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Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer!
- Part Two -

Stephen Lovekin

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Steven Greer     Yesterday Steven Greer wrote a "stinging missive" in partial rebuttal to Kevin Randle's piece on Stephen Lovekin, a labeled "whistleblower" by Greer and his "Disclosure Project." He wrote:

For over a decade, The Disclosure Project and CSETI have worked to identify reliable government and military witnesses to secret UFO/ET-related events and projects.

Without an office, staff or significant budget, we have identified hundreds of such whistle-blowers, who have come forward heroically and without compensation so that you, the public, may know the truth. It has been a costly and all-consuming effort to unravel the biggest secret in modern history, so that our civilization may reclaim its future and attain sustainability.

Alas, a steady drum-beat of slander, libel, defamation of character, and ad hominem attacks have continued to occur from certain quarters. For the most part, we have chosen to ignore such attacks, since generally they arise from either sour-grapes and jealous elements of the so-called UFO subculture or from paid disinformation hacks. We prefer to focus on constructive change and doing the real work of Disclosure.

But it must be acknowledged that, left unaddressed, at times such attacks create a dynamic where secrecy is enabled and perpetuated. For if we, as a community, cannot defend these brave and heroic whistle-blowers, who will? And left undefended, a dynamic will evolve where a wet-blanket will be thrown on the willingness for these already-reluctant (and often threatened) witnesses to come forward.

Many of you have read the recent attacks and defamation of a courageous Disclosure Project Witness, Brigadier (Brig.) General Stephen Lovekin, Esq., by one Kevin Randle.

Randle claims Brig. General Lovekin is not a Brigadier General and suggests he has falsified or concocted his credentials. Nothing could be further from the truth. See for a file of documents that establish Brig. General Lovekin's time in the White House as well as his status as a BG (Brig. General).

That Randle could not, with whatever investigative competence he may or may not possess, show that this fine and heroic witness was a Brig. General is not reason for his public defamation of this man.

While Brig. General Lovekin was hospitalized, literally fighting for his life, Randle has engaged in casting aspersions on his credibility, and by extension, on The Disclosure Project. Prior to publishing these baseless accusations, Randle never contacted me or Brig. General Lovekin to ascertain the facts of the matter.

This is typical of the so-called investigators within the hobbyist UFO subculture, who arrogate to themselves the role of police, judge and jury about such matters - all the while failing to engage in a modicum of due diligence or care.

Would it really have been so difficult to ask Brig. General Lovekin for documentation of his status? He is a well-regarded attorney in NC with a public listing. Instead, Randle chose to publish his libelous claims and besmirch a fine man's reputation.

Such events have happened throughout the history of UFO secrecy. Good and sincere people come forward, to disclose the truth or change the status quo, only to have countless rabid wolves set upon them, slandering them and defaming their reputations.

This behavior, altogether unchecked by the interested public that deserves to know the truth, serves to enable secrecy by discouraging further selfless and sincere best-faith efforts by professionals like Brig. Gen. Lovekin and indeed myself. I am a medical doctor, Lovekin is an attorney and his cousin, Dr. Ted Loder, is a PhD scientist and scientific advisor to the Disclosure Project. How can the UFO community
expect such professional people to step forward if we will not defend them from these vicious and baseless attacks?

For who would want to step forward, to disclose the truth and blow the whistle on the rogue and illegal secrecy surrounding UFOs, UFO-connected technologies and the like only to have the UFO community itself set upon them with one ugly attack after another?

Whether out of jealousy or shadowy ties to those who desire to perpetuate secrecy, the effect is the same: Such ad hominem attacks serve to dissuade others from coming forward.

Moreover, insofar as The Disclosure Project is providing important whistle-blower testimony and documents to government leaders in the US, Canada and other countries, these libelous assertions serve to discourage such government officials from looking further into the matter.

Enough is enough.

A Call to Action

- It is time for you, the concerned public, to hold such behavior accountable. We encourage you to contact Randle, and others who engage in similar baseless attacks, and demand that they behave responsibly and cease and desist from such attacks on courageous whistle-blowers.

- The Disclosure Project asks that you help us identify a top quality Attorney with experience in defamation, libel and slander cases to work with us in defending the rights and reputation of Disclosure Project witnesses.

- We ask that you write publications or organizations affiliated with those who engage in such attacks and demand that they take actions to stop such behavior.

- We ask that you help us identify further UFO military and government witnesses and support the Disclosure Project at so that we may continue to provide the public with the truth.

<> We must not enable those who would enable secrecy. It is time that we hold such behavior accountable and defend the honor, reputation and testimony of such fine and heroic witnesses as Brig. General Stephen Lovekin.
Kevin Randle (Sml) 2Today in response Kevin Randle writes:
I would think, before you take off on a rant, you’d want to see what I have to say about “Brigadier General” Stephen Lovekin.

Might I suggest you read the information that I have posted at Then decide if the questions I raised were reasonable or if I have launched some kind of ad hominem attack on Lovekin.

Second, it would seem to me that those after the information they claim is hidden by the government would want to be sure that their whistle blowers were exactly who they said they were. Ask yourself this question: If a reporter found the information I did, would he or she be more inclined to accept or reject the testimony of Lovekin.

The solution is simple. Rather than imply Lovekin is a general in the National Guard Reserve (which doesn’t exist) and rather than suggest he has a long career in the Army, explain that he holds his commission in the State Guard of North Carolina Association. Also explain that he was not a general while serving in the White House Army Signal Agency, but was, in reality, a rather low ranking enlisted man.

And finally, for those who wonder about my credentials, let me point out that I served in the Army in Vietnam, I was a member of the Iowa National Guard that was called to active duty and served for 14 months including a tour in Iraq, and I am being recalled for another tour in the Middle East. So, I have the right to ask questions about someone who says he is a general, but who is strangely left out of and off all the official sites and locations that could verify this. I am not a part of a volunteer, civilian organization like the State Guard of North Carolina Association.

Thanks for reading the above.

Kevin D. Randle
[It is understood that Stephen Lovekin has been experiencing serious health problems--we wish him a full and speedy recovery]

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  1. Lovekin is not a general. I am a member of a State Defense Force and I have known for years that the North Carolina State Guard Association is just a private group of civilians wearing military uniforms illegally. Lovekin and the whole group he is with have concocted their credentials. All you have to do is check with the North Carolina Adjutant General's Office and/or the North Carolina National Guard and they will verify that the NCSGA is not a State Defense Force and is not a military organization. Saying Lovekin is a general is simply not true. You can also check with other State Defense Force members at .


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