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UFOs Hovered Over Lake County – Where Were You?

UFOs Hovered Over Lake County – Where Were You?

By Dan Moran

     Where were you when the cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Object appeared over Beach Park on Aug. 7, 2008?

Or when a fireball-style UFO was witnessed by at least seven people in Volo on Sept. 8, 2011?

If you don't recall your whereabouts on those critical dates, then you are obviously participating in the conspiracy of silence. Or maybe you were just sitting in a windowless basement watching "Breaking Bad" reruns.

Whatever the case, you obviously were not among the people who reported those incidents to the "National UFO Reporting Center," a Washington-based organization . . ..

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – 'This is How Low They've Sunk ...'

Hangar 1: The UFO Files – 'This is How Low They've Sunk ...'

Whatever works, obviously ...

By Billy Cox
De Void

Robert Hastings
Robert Hastings
    UFOs and Nukes author/independent researcher Robert Hastings was understandably torqued recently when someone told him he needed to check out an episode of History Channel’s “Hangar 1,” the Mutual UFO Network’s cable television platform for alerting a new generation to its sprawling database. Actually, no, check that, the episode in question aired on H2, History Channel’s second-tier programming subsidiary. Actually, no, check that, it was more like a three-minute clip, not an entire episode. Anything longer than three minutes and your audience is flipping channels.

Huge UFO Sighted Near Nuclear Missiles During October 2010 Launch System Disruption
Anyhow, this compressed accounting of an extraordinary event ran during “Hangar 1’s” premiere season in 2014, and it focused on the underreported malfunction at F.E. Warren AFB near Cheyenne, Wyoming. An alarming 50 nuclear missiles abruptly went offline in October 2010, and the official explanation was that the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron had suffered a brief computer glitch. Naturally, Hastings was interested; his decades-long investigations into UFOs breaching security around America’s nuclear arsenal has prompted well over 100 Air Force veterans to speak out. In fact, the Warren system crash occurred just a month after Hastings assembled half a dozen of those veterans for testimonials at Washington’s National Press Club (see below). The press conference was live-streamed by CNN, but like all UFO stories, big media never followed up and the story died.

In contrast to the Atlantic magazine piece that broke the 50-missile shutdown story, in which authorities said weapons access went dark for just under an hour, Hastings dug around and discovered base personnel who told him, confidentially, control of the ICBMs wasn’t fully restored for nearly 26 hours. Furthermore, witnesses – who ultimately included civilian and law enforcement operatives – reported UFO activity in the vicinity during that time frame, specifically, the overflight of a large cigar-shaped object. Hastings published his findings in 2011, then contributed a followup to the MUFON Journal in 2013.

Hastings bailed on “Hangar 1” after getting his fill of H2's opening episodes' fidgety, hyper-produced sensationalism. After all, he was assembling his own documentary on the nuke/UFO controversy in order to retain editorial control and keep it from becoming, well, another “Hangar 1.” So when he finally watched “Hangar 1’s” spin on the Warren incident, Hastings nearly blew a gasket . Because there was MUFON Executive Director Jan Harzan uttering these scripted words: “Two missile technicians came to MUFON anonymously and reported these objects being seen before and during the actual missile shut down.”

“You know, there’s a guy out there, Jason Colavito, who I don’t agree with very often because he’s a debunker,” Hastings tells De Void. “But when he jumped on Hangar 1 for creating fraudulent documents to make the show sound more official, he absolutely nailed it. This is how low they’ve sunk, saying this is from the MUFON case files without giving me a word of credit. Legally, I think I’m within my rights to contact an entertainment attorney about intellectual theft.”

“Absolutely, Robert should’ve gotten credit for that,” Harzan responds. But it’s complicated. He says “Hangar 1” producers requested everything MUFON had on UFOs and nuclear weapons. The 46-year-old research group complied, and included the Hastings’ MUFON Journal piece in the data dump. “Nowhere in the article does it say Robert isn’t a member of MUFON,” offers Harzan, “so I think the writer just made that assumption. Certainly it wasn’t an intentional omission on our part.”

“Hangar 1's” first season was a critical flop, but it drew the numbers; in fact, the suits were so pleased, they scheduled season two – which ran April through June this year – for a slot in the History Channel rotation itself. But according to Harzan, as a result of season one’s accuracy problems, he told History he needed a MUFON review board to preview each episode to minimize mistakes. Among those sentinel panelists is MUFON communications director Roger Marsh, who also says Hastings should've been credited, but adds that not even prior solves everything.

“There are three groups involved here,” he says. “There’s us, we’re the content providers. There’s the production company, which puts it all together. And then there’s the network – they’re the ones putting out the money and they’re the ones who tell us what they want.” Consequently, says Marsh, MUFON doesn’t always get what it wants. “We don’t need a lot of old stories about Roswell, or Area 51, or alien bases on the dark side of the moon. We have enough good cases over the last five or six years that nobody ever heard of, and those are the ones we’d rather see more of.”

For example, a 2000 incident over southern Illinois in which squad cars from multiple law enforcement agencies gave chase to a triangular UFO made national news. Thanks to recorded chatter between cops, this encounter has become a familiar re-enactment staple on UFO themed shows. Years ago, Marsh found a new witness, a now-retired assistant fire chief who saw the same object, same evening, cruising the skies in next-door Missouri. He had never given an interview until Marsh came along. “To me, putting a new witness in the story was what made it exciting,” he says.

Marsh reviewed what he thought was the final cut and gave it a thumbs-up. When the show aired, however, the fireman’s testimony had been edited out. But Marsh's disappointment was mitigated by a payoff he describes as “huge.”

“When the last two [second season] episodes aired, my phone was ringing off the hook. We got dozens and dozens and dozens of calls about cases I never heard of.”

Bottom line: the dilemma – suspect show quality versus growing eyewitness feedback – is apparently a tradeoff MUFON can live with.

“I really think season two was better than season one,” Marsh says, “but it’s all on Hollywood terms -- it's a medium that's very sexy. and you just have to get used to it. If you’re a stickler for details like Robert is, then it’s just not going to work for you.”

There must be some planet out there where sticklers for detail get a better deal than "Hangar 1."

Earth Fly-By of 'Space Peanut' | VIDEO

Earth Fly-By of 'Space Peanut' 7-25-15
Radar data of asteroid 1999 JD6 revealed the object is a contact binary consisting of two lobes. The data was collected over seven and a half hours on July 25, 2015, when the asteroid was about 4.5 million miles (7.2 million kilometers) from Earth.


     NASA scientists have used two giant, Earth-based radio telescopes to bounce radar signals off a passing asteroid and produce images of the peanut-shaped body as it approached close to Earth this past weekend.

The asteroid appears to be a contact binary -- an asteroid with two lobes that are stuck together.

The images show the rotation of the asteroid, named 1999 JD6, which made its closest approach on July 24 at 9:55 p.m. PDT (12:55 a.m. EDT on July 25) at a distance of about 4.5 million miles (7.2 million kilometers, or about 19 times the distance from Earth to the moon).

"Radar imaging has shown that about 15 percent of near-Earth asteroids larger than 600 feet [about 180 meters], including 1999 JD6, have this sort of lobed, peanut shape," said Lance Benner of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, who leads NASA's asteroid radar research program.

To obtain the views, researchers paired NASA's 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, California, with the 330-foot (100-meter) National Science Foundation Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia. Using this approach, the Goldstone antenna beams a radar signal at an asteroid and Green Bank receives the reflections. The technique, referred to as a bistatic observation, dramatically improves the amount of detail that can be seen in radar images. The new views obtained with the technique show features as small as about 25 feet (7.5 meters) wide.

The individual images used in the movie were generated from data collected on July 25. They show the asteroid is highly elongated, with a length of approximately 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) on its long axis. The movie spans a period of about seven hours, 40 minutes.

This week's flyby was the closest approach the asteroid will make to Earth for about the next 40 years. The next time it will approach Earth this closely is in 2054, at approximately the same distance of this week's flyby.

Data from the new observations will be particularly useful to Sean Marshall, a graduate student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, whose doctoral research on 1999 JD6 is funded by NASA's Near-Earth Object Program. "I'm interested in this particular asteroid because estimates of its size from previous observations, at infrared wavelengths, have not agreed. The radar data will allow us to conclusively resolve the mystery of its size to better understand this interesting little world," he said.

Despite the uncertainty about its size, asteroid 1999 JD6 has been studied extensively and many of its physical properties, as well as its trajectory, are well known. It rotates in just over seven-and-a-half hours and is thought to be a relatively dark object. Asteroid 1999 JD6 was discovered on May 12, 1999, by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth-Object Search, located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Radar is a powerful technique for studying an asteroid's size, shape, rotation, surface features and surface roughness, and for improving the calculation of asteroid orbits. Radar measurements of asteroid distances and velocities often enable computation of asteroid orbits much further into the future than would be possible otherwise.

NASA places a high priority on tracking asteroids and protecting our home planet from them. In fact, the U.S. has the most robust and productive survey and detection program for discovering near-Earth objects (NEOs). To date, U.S. assets have discovered over 98 percent of the known NEOs.

In addition to the resources NASA puts into understanding asteroids, it also partners with other U.S. government agencies, university-based astronomers, and space science institutes across the country, often with grants, interagency transfers and other contracts from NASA, and also with international space agencies and institutions that are working to track and better understand these objects.

NASA's Near-Earth Object Program at NASA Headquarters, Washington, manages and funds the search, study and monitoring of asteroids and comets whose orbits periodically bring them close to Earth. JPL manages the Near-Earth Object Program Office for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. . . .

Ancient Crystals Show Earth’s Magnetic Field Switched On Early

Ancient Crystals Show Earth’s Magnetic Field Switched On Early


     Earth’s magnetic field powered up early. The finding, gleaned from field lines frozen into zircon crystals up to 4.2 billion years old, offers a glimpse at our planet’s infancy – and may hint at how the Earth was able to hold on to its life-sustaining atmosphere.

Looking back so far in time is not easy. In its 4.5 billion year history, our planet’s surface has changed constantly, and the early pages of Earth’s story remain frustratingly blank. “It’s like you have chapters 19 and 20 of a 20-chapter book,” says James Head of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who was not involved in the study.

To find out more about the origin of Earth’s magnetism, a team led by John Tarduno of the University of Rochester in New York retrieved rock samples from the Jack Hills in Western Australia – home to some of the oldest rocks on Earth.

The team spent months picking out zircons – tiny silicate crystals a tenth of a millimetre in size – from the surrounding rock. Inside these crystals, even tinier deposits of magnetic minerals contained traces of fossil magnetism locked in from the moment they first cooled. With a custom magnetometer, the team was able to measure the strength of the ancient magnetic fields, which they matched with estimates of the crystals’ ages based on the isotopes found in them. . . .

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Airplane Debris Washed Up On Beach is of Missing MH370

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Airplane Debris Washed Up On Beach is of Missing MH370

By Clive Irving
A piece of Boeing 777 discovered on an Indian Ocean beach can only be the missing flight, but it’s 4,500 miles from where it was predicted to wash up.

     A U.S. official tells the Associated Press that part of an airplane found washed up on a beach on the Indian Ocean island of Rénunion is from a Boeing 777. Only one Boeing 777 has ever disappeared over water: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

This is it.

After a fruitless 17-month search this could be the beginning of solving the world’s greatest aviation mystery—the first piece of physical evidence that investigators can examine.

The piece of debris is part of a wing and probably a control surface from that wing. Control surfaces are among the most likely part of airplane wreckage to survive for a long while as flotsam. . . .

UFO Orbs Filmed Over Osaka, Japan | VIDEO

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UFO Orbs Filmed Over Osaka, Japan - July 2015

By Kelly-Ann Mills
The 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video

     This bizarre footage has captured 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka in Japan.

They are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video which was uploaded to YouTube.

The unusual white lights are similar to those s potted above a Blue concert in Hyde Park in June .

But in the London sighting the lights hovered in the sky for just a brief moment before they suddenly disappear into thin air, just as quickly as they came.

The Osaka globes are clearly seen for much longer. . . .

ISS Crew Dodges Space Debris (Again)

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ISS Crew Dodges Space Debris (Again)

By Jason Rhian

    Members of the Expedition 44 crew had to move out of the way of satellite debris late in the evening of Saturday, July 25. The most recent reminder that the environment above our world is becoming increasingly cluttered, did not impact crew safety or operations and, in fact, it might even get the station’s current residents a little ahead in terms of scheduled tasks. . . .

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NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen (Pt 1)

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NORAD and The UFO Smokescreen

Paul Dean By Paul Dean

     About a year ago, I took the plunge and begun the near-impossible task of ascertaining what role joint US/Canadian North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has maintained regarding the UFO matter. Sure enough, just as I had suspected, there is a paper trail dating back decades, and much of it makes for rather awkward reading. Furthermore, I have been working with David Charmichael, a brilliant British citizen who has been aggressively asking NORAD, and its parent agency Northern Command (NORTHCOM), one of ten Unified Combatant Commands organised directly under the Secretary of Defence and Joint Chiefs of Staff, for some honest answers regarding the oddities they track on vast radar systems, and other UFO-related matters. Together he and I have discovered much.

For those that don’t know, NORAD, as its current Fact Sheet states, is
charged with the missions of aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America. Aerospace warning includes the detection, validation, and warning of attack against North America whether by aircraft, missiles, or space vehicles, through mutual support arrangements with other commands. Aerospace control includes ensuring air sovereignty and air defence of the airspace of Canada and the United States.
Put simply, NORAD uses myriad primary and secondary radars to build up an integrated, recognised air and aerospace picture, even out into sub-space, of what is flying around about the USA and Canada. NORAD has generally maintained that the only UFOs they detect and track are simply strayed aircraft, hostile formations of Russian or Cuban combat aircraft and such. NORAD do not have any interest, or, any knowledge, of our sort of UFO events.

Unfortunately for NORAD, however, if one goes by what the contents of their own declassified paperwork says, the overwhelming evidence is that they have not been honest, and not since the 1950’s. But first, let’s see what official concoctions NORAD has come up with over the long years.

In a reply letter dated 10th November, 1975, Colonel Terrence C. James, NORAD Headquarters, Ent Air Force Base, to researcher Robert Todd, it was stated:
. . . this command has no present activity in investigating UFOs, nor does any area of the United States government that I’m aware of.
Another letter from NORAD HQ, dated 28th, November, 1975, also to Robert Todd, said:
We do not undertake investigative measures . . . our interests are satisfied in near real time, and no formal documentation is created by this command.
In a 19 December 1995 letter to researcher Dr. Armen Victorian, NORAD’s Directorate of Information clarified their terminology, while distancing themselves, as one would expect, from the core UFO issue:
Historically, the term UFO was used by the Air Force starting in 1947 and ending in 1969 with the shelving of the Project Blue Book. We all know what the term UFO means, we just don’t use it . . .. The specific term “UFO” is not used by this command even though you could say that this term would equate to Unknown Track Report: either an Uncorrelated Event or an Unknown Track, since an unidentified flying object could be considered either.
Since 1954, the “Joint Army Navy Air Force 146” (JANAP 146) procedures, promulgated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have, issued a series of “Communications Instructions for Vital Intelligence Sightings”, more commonly referred to as simply “CIRVIS”. The timely reporting of UFO’s by military and civilian pilots, as well as other professionals, is clearly laid down in these CIRVIS procedures, and, first on the addressing distribution list is none other than the Commander-in-Chief, NORAD (CINCNORAD). For example, the February 1959 version of JANAP CIRVIS procedures, published as JANAP 146(D), states, in part, under the “Information to be Reported and When to Report” section on Page 8:
(1) While airborne and from land based observers.

(a) Hostile or unidentified single aircraft or formations of aircraft which appear to be directed against the United States or Canada or their forces.

(b) Missiles.

(c) Unidentified flying objects.

(d) Hostile or unidentified submarines.

(e) Hostile or unidentified group or groups of military surface vessels . . ..

(f) Individual surface vessels, submarines, or aircraft of unconventional design, or engaged in suspicious activity or observed in a location or on a course which may be interpreted as constituting a threat to the United States, Canada or their forces.

(g) Any unexplained or unusual activity which may indicate a possible attack against or through Canada or the United States, including the presence of any unidentified or other suspicious ground parties in the Polar Region or other remote or sparsely populated areas.
Note, that “Unidentified Flying Objects” is listed as distinct from single aircraft, formations of aircraft, missiles, etc. Below is an image of this page from JANAP 146(D) CIRVIS:


Of even more interest are these two procedural statements, on Page 12:
c. A post-landing report is desired immediately after landing by CINCNORAD or RCAF-ADC to amplify the airborne report(s).
(1) Post-landing reports should be addressed to CINCNORAD, Ent AFB, Colorado Springs, Colorado, or, RCAF-ADC, St. Hubert, Quebec . . ..
CINCNORAD is merely Commander-in-Chief, NORAD, and, RCAF-ADC is Royal Canadian Air Force, Air Defence Command. Below is an image of the page.

JANAP 146 (D) (CIRVIS REPORTS 201) (-cont)

Thus it is established that NORAD, even so long ago, was very much concerning itself with serious UFO sightings made by US or Canadian forces, and any claims to the contrary are absolute nonsense.

Now, I can already hear the “But, that was in 1959! What about something current?!”.

The 2008 “Air Force Instruction 10-206 Operational Reporting” instruction contains the second most current CIRVIS sightings procedures, which still include “Unidentified Flying Objects” as separate from aircraft, missiles, etc. On Page 36, it is stated, with regards to the addressee of such “vital” reports:
5.3. Submitted To:

5.3.1. Airborne reports: US, Canadian military, or civilian communications facility.

5.3.2. Post-landing reports: Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Cheyenne Mt, Colorado, or HQ Northern NORAD Region, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, whichever is more convenient. If landing outside Canadian or US territories, submit reports through the nearest Canadian military or diplomatic representative or US.
So much for NORAD not being in the US military’s “UFO loop”.

It isn’t just the above mentioned CIRVIS procedures which raise questions. NORAD’s Operational Instruction Index 0-2, dated 7th of March, 1978, inventories a number of instructional publications for vital to the overall mission success of NORAD Regional and Sector Operations Centers. Page 2 of the index lists an instruction titled “Possible Unknowns, Unknowns, Special Tracks and Unknown Objects Actions”. Below the list is imaged.

RCCOI 3-7-1978

While these procedural and instructional records are significant, there is far more material which catches NORAD out red-handed being involved with localized and serious UFO events. In my next post, Part 2 of this series, I will be highlighting such material which provides ample evidence that NORAD know far more about the UFO issue than they are prepared to discuss.

UPDATE: Alien Shooter Story is Credible Believe Ufologists

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UPDATE: Alien Shooter Story is Credible Believe Ufologists

Argentina: Rosario Ufologist Says Hunter's Story is "Credible"

By Inexplicata

     After the initial astonishment and widespread diffusion in the media, the case involving the hunter from Santa Rosa who claims having slain an extraterrestrial has moved to another level: it is now a matter for investigation by UFO researchers. To one of them, the abduction was not extraterrestrial but rather military in origin. A psychiatrist wants Tavernise to submit to a deep relaxation technique to see if there are images in the depths of his mind that have not yet come to light. The case will be published in a book compiling cases that have occurred in the past 10 years.

Luis Reinoso is an attorney who has spent his life researching the UFO phenomenon. In 1965 he established the EDOVNI center in Rosario, which celebrated its 50th year of uninterrupted work on the subject. This trajectory, and the premise of doing responsible work, was acknowledged in 2011, when the Argentinean Air Force summoned the native of Rosario to form part - as an external advisor - of a special commission created to study reports by passengers and pilots alike regarding the presence or sighting of objects of unknown provenance.

Last Friday, Reinoso was spending a few days vacationing in the mountains of Córdoba when he read the article on the police report filed by Alberto Tavernise and did not hesitate to board the first bus to La Pampa. Since then, he has interviewed Tavernise a few times and also engaged in field work to learn more about the hunter's personal details and the geographic context in which the encounter between the man and the five small beings took place.

Alberto Tavernise
In Reinoso's opinion, the story put forth by [Tavernise] is "solid and coherent" and therefore "credible". In any event, he explained, it is not his duty to judge credibility, but to gather all of the physical evidence available on the case, whether they are photographs, ground traces, witness accounts or anything else that contributes elements. During a second stage, the investigation will continue with a visit by a psychiatrist who will meet with Tavernise, who has already expressed having no misgivings about participating in the study. The psychiatrist shall apply a deep relaxation technique that will permit images recorded in the depths of Tavernise's mind to be unlocked, should any remain.

Reinoso has a powerful theory regarding the incident with the 1.20 meter tall beings and the man's subsequent abduction: "It wasn't abduction by an extraterrestrial craft, but what we call a "government abduction" [MILABs in U.S. parlance -- SC] in which aliens serve as the pretext for covering up the true origin.

The most notable difference between one and another can be found in the consequences for the abductee: the first are not traumatic and in general promote the individual's spiritual growth; the second create traumatic memories which the person finds hard to endure, and the physical consequences are longer lasting, as occurred with Tavernise.

Behind all this, suggests the researcher, are power groups that remain out of sight, interests promoting a "New World Order" and who tirelessly experiment a variety of unthinkable weapons of mass population control on human beings.

For this reason, in order to keep their operations secret, nothing could be better than to ascribe the blame to extraterrestrials. Should they exist, and if they are among us - of which Reinoso is convinced - they have nothing to do with these experiences.

Luis Reinoso is the author of two books on the UFO phenomenon: "Tras las huellas de los ovnis" (1984) y "Nuevo Orden Mundial - Globalización y fenómeno ovni" (2005). His third work is currently in progress and surely includes a reference to the Tavernise case.

He visited our province for several days three decades ago to study the "Platner Case". According to his calculations, he has studied some 80 cases and has records of at least 20 abductions in recent times. During the interview with LA ARENA he disclosed that there are two cases which have been the focus of official criminal investigation - one due to the spontaneous participation of a prosecutor, and another due to the experiencer's own report - plus a police record. Tavernise's case would be the second police report, although the first to contain details about the alleged confrontation.

The "Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales" was created by Resolution No. 414 / 2011 of the Chief of Staff of the Argentinean Air Force with the purpose of "organizing, coordinating and methodically carrying out investigations into possible causes of unidentified flying object sightings within airspace under National Jurisdiction," as can be read on the agency's website. In such cases where investigations have "reached a certain and exact conclusion", the order is to publicize such results.

* [Translation (c) 2015 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

UFO Caught On Video Flying Over Eungella

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UFO Caught On Video Flying Over Eungella 7-26-15

By Shakira Sellen and Andrea Davy

      A VIDEO of two bright lights moving slowly and directly across the skyline has residents in the Pioneer Valley bewildered.

About 12 people were having wood-fired pizzas at the Eungella General Store on Sunday evening when the flying objects were spotted.

Wendy Storer filmed the sighting on her phone and shared the footage on Facebook. The video was taken about 6.15pm. . . .