Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: New 'Phoenix Lights' Witness Comes Forward

Phoenix UFO Overhead
Reader Submitted Report

     My family and I live in Chino Valley. At that time in 1997 my 4 kids were young and my husband and I shared a house with both my parents.

My family and I had gone to the store that night...we were nearing home when I looked up in the sky and saw some strange lights heading right toward us. I pointed up and said "What IS that"?? We decided to head home fast as we could, and pulled up in the driveway and I ran in and yelled at my mom and dad to hurry and come outside. Right when they ran out...these triangle shaped lights were right directly over our house.

It was obviously some kind of aircraft or ? It was traveling low, and very slow, and we were amazed that there was no noise whatsoever. We watched until it went out of sight, heading toward Phoenix area I suppose. We've always called it a UFO but thought it must be some kind of government aircraft that they were keeping quiet about. But who knows. But we did see it, that's for sure. We got a great view directly over our house.

It was very dark outside, so that all we could really see very well were the lights.

It was a great experience that we'll never forget!

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  1. If these ufos were US government secret craft why would they fly them over a major city at such a low altitude?


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