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Air Force Investigates ‘Crashed UFO’ in Arizona Desert

UFO Model Created for MUFON’s Arizona Desert Boot Camp

Air Force Investigates ‘Crashed UFO’ in Arizona Desert

By Roger Marsh

     The U.S. Air Force officially does not investigate reports of UFOs – but a “crashed UFO” in the Arizona desert just outside of Phoenix October 23, 2014, caused two F16 fighter jets to scramble to that location for a closer look, according to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) field investigators conducting a training boot camp.

The UFO was actually a model created for the boot camp for use training the 25 field investigators who signed up.

According to MUFON International Director David MacDonald, the entire class and instructors had not yet assembled at the “crash site,” but STAR Team Deputy Director Chuck Modlin and Photo Analyst Marc D’Antonio were at the site.

“They first noticed a private pilot coming by,” MacDonald said. “A glint of the UFO’s metallic color probably caught the pilot’s eye. You could see his wings tip up and he came around for a closer look.”

From the ground location investigators realized the UFO model had been seen, but did not expect what happened next.

“About 20 minutes later,” MacDonald said, “two F16s came over at a low pass – obviously checking out the crash site. Luke Air Force Base is nearby so we suspect they were scrambled from there. We’re also thinking the pilot of that private plane must have radioed this in.”

But aerial observation was not over.

“Another 20 minutes later a sheriff’s department helicopter came over and dropped down to about 50 feet over the crashed saucer to take a good, close look.”

Mysterious Fires Blamed on UFOs and Aliens | VIDEO

Mysterious Fires Blamed on UFOs and Aliens

Mysterious fires officials blamed on UFOs and aliens return to Sicily

By Alejandro Rojas

     In 2004, a town in northern Sicily experienced mysterious spontaneous fires that officials purportedly suspected were the result of alien activity. Now the mysterious fires have returned.

The fires are appearing in Canneto di Caronia, a town on the northern coast of Sicily. In 2004, the town had to be largely evacuated and dozens of experts were flown in to investigate. The power company cut off power to the town in order to stop the fires, but they continued.

Scientists, electrical engineers and the military all tried to figure out why the fires were starting, but no one could figure it out. According the UK newspaper The Telegraph, one scientist was amazed when “he saw an unplugged electrical cable burst into flames.”

Eventually the fires subsided, but the Italian government spent years investigating them. According to The Telegraph, the investigation cost over $1 million, and included dozens of experts, including a NASA scientist. The newspaper also claimed that the officials concluded the most likely cause was aliens.

Now the fires have apparently come back. According to the UK newspaper Metro, the mayor believes them to be caused by “unknown electromagnetic radiation.” However, locals believe they may be caused by ghosts, witches, secret U.S. military tests of radiation weapons, poltergeists, rogue microwave transmitters, or perhaps even a young person with pyrokenetic powers, like in the Stephen King book made into a blockbuster movie, Firestarter. . . .

Former Lockheed Engineer Reveals Alien Photographs | VIDEO

Boyd Bushman's Alien Pics (Collage 2)
Credit:Boyd Bushman

Former Lockheed Engineer Reveals Alien Photographs | VIDEO

By Mark Q Patterson

     Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin. . . .

Mid-Air Crash Leads to Legendary Mexican UFO Encounter

Coyame Resident Leandro Valeriano Examines Debris From The Crash Of A Small Plane
Coyame resident Leandro Valeriano examines debris from the crash of a small plane in the Chihuahuan Desert just north of Coyame, Mexico. The debris may been part of the air plane that allegedly collided with a UFO at high speeds in 1974. The allegations continue that the U.S. government destroyed all remaining evidence with high yield explosives. (Wikimedia Commons)

By Paul Darin
Epoch Times

      In Coyame, Mexico, 1974, in the State of Chihuahua, an unidentified flying object (UFO) collided with a small plane. Both the U.S. government and the Mexican government responded to the crash. The series of events that followed would stay buried until the early 2000s when Mexico became a hotspot for UFO sightings and investigators flocked there, uncovering even more bizarre stories.

On Aug. 25, 1974, a small plane lifted off from El Paso, Texas, heading toward Mexico City.

While the small civilian plane continued on its heading, U.S. Air Defense Radar was tracking a UFO heading over the Gulf of Mexico towards Corpus Christi, Texas; this was at approximately 10:07 p.m. Traveling faster than 2,000 mph, the authorities assumed it was a meteor. But that changed when the object suddenly changed course. . . .

Large UFO Sighting Over Highway 13

Large UFO Sighting Over Highway 13

Driver describes Large UFO sighting over Highway 13

By Sam Uptegrove

     At dusk on Tuesday evening, Oct. 7, Chad (he requested that only his first name be used) was northbound on Missouri 13 and had reached a point just north of Osceola when he became aware of two things simultaneously: There was a car pulled off on the shoulder with its flashers on, and a large dark bulk hanging motionless in the air that appeared to be almost directly above it less than 100 feet above the ground. As he drove up on the scene he became aware that he was looking at an aircraft of some kind.

“It wasn’t like anything I had ever seen before,” he told me during a telephone interview less than a week later. “It was sort of a flattened-out oval that was more rounded on top and flatter on the bottom. I would guess that it was about 100 feet long, maybe 35 to 40 feet wide, and 15 feet tall at its thickest point. It was parallel with the highway and maybe 50 feet or so off on the right side, which would be east. It was dark gray in color and had no markings or windows that I could see. There was a man and a woman in the car staring up at it through the windshield, and they didn’t even glance over at me as I drove by. I was probably down to 10 or 15 miles per hour at that point.” . . .

Mass UFO Sighting Stops Play in Soccer Stadium | UFO CHRONICLE – 1954

Sketch of UFOs Over Stadio Artemi Franchi- Florence, Italy 10-27-1954
A sketch of UFOs over the stadium by Silvio Neri (Credit:

The Day UFOs Stopped Play

By Richard Padula
Sixty years ago a football match ground to a halt when unidentified flying objects were spotted above a stadium in Florence. Did aliens come to earth? If not, what were they?
      It was 27 October 1954, a typically crisp autumn day in Tuscany. The mighty Fiorentina club was playing against its local rival Pistoiese.

Ten-thousand fans were watching in the concrete bowl of the Stadio Artemi Franchi. But just after half-time the stadium fell eerily silent - then a roar went up from the crowd. The spectators were no longer watching the match, but were looking up at the sky, fingers pointing. The players stopped playing, the ball rolled to a stand-still.

One of the footballers on the pitch was Ardico Magnini - he was something of a legend at the club and had played for Italy at the 1954 World Cup.

"I remember everything from A to Z," he says. "It was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, slowly, slowly. Everyone was looking up and also there was some glitter coming down from the sky, silver glitter.

"We were astonished we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked." . . .

Crash of 'Compartmented Craft With Strange Hieroglyphics' | UFO CHRONICLE – 1865

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Missouri Democrat-10-19-1865-Heading On BlackMissouri Democrat-10-19-1865-Strange Story

A Strange Story-Remarkable Discovery

By Missouri Democrat

     Mr. James Lumley, an old Rocky Mountain trapper, who has been stopping at the Everett House for several days, makes a most remarkable statement to us, and one which, if authenticated, will produce the greatest excitement in the scientific world.

Mr. Lumley states that about the middle of last September, he was engaged in trapping in the mountains about seventy-five or one hundred miles above the Great Falls of the Upper Missouri, and in the neighborhood of what is known as Cadotte Pass. Just after sunset one evening, he beheld a bright luminous body in the heavens, which moved with great rapidity in an easterly direction. It was plainly visible for at least five seconds, when it suddenly separated into particles, resembling, as Mr. Lumley describes it, the bursting of a sky-rocket in the air. A few minutes later, he heard a heavy explosion, which jarred the earth very perceptibly, and this was shortly after followed by a rushing sound, like a tornado sweeping through the forest. A strong wind sprang up about the same time, but suddenly subsided. The air was also filled with a peculiar odor of a sulphurous character.

These incidents would have made a slight impression on the mind of Mr. Lumley, but for the fact that on the ensuing day he discovered, at the distance of about two miles from his camping place, that, as far as he could see in either direction a path had been cut through the forest, several rods wide-giant trees uprooted or broken off near the ground- the tops of hills shaved off and the earth plowed up in many places. Great and widespread havoc was everywhere visible. Following up this track of desolation, he soon ascertained the cause of it in the shape of an immense stone driven into the side of a mountain. An examination of this stone, or so much of it as was visible, showed that it was divided into compartments that in various places it was carved with curious hieroglyphics. More than this, Mr. Lumley also discovered fragments of a substance resembling glass, and here and there dark stains, as though caused by a liquid. He is confident that the hieroglyphics are the work of human hands, and that the stone itself, although but a fragment of an immense body, must have been used for some purpose by animated beings.

Strange as this story appears, Mr. Lumley relates it with so much sincerity that we are forced to accept it as true. It is evident that the stone which he discovered, was a fragment of the meteor which was visible in this section in September last. It will be remembered that it was seen in Leavenworth, Galena and in this city by Col. Bonneville. At Leavenworth it was seen to separate into particles or explode.

Astronomers have long held that it is probable that the heavenly bodies are inhabited -- even the comets -- and it may be that the meteors are also. Possibly, meteors could be used as a means of conveyance by the inhabitants of other planets, in exploring space, and it may be that hereafter some future Columbus, from Mercury or Uranus, may land on this planet by means of a meteoric conveyance, and take full possession thereof -- as did the Spanish navigators of the New World in 1492, and eventually drive what is known as the "human race" into a condition of the most abject servitude. It has always been a favorite theory with many that there must be a race superior to us, and this may at some future time be demonstrated in the manner we have indicated.

Deputies Give Chase to a 'UFO' | UFO CHRONICLE – 1974

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Deputies Give Chase to a 'UFO' - Buffalo Evening News 10-21-1974

By Steve Cichon

     After two separate patrol cars saw “a bright light in the sky without the markings of a normal aircraft,” one car followed the light because one of the deputies in the car was “curious, more or less.” . . .

Incredible UFO Case Is a Mystery, says Belgium General | VIDEO – INTERVIEW

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Incredible UFO Case Is a Mystery, says Belgium General | VIDEO – INTERVIEW

By Open Minds Production

     In this video, retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer discusses a wave of triangular UFOs he investigated in 1989 and 1990. He was in charge of the Belgian Air Force's official investigation. . . .

Hovering 'UFO' Found in 16th Century Painting

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Hovering 'UFO' Found in 16th Century Painting

By Rob Waughl
A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a Romanian monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century.
     A strange disc pouring smoke and hovering over buildings has been found in a monastery wall painting thought to date from the 16th century - and UFO researchers claim it is just one of many old paintings which seem to show evidence of visitors from another world.

The image is painted on the wall on a 14th century church in Sighisoara - thought to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the historical figure on whom the Dracula legend is based.

The photograph was taken by a tourist, Catalina Borta, and sent to UFO experts at the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization (EURA).

The caption on the painting says, ‘Israel, put your hope in the Lord,’ and the image is thought to date from just after 1523, when the Bible was first translated into German. . . .