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Lovekin's Military Credentials in Question - No Longer!
- Part Three -

By Frank Warren

     With the recent publication of the Lovekin documents the vested parties have offered their respective proclamations; the most recent is that of Dr. Michael Salla an outspoken proponent of Exopolitics. He writes:

Michael Salla (Sml)
In his recent article, "The Enablers of Secrecy," Dr Steven Greer has supplied a number of documents in response to Major Kevin Randle's speculations and conclusions regarding the military service and rank of Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin. Major Randle's article is at:


The documents supplied by Dr Greer are at:

here ;

and Dr Greer's response to Major Randle at:


With regard to Lovekin's rank as a Brigadier General, Major Randle offered the following speculation as to the official status of this rank:

"These state guards have been pulled together in an unofficial national organization of state militia. Lovekin might hold his brigadier general commission in just such an organization. It might suggest his claim to be a brigadier general, while unofficial and not recognized by either the Army or the North Carolina National Guard would allow him to claim the rank. This is all speculation on my part."

In the documents offered by Stephen Greer, one is a duty roster for the North Carolina State Guard which lists Stephen Lovekin as a Brigadier General.

As to the official status of the NCSG, this is what their website declares:

The SGAUS is the national association for the organized state militia, often known as State Defense Force, State Guard, or State Military Reserve. These state military forces are the official "well regulated" Militia of their respective states. The SGAUS does not support private groups who may call themselves "militia," but who are not officially recognized, unless the group is bona fide and seeking such official state recognition. These state military forces are in addition to and separate from the National Guard of the respective states, although both organizations are under the command of the Governor and are assigned to the state's Adjutant General or Military Department.

Consequently, the rank of Brigadier General assigned to Stephen Lovekin is officially recognized by the Governor of North Carolina andofficially is part of that state's Military Department. So Major Randle was incorrect in his speculation regarding the 'unofficial status' of the State Guard that Stephen Lovekin attained his rank.

This documentary evidence proves that Stephen Lovekin has an official status as a Brigadier General in an official military organization recognized by the State of North Carolina.

Another error in Kevin Randle's article concerns Stephen Lovekin's service in the White House where he speculates:

"Then there was the claim by Lovekin that he worked in the Eisenhower White House. Well, if Stephen L. Lovekin and the attorney in North Carolina are the same man, this makes little sense. According to the information Stephen L. Lovekin, the attorney, was born in August 1940.

His biography at the law firm web site does not mention any military service, nor does it suggest that he was ever a brigadier general. That in and of itself seems strange. To further complicate the matter, if these are the same men, then Lovekin was 18 when he worked in the Eisenhower White House. While it is not unheard of for a teenager to be an Army officer (I was a warrant officer at 19), it is extremely unlikely that someone of that age to be assigned to the White House. Those postings are normally reserved for more experienced soldiers."

Again, documentary evidence supplied Dr Greer proves that General Lovekin did serve in the White Housel Signals Agency as he claimed: Again, Major Randle is incorrect in his speculations regarding General Lovekin. Finally, we have the final conclusion from Maj Randle regarding the claims of Brig General Lovekin:

"This all suggests to me that the "whistle blower" testimony offered by Stephen L. Lovekin is of little use in developing any policies related to UFOs or extraterrestrial visitation. There is no corroboration of his many claims of military service as a high-ranking officer, no verification of his positions in the White House and little reason to believe he was witness to the things he claims. Like so many of the other whistle blowers, he should be removed from our lists."

Documentary evidence has now emerged that Maj Randle was wrong both in a number of speculations he offered concerning Brig General Lovekin, and dramatically wrong in the conclusion he offered. His advise to remove the testimony of Gen Lovekin from the lists of serious UFO researchers amounts to a character assassination against a man who has served with distinction both in the US Army and the State of North Carolina. It would be appropriate for Maj Randle to publicly apologize for his unjust dismissal and criticisms of the claims offered by Brig General Stephen Lovekin regarding both his military service and UFOs/extraterrestrial visitation.


Michael Salla, PhD
[It is understood that Stephen Lovekin has been experiencing serious health problems--we wish him a full and speedy recovery]

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  1. Lovekin is definitely not a general. The North Carolina State Guard Association is not part of the North Carolina state government. The NCSGA is not part of the military. The NCSGA is a private group, just like the State Guard Association that they pretend gives them authority. Contact the North Carolina Adjutant General's Office and they will verify that the NCSGA is not a military organization. The duty roster mentioned here is just a piece of paper listing civilians who go around pretending to be in the military, when they are not. It is actually a crime for Lovekin and the NCSGA to go around in military uniforms pretending to be members of the military. Lovekin is just a criminal who violates United State Code TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 33 Sec. 702. - Uniform of armed forces and Public Health Service, "Whoever, in any place within the jurisdiction of the United States or in the Canal Zone, without authority, wears the uniform or a distinctive part thereof or anything similar to a distinctive part of the uniform of any of the armed forces of the United States, Public Health Service or any auxiliary of such, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both." How can you trust someone who has such an ego problem that he has to make up being in the military and wears military uniforms illegally.

  2. If anyone wants to find out about State Defense Forces and find a list of those that are legitimately connected with state governments and those that are private groups just pretending to be State Defense Forces, then check out the Military Discussion Forum at . This discussion forum has a section on State Defense Forces and is the largest meeting places for State Defense Force members on the Internet.

  3. Greeetings Michael,

    Thank you for your input; Lovekin's "present rank" and association with a "state guard" and or reserve and "it's authenticity" has been an element(s) of controversy for some time; however to the best of my knowledge (please correct me if I'm wrong) aside from providing documents in support of his "status" and or association with said group, (and in my view more importantly his tenure at WHASA) "he" hasn't made any claims about it directly.

    That is to say that many have come to his defense, and much has been said "pro and con" about the legitimacy of the group he currently belongs to; however, I don't believe "he" has made any claims himself either way.

    Having spent much time investigating the matter myself, I still don't know how "he" views, and or portrays his "rank."

    One thing that isn't in dispute is his tenure at WHASA as evidenced by the documentation his office has provided; I have also corresponded with a few former WHASA members who served with him.

    He received accolades for his service in WHASA from the White House, as well as from President Eisenhower. Moreover those that were even considered for "WHASA service" were the Crème de le Crème and were culled and screened by the FBI as well as the Secret Service given the frequent contact they would have with the President.

    These accomplishments certainly don't deprave his character.


  4. There is no real controversy, except by those who have not checked the subject out. All it takes for you to know what I know, that the North Carolina State Guard Association and General Lovekin are fakes is to check with the Adjutant General's Department in North Carolina. That is what they are there for among other things. I have been following the things done by this group long before the UFO connection came about as this group has been an embarrassment to those of us in legitimate state run State Defense Forces.


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