Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UFO Spotted By Group Near Chilliwack

By Laura Payton
The Province

     VANCOUVER - A Chilliwack woman says she is wracking her brain today after seeing an unidentified flying object last night near University College of the Fraser Valley.

Lisa McCubbin was in bed around 12:30 a.m. when she got up to see what was going on.

"I heard people outside on the street shouting, Oh my God, it's coming back, what is it?'" she said.

McCubbin describes the object as a hang glider shape, but about the size of a small airplane, and white with dark ridges running from nose to tail. She says the object was silent and glowing. It circled overhead, underneath the low-lying clouds, and then flew west toward Vancouver.

"I can't begin to imagine what it could have been," said McCubbin.

"I don't believe in UFOs [but] I've never seen anything like it. It gives me chills."

As otherworldly as the object looked, a University of British Columbia scientist says it was likely something as terrestrial as a flock of birds.

"The lights from the cities can reflect off their undersides and their wings," said Jaymie Matthews, an associate professor in the department of physics and astronomy.

"It'll look translucent and ghostly."

While Matthews acknowledges there aren't many birds flying late at night, he says it's always possible something startled them and caused them to take flight.

"There certainly are things in that night sky that would look strange," he added.

"The question is whether she's seen something that nobody can explain."

If so, McCubbin wouldn't be the only one. Last year, there were three UFO sightings in Chilliwack, according to the 2006 Canadian UFO Survey. None match McCubbin's description.

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