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UFOs and Nukes Researcher Reveals His Alien Abduction Encounters

CONFESSION – Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed

     My public face is that of the leading researcher of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, as revealed in hundreds of declassified U.S. government documents and the testimony of more than 160 U.S. military veterans whom I’ve interviewed over the past 46 years. Some of those individuals, including a few retired colonels, say that UFOs have actually tampered with American Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), rendering them temporarily inoperable.

On September 27, 2010, CNN live-streamed my press conference in Washington D.C., during which seven of those
Robert Hastings
By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles
veterans discussed their personal UFO encounters at ICBM sites and nukes storage facilities. The press release announcing the event went viral on the Internet, suggesting extensive, worldwide interest in the topic.

Significantly, in the months following the groundbreaking December 16, 2017 article in The New York Times, revealing the existence of a classified Department of Defense UFO study known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), three persons affiliated with that project—former U.S. Senator Harry Reid, former AATIP director Luis Elizondo, and former AATIP physicist Hal Puthoff—have publicly acknowledged repeated UFO incursions at ICBM sites over the years, including cases involving unexplained missile system disruptions.1

Consequently, the still-classified events that I have been researching since 1973, and lecturing about since 1981, have now been authoritatively verified as real and characterized as a potential threat to U.S. national security.

However, concurrent with my investigations and public speaking, there has also been an intentionally unpublicized aspect of my involvement with the UFO phenomenon. As I am about to divulge in a new book, over the past three decades a series of bizarre, frightening incidents have occurred involving direct interactions with what I have come to believe are non-human entities. In other words, I am an experiencer or, expressed more dramatically, an alien abductee.

As I readily admit, I cannot indisputably prove that these visitations/abductions actually took place, but having endured them again and again, since August 1988, I steadfastly and unapologetically maintain that they were physical in nature and not explainable as misinterpreted prosaic events, or due to a psychological disorder, or the result of sleep paralysis. I never anticipated this situation and deeply regret that it entered my life, but it is very real and clearly beyond my control. Whether it materialized as a result of my research or some other factor is unknown, however, one strange childhood incident suggests that this otherworldly presence may have first appeared many years ago.

Understandably concerned that a frank public admission regarding all of this would negatively impact my reputation as a credible source for military-related UFO information, I have hitherto remained silent about my sometimes terrifying paranormal encounters. However, now that I am approaching the age of 70, and experiencing certain serious health issues, I’ve concluded that the time has come for me to openly acknowledge my secret life.

But I am not the only one who is coming out at this time. The new book is co-authored by former U.S. Air Force officer and now-retired university professor Dr. Bob Jacobs, who has also had a number of apparent alien visitation/abduction encounters over the years. Jacobs is best known for his chance participation in the Big Sur UFO Incident, at Vandenberg AFB, California, in September 1964, during which a UFO was inadvertently captured on motion picture film by Jacobs’ telescopic camera crew during a missile test launch.2

Without warning, the domed, disc-shaped craft suddenly entered the camera frame, first pacing and then circling a dummy nuclear warhead in flight—before shooting it down with weaponized beams of light! Debunkers have unsuccessfully attempted to discredit this amazing case by repeatedly misstating the facts and ignoring the testimony of a second former USAF officer, Dr. Florenz Mansmann, who has confirmed that the Top Secret event did indeed take place. According to Mansmann, two CIA officers confiscated the filmed record of the shocking encounter and transported it aboard a “special aircraft” to Washington D.C.3

CONFESSION – Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed
In any case, in May 2012, while videotaping interviews with Dr. Jacobs and other military veterans who were willing to divulge their involvement in still-classified, nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents, I cautiously revealed my secret abductee status to Jacobs. Much to my surprise, he responded by telling me of his own frightening, entity-related experiences. Stunned to learn that we were independently being subjected to similar, highly disturbing phenomena, we subsequently began to update each other via email following each new incident. Earlier this year, after much hesitation and reflection, we decided to publicly divulge our disconcerting situation in CONFESSION: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed (#ad), which is now available at Amazon.

After decades of secrecy, Jacobs and I basically feel relieved to have finally opened up about our experiences, despite the skepticism that we will undoubtedly face from many members of the public. Regardless, our hope is that other abductees, especially former military personnel who worked with or guarded nuclear weapons, will be encouraged to come forward and reveal their own alien encounters. Actually, a few such veterans have already done so and those startling accounts also appear in the book. Briefly, it now seems that during at least a few of the well-documented UFO incursions at ICBM sites, much more was occurring than the disruption of the missiles’ functionality; human lives were being disrupted as well.

In conclusion, after years of investigating and writing about nuts-and-bolts UFO cases, I have now embarked on a new, challenging endeavor. Despite the pleas of several friends and acquaintances, urging me not to go public with my personal encounters, I have no regrets about doing so. Although not yet recognized as valid by most scientists and much of the public, the alien abduction phenomenon is real, global, and tremendously important. That these non-human entities are somehow part of humankind’s overall future seems clear to experiencers; one day it will undoubtedly be obvious to everyone.

Dr. Jacobs and I will appear on investigative journalist George Knapp’s Coast to Coast AM radio show on November 17/18, 2019, to discuss the book and our previously hidden encounters with the unknown.

1. Hastings, Robert and Jacobs, Dr. Bob. CONFESSION: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed, KDP Publishing, 2019, pp. 64-67 


3. Dr. Florenze Mansmann to Lee Graham, personal communication, March 10, 1983


  1. This report is not surprising, in fact it is to be expected. With all the evidence of extraterrestrial visitation from the Middle Ages on, of course, people are going to tell their own case histories.

  2. Oh so now the is an abductee too? Surprise, surprise! I guess the money from the first book has all been spent and he needs some more.

    1. You really should try and read Mr. Hastings book. Then you would know. Mr. Hastings is above reproach. IMHO, 'UFOs And Nukes' is the greatest book ever written! READ IT! GET A CLUE!

  3. Classic! So Hastings only speaks and writes about “the UFO thing” for the money. Jeez, how original. Been hearing that since 1981 when I started publicly speaking about the UFO-Nukes Connection on the college lecture circuit.

    Some folks are afraid to address the data so they attack the messenger.

    The fact is, I began interviewing military veterans about their UFO experiences at nuclear weapons sites in 1973, but waited until 2008 to publish a book containing their dramatic testimony. That’s 35 years. In the interim I continued to interview the veterans, so as to have a credible, convincing case that UFOs were indeed monitoring and sometimes tampering with our deadliest weapons.

    As stated in the article above, over the past two years, three individuals associated with the recently exposed Department of Defense project, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), have publicly confirmed ongoing UFO activity at ICBM sites: Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid, former AATIP director Lue Elizondo, and former AATIP physicist Hal Puthoff.

    As it turns out, Puthoff gave a copy of my book, UFOs and Nukes, to Elizondo and two other “movers and shakers”, as Hal calls them, in 2008. He won’t tell me who the other individuals were. Nevertheless, I now know that key persons affiliated with the Pentagon’s secret UFO study thought that the book was worth reviewing during the course of their investigations. Moreover, AATIP contractor Bob Bigelow bought ten copies shortly after Puthoff bought his three, according to my sales records. Of course, those developments meant nothing to me at the time. Little did I know.

    So, despite the predictable accusations by my critics, regarding my supposed money-oriented publishing efforts, behind the scenes my work was apparently considered valuable by those in-the-know in the government who were secretly studying the UFO mystery.

    Now, in 2019, I have finally published a book in which I reveal my longstanding abduction experiences, which began in earnest in 1988. That’s 31 years. Jeez, I sure am a slow learner; I should have cashed in on my terrifying experiences years ago. What a dummy I am! Oh well, better late than never.

    --Robert Hastings

    1. Mr. Hastings, your book has changed my life. It has to be the greatest UFO book ever published in IMHO. (Along with your documentary. Wow!) This ignoramous above has obviously not read your paradigm-shifting work. And NOW, to just find out about you and Dr. Jacobs having experiences just blows me away. Can't WAIT to buy this new book! IMHO this is the most interesting UFO news I've heard for years! OMG! I am so there! Also going to make every effort to listen to 'Coast' 11- 17/18. Again, you have no idea the impact your revelations have had on me. I can't thank you enough. You truly are some kind of hero! What a service to mankind. If only everyone could read your book, the world would be much better off. I could sing your praises forever, but I better stop. Sooo looking forward to you and Dr. Jacobs book! Wowy-wow-wow-wow!! Your biggest fan, Jim Chambers

    2. Hi Jim. Thank you for your supportive words.



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