Monday, May 28, 2007

Flying Saucer Over San Francisco Bay?

Flying Saucer Over San Francisco Bay


  1. why do you bother posting ufo pics that are clearly fake,It only makes all of us who believe in this phenomena look like asses in the eyes of the nonbelievers.

  2. Mornin' Jmode1,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You wrote:

    "why do you bother posting ufo pics that are clearly fake"


    To provoke responses, dialogue such as yours; however, I don't believe anyone can say the image is "clearly" fake. (Even if it is).

    Separately, to associate the verb, "believe" with UFO(s) is nonsensical; it is the same as saying "I believe in the 'Empire State Building' or 'Mt. Rushmore.'"

    Moreover, the inference suggests to the layperson (and the ignorant) that Ufology is "faith-based," or in question--it is not.


  3. Hi Frank,

    Just wanted to add a great big amen to your reaction to jmode1's comment about the photograph. Yes, serious Ufology is no more "faith-based" than any other serious science. Whether or not this particular image is a fake, when it comes to UFOs per se, we're dealing with an objective reality, NOT a faith-based one predicated on a belief system. My two-cents worth &

    Scotty Littleton

  4. the.angelo.flight said...

    Hi, the photo is really impressed and if it is a trick is a good one but assume that is true and that the thing our eyes are watching really happend, I am afraid because from many years ago I knew that many ufologists found a connection between repentine aparition of ovnis in areas in which usually they rarely are showed with the advice of an incomming natural disaster, specially earthquakes. During the last months there has been different psyquics arround the world predicting the incomming big one earthquake of California for the near future, and I am one of them, I started to predict it for the spring of this year and I still insist that this is going to happen in any moment during the the follwing months on 2007.

    Your friend
    the Angel of lightness

  5. I get a gut feeling that the shadow on this picture is off, relate the birds lack of a shadow anywhere in the back ground makes me assume that the sun is off to the left or directly above the camera which would account for the angles, also the shadow is significantly smaller than the UFO itself. also the resolution on the UFO is better than the Resolution on the hand in the picture with the hand being much closer. + if the UFO was so obvious why is the photographer focusing on the birds flying in the boats draft?

  6. The shadow on the water is fake. It is too dark and shows no detail of the water. There should be highlights. I ride the Larkspur ferry into San Francisco every day and totally familiar with the bay for 20 years. I can't believe that this is a real photo.

  7. u fake.

    you can see by is shadow.


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