Monday, February 20, 2006

Crash Retrieval Day At UFO Congress, Laughlin, Nevada

Aliens Crash Land in Llandrillo
Ryan S. Wood, Author of Majic Eyes Only To Chair Panel Discussion

By Ryan S. Wood
4th UFO Crash Conference Chairman

     BROOMFIELD CO February 19th, 2006 - At the 15th annual UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival in Laughlin Nevada on Wednesday March 1st Ryan Wood, Paul Davids, Scott Ramsey and Don Ledger will present the latest findings, research and perspective on their UFO Crash investigations. If you are not signed up already visit for details of the weeklong event. Below are the speakers along with brief abstracts about their talks:

Paul Davids (Sml)PAUL DAVIDS-Executive Producer and co-writer of the film, ROSWELL, offers a visual presentation to help us reflect on what the decade following the release of his film has taught us about the famous 1947 incident, UFO's, national security, disinformation, "weather balloons" & the possibility of future "Official Disclosure".

scott_ramseySCOTT RAMSEY - "Aztec 1948, Recovery at Hart Canyon?" The crash was alleged to have taken place on March 25, 1948 - twelve and a half miles out of the town of Aztec, New Mexico. Police Officer Manuel Sandoval had been seeing UFO's for two weeks in Cuba, New Mexico prior to the one he spotted going down. The craft was said to be about 100 feet in diameter, and there were nineteen people at the site, including two police officers.

Don Ledger (Sml)DON LEDGER (Canada) - The Shag Harbor Incident includes two parts. The first involves the witnessing of an object crashing into the waters of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia in 1967. There followed rescue attempts of a lighted object seen floating on the water, and subsequent attempts by the authorities to find the object. This was in full public view and covered in the news. The second part unfolds over 7 days, when it is later discovered the object made its way northeast underwater, settling offshore near a top-secret base - it's true purpose unknown for 21 years.

Ryan WoodMajic Eyes Only Book (Sml)RYAN S. WOOD Discusses his new book Majic Eyes Only: Earths Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology, which is the most authoritative and comprehensive chronicle ever published on the subject of worldwide UFO crashes and subsequent military retrievals from 1897 to the present. The presentation will include crash history, information sources, methodology and authenticity ratings for each UFO crash event. At the heart of this talk are 74 cases of UFO crash retrievals and subsequent military cover-up several with tangible physical and cultural evidence along with never before seen photographs of crash wreckage.

4th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, November 10 12 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
     The speaker and event schedule will be announced soon. However, this event will be the best yet, with several new never before discussed crash retrieval events along with more physical evidence and implications of disclosure. Fifteen speakers will present their findings over the course of three days at the best venue yet, the Tuscany Suites and Casino. As before we are having a Saturday evening banquet with a special speaker.

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