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UFO Over Northern California Leaves Witnesses, Experts Perplexed | VIDEO

UFO Over Northern California Leaves Witnesses, Experts Perplexed 9-13-14

By Jason McClellan

     A UFO appeared in the skies above northern California in the early morning of Friday, September 12.

At least thirty witnesses in the bay area watched the strange object streak across the sky at approximately 6:00 a.m. Some describe the object as a white light, while others say it was orange. But the light was seen with “fog or smoke billowing out” behind it. Among the witnesses is a police officer from Sacramento. . . .

. . . The strange object that streaked across the sky remains unidentified. . . .

Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox”

Time Travel

Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Grandfather Paradox”

By Lee Billings
What would happen to you if you went back in time and killed your grandfather? A model using photons reveals that quantum mechanics can solve the quandary—and even foil quantum cryptography
     On June 28, 2009, the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking threw a party at the University of Cambridge, complete with balloons, hors d'oeuvres and iced champagne. Everyone was invited but no one showed up. Hawking had expected as much, because he only sent out invitations after his party had concluded. It was, he said, "a welcome reception for future time travelers," a tongue-in-cheek experiment to reinforce his 1992 conjecture that travel into the past is effectively impossible.

But Hawking may be on the wrong side of history. Recent experiments offer tentative support for time travel's feasibility—at least from a mathematical perspective. The study cuts to the core of our understanding of the universe, and the resolution of the possibility of time travel, far from being a topic worthy only of science fiction, would have profound implications for fundamental physics as well as for practical applications such as quantum cryptography and computing.

Closed Timelike Curves

The source of time travel speculation lies in the fact that our best physical theories seem to contain no prohibitions on traveling backward through time. The feat should be possible based on Einstein's theory of general relativity, which describes gravity as the warping of spacetime by energy and matter. An extremely powerful gravitational field, such as that produced by a spinning black hole, could in principle profoundly warp the fabric of existence so that spacetime bends back on itself. This would create a "closed timelike curve," or CTC, a loop that could be traversed to travel back in time.

Hawking and many other physicists find CTCs abhorrent, because any macroscopic object traveling through one would inevitably create paradoxes where cause and effect break down. In a model proposed by the theorist David Deutsch in 1991, however, the paradoxes created by CTCs could be avoided at the quantum scale because of the behavior of fundamental particles, which follow only the fuzzy rules of probability rather than strict determinism. . . .

Comet Probe Finds Elements of Life

Comet 67P-C-G (400 px)

Comet Probe Finds Elements of Life

By Paul Rodgers

    The Rosetta spacecraft has discovered all the elements of life in the gases jetting from a comet as it approaches the Sun.

The ingredients that make up amino acids, life’s building blocks, are all contained in the tail of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67P/C-G). Among them are methane, methanol, CO2, ammonia and water. All proteins are made of amino acids.

If Rosetta’s lander, Philae, discovers complete amino acids when it reaches the comet’s surface in November, it would support the hypothesis that life on Earth was seeded by comets with complex organic molecules as well as water. . . .

Triangular-Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering at Augusta, Maine

Triangular-Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering at Augusta, Maine 9-7-14

Maine family drives by hovering triangle UFO

By Roger Marsh

     Maine witnesses at Augusta who had just left I-95 north at exit 109 reported watching a hovering triangle UFO under 500 feet that made no sound about 8 p.m. on September 7, 2014, according to testimony in Case 59680 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“We all noticed something hovering in the sky on the opposite side of the highway in front of us,” the reporting witness stated. “It was triangular. It was not moving.”

The witness described the object.

“At each vertex of the triangle there was a white light. The three lights appeared equidistant from each other. We could see a flat bottom and the light allowed us to see a 90-degree angle where the bottom met the edges that then moved up to give the object height. Most of us couldn’t stop looking at the edges because they were not anything like any aircraft that we are familiar with.”

The witness described the object’s color.

“We could see that the object was a flat metal color. It had no shine to it. Where the light hit the object, it looked like a tin color. There were no color lights at all.”

The entire family was witness to the event. . . .

Brass Colored Disc Hovering Over Lake Erie | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie

1957 UFO – A Brass Colored Disc Over Lake Erie

By Cheryl Costa

     A high school student witnesses a brass colored disc over Lake Erie but it would be 57 years before we would know the depth of his sighting.

On the afternoon of September 20th 1957 in Buffalo, NY a Northbound Niagara Street bus had just dropped Steven at this corner on his way home from high school. As he started to walk the short block to his house on Prospect, something blinking caught his attention.

“My first fleeting thought was a yellow Piper Cub airplane.”

Steven looked up to see a brass colored disc. The light atop was rapidly blinking red, green and white; the disc hovered silently, completely motionless. . . .

. . . Steven suddenly became aware of the sound of jet aircraft approaching from the north. He says that the roar of their engines started to hurt his ears as they came closer. The two F-86 fighters, came so close to Steven’s position he could see the pilots. As the jets came closer to where the disc was hovering, the disc took off. . . .

UFO Documentary to be Filmed in Bridlington (UK)

Russ Kellett

UFO Documentary to be Filmed in Bridlington

By Stewart Paterson

     A UFO investigator is calling for anyone in the Bridlington area who believes they may have seen a UFO, to appear in a new documentary.

Russ Kellett, of Filey, is widely regarded as one of Britain’s foremost UFO investigators and has appeared in both national and international media to talk about his encounters of the third kind.

Russ said: “I want to speak to anyone who believes they’ve had a genuine encounter of the third kind.

“This part of England is a real hot spot for UFOs - I have seen things you wouldn’t believe and plenty of people from the Bridlington area have told me about their own sightings.

“A lot of people who come to me with their stories want to remain anonymous, and I can understand why.”

Over the years Russ and his colleagues has amassed a collection of what they believe is genuine proof that aliens have visited the Bridlington area.

Now Russ’ notoriety has prompted a film company to produce a documentary about his life as a UFO investigator, which will appear on Channel Four or Five. . . .

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Mystery Object in NorCal Sky | UFO NEWS – VIDEO

Mystery Object in NorCal Sky 9-12-14

Mysterious UFO Recorded Over Northern California Skies

By Riya Bhattacharjee

      The Chabot Space and Science Center says that a mysterious streak of light that lit up Bay Area skies early Friday morning may have been a meteor.

Bay Area residents – and even some in Southern California and Oregon – reported seeing the phenomena, but nobody could figure out what it was.

Comet? White glow? Strange streak in the sky? Bright orange light? Aliens? UFO? – the rumors kept flying in.

Chabot Space Center astronomer Ben Burress told NBC Bay Area that there were a total of three events Thursday and Friday where people reported seeing something in the sky. Two of the events occurred Thursday at 9 and 11 p.m. and Friday's event occurred around 6 a.m., Burress said. . . .

"...UFOs are Most Definitely Off the Table"

"...UFOs are Most Definitely Off the Table"

Rubber? Meet the road ...

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Fortunately, Hollywood maverick Douglas Trumbull has always manned up to his interest in The Great Taboo. And as the special effects wizard behind classics such as “2001,” “Close Encounters” and “Blade Runner” told a German audience in 2012, he’s in good company:

“If you poll people in the world, most people will say they believe in life in the universe. But there’s a big stigma attached to UFOs. And aliens. In the sense that it’s been so demonized in movies and so trivialized in science fiction movies that nobody who has an academic credential will touch that subject. It's an interesting thing.

Douglas Trumbull
Untenured and unencumbered by the protocols of academia, sfx maestro Douglas Trumbull's fearless pursuits of The Great Taboo are creating new technologies/CREDIT:
“So astronomers, physicists, astrophysicists, people in the space program, people in NASA, they all believe in life in the universe," he continued, "but nobody wants to talk about UFOs. Because they’ll lose their job. They’ll lose tenure, they’ll be ridiculed, they’ll become the laughing stock, and so no one wants to talk about it. I think it’s actually a really huge and interesting story. And I’m not afraid of it because I don’t have tenure and I’m not a scientist. So I don’t have anything to lose. So I think it’s very fun territory, very fertile ground.”

De Void brings this up to draw attention, once more, to the massive gaping hole in next Thursday’s two-day symposium, “Preparing for Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Impact of Finding Microbial, Complex, or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” in Washingon, D.C. The thing is co-sponsored by NASA and Library of Congress, and true to form, UFOs are most definitely off the table. No surprise, we expect that from the radioastronomy/SETI culture dominating the lineup. But here’s another little contradiction.

Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire who has dumped some $30 million into SETI’s empty-handed search for extraterrestrial intelligence, is clearly a huge Douglas Trumbull fan. Four years ago, the man who created Spielberg’s mothership at Devil’s Tower was inducted into Allen’s Science Fiction Museum Hall of Fame. And in April, Allen’s Seattle Cinerama Theatre hosted the premiere of Trumbull’s revolutionary 10-minute 3D film, “UFOTOG,” described as “a dramatic short story about a lone man attempting to photograph UFOs.” The showstopper was "UFOTOG's" state-of-the-art technology. Filmed at 120 frames per second, or four times the industry standard, Trumbull unveiled what he called “a new cinematic language."

Equally significant, “UFOTOG” is also autobiographical. Trumbull went national with his determination to document The Great Taboo during History Channel’s “UFOs On the Record” in 2011. Turning a tricked-out Hummer into a mobile camera and instrumentation platform designed to acquire UFO signatures in various modes, Trumbull's efforts to develop and synchronize corroborative technologies have proven hugely expensive. So the plan now -- after teaming up with modeling whiz and chief MUFON imaging analyst Marc D'Antonio -- is to make the system more portable, more affordable, and to increase sky coverage.

Fully loaded, these downsized "platters" are being engineered to detect not merely speed, direction, and altitude, but transponder indentification, imagery in night-vision, infrared, ultraviolet, etc., along with electromagnetic and even gravitational perturbations. Ideally, Trumbull's evolving multispectral cameras would be triangulated -- the farther apart, the better -- with instant communications features to alert each other to the approach of a bogey. D'Antonio calls them Land Deployment Units and Sea Deployment Units, because the strategy involves scanning the oceans for activity too.

As D'Antonio told Open Minds UFO Radio host Alejandro Rojas last month, the UFOTOG campaign hopes to mass-produce LDUs and SDUs because "this whole project is about finding the smoking gun." They've even worked out a theoretical framework for identifying what that smoking gun might look like; part of it involves string theory and gamma radiation. And again, all this stuff costs $$$.

The obvious question here is, where's Paul Allen?

Non-Redacted UFO Files are Lost, says NSA

Non-Redacted UFO Files are Lost, says NSA

NSA says it has lost its non-redacted UFO files

By Alejandro Rojas

     UFO and government secrecy researcher John Greenewald has been petitioning to get the National Security Agency (NSA) UFO files that were released in the 90s further declassified. When they were released, after a legal battle, much of the information was redacted. There are large swaths of information that have been blacked out or covered with white out. However, the NSA recently told Greenewald they could not find even one original of the hundreds of pages UFO files.

Greenewald received this information in response to a request for a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) of the NSA’s UFO files. MDRs require that the agency re-review previously released redacted files to unredact information that is now declassified. This is a similar process that was used to reveal the name of Area 51 in CIA documents last year.

The MDR was fulfilled for an affidavit related to the lawsuit asking the NSA to release its UFO files in 1980, called the Yeates affidavit. As for the rest, the NSA writes, “With the exception of the enclosed document, we cannot locate unredacted copies or the original documents that were previously reviewed and released to the public.”

In the late 70s, the Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), headed by lawyer Peter Gersten, sought to get UFO files from several government agencies released using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The NSA refused to release their files, so CAUS sued.

The NSA had a large amount of UFO files, not necessarily because they were investigating UFOs, but because they monitor communications worldwide as part of their regular duties. These files are called communications intelligence (COMINT). Among this large amount of data, there were hundreds of files referring to UFOs. However, the NSA felt they should remain classified.

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Photo of Bellocq UFO Confirmed | Argentina

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Photo of Bellocq UFO Confirmed 8-26-14

Argentina: Confirmation for the Bellocq UFO Photo

By Inexplicata

     Fernándo Távara of the MUFON Perú organization analyzed the original image of an Unidentified Flying Object photographed over San Francisco de Bellocq, which appeared in La Voz del Pueblo newspaper last Wednesday. Andres Stessens, the photographer, is an aide to municipal delegate Gerardo Chedrese. Távara further references a second figure that is also visible, but less clearly so.

"I have dismissed the cause being a photography error, lens stains or birds," notes the specialist.

He further points out: "I cannot associate the aero-anomalous objects with known artifacts or craft (airplanes, helicopters, drones). Moreover, the main object appears to be considerably large, with regard to distance."

In closing, he insisted that after "analyzing the image with various photography software packages I can see that it has not been edited, and the date on which it was taken coincides with the one manifested by the witness."

Based on the study of these characteristics, he said: "I can catalogue this case as a UFO due to the fact that no natural or logical cause can be found to explain this event (suggestions from other researchers or witnesses are welcome)."
* (Translation (c) 2014, S. Corrales (IHU) with thanks to Guillermo Giménez)