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Multiple UFOs Reported Over Tuscon

Multiple UFOs Reported Over Tuscon 11-8-2015

By Roger Marsh

     An Arizona witness at Tucson reported watching a group of about 20 copper spheres moving rapidly north to south about 30 feet off of the ground that appeared to change color, according to testimony in Case 72636 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The event occurred beginning about 9 p.m. on November 8, 2015.

“A group of gray to copper forms was observed at approximately 30 feet altitude,” the witness stated.“The forms were in a V formation and moved quickly, silently and unwaveringly from north to south. We observed for approximately 10 seconds.”

The witness described the objects.

“Shapes changed from ovoid to spherical while maintaining V formation. The individual forms were approximately three feet across. At first the color was a dull gray and shifted to a reflective copper. There was a churning motion within the formation with individual spheres rotating from the outer part of the formation to the V.”

UFO Caused Traffic Accident? | UFO CHRONICLE – 1972

UFO Caused Traffic Accident?

By Roger Marsh

     A Texas witness at LaPorte recalled a 1972 encounter with a sphere-shaped UFO that caused damage to the vehicle, according to testimony in Case 72491 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The encounter occurred on August 8, 1972, although the exact highway location is not named in the public portion of the MUFON report, which was filed on November 14, 2015.

“I was in my car in the left lane of two – traveling at 55 mph – when suddenly my left front fender dropped down and bottomed out and then my car was pushed perfectly sideways into the right lane.”

The startled driver said he reacted with a left turn of the steering wheel while he heard the sounds of tires screeching.

“When I realized I had been pushed, I looked into the rear view mirror and could not understand what I was looking at.”

The witness described the object.

“I saw a clear or transparent 20-foot orb in the median that was rippling and distorting scenery behind it with a 4-foot tall and 3-foot wide, egg-shaped sphere inside just a few feet above median. Inside of the inner sphere were large, bright, slow wiggling electrical bolts ‘spaghettied’ together. As soon as the clear orb stopped wiggling everything was transparent or invisible.” [...]

Mars Likely To Become a Ringed Planet

Mars Likely To Become a Ringed Planet
By Nola Taylor Redd

     Mars may one day have rings similar to Saturn's famous halo, new research suggests.

In a few tens of millions of years, the Red Planet may completely crush its innermost moon, Phobos, and form a ring of rocky debris, according to the new work. Phobos is moving closer to Mars every year, meaning the planet's gravitational pull on the satellite is increasing. Some scientists have theorized that Phobos will eventually collide with Mars, but the new research suggests that the small moon may not last that long. [...]

New Bentwaters UFO Witness Goes on the Record: Former USAF Security Policeman Saw Orb Maneuver Over Parked Aircraft

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UFO Over A-10's at RAF Bentwater

By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

     Over the past 42 years I have interviewed more than 150 military veterans regarding their involvement in nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents at various bases around the world. My book, UFOs and Nukes Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, provides a comprehensive summary of their revelations. My website presents excerpts from it, as well as well as interviews with veterans whose experiences were only brought to my attention after the book was published in 2008. Declassified documents verifying the existence of a UFO-nuclear weapons connection are also available for inspection.

A number of those veterans describe UFO incursions at nuclear weapon depots, primarily the many U.S. Air Force Weapons Storage Areas (WSAs) including those at Malmstrom, Loring, Wurtsmith, F.E. Warren, Kirtland and Fairchild AFBs, as well as at the RAF Bentwaters base in England.

Former Air Force personnel who witnessed a UFO presence at Bentwaters, its sister base RAF Woodbridge, and nearby Rendlesham Forest, continue to come forward. In September 2015, I interviewed former Security Policeman (SP) Steven D. Wagner, who not only discovered what appeared to be landing gear impressions in the forest—perhaps even earlier than those reported by former SP Jim Penniston on December 26th—but also witnessed a two-foot diameter spherical object maneuver above several A-10 aircraft parked at the Bentwaters base. Moments later, the orb suddenly split into three smaller spheres, according to Wagner, all of which vanished in a flash of light.

Significantly, the second event occurred some six months before the now-famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incidents in December 1980, and is only the most recent report of UFO activity at the twin bases in the weeks and months prior to and following them. Wagner said,
I can't tell you if this ever made the blotter. I think CSC (Central Security Control) and everyone else was laughing too hard to take it seriously. According to Ken Kern, who was a sergeant at the time, it occurred on 15 June 1980. [Former SP Kern kept a personal record of unusual events at the twin bases on index cards. –RH]

Typically, weekend mid-shifts were a boring affair; if you were lucky enough to be assigned post with someone you were friends with then you could pass the night enjoyably. Saturdays were tolerable due to some limited flight line activity, but Sundays were miserable. But this particular Sunday was pretty eventful. Shift started with guardmount, which is a pre-shift formation where the flight chief and flight commander gauge each SP's fitness for duty that day, share any pertinent security updates, and to give out post assignments.

This night, Charles M. Campbell and I, both Airman 1st Class at the time, were assigned to Alpha 2 ART (Area Response Team) on the TAPA, or Tactical Alert Parking Area, at Bentwaters. Alpha 2 is a roving vehicle patrol within the Alpha alert parking area for A-10 Warthog aircraft. Airman Michael LaBrucherie was assigned Alpha 1 which is the gate post...

The specific time-frame of the occurrence I can't pinpoint for you—it's been 35 years! I can tell you it started sometime around 0230-0300. I stepped out of the patrol vehicle and stepped to the side of the maintenance buildings to relieve myself. There was a berm that ran behind the buildings, the entire length of them. I noticed ‘lights’ in the trees behind the berm and went to investigate. I called-in to report this; Chas got the transmission and came running. For some reason I can't explain the SRT (Security Response Team) took forever to get there and, by the time they did, it was over.

A large orb, reddish-orange in color, and roughly the size of a large beach ball, rose from the sparse trees behind the berm and moved into the Alpha Area, at which time I almost freaked out. LaBrucherie was now able to see it and babbled over the radio about the area being penetrated. The orb hovered briefly over each of the A10s. The damn thing was within arm’s reach of the aircraft. When Chas and I finally got somewhat close to it, it moved outside the fence line with unbelievable speed, rose to about 30 or 40 feet off the ground, split into three separate orbs and, with a blinding flash, disappeared. All that could be seen, from the top of the berm, were two very startled deer.

The SRT finally got there, and of course Chas, Mike, and I all looked like fools. Because I was deemed the one who initiated this, I caught hell. After we were relieved at the end of shift I cornered MSGT Ron Faile to plead my case. I was concerned about a [Personnel Reliability Program] review and decertification. But the Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) fixed that. I use the acronym to refer to the entire week of UFO activity. When others started reporting strange things, I was off the hook.

My involvement in the RFI was limited in scope. But I believe I was the first to report activity on RAF Woodbridge that week. I would like to say that this occurred on Tuesday, December 23rd, but I'm not positive. Senior Airman Robert ‘Bobby Bo’ Beauchamp and I were assigned as the SRT for Woodbridge that night. The gate guard—his name escapes me but he was from Arkansas and we nicknamed him Elmer because he resembled Elmer Fudd—was posted to the last parking area nearest East Gate. I do not recall who the ART was that night.

Elmer called us to his post saying he saw something come down in the forest outside East Gate. The approximate position would have been roughly ENE of the gate post, maybe. I believe it was TSGT James Middlebrooks who was in charge of Woodbridge SPs that night. He, Bob Beauchamp and I ventured outside East Gate to do a cursory investigation regarding ‘flashing lights’ in the forest. We reported seeing nothing of note and returned to post.

We did, however, come across a curious thing. In a clearing that was roughly 30 feet in diameter there were a slew of tree branches scattered on the ground which appeared to have been sheared clean-off the surrounding trees and in the center of all this were three depressions that were spaced about 12-feet apart and formed a triangle.

Now keep in mind, it wasn't until the [1991] Unsolved Mysteries program about RFI that I realized what we'd discovered that night. I know it was the exact same spot. Jim Penniston and John Burroughs will swear that we were not on alert status during this period, but that's not true. I was in those woods the first night of RFI as a part of a recall due to the activities that week.
At this, I responded, “You say you think the depressions in the ground that you found were the same ones that Penniston and Burroughs found later on. Could they have been another landing site? How do you know it was the ‘exact same spot’?”

Wagner replied, “It could have been another site, however based on the conversation I had with Col. Halt recently, I have some doubt about that. He described the area, mentioned landmarks that I was familiar with and placed himself in the same area with relation to East Gate that I was in on the 23rd of December. The only thing that would make me doubt this is the claim of burn marks on the trees; I do not recall the trees being scorched.”

I then asked, “Did you and the others report what you found?” Wagner replied, “I said nothing to anyone in regards to this; an irresponsible response on my part, largely due to the razzing I took after reporting my June 1980 sighting. As far as I know, TSGT Middlebrooks didn’t either. No discussion about this ever took place between us.”

I then asked, “Regarding the date, on what do you base your belief that it occurred on the 23rd? The Penniston/Burroughs UFO encounter occurred at approximately 3 a.m. on the 26th. At some point thereafter, Penniston found the three depressions and later took plaster casts of them. The widely-held assumption has always been that the landing pad marks were created that night, as the triangular craft set down on the ground. If your discovery did indeed take place on the 23rd, then there had to have been a landing in that area some three days prior to Penniston's discovery. Of course, there is no reason why this couldn't have happened, but I am just trying to imagine a plausible scenario and timeline that would account for everyone's observations.”

Wagner replied, “If memory serves me the 23rd was our last mid-shift on B Flight, this would make the 26th our last day of break and would also explain our recall.” If he’s correct, then the events in Rendlesham Forest in late December 1980 began even earlier than previously thought. In the context of the reported UFO activity occurring much earlier that year, as well as those following the now well-known events, such a revelation should not be too surprising.

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NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 5)

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NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 5)

Paul Dean By Paul Dean

      This is Part 5 of an ongoing series regarding the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and their involvement UFO phenomenon. I have already detailed over a dozen pages of declassified military documents that show us that tangible UFO events have come to the attention of NORAD. The first four posts in my series can be found here:
NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 4)

NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 3)

NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 2)

NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 1)
Dealing with NORAD is not easy. Normally, one would request information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from an American government agency, or under the Access to Information Act (ATIA) from a Canadian government agency. However, NORAD is a “bi-national” organisation, and the governments involved decided to “exempt” it from either FOIA or ATIA in 1982. However, the US’s Northern Command (NORTHCOM), who partly controls NORAD, can process FOI requests for NORAD records – but everything is on NORAD’s terms. The actual response one gets from the NORTHCOM FOIA and Privacy Act Requester Service Center at Peterson Air Force Base for NORAD records is, except in exceedingly rare cases:

“NORAD as a bi-national organization is not subject to FOIA.
No search of records will be conducted.”

With a statement like that, what hope does anyone have of obtaining NORAD records (be they radar data analysis reports, position statements, operational reports, etc) regarding UFO activity? In due course, I will explore this at much greater length. Despite this information vacuum, a number of NORAD records have been released during the last few decades. In this post I will focus on airspace management and so-called “air breathing” events. In the next post I will focus on space-based issues. Also, much of the following findings, unlike my previous NORAD-related posts, have only been possible due to the ceaseless efforts of British research, colleague and friend David Charmichael. Together we have managed to discover more about NORAD and the UFO matter than has been discovered for some time.

Currently, NORAD is divided in eight areas known as “J Directorates”. “J2” and “J3” are of most importance to us. J2 is the Directorate of Intelligence, and J3 is the Directorate of Operations. Furthermore, within J3 there are a number of divisions. We have ascertained that the “Aerospace Operations Division” is responsible for the unknown tracks, and, thus, the UFO matter. This division is known as number “3”. So, when written in official documentation, the whole abbreviation is “J33” or sometimes “J3(3)”. On top of that, there is further breakdown of the J33 area, but the details seem to be classified. We have, however, managed to find out that there is an sub-division of J33 called “Airspace Management” which could be of importance. It is known as the “C” sub-division of J33, written as J33C. We also know of other areas of NORAD that appear to be significant to the UFO matter, as we shall soon see.

As for official NORAD documentation, two tantalising Instructions I have on file are “NI 10-5 (OPERATIONS) IDENTIFICATION OF AIR TRAFFIC”, dated 31st January, 1996, and “NI10-19 (OPERATIONS) AEROSPACE REPORTING SYSTEM”, dated 12 April 1996. Both Instructions are promulgated “BY ORDER OF CINCNORAD” – The Commander-in-Chief of NORAD. The introduction section of “NI 10-5 (OPERATIONS) IDENTIFICATION OF AIR TRAFFIC” states:
“This instruction describes how to identify airborne objects, to include aerial drug trafficking, with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) system.”

Section 2.1 states:

“NORAD regions attempt to identify all detected airborne objects (tracks) approaching the North American Continent…”
Below is the first page of NI 10-5 (OPERATIONS) IDENTIFICATION OF AIR TRAFFIC. It may be worth noting that David Charmicahel and I feel that this publication could still be classified, or, was re-classified after a careless release. I have chosen to publish anyway:

NI 10-5 (Operations) Identification of Air Traffic (pg 1)

The following pages continue in sectioned point form, and reveal that NORAD – at least in the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s – categorised tracks as either “Friendly” or “Non-Friendly”. These categories are further subdivided into the classifications, “Unknown”, “Interceptor”, “AWACS”, “Special”, “Hostile” or “Faker”. Finally, a track that is awaiting classification is designated “Pending”. Tracks that remain “Unknown” – despite all attempts to identify them – are designated "NORAD Remaining Unknown”, or “NRU”. These events are – or were in the past – rapidly entered on a form known as NORAD Form 61: Unknown Track Report. One wonders how many of these “unknowns” have been bona-fide UFO’s. All “Unknown” and “NRU” events have always been classified SECRET. Also, some of the raw data used to be kept in a special NORAD database titled “NORAD Unknown Track Reporting System” and abbreviated to “NUTR”. Discovered by researchers Robert Todd and Barry Greenwood in 1989, NORAD released a general description page of this system after persistent enquiries and FOI requests. The database contained details of seven thousand unknown tracks compiled between 1971 and 1990. Below is an image of the database descriptor page begrudgingly released in 1990:

Accession Number - 339 (NORAD Unknown Track Reporting System)

Upon discovering this database, Robert Todd immediately asked NORAD for a release of the contents of the database and was furnished with a series of almost entirely redacted database print outs. The columns were labelled as “HOW ID”, “Sum of Count of TRK #” and “Sum of Sum of # OBJ”. Also, a breakdown for, presumably, “Remaining Unknowns” is visible. But that’s it. The rest of the details – method of detection and verification, altitude and speed of object(s), place of last detection, etc – was blacked out. I am currently asking NORAD to release this old information, and I will discuss that in a later blog post. Below is an example of the database print out of unknown tracks and remaining unknowns. In this page, a total of 95 unknown tracks is listed, with 98 objects detected. This page seems to be results for a single NORAD Region, or, a USAF Air Division with direct data feed to NORAD. The time period is perhaps 6 months or 12 months of events, but we never found out, and NORAD weren’t offering to tell us.


Do NORAD actual study these events further? After years of speculation it turns out that NORAD do indeed investigate these occurrences further, despite having indicated otherwise – and now we have it in black-and-white. The above mentioned Instruction indicates that NORAD’s Air Defense Operations Centre (ADOC) passes relevant unknown track data on to a specialist area. Specifically, section 11.1 states:
The ADOC sends a copy of these reports to the Centre for Aerospace Analysis (N/SPANA).
The Centre for Aerospace Analysis? N/SPANA? We know very little about this organisation, expect that it appears to have been a “joint” area between both NORAD and the old United States Space Command (SPACECOM). In fact, “N/S” (in the organisational code “N/SPANA”) almost certainly stands for “NORAD/SPACECOM”. SPACECOM was absorbed into the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) in 2002. Interestingly, in 1995, British researcher Armen Victorian received a reply to one of his enquiries to NORAD which stated:
“The Aerospace Analysis Directorate of US Space Command does perform analysis on NORAD Unknown Track Reports... ….they perform their analysis under the auspices of their NORAD role, utilising a dedicated NORAD data base.”
This information given to Armen Victorian matches what we know from the NI 10-5 Instruction. Maybe the titles “Centre for Aerospace Analysis” and “Aerospace Analysis Directorate” are the same thing, just with lazy or interchangeable title referencing.

What does any of this matter? It matters because it proves both NORAD and SPACECOM were jointly handling unknown track data above-and-beyond initial detection and plotting. We only have the 1996 version of NI 10-5 (OPERATIONS) IDENTIFICATION OF AIR TRAFFIC so much of this information is twenty years old, but it is a lot more than we knew before. Vague rumours have abounded for decades that NORAD investigated the UFO issue, but now we have something concrete. Obtaining a current copy of this publication has met with difficulty – and that’s putting it mildly. Either way, it would be very surprising if NORAD were not still passing significant unknown track information – UFO data in its purest form – to technical specialists in dedicated cells.

Another NORAD Instruction which directly relates to the UFO matter is “NI10-19 (OPERATIONS) AEROSPACE REPORTING SYSTEM”. It states:
This instruction outlines the procedures to report surveillance, tactical action, and supporting information to Commander in Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command (CINCNORAD) and subordinate NORAD commanders.
Chapter 6 of this Instruction, titled “Track Reporting”, begins:
6.1. Purpose. Track reporting provides significant air activity information to the NMCC and CINCNORAD through the NORAD Air Defense Operations Center (ADOC). The information is essential for the proper execution of NORAD's mission of warning and attack assessment, air sovereignty and air defense.
Further on, in section 6.2.3. it is stated:
….Information on all Unknown tracks must be immediately electronically forward told. The completed Form 61 will be forwarded NLT 1 hour after final action is completed unless otherwise directed by the ADOC. Information on any track, regardless of classification, perceived to be a threat (e.g. foreign military combat aircraft) or of national interest will immediately be electronically and voice forwarded to the ADOC.
And, just to be sure:
6.2.5. NORAD agencies use Form 61 to record air activity information on Unknown, Special 17 and 21 tracks.
So, at least some years ago, this “Form 61” – or, full title, “NORAD Form 61: Unknown Track Report” – is an item of the utmost importance. Containing real-time, accurate data on “unknowns”, and studied further by whatever “N/SPANA” became, or possibly a sub-division of the current J33 area of NORAD, these sets of data could be brimming with real UFO cases that need, in my view, to see the light of day. Apparently, however, Form 61’s are kept for only five years. Below is an image of a 1977 Form 61. Obtaining a more recent version has met with difficulty:

1977 Form 61

Now that I have dealt with NORAD’s atmospheric detections and study of unknowns, I will move on to space-based events in the next blog post of this series. Beyond that, I will continue to highlight what how NORAD play the game now – in 2015 – with myself and David Charmichael. Much effort has gone into this work, and, like so much in the UFO topic, more questions are raised than there are enough answers for.

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Police Officers Report Triangular-Shaped UFOs

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Police Officers Report Triangular UFOs

By Roger Marsh

     An Ohio police officer at Campbell reported “several green lights” that could not be identified about 7:50 p.m. on November 3, 2015, according to testimony in Case 72154 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“While working in the capacity of a police officer, myself (Detective Sergeant) and two other officers (both K-9 officers) witnessed several bright green lights in the sky,” the witness stated.“While standing on Wilson Avenue and Snyder on the boarder of Campbell and Struthers, Ohio, witnesses observed two triangular-shaped objects in the northwest sky.”

Witness B was the first to notice them and advised the other two witnesses.

“All looked to the northwestern sky to see two seemingly equilateral triangular-shaped objects with lights at each angle. The lights appeared to be an unwavering bright lime-green, with one light forward and the other two in the rear. Due to the limited amount of stars in the night sky, witnesses were unable to determine at this time if the objects were solid or not.”

The witness described the objects as another object approached.

“The two triangular objects were traveling at a very low speed from northeast to southwest. The two objects were also traveling very close together. At this time the two objects had crossed over the Wilson Avenue reference point when witnesses observed a single, lime-green in color, orb-like object following the same flight path, but seemingly lower than the other two.”

The objects continued to be tracked by the witnesses.

“At this time the two triangular-shaped objects further crossed the Mahoning River reference point, and began to spread out. The lead tip light stayed slightly ahead while the two rear lights moved up and further apart, causing an almost straight-line appearance. The lone orb-light object still trailed in the same flight path and slow speed.”

As the object flew farther away, the witnesses retrieved a pair of binoculars to view the objects.

“All that could be observed were the lime-green lights, no structure or other characteristics. The objects were observed in the same almost straight-line pattern until they traveled so far that they could not be viewed with the binoculars.” [...]

Lake Whatcom Resident Shoots Down Flying Object | UFO CHRONICLE – 10-17-1950

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Lake Whatcom Resident Shoots Down Flying Object - Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Washington) 10-17-1950
- click on image to enlarge -

By Bellingham Herald

See Also:

UFO CHRONICLES | Pilots Ordered To Shoot Down Saucers [UFOs] in Range

UFO Files Reveal Orders To Shoot Down UFO!

"Alien Craft Was Blasted Out Of The Sky Over North Wales In 1974"

* Special Thanks To Kay Massingill & The Magonia Exchange Project


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UFO Hoaxers Put On Notice By YouTube / Google

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UFO Hoaxers Put On Notice By YouTube / Google
Editor's note: In the article below, the author incorrectly writes, Constantine Guiliotis YouTube channel is "dedicated to debunking sightings of unidentified flying objects ..."–this is patently false.

Constantine Guiliotis of UFOTheater.com and his corresponding YouTube channel are getting major support, both financially and by posture from Google/YouTube. The former's goals are, in short–to expose UFO hoaxers, charlatans etc., as well as highlighting individuals & groups "providing accurate information and real insight" in regards to the UFO phenomenon.
YouTube to Pay Fees for Some Video Makers to Fight Takedowns


      WASHINGTON — Since its inception, YouTube has been embroiled in long and bitter battles over copyright infringement. And over the years, the video site has increased its policing of pirated material. But too often, the company says, the demands of copyright holders to take down videos go too far.

Now, YouTube is taking the unusual step of financially supporting YouTube creators so they can fight back.

YouTube said on Thursday that it would pick up the legal costs of a handful of video creators that the company thinks are the targets of unfair takedown demands. It said the creators it chose legally use third-party content under “fair use” provisions carved out for commentary, criticism, news and parody.


Constantine Guiliotis, who goes by Dean and whose channel dedicated to debunking sightings of unidentified flying objects has just over 1,000 subscribers, is one of the video makers YouTube will defend. Mr. Guiliotis has received three takedown notices from copyright holders of videos that he has found online and posted to his YouTube channel, U.F.O. Theater. [...]

"Oval-Shaped and Maybe 200 Feet Long, the Enigma Began To Rise With A Roar..."

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Back when you couldn't ignore it ...

By Billy Cox
De Void

     A little after 1 a.m., on Nov. 3, 1957, truck driver James Long was heading east out of sleepy Levelland, Texas, when he noticed something dark and huge and weird straddling the highway ahead. Long closed to within less than a football field of the mystery roadblock when it suddenly flared its lights, a move that simultaneously killed the engine of Long’s rig.

Oval-shaped and maybe 200 feet long, the enigma began to rise with a roar as Long stepped out to get a better look. At that point, he momentarily blacked out; upon regaining his bearings, he noticed thing was hovering about 200 feet above him. Then it went dark again, as if it never existed. But his vehicle was working again – and Long high-tailed it back to town to inform authorities. But the law was way ahead of him.

Police, sheriff, and highway patrol units were already on the lookout for what motorists and local residents were describing not only as major UFO activity near and above area roads, but as the cause of electrical failure for vehicles in the immediate vicinity. Even the fire marshal’s engine began to sputter. In fact, the sheriff and his deputy reported an object that emitted a 50-yard wide beam of light before going dark in a snap of the fingers. And the activity was apparently regional, as witnesses from the east Texas burg of Farmington all the way west to the military base at White Sands, N.M., reported UFO encounters in the wee hours of 11/7/57. In a nod to the USSR’s just-launched Sputnik mission, the unresolved mystery was nicknamed Whatnik.

Whatnik – which created engine failures in at least eight vehicles – is obviously an old story. What’s new is that old story's accessibility, and the accompanying anthology of literally hundreds of other Cold War cases. Drawn from original newspaper, magazine, military and civilian reports, “every UFO book available,” and collections from the likes of crusading atmospheric physicist Dr. James McDonald, this online collection at the Sign Oral History Project is the culmination of a lifetime’s work from veteran researcher Loren Gross.

Recently digitized by Tom Tulien with the Sign Oral History Project, Gross’s archives constitute more than a simple data dump. Combined and compressed into such tight chronological structure that it reads with a timeless urgency, this is a massive library that has laid primary-source foundations for so many historians looking to put UFOs in context. Borrowing on a phrase from University of New Mexico astronomer Lincoln La Paz concerning their potential for revelation, Gross calls his narrative “UFOs: A History/The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.” It was completed in 2005 and circulated exclusively among a small clique of researchers.

“Remarkably,” Gross states in his introduction in comparing military accounts with civilian accounts, “there is very little overlap aside from well-known incidents. The Air Force explanations are a joke and I paid little attention to them. Having reviewed tens of thousands of sighting reports, I did not use every case while compiling the UFO histories – only the ones I thought were the best.”

A joke indeed. In a verdict that rendered the USAF a laughingstock to the residents of Levelland, the Pentagon kissed off the 11/3/57 incident this way: “Weather phenomenon of electrical nature, generally classified as ‘Ball Lightning’ or ‘St. Elmo’s Fire,’ caused by stormy conditions in the area, including mist, rain, thunderstorms and lightning.” Nevermind that the skies over Levelland that evening were relatively clear that evening, that not a drop of rain fell on the west Texas town during the event, or that some of these split-second “ball lightning” incidents elasticized for three to four minutes.

“Reading Loren Gross’ almost continuous narrative is like eating pistachios,” Project 1947 director and collaborator Jan Aldrich states in an email to De Void. “Once you start, you can’t stop.”

Spot on analogy. You can point and click just about anywhere in Gross’ monographs and find a surprise. The collection starts with the so-called “airship wave” of 1896 and concludes seven decades later, in 1963, just before the Betty and Barney Hill UFO abduction experience injected a formidable level of subjectivity into the controversy. For sheer drama, Aldrich suggests new readers first hop the time machine back to a single night in 1952, July 22-23, in the midst of a nationwide flap involving jet-fighter scrambles, when it appeared as if air corridors from Virginia to New England were being deliberately tested for response capabilities. It almost has a cinematic quality.

This stuff matters today because those were the halcyon days, only nobody knew it. Back then, the federal investigation of UFOs was obliged to pay lip service to transparency, even at the expense of its credibility, like the ball-lightning snow job on Levelland. What a difference half a century makes.

As recently as 2005, the CIA was resisting, in federal court, a Federation of American Scientists lawsuit to disclose its secret budget – from 1963. Really. The FAS merely wanted verification of its independent analysis that the spooks’ budget 42 years earlier was $550 million. Today, 2015, without the existential threat of the Soviet Union, America’s black budget is nearly $60 billion and growing. Federal agencies routinely classify even the most innocuous information, because they can, and 4.5 million Americans hold security clearances. That's more than the combined populations of the Northern Marianas, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Wyoming, Vermont, the District of Columbia, Alaska, and both Dakotas. And not a one of these vetted employees is required to look stupid by making excuses for the elephant in the room.

UFO Appeared to Land in Field

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UFO Appeared to Land in Field

By Roger Marsh

    An Ohio witness at London reported watching a disc-shaped UFO that appeared to land in a nearby field about 10 p.m. on November 8, 2015, according to testimony in Case 72366 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was driving to a third-shift factory job when the object was first seen and thought to be an airplane.

“Then the bottom and front lights changed,” the witness stated.“I watched it to the best of my ability while driving. I saw it go in a straight path. I looked back at the road and then back at the direction where it was and it had landed in a harvested field.”

The witness could see lights on the object.

“I did not see it land, just saw it illuminating itself with the colorful lights on the bottom, showing its dark dome disk shape. The colorful lights were only on for a few seconds. I looked away and then looked back at it and it went back to white lights.”

The object appeared to move at the ground level.

“It then went dark and then I noticed a bright white light that was on along one side of the street, and then it went to the other. So it must have crossed the street.”

The witness continued driving.

“I tried to keep track of the white light, but lost it. I tried to look for it again while in my car when I parked at work, but didn’t find it. I work third shift at a factory. I had a clear look at it when it was on the ground with the colorful lights, but I did not get a picture of it, as I did not even think about it at the time, due to shock and a strange feeling that came all around me after my heart skipped a beat.” [...]