Thursday, May 24, 2007

X-Conference 2007 and 2008

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By Paradigm Research Group

Stephen Bassett     Washington, DC - Paradigm Research Group has announced it will again bring
to the Washington, DC area a powerful group of speakers and panelists to
focus on the social, political and media aspects of 60 years of denial of
an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - exopolitics.

X-Conference 2007 will be held September 14-16, 2007 and
X-Conference 2008 will be held April 18-20, 2008 - both at the 3-star
Hilton Hotel in Gaithersburg, MD.

The X-Conference speakers and panelists collectively hold enough knowledge
of extraterrestrial-related phenomena and governmental involvement with
this phenomena to end the state imposed truth embargo tomorrow. All it
would take is for the political leaders and the political media to pay

With that in mind PRG has scheduled both upcoming events in the middle of
what will likely be the longest and most expensive presidential campaign in
American history. All candidates for the Democratic and Republican
nomination, as well as candidates from established third parties, will be
invited to attend and offered an opportunity to speak to an issue about
which 85% of Americans believe their government is lying - the facts behind
extraterrestrial-related phenomena.

Further, all sitting members of Congress will be extended an invitation to
attend or send a staff representative so they might become informed about
an issue which 50% of the American people believe to be real -
extraterrestrial origins for some unidentified objects seen, photographed,
filmed and tracked on radar in the skies over every nation on Earth.

The Washington political media will be heavily lobbied to turn out in
numbers similar to their attendance at the May 9, 2001 Disclosure Project
press conference at the National Press Club - 100 reporters and 17 camera
crews from a dozen nations. [See:]

Paradigm Research Group will also hold a press conference on the Monday
following both X-Conferences wherein the speakers will present developments
in their research, announce new books and speak, along with PRG Executive
Director Stephen Bassett, to breaking developments and government status as
regards the Disclosure process.

X-Conference info at:
PRG info at:

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director

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