Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MoD Opens Borough X-Files

Romford Recorder

     HAVERING'S "X-Files" have been released by the Ministry of Defence this month.

Information containing four years' worth of reported sightings of UFOs in the borough's night skies were made public on February 16 - they reveal two reports in Hornchurch and Romford last year, and a third sighting, in Hornchurch, back in 2002.

According to the log, released after a request under the Freedom of Information Act, the sighting on September 20, 2005, at 8.39pm, reads: "Four orange lights above the witnesses' house."

The log for September 05, 2005, at 9pm, simply says "A UFO."

But the earliest recorded local sighting in the four years dates back to March 7, 2002, in Hornchurch, and is painstakingly detailed: "Two semi-circular elliptical shapes dully illuminated yellow and white. There was a faint murmur."

The log also shows that nearby Loughton has had the most recorded UFO sightings, with six reported over the four years.

Last year's Havering sightings are most likely to be linked to those the Recorder reported in September - eight separate reports of lights in the sky over August and September were made to our newspaper from Elm Park, Hornchurch, Romford and Harold Hill residents.

But these were later found to most likely be floating lanterns released by a company in Stapleford Abbotts called Sky Lanterns.

Owner Barry Grant explained he imported the lanterns from Indonesia, where they were often released during festivals, and he had been experimenting with them over the summer.

However, the 2002 sighting remains unexplained. An Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "The MOD, through the Royal Air Force, has to be satisfied that unidentified flying objects are not a threat to the UK within UK airspace.

"Beyond that, the MOD does not comment on the nuances of UFOs or purported sightings as, clearly, this would be quite an extensive commentary and a bad use of tax payers' money.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Fact Or Fiction? Space Alien Buried In Texas Town

Aurora Article Snippet
By Joel Thomas
CBS 11 News

     (CBS 11 News) AURORA, TX Area 51 and Roswell, New Mexico have become a part of American folklore, but some believe an alien visitor was found in Texas first, in the city of Aurora, just up the road from Fort Worth.

UFO investigator Jim Marrs said, “A silver cigar-shaped object came down low to the ground in Aurora, north of Fort Worth, and struck a tower, wooden tower, derrick, windmill.”

Aurora’s Mayor Barbara Brammer continued, “The ship hit the tower for the well, exploded, burned.”

Marrs explained, “The remains of the pilot were recovered and he was not an inhabitant of this world.”

They believed the pilot was an alien.

Brammer said, “They took the remains of this down to the Aurora cemetery and buried it, gave it a Christian burial.”

Newspapers in both Dallas and Fort Worth reported the amazing event. In fact, an entire page of the April 19, 1897 edition of the Dallas Morning News is filled with reports of the great aerial wanderer. Either people all are joining in a prank, or something was in the skies over Texas and southern Oklahoma.

“Some people think that the guy in Dallas that wrote this article made this up to get some publicity about Aurora again, to get people coming back in,” said Brammer.

But Marrs retorts, “Every single one of the stories concerns the silver cigar-shaped object flying around the skies of Texas and Oklahoma in the spring of 1897, six years before the Wright brothers flew.”

The burial site became the focus of UFO researchers in the ‘70s. There was a tombstone, with a marking that appeared to be half of a saucer, or the cigar-shaped object.

Researchers ran metal detectors over the site where the ship was said to crash. Some say the grass hasn’t grown there since. In a nearby shed, there’s a well where wreckage, small bits of metal, was reportedly thrown.

But in 1973, the tombstone and the metal in the ground disappeared.

“We don’t know,” said Brammer. “It just came up missing. Somebody had removed it. We don’t know who.”

The owners of the well have cemented it shut. They, like other people in Aurora, are tired of the story, but it lives on nonetheless.

A state historical marker at the cemetery recounts the legend of the alien pilot who crashed, died and was buried.

“As far as me believing it, I really don’t know,” says Brammer. “I believe it was a legend and that’s as far as I can go.”

Marrs believes. “I think this should show any reasonable person that there are things, and they’re not us, and they’re flying around in the atmosphere.”

The legend is a mystery that lingers today.

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‘Project SERPO’ Story Gets More Credible? Alleged Insider Accounts Revealed

Project Serpo Graphic
By Steve Hammons
American Chronicle

     New information has been presented that gives people interested in the story of “Project SERPO” more to consider and evaluate.

In recent days, people involved in the Web site serpo.org have posted previously undisclosed alleged accounts from former military and other officials who were reportedly directly involved in some capacity with Project SERPO-related activities.

Project SERPO is the alleged exchange program between astronaut-trained American military personnel and friendly visitors from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system in the 1960s and 70s.

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Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer! (Pt 4)

Stephen Lovekin
     The attraction to Stephen Lovekin as a possible insider witness to a UFO/ET event involving a President and or the White House etc., is most certainly enhanced by being packaged as a "high ranking military official." What is on the table (at present) is a declaration from an individual, an anecdote if you will. In a court of law, it would be considered eye witness testimony.

Obviously, the character of the witness can add or take away from the authenticity of a respective account. Certainly, it is far

Frank Warren
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
more impressive and more apt to be believed coming from a Brigadier General then a layperson etc. Sagan said, (and what I have come to call Sagan's Law) "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Kevin Randle wrote in part:

"This is important stuff, if it could be confirmed. A general officer, one who had once held the ear of the president and who could report on the president’s interest in UFOs, would make an impressive witness, especially if he could talk of a UFO crash and recovered debris. It should be relatively simple to verify Lovekin’s credentials as a general."

In that vein IMHO Kevin proceeded with some investigative research to vet the witness using his skills as a researcher along with his own personal experience in the military; he posted his progress on his blog; personally, I didn't take his exposé as slander or being libelous, and most importantly definitive. I believe it's important to note that people have come forward in the past, that at the present time seemed very credible, that later proved to be otherwise, and Kevin Randle has has had direct involvement/experience in these matters, henceforth his righteous skepticism is warranted.

Now all that said, what are we left with? In my view, having done some of my own research into Lovekin, with the exception of what was recently submitted to Greer for publication (in regards to Lovekin's military background) it is unclear what originated from him. Most importantly is there anything to date, that negatively affects the character of the man making the claim? I think not! His credentials, and the question of his Brigadier General status are to be commended whether they're regular military or some sort of state militia. The key point from my perspective is his tenure at WHASA, which he has provided documents in support thereof.

I have located other members of WHASA, and the common theme amongst them, is that they were culled from various military schools (at a very young age); they were vetted by the FBI; they were trained by the NSA; they held top secret clearances; rank was a non-issue, and they wore civvies; they worked with the Secret Service, and in close proximity to the President; they provided crypto secure communications and went everywhere it was needed, e.g., the White House basement, Camp David, Mt Weather etc.

Unfortunately, and is often the case, we UFO folks get into these pissing matches and that becomes the focus, rather then the important research that needs to be taken to task.

Might I suggest we take Kevin at his word, that he meant no malice towards Lovekin and get on with the research of the evidence, i.e., a credible witness with a incredible disclosure.

Erich von Däniken Still Going at 70

Nazca Bird
Theories way out there

Author who believes aliens built pyramids always draws a crowd

By Lysann Heller
The Budapest Times

Erich von Däniken (Sml)     Erich von Däniken has been causing controversy with his theses, books and television programmes about “prehistoric astronauts” for almost 40 years. Although mocked by serious scholars, his lectures are well attended and his books are sold around the world. Last Wednesday von Däniken familiarised an audience at the Budapest Congress Center with the “mysteries of the past.”

No, he still has not seen a UFO and not met any extraterrestrials, the 70-year old said, and he is still struggling to have his theories accepted. “I still have the feeling that when I turn up, people always scram,” he said.

However, von Däniken is undeterred and still spreads his theory that extraterrestrials were present on the earth thousands of years ago and were behind the construction of prominent buildings such as the pyramids of Giza, the stone statues on Easter Island and Stonehenge.

Von Däniken first began to develop his theories at a Jesuit school, when he realised “the God of the Bible” didn’t tie up with “god of my imagination.” He began to doubt Catholic belief and started to get interested in other religions.

“Many stories were repeated and so I gradually came to the explanation that the gods mentioned were in reality extraterrestrials.”

In order to prove his theses about prehistoric astronaut landings and lost civilisation, he undertook expensive world travel, which got him into financial troubles. He has yet to find objective proof but claims to have come across “chains of evidence for it,” and compared the situation to a murder case without a body.

He achieved world fame with his first book Chariots of the Gods, which was published in 1968 after being rejected twenty times. It became a film the following year. Von Däniken has written 29 books, which have been translated into 32 languages.

His theory is always questioned in scientific circles but that does not bother him. “My theory is not on a scientific level, but all sciences started that way. After all, before Darwin there was no anthropology,” he said.

Despite the criticism, he is convinced his theories will be taught in schools in “ten years at the latest.”

To find out more about his theories, visit www.evdaniken.com.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

"On Aug. 7, 1996, . . . Researchers Announced That a Craggy Lump of Rock Teemed With Evidence of Ancient Martian Life"

Martian Meteorite ALH 84001
It Came From Outer Space

Reviewed by Charles Seife
The Washington Post

     On Aug. 7, 1996, the war of the worlds began in earnest. At a press conference in NASA's Washington, D.C., headquarters, researchers announced that a craggy lump of rock teemed with evidence of ancient Martian life. If true, E.T. had been found.

Even if E.T. were friendly, the scientific atmosphere surrounding the discovery of the rock certainly wasn't. However, it seems that E.T. wasn't friendly. The Mars meteorite press conference sparked a vicious clash between two increasingly entrenched scientific camps. Critics immediately started discrediting the research, and the opposing groups battled for years about the true meaning of the extraterrestrial rock. Nearly a decade later, the wounds haven't healed. The fights were brutal because the stakes were so high.

Kathy Sawyer, who covered outer space for the Washington Post for 17 years, adeptly tells the saga in The Rock From Mars . However, the subtitle of her book is somewhat misleading; the story is more "Rashomon" than The Hound of the Baskervilles . There's no "Aha!" moment, no final answer to a burning mystery, no way to know definitively who's right and who's wrong. Good scientists and good journalists have looked at the same data and the same evidence and come to very different conclusions about whether or not the rock once harbored alien life.

This much is not in dispute: The rock is from Mars. It crashed down on the Antarctic ice about 13,000 years ago. The inside of the meteorite is dotted with fascinating, carbon-rich orange and black blobs. Upon closer inspection, the rock also contains little grains of iron-based material very similar to those found in some kinds of microbes. And it is full of wiener-like shapes that look like earthly bacteria, only smaller. NASA had found microscopic space sausages.

Martian Bacteria

NASA geologist David McKay and his team of researchers took this data as substantial evidence that the rock was once teeming with Martian bacteria. Sawyer's book shines when she describes the team's intellectual struggles; she lovingly takes us into the scientists' laboratories and shows us how they finally reached their jaw-dropping conclusion. Sawyer then shepherds us from the intellectual leap to the political kerfuffle. Once McKay's group decided that they had evidence for ancient life on Mars, events quickly spun out of control. The scientific hypothesis began to take on greater and greater significance as it passed from the researchers to their superiors to NASA administrator Daniel Goldin -- who used the meteorite as a lever to give the struggling NASA a new mission -- and eventually to the White House.

However, the tale isn't all rosy. NASA's handling of the press conference alienated a number of scientists who felt that the researchers were being irresponsible with their claim of extraterrestrial life. In the following months and years, critics tore into the McKay team's conclusion and accused NASA of hyping the research. As the case for life in the Mars rock got fuzzier and fuzzier, the debate slowly sank away from the public gaze and away from the mainstream of scientific discourse.

Sawyer tells the story well, though her sympathetic portraits of NASA scientists and managers rely heavily on their points of view. This causes some problems with balance. From NASA's perspective, criticism of its work might well seem to be "belligerencies" or attacks laced with "sheer personal vitriol," as Sawyer describes them, but to scientists on the other side of the issue, their comments were justified scientific criticism of a high-profile study. Sawyer's prose tends to bolster one side and undermine the other, occasionally even bordering on ad hominem. For example, anti-Mars-life scientists are painted as needlessly pugnacious: one "antagonist" is "fonder of confrontation than most" while another "did not suffer criticism lightly."

It's excusable for a journalist to pick sides in a fight she's studied for so long. Less acceptable, though, is that Sawyer occasionally uses rhetoric to obscure opposing arguments rather than to elucidate them. In the 1990s, she writes, NASA began to present its best science results with "a series of news updates that included video and graphics, dissenting points of view, context, and a tilt toward English over jargon. The perceived success of this approach in attracting media coverage fed a current of indignation among those who considered such efforts unseemly."

This is unfair. Clarity and evenhandedness didn't infuriate NASA critics. The nay-sayers were angry because they thought that NASA's PR machine tended to hype scientific findings beyond reason when political stakes were high -- or, worse yet, that NASA tarted up subpar research and presented it to the public as first-rate science in order to justify otherwise unjustifiable spending. John Glenn's shuttle flight and the "world-class" laboratory work of the International Space Station are arguably prime examples. To some, so is the Mars meteorite.

NASA is in the midst, once more, of cost overruns and budget crises, and is desperately trying to redefine itself. As the agency presents fascinating news from Mars, Saturn and elsewhere in the universe, seeing how it gets its hands dirty politicizing science would provide an interesting counterweight. Even though this might disappoint some die-hard NASA fans, it would be worth seeing how space sausages are made.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do Comets Plant The Seed of Life?

Stardust Capsule B
Comet Dust Has Hints of Organic Matter

By Irene Mona Klotz
Discovery News

     Feb. 24, 2006—Specks of comet dust carried to Earth inside a NASA science probe show tantalizing hints of organic compounds, bolstering suspicions that comets delivered key ingredients for the development of life on Earth.

Analysis of the samples brought back last month aboard the Stardust capsule is in the very early stages, but lead scientist Donald Brownlee said this week that he is encouraged by what researchers have found so far.

"We're seeing a variety of things that we know absolutely come from a comet," Brownlee, an astronomer with the University of Washington, said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Though analysis has just begun, the samples so far have revealed iron, sulfides, glassy materials and traces of olivine.

The samples are from Comet Wild-2, which flew just 149 miles (240 kilometers) past the Stardust spacecraft on Jan. 2, 2004.

During the encounter, the spacecraft extended a collection tray filled with 132 tiles of lightweight, heat-resistant gel that captured individual particles streaming off the comet's body.

As they bored into the gel, the particles created carrot-shaped trails, many of which were visible to the naked eye when scientists opened the canister upon its return to Earth a year later.

"When you have the samples in hand, it's a whole different universe," Brownlee said.

Early indications show Stardust collected at least 2,300 comet particles measuring 15 micrometers — one-third the diameter of a human hair — or larger, according to University of Chicago researchers who built one of the spacecraft science instruments.

Scientists are particularly keen to learn if any of the comet samples contain traces of matter from the original dust cloud that provided the raw materials for the creation of the solar system some 4.8 billion years ago.

Comets are believed to be relatively unchanged since their formation because they primarily dwell far from the sun's heat in a perpetual deep-freeze beyond Neptune's orbit.

After dropping off its return capsule for a parachute landing on Earth, the Stardust spacecraft was placed into a solar orbit while NASA weighs options for a second comet encounter. No more samples can be returned, but the probe has cameras and other instruments for close-up studies.

The first scientific results from the Stardust mission are expected to be released next month.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer!
- Part Three -

By Frank Warren

     With the recent publication of the Lovekin documents the vested parties have offered their respective proclamations; the most recent is that of Dr. Michael Salla an outspoken proponent of Exopolitics. He writes:

Michael Salla (Sml)
In his recent article, "The Enablers of Secrecy," Dr Steven Greer has supplied a number of documents in response to Major Kevin Randle's speculations and conclusions regarding the military service and rank of Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin. Major Randle's article is at:


The documents supplied by Dr Greer are at:

here ;

and Dr Greer's response to Major Randle at:


With regard to Lovekin's rank as a Brigadier General, Major Randle offered the following speculation as to the official status of this rank:

"These state guards have been pulled together in an unofficial national organization of state militia. Lovekin might hold his brigadier general commission in just such an organization. It might suggest his claim to be a brigadier general, while unofficial and not recognized by either the Army or the North Carolina National Guard would allow him to claim the rank. This is all speculation on my part."

In the documents offered by Stephen Greer, one is a duty roster for the North Carolina State Guard which lists Stephen Lovekin as a Brigadier General.

As to the official status of the NCSG, this is what their website declares:

The SGAUS is the national association for the organized state militia, often known as State Defense Force, State Guard, or State Military Reserve. These state military forces are the official "well regulated" Militia of their respective states. The SGAUS does not support private groups who may call themselves "militia," but who are not officially recognized, unless the group is bona fide and seeking such official state recognition. These state military forces are in addition to and separate from the National Guard of the respective states, although both organizations are under the command of the Governor and are assigned to the state's Adjutant General or Military Department. www.ncstateguard.org

Consequently, the rank of Brigadier General assigned to Stephen Lovekin is officially recognized by the Governor of North Carolina andofficially is part of that state's Military Department. So Major Randle was incorrect in his speculation regarding the 'unofficial status' of the State Guard that Stephen Lovekin attained his rank.

This documentary evidence proves that Stephen Lovekin has an official status as a Brigadier General in an official military organization recognized by the State of North Carolina.

Another error in Kevin Randle's article concerns Stephen Lovekin's service in the White House where he speculates:

"Then there was the claim by Lovekin that he worked in the Eisenhower White House. Well, if Stephen L. Lovekin and the attorney in North Carolina are the same man, this makes little sense. According to the information Stephen L. Lovekin, the attorney, was born in August 1940.

His biography at the law firm web site does not mention any military service, nor does it suggest that he was ever a brigadier general. That in and of itself seems strange. To further complicate the matter, if these are the same men, then Lovekin was 18 when he worked in the Eisenhower White House. While it is not unheard of for a teenager to be an Army officer (I was a warrant officer at 19), it is extremely unlikely that someone of that age to be assigned to the White House. Those postings are normally reserved for more experienced soldiers."

Again, documentary evidence supplied Dr Greer proves that General Lovekin did serve in the White Housel Signals Agency as he claimed:

www.disclosureproject.org Again, Major Randle is incorrect in his speculations regarding General Lovekin. Finally, we have the final conclusion from Maj Randle regarding the claims of Brig General Lovekin:

"This all suggests to me that the "whistle blower" testimony offered by Stephen L. Lovekin is of little use in developing any policies related to UFOs or extraterrestrial visitation. There is no corroboration of his many claims of military service as a high-ranking officer, no verification of his positions in the White House and little reason to believe he was witness to the things he claims. Like so many of the other whistle blowers, he should be removed from our lists."

Documentary evidence has now emerged that Maj Randle was wrong both in a number of speculations he offered concerning Brig General Lovekin, and dramatically wrong in the conclusion he offered. His advise to remove the testimony of Gen Lovekin from the lists of serious UFO researchers amounts to a character assassination against a man who has served with distinction both in the US Army and the State of North Carolina. It would be appropriate for Maj Randle to publicly apologize for his unjust dismissal and criticisms of the claims offered by Brig General Stephen Lovekin regarding both his military service and UFOs/extraterrestrial visitation.


Michael Salla, PhD
[It is understood that Stephen Lovekin has been experiencing serious health problems--we wish him a full and speedy recovery]

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- Part Two -


Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer!
- Part Two -

Stephen Lovekin

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Steven Greer     Yesterday Steven Greer wrote a "stinging missive" in partial rebuttal to Kevin Randle's piece on Stephen Lovekin, a labeled "whistleblower" by Greer and his "Disclosure Project." He wrote:

For over a decade, The Disclosure Project and CSETI have worked to identify reliable government and military witnesses to secret UFO/ET-related events and projects.

Without an office, staff or significant budget, we have identified hundreds of such whistle-blowers, who have come forward heroically and without compensation so that you, the public, may know the truth. It has been a costly and all-consuming effort to unravel the biggest secret in modern history, so that our civilization may reclaim its future and attain sustainability.

Alas, a steady drum-beat of slander, libel, defamation of character, and ad hominem attacks have continued to occur from certain quarters. For the most part, we have chosen to ignore such attacks, since generally they arise from either sour-grapes and jealous elements of the so-called UFO subculture or from paid disinformation hacks. We prefer to focus on constructive change and doing the real work of Disclosure.

But it must be acknowledged that, left unaddressed, at times such attacks create a dynamic where secrecy is enabled and perpetuated. For if we, as a community, cannot defend these brave and heroic whistle-blowers, who will? And left undefended, a dynamic will evolve where a wet-blanket will be thrown on the willingness for these already-reluctant (and often threatened) witnesses to come forward.

Many of you have read the recent attacks and defamation of a courageous Disclosure Project Witness, Brigadier (Brig.) General Stephen Lovekin, Esq., by one Kevin Randle.

Randle claims Brig. General Lovekin is not a Brigadier General and suggests he has falsified or concocted his credentials. Nothing could be further from the truth. See www.DisclosureProject.org for a file of documents that establish Brig. General Lovekin's time in the White House as well as his status as a BG (Brig. General).

That Randle could not, with whatever investigative competence he may or may not possess, show that this fine and heroic witness was a Brig. General is not reason for his public defamation of this man.

While Brig. General Lovekin was hospitalized, literally fighting for his life, Randle has engaged in casting aspersions on his credibility, and by extension, on The Disclosure Project. Prior to publishing these baseless accusations, Randle never contacted me or Brig. General Lovekin to ascertain the facts of the matter.

This is typical of the so-called investigators within the hobbyist UFO subculture, who arrogate to themselves the role of police, judge and jury about such matters - all the while failing to engage in a modicum of due diligence or care.

Would it really have been so difficult to ask Brig. General Lovekin for documentation of his status? He is a well-regarded attorney in NC with a public listing. Instead, Randle chose to publish his libelous claims and besmirch a fine man's reputation.

Such events have happened throughout the history of UFO secrecy. Good and sincere people come forward, to disclose the truth or change the status quo, only to have countless rabid wolves set upon them, slandering them and defaming their reputations.

This behavior, altogether unchecked by the interested public that deserves to know the truth, serves to enable secrecy by discouraging further selfless and sincere best-faith efforts by professionals like Brig. Gen. Lovekin and indeed myself. I am a medical doctor, Lovekin is an attorney and his cousin, Dr. Ted Loder, is a PhD scientist and scientific advisor to the Disclosure Project. How can the UFO community
expect such professional people to step forward if we will not defend them from these vicious and baseless attacks?

For who would want to step forward, to disclose the truth and blow the whistle on the rogue and illegal secrecy surrounding UFOs, UFO-connected technologies and the like only to have the UFO community itself set upon them with one ugly attack after another?

Whether out of jealousy or shadowy ties to those who desire to perpetuate secrecy, the effect is the same: Such ad hominem attacks serve to dissuade others from coming forward.

Moreover, insofar as The Disclosure Project is providing important whistle-blower testimony and documents to government leaders in the US, Canada and other countries, these libelous assertions serve to discourage such government officials from looking further into the matter.

Enough is enough.

A Call to Action

- It is time for you, the concerned public, to hold such behavior accountable. We encourage you to contact Randle, and others who engage in similar baseless attacks, and demand that they behave responsibly and cease and desist from such attacks on courageous whistle-blowers.

- The Disclosure Project asks that you help us identify a top quality Attorney with experience in defamation, libel and slander cases to work with us in defending the rights and reputation of Disclosure Project witnesses.

- We ask that you write publications or organizations affiliated with those who engage in such attacks and demand that they take actions to stop such behavior.

- We ask that you help us identify further UFO military and government witnesses and support the Disclosure Project at www.DisclosureProject.org so that we may continue to provide the public with the truth.

<> We must not enable those who would enable secrecy. It is time that we hold such behavior accountable and defend the honor, reputation and testimony of such fine and heroic witnesses as Brig. General Stephen Lovekin.
Kevin Randle (Sml) 2Today in response Kevin Randle writes:
I would think, before you take off on a rant, you’d want to see what I have to say about “Brigadier General” Stephen Lovekin.

Might I suggest you read the information that I have posted at www.KevinRandle.blogspot.com. Then decide if the questions I raised were reasonable or if I have launched some kind of ad hominem attack on Lovekin.

Second, it would seem to me that those after the information they claim is hidden by the government would want to be sure that their whistle blowers were exactly who they said they were. Ask yourself this question: If a reporter found the information I did, would he or she be more inclined to accept or reject the testimony of Lovekin.

The solution is simple. Rather than imply Lovekin is a general in the National Guard Reserve (which doesn’t exist) and rather than suggest he has a long career in the Army, explain that he holds his commission in the State Guard of North Carolina Association. Also explain that he was not a general while serving in the White House Army Signal Agency, but was, in reality, a rather low ranking enlisted man.

And finally, for those who wonder about my credentials, let me point out that I served in the Army in Vietnam, I was a member of the Iowa National Guard that was called to active duty and served for 14 months including a tour in Iraq, and I am being recalled for another tour in the Middle East. So, I have the right to ask questions about someone who says he is a general, but who is strangely left out of and off all the official sites and locations that could verify this. I am not a part of a volunteer, civilian organization like the State Guard of North Carolina Association.

Thanks for reading the above.

Kevin D. Randle
[It is understood that Stephen Lovekin has been experiencing serious health problems--we wish him a full and speedy recovery]


Inexplicata Logo
Type: I
Date: Tuesday, February 21 2006

Place: Northern Caguas.

Time: 4:00 A.M.

Witness: Antonio Torres (Pseudonym) and three others

Evidence: Video

Brief Description: A round yellow light that looked like a star at a distance

Summary: “In the evening of February 21, 2006 around 4:00 a.m., my mother woke me up to see an alleged light in the sky which was being discussed on the radio, don't know the station, but I'm sure it was on the AM band, as that is the only one she listens to. I headed for the terrace, looked at the sky and saw it, but to be sure I found my camera and recorded it. There are some good closeups on the film and everything ended at dawn, since the sun's light kept me from recording further. They allegedly said on the radio that it was toward El Yunque [rainforest]. It was a round shining light that seemed white, moving left and right. At a distance it resembled a star."

Conclusion: It was the planet Venus, which was rising at that time over the horizon.

Reported by: Antonio to Lucy Guzmán de Ovni.Net

* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer!
- Part One -

Stephen Lovekin

Greer Lays Lovekin's Cards on The Table

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Steven Greer     There has been much controversy as of late in regards to the "military credentials" of one "Stephen L. Lovekin." Lovekin a practicing attorney in North Carolina first came to light in Steven Greer's book, Extraterrestrial Contact, Granite Publishing LLC 1999 pg. 357 as "Witness K." Greer describes "Witness K" as:

Stephen Lovekin (Sml)
"Major SL, a respected lawyer who was an Army cryptographer in the Pentagon from 1959-61. He he was shown samples of debris from the crash of an ET craft in New Mexico in the late 1940's, and it was demonstrated to him the extraordinary properties of the material. He saw the ET writing on the debris and was told it was being studied by Army cryptographers, but they had not (in 1959) broken the code. He also had confirmed to him then President Eisenhower's interest in the subject, that he knew of the subject, but that he was being left out of substantial information dealing with ET technology programs. Major SL [Lovekin] had a top-secret clearance and continues to possess a top secret clearance as an Army reserve today."
Kevin Randle (Sml) 2The most recent imputation came from Ufologist and well known author, "Kevin Randle"; in part he wrote:
" . . . Thanks to a book entitled Stolen Valor I’m now suspicious of most claims of military association, especially those who claim to have achieved high rank. It surprised me then and continues to surprise me that so many people will claim military service who have never worn a uniform and that so many of those who were actually in the military have embellished their careers. . .. "
Randle made attempts to validate Lovekin's military background to no avail; that with his (Randle) own military experience he concluded:
". . . This all suggests to me that the "whistle blower" testimony offered by Stephen L. Lovekin is of little use in developing any policies related to UFOs or extraterrestrial visitation. There is no corroboration of his many claims of military service as a high-ranking officer, no verification of his positions in the White House and little reason to believe he was witness to the things he claims. Like so many of the other whistle blowers, he should be removed from our lists."
Today Steven Greer wrote a scolding rebuttal to Randle's missive and he in part said:
"Many of you have read the recent attacks and defamation of a courageous Disclosure Project Witness, Brigadier (Brig.) General Stephen Lovekin, Esq., by one Kevin Randle.

Randle claims Brig. General Lovekin is not a Brigadier General and suggests he has falsified or concocted his credentials."
Greer goes on to further chastise Randle (to put it mildly) about what he describes as "ad hominem attacks" on Lovekin.

For those of you paying attention, in regards to Ufology, lines have been established for researchers in support of what has become known as "Exopolitics" and what I call "moderate Ufology." (This is a larger piece of this pie which we'll delve into at later date). Emotions often run high between the two groups, and sometimes a "civil debate" is hard to come by. Personally, I took Randle's missive as "his voice of skepticism" in regards to Lovekin's declaration as well as a "laundry list" of "investigative chores" he performed in order to validate "Stephen Lovekin's" military background.

Moreover, his piece wasn't "definitive," and his research was still ongoing; let's not forget that he also wrote:
". . . This is important stuff, if it could be confirmed. A general officer, one who had once held the ear of the president and who could report on the president’s interest in UFOs, would make an impressive witness, especially if he could talk of a UFO crash and recovered debris. . . .
Methinks most of us would agree with this ideology, and to that end, the evidence (various supportive documents) provided "by Greer" (recently posted on the "Disclosure" web-site - see below) from Lovekin is invaluable.

UFOs Reported in Tennessee

UFO's Visible With Sun Blocked

UFO group says 100 Tennesseans saw unexplained sights


     Seeing strange lights and weird objects flying in the sky, nearly a hundred Tennesseans have made such claims over the last few years and the number of UFO sightings in the state is growing.

According to the Appalachian UFO research center, about a hundred people in Tennessee reported seeing UFO's between 2004 and the winter of 2005.

Some of those sighting were right here in the Mid-South.

Tony Pratt describes his first encounter back in 1986.

"It was about 11:30, we stepped outside and saw a big triangle outside a Baptist church," said Tony Pratt.

Pratt uses his video camera to document UFO's. He claims if you point the camera toward the sun, then block out the sun itself, you can see something flying in the sky.

More . . .

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. . . UFO and ET Encounters to be Presented at a UN 'Affiliated' Conference

Evidence of Children’s UFO and Extraterrestrial Encounters to be Presented at a United Nations Affiliated Conference in Montreal


Mary Rodwell (Sml)     After being involved with over 1000 experiencers (alien abductees), a former registered nurse, who is now a professional counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, has concluded that alien “abductions” are not only real encounters, but that they are about spiritual awakening and galactic contact. Mary Rodwell is not alone, as a growing number of academics, scientists and politicians, such as the former Canadian Minister of Defense Hon. Paul Hellyer, are starting to support the core of her paradigm shifting views about life in the Universe and that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships.

     Perth, Australia (PRWEB) February 22, 2006 -- A former registered nurse who has worked with hundreds of clients, including many children, will be revealing evidence of their encounters with extraterrestrial beings at an upcoming conference in Montreal, Canada.

After a decade of research as a professional counselor and clinical hypnotherapist, Australia’s Mary Rodwell says that there is now enough evidence to conclude that these “beings” appear to come from other planets and other dimensions parallel to our own.

She will be making her presentation at the 31st annual conference of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS) taking place in Montreal May 5th to 14th, 2006.

The IIIHS is a non-profit organization affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. It serves over 10,000 general members and students from many nations towards the convergence of new sciences with spirituality and universal human values, creating inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding for world peace.

Rodwell will be one of more than 60 speakers to address the IIIHS, with other distinguished professionals such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, physicists, scientists, psychologists, spiritual leaders, and even a former NASA astronaut (www.iiihs.org).

She is a co-founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd., founded by Dr. Richard Boylan, and the author of “Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life”.

Rodwell says that after being involved with over 1,000 “experiencers” (alien abductees) nothing had prepared her for what she discovered.

“My clients include both adults and children who exhibit transformative changes such as telepathy, clairvoyance and healing as they become more spiritually aware and begin to operate on a multi-dimensional band of reality”, says Rodwell. “In the last 10 years, clients have come to me from the U.K, North America, Europe, Russia, Japan and South America”.

Rodwell also explains that part of her client’s contact experiences seems to inspire them to draw complex artwork, scripts, symbols and sometimes speaking strange languages.

“An eight year old has called her downloading of information ‘knowledge bombs’, as complex data conveyed through mental images and concepts seem to create a heightened consciousness level”, says Rodwell. “These ‘Star Children’ exhibit a maturity and wisdom beyond their years and often describe their connection to spirit and angelic realms”.

This former registered nurse is not the only one to have noticed a change with today’s children. A May 2005 USA Today article quotes James Twyman, producer of films on “Indigo Children”, as saying that a new generation of special children are among us who have increased telepathic abilities and are spiritually awakened.

The name “Indigo Children” comes from a blue indigo colored aura that some people say they can see around these children, as per a January 2006 New York Times article.

ABC News’ Diane Sawyers has also explored the issue of these extraordinary children in a November 2005 interview with an entire family of “Indigo Children”. Sawyers said that this phenomenon was “fascinating” and was “across the country”.

Rodwell explains that while many “Star Children” and “Indigo Children” have telepathic abilities, are spiritually awakened and often describe seeing “Beings of Light” (angels), the main difference is that “Star Children” have recollections of having had encounters with extraterrestrial beings and of sometimes having been on alien spaceships.

Though many medical professionals are still skeptical, in November 2003, Rodwell’s work was featured in the Australian Doctor Focus Magazine, a prestigious Australian medical journal.

Rodwell is not alone with her views as a growing number of professionals in the medical community share her conclusions and have spoken publicly.

Such people include the late world-renowned Harvard Medical School professor of psychiatry, Dr. John E. Mack, author of “Passport to the Cosmos”. and Dr. Janet Colli, author of “Sacred Encounters – Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters”. Dr. Colli will also speak at Montreal’s IIIHS conference.

Rodwell’s work continues to raise serious questions that were raised in February 2005 on ABC News by the late Peter Jennings in his two hour Primetime Special: “UFOs – Seeing is Believing”.

Jennings’ millions of viewers were presented with a small portion of the 150 interviews conducted by ABC in regards to the controversial and enigmatic issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. Jennings concluded that many UFOs were indeed unidentified and that questions about their origin remained unanswered.

To Rodwell, the answer is that we are being visited by extraterrestrial civilizations. Her conclusion is echoed by the former Canadian Minister of National Defense Hon. Paul Hellyer, who, in September of 2005, went public saying that UFOs were as real as the airplanes that fly over our heads, and were indeed extraterrestrial vehicles.

During a December 2005 NBC News interview with Tucker Carlson, Hellyer quoted former high level Pentagon officials as the source of his information. One of his sources includes an unnamed retired US Air Force General who spoke with him directly and confirmed that some UFOs were indeed "identified" and were piloted by extraterrestrial intelligences.

Hellyer is not the only politician who has raised the issue of UFOs. A CNN November 2002 article quoted President Clinton’s former White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, asking for the Pentagon to come clean and to declassify their UFO files.

Podesta currently supports a Coalition for Freedom of Information lawsuit against NASA asking for the declassification of their top secret files in relations to the 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

Though her evidence does not include an actual UFO, Rodwell says that she has evidence from a scientific, medical, psychological, and historical perspective to support her paradigm shifting conclusion that children are being evolved and transformed on many levels through extraterrestrial encounters.

This evidence will be presented in her first Canadian presentation in Montreal May 5th-14th, 2006 at the IIIHS conference. Rodwell is available for media interviews.


Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN)
Perth, Australia
Contact: Mary Rodwell
Tel: 001-618-9454 3702
Email: starline (at) iinet.net.au

The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS)
Montreal, Canada
Contact: Dr. Marilyn Rossner, Father John Rossner
Tel: (514) 937-8359
Email: info (at) iiihs.org

More . . .

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"SETI Is The Only Research Program Looking For Life Beyond The Solar System"

Allen Array My Art
Scientists look for extraterrestrial life

     Scientists are ramping up the search for extraterrestrial life with a powerful array of new telescopes and a refined sense of where to look within the vast expanses of our universe.

At the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science last weekend, a panel of experts discussed the key components of life and what it might mean to find them within our own solar system -- or beyond.

Even in the absence of a breakthrough discovery, Nathalie Cabrol of the Mountain View, Calif.-based SETI Institute said such efforts could pay big dividends for thinking about life on an ever-changing Earth.

"It is the way we are going to understand where we are coming from and how we are going to survive as a species," she said. With a growing list of microbes capable of living in Earth's harshest conditions and hints of Earth-like features on Mars and Saturn's moon Titan, "our notion of habitability in our own solar system and the rest of the universe is going to change over time," Cabrol said.

Although NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers continue trundling across Mars and gathering evidence that the Red Planet once harbored water, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is the only research program looking for life beyond the solar system.

Water, energy and nutrients are considered key elements for a habitable planet. But SETI researchers acknowledged that whether habitable means inhabited is a different question entirely, especially since Earth is the only known example.

Jill Tartar, who heads the Center for SETI Research at the nonprofit institute, put the enormity of the challenge into perspective: 100 billion galaxies are believed to exist, each with 100 billion stars. So far, scientists have detected the presence of about 180 planets in orbit around 147 stars beyond our solar system, though most of them are inhospitable giant balls of gas, akin to Jupiter.

So where to begin?

Margaret Turnbull of the Carnegie Institution of Washington has helped to whittle down a preliminary list of nearly 120,000 stars so her colleagues can focus on the ones best suited for a terrestrial planet.

Among her considerations, Turnbull said a star's solar system should include a "habitable zone" that allows liquid water. Also, a star more than 1.5 times the size of our Sun likely wouldn't live long enough to allow advanced life, and stars younger than 3 billion years likely wouldn't allow enough time for advanced life forms to establish themselves.

After scrutinizing all the candidates, Turnbull ended up with a list of 17,129 stars.

"So we've got our work cut out for us," she said.

One star on her shortlist, named 18 Sco, is a virtual solar twin to the Sun. Another, called 51 Peg, already is known to have a giant gaseous planet akin to Jupiter in its orbit.

To aid in the exhaustive search, SETI is setting up the Allen Telescope Array, a joint project with the Radio Astronomy Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley.

The northern California-based cluster of 350 radio antennas, slated for completion in June, 2008, will allow astronomers to look for new planets or listen for radio transmissions sent from intelligent civilizations in other solar systems.

Tartar said previous technologies allowed researchers to scan about 1,000 stars over a decade. With the Allen Telescope Array, funded largely by Seattle billionaire Paul Allen, SETI scientists believe they will be able to search at least one million stars in the coming decade.

Other space missions under consideration by NASA could aid the search, but Tartar complained that the space agency's budget proposal for astrobiology in fiscal year 2007 has been cut by 50 percent compared with its 2005 budget, leading to worries that such missions could be delayed indefinitely.

Searches for far smaller signs of life are ongoing as well. Pascale Ehrenfreund of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry in the Netherlands said scientists have identified about 140 kinds of molecules in space -- two-thirds of which include carbon, the common denominator of life on Earth. Carbon chemistry throughout the universe seems to follow the same pathways, she said, leading many scientists to suggest a carbon-focused search for identifying other life forms.

Carol Cleland, a professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, believes that approach may be too narrow, however.

"We should be looking for life as we don't know it," she said, by trying to identify systems that appear similar to those on Earth, but which contain provocative anomalies that might be indicative of wildly different forms of life.

And if scientists are eventually successful? SETI's Margaret Pace said finding even primitive signs of life close to home -- on Mars, for example -- may raise difficult policy questions, an issue she said should be thoroughly discussed beforehand.

"It's sort of like getting a message on your answering machine," she said. We may be able to decide whether to respond to a call from a distant planet, but identifying something alive closer to home will not afford us the same luxury.

Tartar predicted that the search could yield headlines within a few decades, "but we won't know if we've found microbes or mathematicians."

Unlike the movie "Contact," in which Jodie Foster portrays a character loosely based on her, Tartar said her institute will be prepared. "We have champagne on ice," she said, "and they forgot that."

More . . .

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Brilliant UFO Photographed In Nuevo Leon, Mexico!

Inexplicata Logo
Multiple UFO Sighting in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
     Several UFOs were recorded in northern Mexico. The evidence was filmed by Efren Sauceda Tello using a Sony Digital TRV380 camcorder on February 12, 2006.

The witness says that a total of 4 sightings took place and that all of the cases involved very shiny objects tha descended along the slopes of the Topo Chico hill until they lost themselves in the thickets.

He says that he was unable to record the last UFO, as the glare of the sun kept him from doing so.

Efren Sauceda was at his unlce’s house in Colonia Fomerrey 36, Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

Times that the recordings were made:

2:41 p.m.

3:38 p.m.

3:41 p.m.

3:51 p-m.

Efren SaucedaWitnesses’ statement:
”I can tell you that they weren’t spheres, since as they descended they showed a mass movement, as though changing shape, but with a very bright light. I wasn’t the only one who saw them. Several of my cousins were among the witnesses.”

“I believe that the most interesting feature of these recordings is that we not only possess a video of three unknown objects, but we also managed to record the time at which they reached their destination.”
It should be recalled that in 2005, Efren Sauceda presented interesting evidence of tubular UFOs, making him one of Mexico's most experienced skywatchers.

UFO Over Nuevo Leon A By Efren 06
UFO Over Nuevo Leon B By Efren 06
UFO Over Nuevo Leon C By Efren 06
UFO Over Nuevo Leon D By Efren 06
UFO Over Nuevo Leon E By Efren 06
UFO Over Nuevo Leon F By Efren 06
* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

* SOURCE: Ana Luisa Cid

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Are There UFOs in the NC Sky?

North Carolina Has Aliens
By Jack Madison

     It's part of the human curiosity. Many of us wonder ... are we alone?

A Gallup poll shows that 72 percent of Americans believe there is life on other planets. And one in five of us believe aliens have been in contact with human beings. Our own curiosity made us want to find out what evidence, if any, there is of alien spacecraft flying over North Carolina's skies. And why do people believe in, and explore, life from beyond. That quest took us to the central part of the state.

At a farm, in an undisclosed location, west of High Point in Davidson County, independent UFO researchers like Alan Caviness look to the sky, looking for signs of life. Life unlike anything we know. We sat down with Caviness to talk about his experiences.

"Earth has always been visited. We've never been alone. I think this is a gradual awakening that we're all in the middle of. And I believe I'm a part of that. And so are many other people."

Using digital cameras, Caviness takes pictures, hundreds of them, and video. He says the cameras pick up objects unseen to the naked eye. Caviness said, "We do know that our cameras can pick up in the near infrared part the light spectrum, which is beyond human visibility."

Caviness says some UFO's can be seen without high technology-if the aliens on board want you to see them. He and other believers in High Point say the space crafts only come here from the middle of March through early August. "These UFO's are conducting some kind of annual operations. We know that because we just don't see anything in the winter months when it's coldest. March 11, out of 400 photographs, we got six UFO's. So, we know that they're back."

In one account, Caviness and a companion saw two UFO's approaching. They took these pictures. Then, whatever it was, was gone. "We looked up, and they had to be right over our heads because they were approaching us, and there were just not visible. But they clearly showed up in the photos."

Caviness does not just believe these unidentified flying objects are alien crafts, but that aliens are part of human life. He said, "There are a lot more people being abducted by these UFO's then you would ever dream."

People like Alan Caviness himself. "I know I've been abducted before."

Once, he says, he heard a strange clicking noise in open air. On the way from his mailbox to his home, something happened. Caviness recounted, "I walked to my front door-about 30 feet over short grass-and I no longer had my house key, my car key, in my hand. I think I was taken and returned, minus my keys. These things are happening."

Like many who claim to be abducted by aliens, Caviness says he doesn't remember anything. After entering his home, he found a scar on his chest, a hole through his shirt. He claims, within hours, the scar was gone. He also claims what many other so-called 'experiencers' do; sleep paralysis before and after an abduction. He said, "They can't move their arms and legs, and sometimes they feel a presence in the room, but they can't look over to see it."

And there are countless others who swear they have seen something not from this world. There are web sites dedicated to UFO sightings, filled with accounts from southeastern North Carolina. In Carolina Beach; "I was a little startled to see several fairly bright lights in the sky..."

Holden Beach; "..one of several red lights emitted a beam."

Chadbourn; "We thought it was a military aircraft, but my husband built aircraft, and said that is not one of ours, including those at area 51."

Dr. Bob Brown teaches courses in pseudo science at UNCW. We showed him the Caviness collection of pictures and video. As he mulled over the still pictures, he remarked, "This could be a piece of fabric that someone had taken or cardboard. That looks like to me that could be an automobile tire that's been played with."

Brown says it's not that these aren't unidentified flying objects, but that in itself does not make them extraterrestrial. He said, "If it's a UFO, it's not an alien spaceship."

Dr. Brown says those who claim to see ships from out of this world aren't out of their minds. Often though, he says, they see what they want to believe. Brown said, "Not only are they not a little crazy, but they are essentially within the normal range on most personality dimensions."

Brown admits the unknown is exactly that; unknown. Anything is possible. Nothing, for him, is confirmed. He said, "These things could exist? In the case of the alien spaceships, of course. But, we need verifiable evidence."

Alan Caviness says he knows what he's seeing. "If I'm hallucinating, then so is my camera."

He says it's time for the science community to acknowledge there's something out there so that we, the human race, can learn, not about aliens as much as about ourselves. He said, "These beings understand what human thought is. We don't. They also understand what life actually is. We don't. They understand what our existence here on earth is all about. We don't. There's a lot we don't understand. That's why we need to explore this phenomenon."

More . . .

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"Have You Ever Experienced Anything Strange On The Chase?"

Bigfoot & Saucer
What's happening on Cannock Chase?

By Steve Wollaston
IC Solihull.co.uk

     Cannock Chase has been a hotbed or rumours of Black Cats, Bigfoots, strange lights and UFO's for decades.

Is there anything in the endless reports of people seeing huge cats, lights in the sky travelling at speed and 7ft tall hairy creatures walking accross the road with demonic red eyes?

It sounds absurd... but are all these reports merely hoaxes or is there really something in it?

Have you ever experienced anything strange on the Chase?

Have you or someone you know ever experienced something you can't explain?

If you have then why not let us know.

We will publish your e-mails online and in the paper. We look forward to hearing from you.

More . . .

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"Intelligence Agencies Have Been Removing From Public Access Thousands of Historical Documents"

Top Secret Eyes Only Doc
U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review

By Scott Shane
The New York Times

     WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 — In a seven-year-old secret program at the National Archives, intelligence agencies have been removing from public access thousands of historical documents that were available for years, including some already published by the State Department and others photocopied years ago by private historians.

The restoration of classified status to more than 55,000 previously declassified pages began in 1999, when the Central Intelligence Agency and five other agencies objected to what they saw as a hasty release of sensitive information after a 1995 declassification order signed by President Bill Clinton. It accelerated after the Bush administration took office and especially after the 2001 terrorist attacks, according to archives records.

But because the reclassification program is itself shrouded in secrecy — governed by a still-classified memorandum that prohibits the National Archives even from saying which agencies are involved — it continued virtually without outside notice until December. That was when an intelligence historian, Matthew M. Aid, noticed that dozens of documents he had copied years ago had been withdrawn from the archives' open shelves.

Mr. Aid was struck by what seemed to him the innocuous contents of the documents — mostly decades-old State Department reports from the Korean War and the early cold war. He found that eight reclassified documents had been previously published in the State Department's history series, "Foreign Relations of the United States."

"The stuff they pulled should never have been removed," he said. "Some of it is mundane, and some of it is outright ridiculous."

After Mr. Aid and other historians complained, the archives' Information Security Oversight Office, which oversees government classification, began an audit of the reclassification program, said J. William Leonard, director of the office.

Mr. Leonard said he ordered the audit after reviewing 16 withdrawn documents and concluding that none should be secret.

"If those sample records were removed because somebody thought they were classified, I'm shocked and disappointed," Mr. Leonard said in an interview. "It just boggles the mind."

If Mr. Leonard finds that documents are being wrongly reclassified, his office could not unilaterally release them. But as the chief adviser to the White House on classification, he could urge a reversal or a revision of the reclassification program.

A group of historians, including representatives of the National Coalition for History and the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations, wrote to Mr. Leonard on Friday to express concern about the reclassification program, which they believe has blocked access to some material at the presidential libraries as well as at the archives.

Among the 50 withdrawn documents that Mr. Aid found in his own files is a 1948 memorandum on a C.I.A. scheme to float balloons over countries behind the Iron Curtain and drop propaganda leaflets. It was reclassified in 2001 even though it had been published by the State Department in 1996.

Another historian, William Burr, found a dozen documents he had copied years ago whose reclassification he considers "silly," including a 1962 telegram from George F. Kennan, then ambassador to Yugoslavia, containing an English translation of a Belgrade newspaper article on China's nuclear weapons program.

Under existing guidelines, government documents are supposed to be declassified after 25 years unless there is particular reason to keep them secret. While some of the choices made by the security reviewers at the archives are baffling, others seem guided by an old bureaucratic reflex: to cover up embarrassments, even if they occurred a half-century ago.

One reclassified document in Mr. Aid's files, for instance, gives the C.I.A.'s assessment on Oct. 12, 1950, that Chinese intervention in the Korean War was "not probable in 1950." Just two weeks later, on Oct. 27, some 300,000 Chinese troops crossed into Korea.

Mr. Aid said he believed that because of the reclassification program, some of the contents of his 22 file cabinets might technically place him in violation of the Espionage Act, a circumstance that could be shared by scores of other historians. But no effort has been made to retrieve copies of reclassified documents, and it is not clear how they all could even be located.

More . . .

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PRESS RELEASE: The Government Has Been Spying On Its Citizens

Nick Redfern (Sml)     Wake up, America. There is nothing new about President Bush’s secret domestic spying program of American citizens. The Government has been secretly spying on its citizens for more than half a century in the cause of national security – and particularly on those citizens who have seen, been abducted by, or study UFOs.

The complete story is detailed in a controversial new book called On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance by Nick Redfern, just published by Anomalist Books. Redfern, who was himself the subject of government surveillance for his interest in UFOs, uses on-the-record interviews, previously-classified official records, and testimony provided by insider-sources to tell this amazing story about how and why Military, Intelligence, and Government agencies of both the U.S. and U.K. have been secretly spying on UFO witnesses and researchers.

Highlights of On the Trail of the Saucer Spies include: the FBI's officially-declassified reports on people who claim to have met extraterrestrials; Top Secret surveillance of Alien Abductees; the real-life Men in Black who spy on UFO witnesses; phone-tapping and mail-interference of UFO researchers; Scotland Yard's secret monitoring of UFO computer hackers; Secret government files on researchers of the famous Roswell crash of 1947; infiltration of UFO research groups by secret agents; and UFO authors suspected by the Government of working for hostile nations to uncover defense secrets.

Nick Redfern is one of the world’s foremost authorities on UFOs. His previous books include A Covert Agenda; The FBI Files; Cosmic Crashes; Strange Secrets (with Andy Roberts); Three Men Seeking Monsters; and Body Snatchers in the Desert. He has
written for Military Illustrated; Eye-Spy; Fate; Fortean Times; Phenomena Magazine; and the London Daily Express.

On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies: UFOs And Government Surveillance by Nick Redfern

Trade Paperback, 308 pages, illustrated, index, $15.95

ISBN: 1933665106

For more information visit: www.anomalistbooks.com

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Blast From The Past - August 5, 1947: Trace of Giants Found in Desert

San Diego Union

SAn Diego Union-8-5-1947-Giants Found
-click on image to enlarge-

Crash Retrieval Day At UFO Congress, Laughlin, Nevada

Aliens Crash Land in Llandrillo
Ryan S. Wood, Author of Majic Eyes Only To Chair Panel Discussion

By Ryan S. Wood
4th UFO Crash Conference Chairman

     BROOMFIELD CO February 19th, 2006 - At the 15th annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival in Laughlin Nevada on Wednesday March 1st Ryan Wood, Paul Davids, Scott Ramsey and Don Ledger will present the latest findings, research and perspective on their UFO Crash investigations. If you are not signed up already visit www.ufocongress.com for details of the weeklong event. Below are the speakers along with brief abstracts about their talks:

Paul Davids (Sml)PAUL DAVIDS-Executive Producer and co-writer of the film, ROSWELL, offers a visual presentation to help us reflect on what the decade following the release of his film has taught us about the famous 1947 incident, UFO's, national security, disinformation, "weather balloons" & the possibility of future "Official Disclosure".

scott_ramseySCOTT RAMSEY - "Aztec 1948, Recovery at Hart Canyon?" The crash was alleged to have taken place on March 25, 1948 - twelve and a half miles out of the town of Aztec, New Mexico. Police Officer Manuel Sandoval had been seeing UFO's for two weeks in Cuba, New Mexico prior to the one he spotted going down. The craft was said to be about 100 feet in diameter, and there were nineteen people at the site, including two police officers.

Don Ledger (Sml)DON LEDGER (Canada) - The Shag Harbor Incident includes two parts. The first involves the witnessing of an object crashing into the waters of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia in 1967. There followed rescue attempts of a lighted object seen floating on the water, and subsequent attempts by the authorities to find the object. This was in full public view and covered in the news. The second part unfolds over 7 days, when it is later discovered the object made its way northeast underwater, settling offshore near a top-secret base - it's true purpose unknown for 21 years.

Ryan WoodMajic Eyes Only Book (Sml)RYAN S. WOOD Discusses his new book Majic Eyes Only: Earths Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology, which is the most authoritative and comprehensive chronicle ever published on the subject of worldwide UFO crashes and subsequent military retrievals from 1897 to the present. The presentation will include crash history, information sources, methodology and authenticity ratings for each UFO crash event. At the heart of this talk are 74 cases of UFO crash retrievals and subsequent military cover-up several with tangible physical and cultural evidence along with never before seen photographs of crash wreckage.

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, November 10 12 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
     The speaker and event schedule will be announced soon. However, this event will be the best yet, with several new never before discussed crash retrieval events along with more physical evidence and implications of disclosure. Fifteen speakers will present their findings over the course of three days at the best venue yet, the Tuscany Suites and Casino. As before we are having a Saturday evening banquet with a special speaker.

More . . .

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