Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Former President ‘Jimmy Carter’ Reaffirms His UFO Sighting

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By Frank Warren
© 11-6-07

     Recently, the “The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe,” a weekly podcast, had the privilege of interviewing former “President Jimmy Carter”; the main topic of concern was then “Governor Carter’s,” UfO sighting of 1969; all of this precipitated of course by the questioning of presidential candidate, “Congressman Dennis Kucinich” regarding “his” UFO sighting, during the latest debate.

Shortly after the podcast was published, some have taken the opportunity to example their creative writing skills; case in point, one article was entitled, “Jimmy Carter: No Truth to UFO Rumors.” The irony here is that there is “no truth” to the title!

Carter, in the interview, reiterates the “textbook definition” of a UFO; he states, "it was unidentified, it was flying, and it was an object." It’s important to note, that this is what he has been saying for decades, no more or no less!

This particular article goes on to exclaim:
“Dr. Steven Novella, president of the New England Skeptical Society (NESS) and host of the ‘The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe’ said, ‘UFO stories like these are almost always the result of mundane astronomical events.’ He went on to explain that Former President Carter may have witnessed the planet Venus under unusual atmospheric conditions.”
What the article fails to mention is that the possibility of what President Carter witnessed, being the “planet Venus” was discussed; in fact the host asked Carter “twice” if what he saw could have been Venus, and Carter, “emphatically stated, “no!” Explaining that he and his entourage were all outdoorsmen, and very familiar with Venus, and Mars etc., in the night sky.

Another “erroneous article” out in the electronic void is entitled, “Jimmy Carter Distances Himself From Kucinich On UFOs.” In it the author writes:
“ . . . Carter has told CNN that he does not at all believe the object he and about 25 other people saw — a round object that changed colors — was actually any sort of alien spaceship.”
As stated beforehand, Carter has never wavered on his account for decades. He never said it was an alien spaceship!

What’s laughable about the a fore mentioned authors is their blatant ignorance of the UFO subject; if what Carter witnessed, (or for that matter anyone), was in fact an extraterrestrial craft, then by definition, “it can’t be” a UFO!

Kucinich, by the way “clarifies” his sighting in exactly the same way as President Carter did/does, i.e., stating, “-- it was unidentified flying object, okay. It's like -- it's unidentified. I saw something. “

After digesting the content of these two articles in particular, one has to wonder if in fact the first author listened to the interview with Carter at all; the monitions seem to indicate otherwise.

One other tidbit that the first author omitted, which gave me a chuckle, is that Carter recalled, using a psychic in an "official capacity" (while president) to locate . . . I believe a missing plane, and the effort was successful! For some reason, the hosts just glossed over that admission.

Finally, methinks it’s safe to say that the goal of the hosts at, “The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe,” was to give a more “conventional explanation” as to what President Carter witnessed back in 1969—that didn’t happen! The exchange only solidified his position.

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