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CIA Veteran Discloses Alien Abduction During Knapp Interview

CIA Veteran Discloses Alien Abduction During Knapp Interview

George Knapp interviews Jim Semivan

     Las Vegas based, investigative journalist George Knapp interviewed former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee, Jim Semivan on 30 January 2022 on Coast to Coast AM. Here are my notes on that interview. My notes focus on references to UAP, and are thin when it comes to general discussion about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.)

George Knapp (G): My guest Jim Semivan spent 25 years in the CIA, then 12 years as a contractor. Retired in 2007. In 2016 joined To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences.
Keith Basterfield
By Keith Basterfield
The UFO Chronicles
Jim Semivan (J): I met John Alexander after the publication of his book. He said involvement in the UAP topic will get you "tarred and feathered." So, I stayed on the sidelines. However, met a group in California, and decided to get out and talk about the subject.


G: Were UFOs Discussed at CIA?

J: I was there 30 something years at the CIA. Nothing spoken about at the CIA. No sign on a door. There was a place where Kit Green worked - the "weird desk." UFOs and paranormal. Got to know people in government who worked on it unofficially. No one ever found a "UFO" office.

My wife and I, in 1991/1992 had an experience - pretty traumatic. The day after that happened a guy in deep cover at the agency said he was going to a UFO conference. I explained what happened to me. He wrote down on a piece of paper the details of Vallee's triology of books. I have always been a student of esoteric works. Not into the paranormal. I was taken aback by it all.

I started to nose around - informal. Knew DoD had AAWSAP going on 2007 or 08 or 09. Heard of Lue. Introduced to Lue by Hal Puthoff. Went to Pentagon inner halls - met Lue and deputy and other people. An unofficial relationship.

Personal Experience

G:: What can you say about your wife's and your experience?

J: One reason I don't dicsuss it, is that my wife and I are still being studied by another group of people. Had a classic abduction style thing. Except it was in the bedroom in the middle of the night. Beings show up. Pretty upsetting later on. Physical things that happened to both of us. We have documents for all that. Short experience. Real. My wife is a psychologist. It was not a dream or hypnagogic state. Later on, when I met John in 2014/2015, John interviewed both of us - gave him the data. Couple of people took bloood etc.

G: Ongoing?

J: Not too much later. Last tests about four years ago. Bedroom figures. Miniture version of a messenger.

Discussion on historical role of CIA and UFOs.

UAP and Intelligence Community

G: What about now? Upper echelons of the intelligence community? Possible reactions?

J: Speculating here. Now people in the IC are willing to take it on. We briefed senior people on the topic. They wanted it to be out in the open. It is truely a national security issue. Don't like - the military/government don't own the topic. Phenomenon shows up everywhere. I want to know what the hell it is. Let's take it private.

G: Big picture stuff. Anyone know the full picture?

J: Don't think anyone knows the true picture. Col Kelleher said its a lot more than nuts and bolts. There is a biological side to it - high strangeness and scary. When started TTSA we discussed this. Do we really want to know?

Discussion on quantum mechanics and conciousness.

Russian or Chinese?

G: UAP, orbs, drones etc. You studied Russian and Chinese technology - could they be Russian or Chinese?

J: Absolutely not. ODNI report - read between the lines - here are possibilities but not Russian or Chinese. No terrestrial - other something.

G: What is the general tone in the intelligence community today?

J: Mixed bag. No one wants to go near it. New task force - have to get people together who know a lot about it. Feel sorry for the guys who have to come up with the answers. I understand the miltary's perspective to some point. Need the new UFO org to have senior person in charge or others not going to share information. Congressional members are very interested.


G: TTSA - lofty goals.

J: I first met Tom -Sekret machines. Couple of people came to me and said have you read the book? He had advisors. Who's talking to him? Had an unofficial dinner with Tom. It was apparent he was a smart guy. I guessed who a couple of his advisors were. Next day we had lunch together. Why don't you join my company? He sketched it out. Hal was there. TTSA formed. I met with Lue who said I'm going to resign from DOD. Hooked up with Tom. Tom hired him. Chris Mellon came on board, as did Steve Justice. I was a little worried - sticking our necks out. Military saddled with the problem now. You have to get guys who know stuff already. People with no background are problematic. I did briefings on the side to other agencies. They have to make up for what they dont know. It was one guy 5% of the time, like AATIP.

G: What about crashes?

J: CRADA still in effect. Senior people from the Army visited us. A while later, another group came out. Both groups were impressed. Don't know what end result will be. Recently rearranged TTSA. Our name now is just To the Stars - an entertanment company. Will start up the podcast again.

G: Stories from Vallee and Nolan, stories about entire craft and bodies. Real? Someone has craft and bodies?

J: Let that go. Not going there.

G: CRADA timeline?

J: Don't know. Pieces of Mg-Bi - waveguide - Some say result of some process. You don't have to figure it all out, just get some ideas.

The story of Bob Lazar. You gave me a thumbnail sketch of Lazar. I don't have issues. I believe what he says is accurate. Edward Snowden was a smart kid. The government hired him yet he didn't have any degrees. Shows no sign of deception in interviews.

Phone question from a listener. The hitchhiker effect. Could relate it with hauntings. Could it attach itself to an entity/company/private contractor?

J: If contractor involved with UAP, maybe. I had poltergeist activity in my house for years.

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