Lima Peru
By Dr. Anthony Choy

     Towards the end of November 2006, I began to receive reports about massive UfO sightings in the area of Acho, and central Marcado in the center of Lima. Nevertheless, in the afternoon, Sunday May 20th 2007 I began to receive information from noon that strange white spheres were in the sky of above Lima, Peru.

The reports were originating from the districts of lime├▒os de Surco (Surco Viejo), San Isidro, and the center of Lima. Indeed the journalist, “Francisco Landauro” of ATV News was in the area when she noticed several people watching the sky. What were witnessed were about 30 white balls of light that appeared to form “geometric figures.” Immediately she called ATV in order to get the objects on film.

Surprised by this unusual happening, the cameramen of ATV news Erick Schreiber and R. Monsef├║ began to record the objects around 2:00 in the afternoon, and did so for about a half an hour. In any event the occurrence lasted for about 2 and 1/2 hours beginning at 12:00.

Flying Saucer Over San Francisco Bay?

Flying Saucer Over San Francisco Bay

Legacy Of A UFO Story

UFOs Are With Us Take My Word (Book Cover)
By Martin J. Kidston
The Helena Independent Record

     His yard was manicured and the big green trees planted outside his mobile home in the Helena Valley soaked up the summer sun.

Leo Dworshak, the man who lived there, had invited me over for a story. I accepted on a lark — a call from a person who knew a person who new him.

"You've gotta meet Leo," the caller insisted. "He's got a fascinating story."

"Yeah?" I asked. "What's it about?"


The silence that followed was as long and deep as my skepticism. I'd been duped before, most recently by a man who told me he was a therapist with a novel new concept to healing. Yet when I met him, he turned out to be a zealot, and by healing he meant his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ the almighty God.

Sitting at Dworshak's table, I tried not to grin. After all, he was telling me how he'd boarded a UFO in 1938 with his brother. He had a conversation with the aliens. They told him the future. They had already seen it.

"Yeah," I asked. "But what did they want?"

"Water," he said. "They wanted water."

"Water? Like drinking water?"

"Hydrogen, more precisely. It's what propelled their ship."

Leo wore big glasses that magnified his eyes three times their actual size. Whenever he said "ship", his eyes grew big and he tapped his cigarette into the ashtray. My own eyes burned from the smoke. Perhaps the aliens wanted tobacco while they were

Leo wrote a book on his experience, UFOs Are With Us: Take My Word. He gave me a signed copy on April 24, 2003. I took his picture and ran it in the paper with his story: "Helena man true eliever in UFOs." That's when it all began.

Timothy Good, author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Beyond Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Security Threat, was the first to call. The UFO investigator and author phoned me from England, wanting to know more about Dworshak before traveling to Helena to meet him.

During his visit, Good also gave me a signed copy of his book. I took his picture, too, and ran it in the paper: "Author researches stories of alien encounters."

That's when Art Bell's producer called from Coast to Coast Radio. I used to listen to Bell's show as a kid, scared half to death sitting in the dark, wondering if the things he talked about could actually be true.

"How can I find this Timothy Good?" the producer asked.

"I don't know," I said. "He lives in the United Kingdom."

"How about Dworshak?"

"That's a little easier..."

Just last week, Dworshak's legacy continued when UFO researcher Warren Aston phoned from Australia, wanting to know more about Helena's now-famous UFO witness. Unfortunately, Dworshak had passed away two weeks earlier, leaving his book as his only testimony.

"Was he credible?" Aston asked.

"He believed what he said", I told him. "He believed it happened. In that sense, I guess I do believe him."

Dworshak was born July 16, 1920, in Flasher, N.D., to Egnats and Josephine Dworshak. He was 86 when he passed, leaving behind 12 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren.

"There are relatively few people who know what's going on, and those who know don't talk," Good told me in his visit. "I found Leo's story one of the most compelling contact stories I've investigated."

Where Else but Roswell? Alien Theme Park

UFO Theme Park
The Associated Press

     ROSWELL, N.M. -- Businesses here have been cashing in on the UFO craze for years _ paintings and replicas of UFOs and space aliens adorn downtown buildings, and even the McDonald's and Wal-Mart are UFO- and space-themed.

Now city officials want to take it to another level with a UFO-themed amusement park, complete with an indoor roller coaster that would take passengers on a simulated alien abduction.

"Nobody will be harmed and everybody will be returned, hopefully, in the same shape," concept designer Bryan Temmer said Friday.

The park, dubbed Alien Apex Resort, could open as early as 2010. The city has received a $245,000 legislative appropriation for initial planning, but the park would be privately built and managed. Requests for proposals will be advertised next month.

The proposed park initially will cover 60 to 80 acres with room to expand to 150 acres. It will feature other rides and attractions, including an exhibit hall with information on scientific exploration of the universe.

"It's not just about the Roswell Incident and did it happen," said Temmer, of Land O' Lakes, Fla.

The Roswell Incident, of course, has brought the southeastern New Mexico city worldwide acclaim. It centers on a purported UFO crash on a nearby ranch in July 1947, which the military later claimed was a top-secret weather balloon.

Temmer, who describes himself as a fan of theme parks and science fiction, pitched the concept to city leaders two years ago. "I knew there was only one place on the planet, probably in the universe, where this idea would work," he said.

City Planner Zach Montgomery said the project will cost "several hundred millions of dollars," but a more accurate figure hasn't been determined. A roller coaster similar to the one Temmer proposed is under construction at another theme park for almost $100 million, Montgomery said.

Montgomery said the city is considering six potential sites but declined to identify them, other than to say each is within city limits or could be annexed. He also wouldn't name potential operators, but said at least four major corporations approached about the idea are excited.

Some business owners believe the theme park is necessary to keep tourists returning.

Sharon Welz is a co-owner of the Roswell Space Center, a T-shirt and souvenir shop just off Main Street. She said visitors often complain they'd like to see and do more during trips to the town of about 50,000 people.

"We would welcome something like an alien roller coaster or a theme park, absolutely," she said. "How can it hurt us?"

Montgomery agrees, saying the top complaint by tourists during the city's annual UFO festival each summer is that there's not enough to do.

The town's biggest tourism attraction is the International UFO Museum and Research Center, which has drawn 2.5 million visitors since opening in 1992. Beyond that, it's largely boutiques like the one run by Welz.

"We're still in the infancy of our UFO-related economic development," Montgomery said. "Eventually, when people come to Roswell they're not going to have enough time to do everything they want to do. That's our goal."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Noted Ufologist 'Scott Ramsey' Lands in Mancos

Scott Ramsey (B)
UFO sighting of '48 has Mancos residents talking

By Pamela Sichel
Cortez Journal

     North Carolina author Scott Ramsey has spent the last 20 years researching what some call an urban myth - an alleged 1948 crash of a UFO in Aztec, N.M. The trail has led to Mancos.

The story goes that on March 25, 1948, at around 5 a.m., a group of workers from the El Paso Oil company were called out to Hart Canyon Road, northeast of Aztec, N.M., to respond to a brush fire near some storage tanks.

Ramsey said that after discovering the brush fire was not a threat, the workers noticed “A very large, ‘lenticular’ dish on the ground.”

Ramsey is still discovering the number of witnesses who saw the object that day, but said his research shows that ranchers, emergency workers, oil field workers and spectators, including two police officers, saw the object.

There were probably between 16 and 18 people. That area is extremely desolate, even today.

Ramsey added that the area has been a hotbed of UFO sightings for many years. “I get calls all the time. People see stuff around Highways 550 and 160 on a regular basis.” He added that some believe the Pre-Puebloans that lived in the region saw the objects as well. “They’ve been sighted far enough back that several petroglyphs show saucer or disk-shaped objects. I have no theories as to why these things happen in the Four Corners area,” he said.

Ramsey said he is not a student of UFOs, but is planning a book on the 1948 Aztec crash. It all started on a business trip to Durango in October 1987. “I heard about the crash and it piqued my curiosity. The more I looked into it, the more the story developed,” he said. Since then, Ramsey has interviewed dozens of witnesses and worked to declassify government documents.

Ramsey has kept a low profile during much of his project. “It’s easier to get authorities to declassify information when they think you are just doing personal research. It gets more difficult when they think you are going to air the information on The History Channel.” Ramsey has, indeed, appeared on The History Channel in a program called “UFO Files. ” That episode was titled “Hangar 18.” It originally aired Nov. 4, 2006, but Ramsey said it will probably be rerun in the future.

Much secrecy has surrounded the incident — Ramsey said that witnesses have been consistent in saying that government agents swore them to secrecy for 50 years.

“In 1948, if you were sworn to secrecy by the U.S. governement, you didn’t question it,” he said.

Fifty years later, witnesses willing to speak about their experience have told Ramsey that after the disk was found, military personnel quickly cleared the area, but were not clear which branch of the military they came from. Ramsey suspects it was a group attached to the 5th Army Division of Colorado.

“It was a two-week recovery operation. It was one of the largest craft the military had allegedly recovered. They kept the area well clear of civilians during the recovery. They had armed sentries posted at all the major peaks of the mesa’s surrounding areas.”

Traces of the recovery project remain to this day.

“The military had to cut a road into the mesa. In 2000, I interviewed a retired Air Force officer who gave me a few hints to look for. He said after they cut the road, the soil was loose and a concrete footer had to be poured to support a crane.”

Ramsey said a Farmington, N.M. resident, Randy Barnes, discovered the concrete slab while conducting his own research.

“We were puzzled why the slab, heavily reinforced with steel rebar, would be out in the middle of nowhere,” Ramsey said.

The Air Force officer Ramsey interviewed had not been at the crash site, but had been working behind the scenes.

“His family is adamant that his name not be released,” Ramsey said.

The information trail led to Mancos, where Ramsey learned that Walt Sayre, a former Mancos resident now living in Montana, had a story about Pastor Autrey Brown of the Mancos Baptist Church in 1948. Sayre said that Brown told a few close friends, including Sayre’s father, about the disturbing experience of stumbling into the crash site.

“The preacher told friends that he had just come back from the Aztec area and had noticed a lot of activity on Hart Canyon Road. He said he had gone to see if he could be of assistance and came across the activity around the downed disk. Brown said the military had whisked spectators away, but not before he administered last rites to ‘lit tle bodies’ scattered around the crash site.”

Sayre reported to Ramsey that Brown was “very, very upset by the experience, and was crying when he recounted the story.”

Ramsey said that the witnesses all reported the experience had changed their lives.

“I think their belief systems were challenged,” he said. “The interesting thing that is also consistent is that it was a lenticular craft, 100 feet in diameter with no damage, as if it was a controlled landing.”

All saw at least two bodies through a mirrored portal window and described humanoids 3 to 4 feet tall with almond-shaped heads. Ramsey said the witnesses reported that all appeared to be burned.

“Two of the military witnesses said there were 14 to 16 bodies placed in body bags,” Ramsey said.

In the weeks prior to the alleged crash, according to declassified Air Force documents, residents of Cuba, N.M., reported seeing large structured disk-shaped crafts. Ramsey also learned from declassified military documents that the Air Force sent Dr. Lincoln LaPaz to Cuba with two high-ranking Air Force officers.

“The group spent three days in Cuba explaining to the townspeople that what they were seeing were meteorites,” Ramsey said. “In another declassified report, LaPaz reported seeing the large structured craft. LaPaz wrote, in the report, that ‘the government was going to have a hard time explaining the craft.’ ”

Ramsey has relied heavily on declassified documents to research the crash. “Interviewing witnesses is always exciting, but I really rely on military records. The Aztec incident was an extremely busy topic with the Air Force, the FBI, the CIA and the U.S. Army,” he said. He added that his research shows that in 1952, the FBI set up a sting to intercept the sale of black and white photos of the crash in the Edelweiss Bar at the Merlin Hotel in downtown Denver. Ramsey has not seen photos, but believes they exist.

“Civilians did take pictures but claimed they were confiscated by the military,” he said.

Ramsey is wrapping up his research, but welcomes new information.

“I would like to flush out some more people that Autrey Brown confided in. I believe they are still around,” he said.

Ramsey can be reached at (704) 507-0900 or by e-mail at

“Whatever we talk about is kept in the strictest of confidence,” he said.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Low Flying UFO Spotted Over Massillion, Ohio

UFO Over Massillon, Ohio
UFOs are frequent flyers in our area


     Dispatchers say they had no unusual calls that night and there was nothing from the sheriff’s department to explain the phenomena.

Controllers at the Akron-Canton Airport reported nothing out of the ordinary on their radar screens.

But Rosemary Lyons said she saw a UFO fly over the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, 2935 Lincoln Way W., at 10:40 p.m. Friday, May 11.

Lyons isn’t nuts, said a UFO expert from Cleveland who noted that sightings in Ohio aren’t all that unusual.

“It goes in cycles,” said Richard Lee, of the Cleveland Ufology Project, one of the oldest UFO research organizations in the country.

Lyons said she was taking a smoke break outside the back door of the lodge with a fellow employee when she saw it. Her co-worker could not be reached for comment.

“The first thing I said was ‘Oh my gosh. Look at that,’ ” Lyons said.

She said it was low and slow, that it was big and it glowed.

“We saw it for 20 to 25 seconds,” said Lyons, a 1972 grad of Central Catholic. “It was round and luminous underneath. It wasn’t a plane, it wasn’t a helicopter, it wasn’t a blimp and it wasn’t a balloon.”

She estimated it was as big as six parking spaces. That would make it 60 feet in diameter.

Lyons said she got a real good look because it was only about 60 feet off the ground.

She estimated that by comparing the height to a tree in the Moose parking lot.

But there was one really eerie thing about it, she said – it was silent.

“It made absolutely no sound,” Lyons said. “It was flying over just carefree – like it was no one’s business.”

While many non-believes might question Lyons’ sanity, Lee said northeastern Ohio is a hot spot when it comes to UFO sightings.

Lee, a member of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, who investigates sightings in Summit and Portage counties, said two of the most famous sightings ever were reported right here in northeastern Ohio.

“In 1966, the Portage sheriff chased a UFO almost all the way to the Pennsylvania border,” Lee said. “They were checking out an abandoned car and a UFO came overhead and shined a light down on them. It started moving away and they followed it in their car – tracking it in the hopes someone with a camera could catch up.”

Lee said the Akron newspaper wrote about that incident extensively.

“Stories still come up and radio shows talk about it on anniversary dates,” he said.

The other case involved the National Guard.

“That was at 11 p.m. on Oct. 18, 1973,” he said. “The Guard was flying from Columbus to Cleveland and the ’copter was seven miles east, southeast of Mansfield. They were flying at an altitude of 700 feet when they spotted it.”

Lee said there were five men on board, and five credible witnesses on the ground all gave the same story.

“They recorded a timeline of 300 seconds,” Lee said, adding instruments and the radio went haywire during those moments. “They ruled out everything else – weather, a meteor – at first they thought it might have been some high performance aircraft. But they soon realized no plane could maneuver like that.”

Lee said he gets about 10 cases a year in which people will file a formal report but there are three times as many who make an inquiry and then decide against a formal report.

He said Lyons’ account sounds similar to a lot of other cases he has heard about.

“It could be credible,” he said. “I would like to interview an individual before committing. This (UFO sightings) has been going on for 50 to 60 years. People keep seeing them. Sometimes they go to authorities but many times they don’t. Sometimes newspapers write about sightings but many times they don’t.”

But Rosemary Lyons is a believer.

“There has to be something else out there,” she said. “I think people see these things and don’t say anything because people might think they’re crazy. I hope now some other people come forward.”

X-Conference 2007 and 2008

PRG Logo
By Paradigm Research Group

Stephen Bassett     Washington, DC - Paradigm Research Group has announced it will again bring
to the Washington, DC area a powerful group of speakers and panelists to
focus on the social, political and media aspects of 60 years of denial of
an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - exopolitics.

X-Conference 2007 will be held September 14-16, 2007 and
X-Conference 2008 will be held April 18-20, 2008 - both at the 3-star
Hilton Hotel in Gaithersburg, MD.

The X-Conference speakers and panelists collectively hold enough knowledge
of extraterrestrial-related phenomena and governmental involvement with
this phenomena to end the state imposed truth embargo tomorrow. All it
would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay

With that in mind PRG has scheduled both upcoming events in the middle of
what will likely be the longest and most expensive presidential campaign in
American history. All candidates for the Democratic and Republican
nomination, as well as candidates from established third parties, will be
invited to attend and offered an opportunity to speak to an issue about
which 85% of Americans believe their government is lying - the facts behind
extraterrestrial-related phenomena.

Further, all sitting members of Congress will be extended an invitation to
attend or send a staff representative so they might become informed about
an issue which 50% of the American people believe to be real -
extraterrestrial origins for some unidentified objects seen, photographed,
filmed and tracked on radar in the skies over every nation on Earth.

The Washington political media will be heavily lobbied to turn out in
numbers similar to their attendance at the May 9, 2001 Disclosure Project
press conference at the National Press Club - 100 reporters and 17 camera
crews from a dozen nations. [See:]

Paradigm Research Group will also hold a press conference on the Monday
following both X-Conferences wherein the speakers will present developments
in their research, announce new books and speak, along with PRG Executive
Director Stephen Bassett, to breaking developments and government status as
regards the Disclosure process.

X-Conference info at:
PRG info at:

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

- Part I -

What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers

By Sidney Shallet
The Saturday Evening Post
April 30, 1949

[Editor's Note: *See excerpt from Capt. Edward Ruppelt (Chief of Project Blue Book 1951-1953), The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects, Doubleday, New York, 1956 which addresses Shallet's article below.]

- click on images to enlarge -

What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Heading)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers(Kenneth Arnold Image) B
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text A)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text B)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text C)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Weather Balloon Image) B
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text D)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text E)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text F)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text G)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text H)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text I)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text J)
What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers (Text K)
* Excerpt from Capt. Edward Ruppelt (Chief of Project Blue Book 1951-1953), The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects, Doubleday, New York, 1956:
For many months reporters and writers had been trying to reach behind the security wall and get the UFO story from the horse's mouth, but no luck. Some of them were still trying but they were having no success because they were making the mistake of letting it slip that they didn't believe that airline pilots, military pilots, scientists, and just all around solid citizens were having "hallucinations," perpetrating "hoaxes," or being deceived by the "misidentification of common objects." The people of Project Grudge weren't looking for this type of writer, they wanted a writer who would listen to them and write their story. As a public relations officer later told me, "We had a devil of a time. All of the writers who were after saucer stories had made their own investigations of sightings and we couldn't convince them they were wrong."

Before long, however, the right man came along. He was Sidney Shallet, a writer for The Saturday Evening Post. He seemed to have the prerequisites that were desired, so his visit to ATIC was cleared through the Pentagon. Harry Haberer, a crack Air Force public relations man, was assigned the job of seeing that Shallet got his story. I have heard many times, from both military personnel and civilians, that the Air Force told Shallet exactly what to say in his article - play down the UFO's - don't write anything that even hints that there might be something foreign in our skies. I don't believe that this is the case. I think that he just wrote the UFO story as it was told to him, told to him by Project Grudge.

Shallet's article, which appeared in two parts in the April 30 and May 7, 1949, issues of The Saturday Evening Post, is important in the history of the UFO and in understanding the UFO problem because it had considerable effect on public opinion. Many people had, with varying degrees of interest, been wondering about the UFO's for over a year and a half. Very few had any definite opinions one way or the other. The feeling seemed to be that the Air Force is working on the problem and when they get the answer we'll know. There had been a few brief, ambiguous press releases from the Air Force but these meant nothing. Consequently when Shallet's article appeared in the Post it was widely read. It contained facts, and the facts had come from Air Force Intelligence. This was the Air Force officially reporting on UFO's for the first time.

The article was typical of the many flying saucer stories that were to follow in the later years of UFO history, all written from material obtained from the Air Force. Shallet's article casually admitted that a few UFO sightings couldn't be explained, but the reader didn't have much chance to think about this fact because 99 per cent of the story was devoted to the anti saucer side of the problem. It was the typical negative approach. I know that the negative approach is typical of the way that material is handed out by the Air Force because I was continually being told to "tell them about the sighting reports we've solved - don't mention the unknowns." I was never ordered to tell this, but it was a strong suggestion and in the military when higher headquarters suggests, you do.

Shallet's article started out by psychologically conditioning the reader by using such phrases as "the great flying saucer scare," "rich, full blown screwiness," "fearsome freaks," and so forth. By the time the reader gets to the meat of the article he feels like a rich, full blown jerk for ever even thinking about UFO's.

He pointed out how the "furor" about UFO reports got so great that the Air Force was "forced" to investigate the reports reluctantly. He didn't mention that two months after the first UFO report ATIC had asked for Project Sign since they believed that UFO's did exist. Nor did it mention the once Top Secret Estimate of the Situation that also concluded that UFO's were real. In no way did the article reflect the excitement and anxiety of the age of Project Sign when secret conferences preceded and followed every trip to investigate a UFO report. This was the Air Force being "forced" into reluctantly investigating the UFO reports.

Laced through the story were the details of several UFO sightings; some new and some old, as far as the public was concerned. The original UFO report by Kenneth Arnold couldn't be explained. Arnold, however, had sold his story to Fate magazine and in the same issue of Fate were stories with such titles as "Behind the Etheric Veil" and "Invisible Beings Walk the Earth," suggesting that Arnold's story might fall into the same category. The sightings where the Air Force had the answer had detailed explanations. The ones that were unknowns were mentioned, but only in passing.

Many famous names were quoted. The late General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, then Chief of Staff of the Air Force, had seen a flying saucer but it was just a reflection on the windshield of his B-17. General Lauris Norstad's UFO was a reflection of a star on a cloud, and General Curtis E. Le May found out that one out of six UFO's was a balloon; Colonel McCoy, then chief of ATIC, had seen lots of UFO's. All were reflections from distant airplanes. In other words, nobody who is anybody in the Air Force believes in flying saucers.

Figures in the top echelons of the military had spoken.

A few hoaxes and crackpot reports rounded out Mr. Shallet's article.

The reaction to the article wasn't what the Air Force and ATIC expected. They had thought that the public would read the article and toss it, and all thoughts of UFO's, into the trash can. But they didn't. Within a few days the frequency of UFO reports hit an all-time high. People, both military and civilian, evidently didn't much care what Generals Vandenberg, Norstad, Le May, or Colonel McCoy thought; they didn't believe what they were seeing were hallucinations, reflections, or balloons. What they were seeing were UFO's, whatever UFO's might be.

I heard many times from ex-Project Grudge people that Shallet had "crossed" them, he'd vaguely mentioned that there might be a case for the UFO. This made him pro saucer.

A few days after the last installment of the Post article the Air Force gave out a long and detailed press release completely debunking UFO's, but this had no effect. It only seemed to add to the confusion.

The one thing that Shallet's article accomplished was to plant a seed of doubt in many people's minds. Was the Air Force telling the truth about UFO's? The public and a large percentage of the military didn't know what was going on behind ATIC's barbed wire fence but they did know that a lot of reliable people had seen UFO's. Airline pilots are considered responsible people - airline pilots had seen UFO's. Experienced military pilots and ground officers are responsible people - they'd seen UFO's. Scientists, doctors, lawyers, merchants, and plain old Joe Doakes had seen UFO's, and their friends knew that they were responsible people. Somehow these facts and the tone of the Post article didn't quite jibe, and when things don't jibe, people get suspicious.

In those people who had a good idea of what was going on behind ATIC's barbed wire, the newspaper reporters and writers with the "usually reliable sources," the Post article planted a bigger seed of doubt. Why the sudden change in policy they wondered? If UFO's were so serious a few months ago, why the sudden debunking? Maybe Shallet's story was a put-up job for the Air Force. Maybe the security had been tightened. Their sources of information were reporting that many people in the military did not quite buy the Shallet article. The seed of doubt began to grow, and some of these writers began to start "independent investigations" to get the "true" story. Research takes time, so during the summer and fall of 1949 there wasn't much apparent UFO activity.

On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Dennis G. Balthaser
- Part III -

Dennis at Aztec 06
By Tom Horn
Raiders News Network

Editors note: This is the third in a special series of Raiders News Network interviews focusing on the 60th Anniversary of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico UFO Incident. Tom Horn is joined by Dennis Balthaser, a Certified Mutual UFO Network Field Investigator and full time independent researcher/investigator to the Roswell Incident, Area 51 and underground bases research. Dennis frequently lectures on these and other topics related to ufology.

Tom Horn SmlHORN: Dennis, as a young man you would look into the night sky and wonder at the secrets it held. You served 3 years ('59-62) with the United States Army in the 815th Engineering Battalion, and after 33 years in Civil Engineering, retired from the Texas Department of Transportation and moved to Roswell, New Mexico, to pursue your avocation: Ufology. Tell me more about your background and how this current field of interest came to be your life.

BALTHASER: I'm actually into my third career.

36 years in civil engineering work doing quality assurance and quality contol of materials used to construct highways and bridges in Texas, traveling to 37 states, Korea once, and South Africa 3 times for 3 months each time to inspect materials. Retired in 1996.

33 years as a country and western musician playing drums in the El Paso, Texas area, with many entertainers from Nashville, and most recently, for 20 years as a hobby and the past 11 full time as a Ufologist.

If you add them up that makes me about 89 I believe!!! Luckily the careers overlapped.

HORN: What is your relationship with the International UFO Museum and Research Center, and why did you stop working with them at some point.

BALTHASER: I was a 70 hour per week volunteer with the Museum from 1996 until 1998, involved with relocating the Museum to it's current location and actively involved with the 50th anniversary operations in 1997. I obtained information and displays for the Museum, and was on the Board of Directors for a year as the UFO investigator for the Museum. In 1998 I began doing my research as an independent researcher and no longer have any affiliation with the Museum due to the current leadership of the Museum.

HORN: Can you give us any insight as to why the city of Roswell took over the Festival this year?

BALTHASER: Basically the Festival has not been successful the past few years with low attendance and very little community involvement, under the leadeship of the Museum, so the Mayor decided the city should take it over for the 60th anniversary this year and has the community involved with family oriented activities planned in addition to an outstanding Ufology related schedule.

HORN: A little side note as a special interest to me. Is Merle Haggard coming back?

BALTHASER: Merle is not coming back this year. He had planned on making the Roswell Festival an annual event but problems arose from a previous Festival. This year the Alan Parsons project will be doing two concerts plus other musical groups, with a laser light show at each concert.

HORN: From what I've read over the years, people see you as genuine, a person who looks for certification and honesty from other Ufologists. Who in your opinion stands out as respected, qualified researchers in the field?

BALTHASER: I am very serious about my research, try to be thorough and factual when possible, and brutally honest. I only work with a very few researchers such as Stanton Friedman, David Rudiak, Frank Warren and Scott Ramsey, whom I respect. Many researchers in this field have tremendous ego's and agendas and the aforementioned have proven themselves to be honest, sincere and trustworthy. A quote I like to use is "Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything".

HORN:What areas of Ufolody interest you personally, and why?

BALTHASER: I have limited my research to 4 areas: The 1947 Roswell Incident, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Great Pyramids of Giza. I found out long ago if you try to be knowledgeable in all areas of Ufology you can't be informed as well as concentrating on specific areas.

HORN: So what about Area 51, Dulce, and underground bases. Have you found anything that makes you feel anything extraordinary has happened in these areas?

BALTHASER: I found the research on Undergound bases interesting due to my engineering background, being curious as to what type equipment was used, where these facilities were located and for what purpose. We, as in other countries, have been forced underground for much of our secretive development due to satellites and the prying eyes of our adversaries.

Dulce remains a mystery to me due to the many rumors about what might be taking place there, however recently I have begun to think it might be a diversionary location to take attention away from a another location.

Area 51 is alive and well as I was there (at the gates, not inside) last May when I did lectures in the nearby town of Rachel, NV. The signs still say the "use of deadly force is authorized", and the "cammo dudes" still protect the entrances in their jeeps and pickup trucks, watching you with binoculars from their vehicles. Area 51 is vitally needed for developing new technology and testing aircraft as it has since 1955, when the CIA opened the base to test the U-2 aircraft. Rumors about 22 levels below ground, S-4 and alien and craft stories continue to fascinate us.

The Pyramids of Giza and Underground bases are some of the most interesting research I've ever done, I think because they are physical things that one can grasp and try to understand, perhaps more so than UFOs. There is so much to learn and so little time.

HORN: Any comment on Bob Lazar and his allegations about S-4 (Sector Four), located near Groom Lake, Nevada, next to Area 51.?

BALTHASER: I don't believe him because his background (education, employment) can't be verified as correct as he has stated it. He has had some questionable situations in his personal life also that have created problems. Lazar and Lt Col. Corso (The Day After Roswell Book) are both individuals I'd like to believe but the documentation and verification for their claims is not there.

HORN: This year is the 60th anniversary of the Roswell UFO event. At a gut level, what do you believe really happened there in 1947?

BALTHASER: Factually something happened on a ranch northwest of Roswell in 1947 that is still covered up by the government and military 60 years later, even after we've been given 4 excuses by the Air Force during that time. I don't believe it was Russian nor belonging to the United States, which leaves the question "Whose was it?"

HORN: In January this year, National Geographic broadcast "The Real Roswell", a program you were involved with. Did they get the story right?

BALTHASER: Not even close. It was so biased in it's content and conclusion that Stanton Friedman and I both wrote articles sharing our disappointment with the National Geographic channel handling of the show. It was not based on factual information and apparently very little research had been done by them for presenting what was hyped as the "Real information" about Roswell. Typical of many documentaries that are based on ratings and profit rather than factual information.

HORN: What about the ABC-TV special with Peter Jennings a while back?

BALTHASER: Same as the National Geographic show mentioned above, with even more promotion, for a few minutes of factual information before being turned into just another ratings related biased take on the subject. You must understand that when these documentaries are being filmed, us researchers are expected to share all the knowledge we possess with no reimbursement for our years of research and absolutely no in-put for the editing or final version to be aired.

HORN: There have been some interesting UFO reports recently. The O'Hare Airport Sighting stands out. What other recent reports have you seen worthy of investigation?

BALTHASER: I don't investigate many such cases if they don't fall into the 4 categories I concentrate on, but I do maintain an interest in them such as the O'Hare sighting, the Phoenix lights years ago, Kecksburg and several others.

HORN: Last month scientists reported the discovery of Gliese 581, the most earth-like planet yet. What do you think about this?

BALTHASER: I'm not surprised with the discovery, but continually wonder why scientist insist that any life in the universe or other planet must mirror earth or us humans. We humans are very limited in our knowledge and most can't imagine anything that's not already known to us. I have no doubt that we ARE NOT the smartest kids on the block in this giant universe.

HORN: What about research some say points to artificial structures on Mars and other planets. Are you interested in this kind of related study, and what do you think the world's response would be to disclosure by NASA or the ESA that unnatural formations were found off planet?

BALTHASER: I have seen no evidence yet that artificial structures have been found on any other planets. Wishful thinking perhaps on the part of those that claim to see it. I'd be happy to see some with scientific proof and honesty from NASA. Incidentally, NASA stands for "Never A Straight Answer".

HORN: (Laughs) Do you expect "Official Disclosure" during your lifetime?
BALTHASER: Years ago I thought so, but I'm now 65 and doubt that it will happen in my lifetime, however if what serious researchers and myself do helps make it available for our children or grandchildren I'll consider it to have been worthwhile for all the frustration and expense over the years. I do think it's that important.

HORN: What will you be doing at Roswell this year? Any lectures you want people to attend?

BALTHASER: I was asked by the Mayor of Roswell to be on the planning committee since last October, and have promoted the Festival on 28 web sites world wide and done over 30 radio and other media interviews to promote it thus far. I will be speaking at the Art Museum (adjacent to the Convention Center) at 11am on July 5 doing my lecture entitled "The Roswell Incident: Then and Now". I will also have a vendors table in the convention center during the Festival.

HORN: How can people learn more about your research?

BALTHASER: My award winning web site is and I'm associated with the pyramid research at

HORN: Thanks for joining us today. Roswell 2007 should be very interesting.

BALTHASER: Hope you and your audience can make it here for the Festival July 5-8, 2007.