Saturday, October 01, 2022

Two Airliners Report Seeing UFOs – ARGENTINA

Two Airliners Report Seeing UFOs – ARGENTINA

     The event occurred last Friday. Ham radio operators claim intercepting conversations among pilots reporting the incident.

By Inexplicata
Passengers aboard at least two airliners covering the Bariloche route claim seeing two or three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) last Friday.

Witnesses say that it was a group of lights that appeared before them as if 'greeting' them in the dark of the night. According to the La Opinion Austral' the incident involved two aircraft belonging to Aerolineas Argentinas, whose pilots were startled by the display.

Furthermore, they insisted that these were artifacts of "presumably non-terrestrial manufacture", and they decided to set the event on record.

The incidents were reported this past Friday between 11:00 and 11:30 PM in the vicinity of Choele Choel. The aircraft were headed to Bariloche, although is said that another heading to Ezeiza Airport could have also seen [the objects].

According to communications intercepted by ham operators, that same evening they picked up a conversation in which the airliner's captain made reference to "Polanco's UFO" in honor of his colleague Jorge Polanco [Note - Capt. Polanco was the protagonist of the Bariloche UFO event of 1985]

His fellow pilot confirmed the information: "I was about to ask you the same", he said in the transmission. In the course of the dialogue, they added that the points were seen "somewhat below the Southern Cross", meaning the constellation.

Experts dismissed the likelihood that [the sighting] involved Elon Musk's satellites, as the last Starlink unit crossed the sky at 10:45 PM before entering the so-called shadow cone.

Friday, September 30, 2022

New U.S. Intelligence Agency Seal Appears with UFO, Then is Removed

NIM-Aviation Logos with UFO and Without

     When the U.S. intelligence community’s main aviation component updated its seal recently to include images of a flying saucer and what appears to be a Russian fighter jet many wondered if it was a joke.
By Suzanne Smalley

Turns out it may have been, but the leadership of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence does not appear to be amused.

A spokesperson there told CyberScoop in an emailed statement that its National Intelligence Manager for the Air Domain, also known as NIM-Aviation, “erroneously posted an unofficial and incorrect logo.”

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Alien Abduction Phenomenon Explored on Coast to Coast AM This Sunday

Alien Abduction Phenomenon Explored on Coast to Coast

     After decades of investigating UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, utilizing the testimony of scores of US Air Force veterans, I published my findings in UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, in 2008.

Last year, in 2021, on the Rebelliously Curious podcast, Luis Elizondo, the former director of the Pentagon’s once-secret UFO/UAP investigations group, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, said that AATIP had utilized the book during their own investigations and that I had done “a fantastic job” researching the topic.
Robert Hastings
By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

However, during my long research career I carefully kept a personal secret from the public. It was not until 2019 that I published the fact that I had had several encounters over the course of my life with what I concluded were non-human entities, the so-called Grays. In other words, I am an alien abductee or experiencer. This unanticipated and unwanted situation has undoubtedly been central to my interest in, and exploration of, the UFO phenomenon, although I knew that had I openly discussed it earlier, the media and much of the public would have automatically concluded that my military-related research was suspect. So, I kept my mouth shut.

Nevertheless, over time, I met and privately exchanged information with other experiencers, to compare notes, so to speak. In 2010, I met British citizen Steve Aspin, who confided his own lifelong encounters with the Grays, which were apparently far more frequent than my own. Indeed, based on information revealed during familial discussions, it appears that his mother, her mother and grandmother had all experienced visitations/abductions with the entities. As some readers will know, this intergenerational pattern of alien interaction with certain families now appears to be the rule, rather than the exception.

Out of Time - The Intergenerational Abduction Program Explored
Mr. Aspin has just published his first book about his personal and family experiences, titled Out of Time: The Intergenerational Abduction Program Explored, which also features his summary of abduction research conducted by the late Budd Hopkins, Dr. David Jacobs, and others. Aspin astutely and articulately evaluates the data collected thus far and theorizes about the program’s ultimate meaning and purpose. I highly recommend the book.

Mr. Aspin will be interviewed by journalist George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM this Sunday evening.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Extraterrestrial Water Discovered Inside Winchcombe Meteorite

Winchcombe Meteorite

     A meteorite that fell in the UK the year before contained extraterrestrial water, a discovery that is the first of its kind.

It is also believed that the Winchcombe meteorite, which fell into a Gloucestershire town's driveway in February of last year,
By Rich Co
may contain information about the origin of the planet's vast oceans.

Angels are Aliens, and are the Cause of Biblical Events, Says Minister

Minister Believes Angels May Have Been Alien Beings - The Arizona Republic 4-22-1989.png


     He [Rev. Barry H. Downing] theorizes that activities of UFO-borne "higher beings" or "angels," likely from another dimension rather than from other planets, are indicated in biblical events ranging from Egypt to Christ's ascension.
By The Arizona Republic

[...] "Usually these beings looked very much like ordinary beings (they almost never have wings). ... Once the 'package' of biblical religion had been delivered, man became responsible for the distribution the contents."

Downing said a hovering, UFO-like "cloud" by day and glowing "pillar of fire" by night guided the Israelites out of Egypt, projecting some force that parted the Red Sea, leading them for years across the desert.

Other events he sees as carried out by UFOs include:

The fire like phenomenon on Mount Sinai in which Moses received the Ten Commandments, the Prophet Elijah taken to heaven in a fiery chariot, the star of Bethlehem, the engulfing light of Jesus' transfiguration, his being "lifted up" at his ascension and the blinding visitation of Paul on the road to Damascus.

"All these were UFO types of reports," Downing said.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

'Expanding Frontiers Research' is Born

'Expanding Frontiers Research' is Born

Our Mission

     Expanding Frontiers Research is dedicated to sharing information and resources that most effectively embody best research practices. Our organization takes a multi-tiered
Sept. 2022
approach to providing the public reliable information on a broad and diverse range of topics.

Expanding Frontiers Research was primarily born out of the ongoing research collaborations of Erica Lukes and Jack Brewer. A longtime investigative researcher and outspoken activist on a number of social issues, Lukes became increasingly interested in what researchers could discern from special collections of archived material. She sought the able guidance of experienced archivist Barry Greenwood in not only exploring such collections but mentoring her as a curator to amass and properly preserve materials, ultimately for public benefit.

Writer and researcher Jack Brewer sought input from Erica Lukes on a number of occasions with stories he pursued as a blogger and author of nonfiction books. Their investigations led them to independently conclude that relevant information was often obstructed from the public while dubious narratives were spun under questionable circumstances. They became increasingly committed to respecting credible standards of evidence, forming Expanding Frontiers Research, and dedicating the organization to providing reliable information through proven research practices.

Making Change Possible

Expanding Frontiers Research is committed to facilitating the sharing of information, guidance, and similar resources that most effectively embody best research practices. Our organization takes a multi-tiered approach to providing the public reliable information on a broad and diverse range of topics. This approach includes both archiving historic material and presenting original research.

Archiving is conducted for the purposes of preserving historic records and making them accessible. Such records include donated special collections representing the work of UFO investigators, official documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act on numerous subjects, and other materials of interest to researchers and the public at large.

Our organization is additionally dedicated to publishing original research on a wide range of topics. This is accomplished through respecting universally recognized standards of evidence. Such standards and best practices are promoted through our actions, resulting work, public events, and all phases of operation.

Expanding Frontiers Research is a Utah nonprofit corporation. It is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Multiple UFOs Reported Over Ukraine By Astronomical Observatory

Multiple UFOs Reported Over Ukraine By Astronomical Observatory

     NASA commissioned a research team to study Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), observations of events that cannot scientifically be identified as known natural phenomena. The Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine conducts an independent study of UAP also. For UAP observations, we used two meteor stations installed in Kyiv and in the Vinarivka village in the south of the Kyiv region. Observations were performed with colour video cameras in the daytime sky. We have
By B.E. Zhilyaev, V. N. Petukhov, V. M. Reshetnyk
Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS of Ukraine
developed a special observation technique, for detecting and evaluating UAP characteristics. According to our data, there are two types of UAP, which we conventionally call: (1) Cosmics, and (2) Phantoms. We note that Cosmics are luminous objects, brighter than the background of the sky. We call these ships names of birds (swift, falcon, eagle). Phantoms are dark objects, with contrast from several to about 50 per cent. We present a broad range of UAPs. We see them everywhere. We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear. Flights of a single group and squadrons of the ships were detected, moving at speeds from 3 to 15 degrees per second. Some bright objects exhibit regular brightness variability in the range of 10 - 20 Hz. Two-site observations of UAPs at a base of 120 km with two synchronised cameras allowed the detection of a variable object, at an altitude of 1170 km. It flashes for one hundredth of a second at an average of 20 Hz. We use colourimetry methods to determine of distance to objects and evaluate their color characteristics. Objects RGB colors of the Adobe color system had converted to the Johnson BVR astronomical color system using the color corrections. Phantom shows the colur characteristics inherent in an object with zero albedos. It is a completely black body that does not emit and absorbs all the radiation falling on it. We see an object because it shields radiation due to Rayleigh scattering. An object contrast makes it possible to estimate the distance using colorimetric methods. Phantoms are observed in the troposphere at distances up to 10 - 12 km. We estimate their size from 3 to 12 meters and speeds up to 15 km/s.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Release of Further UFO / UAP Videos DENIED; Navy Cites 'Harm to National Security'

Release of Further UFO / UAP Videos DENIED; Navy Cites 'Harm to National Security'

After a nearly two and a half year effort, The Black Vault was denied under FOIA to get videos declassified depicting Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) citing a harm to national security, if released.
     Since December of 2017, two videos that surfaced of alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) sightings captivated the world. Months later, a third was released that only increased public interest into the topic, but also strengthened their voice for transparency about the mysterious phenomena.

Even though the military said they were not cleared for public dissemination and considered leaked, the Navy later would officially release copies of the same in April of 2020 to satisfy public curiosity and calls for transparency. But, how many other videos were there?
John Greenewald
By John Greenewald
The Black Vault

At that moment, The Black Vault aimed to find out just that.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Skinwalker Transparency and Burden of Proof

Skinwalker Transparency and Burden of Proof .png

     The Uintah County Sheriff's Office (UCSO) issued a response to a records request that it shows no record or contact at the property popularly known as Skinwalker Ranch. Records are no longer kept on file that date earlier than 2007, the UCSO added in its response dated July 7. The request specifically sought all records cross-referencing or pertaining to Skinwalker Ranch, Sherman Ranch, Myers Ranch and/or the physical address of the property, which was provided in the request, with a date range of 1983 to present.

Jack Brewer
By Jack brewer
The UFO Trail

Skinwalker Ranch Map
The inquiry resulted from a June Twitter exchange with Brandon Fugal, in which the current ranch owner and television personality alluded to law enforcement responses to the property reportedly taking place during the 1980s. Following requests for citations, Fugal provided a link to an interview of an apparent former Uintah County Deputy Sheriff, Kris Porritt. I indicated I was interested in original law enforcement reports resulting from any such police responses, as compared to witness testimony. Fugal then provided me with the contact info of an associate he suggested I contact for further inquiry.

I subsequently had a series of email exchanges with the individual, who initially offered to speak by phone. I advised that I may not require that much of their time and attention, further explaining I was seeking either law enforcement records or information to assist me in submitting a request for such records. They clarified they do not have any police reports.

At my request, Fugal's associate helpfully provided additional information that would potentially support an effective records inquiry. It was after my email exchange with them that the request was submitted to the Uintah County Sheriff's Office. The person asked me to inform them of results, to which I agreed.

Saturday I emailed the individual a copy of the response from the UCSO and offered them an opportunity to comment for this blogpost. They responded that they respectfully do not wish to comment, nor do they give consent to use their name or any information they shared regarding the ranch. I opt to honor their request, curious as the circumstances may be.

The irony of the turn of events is rather striking, given Fugal's consistent claims of transparency, combined with the fact it was he who recommended in the first place I consult his associate concerning my search for law enforcement records. In the event you're wondering, the information shared with me was not shockingly damning by any means, but suffice it to say neither did it strongly support urban legends associated with police calls to Skinwalker Ranch.

It was after I provided both Fugal and his associate the UCSO response, and after I informed Fugal of aspects of the email exchange with his associate (in order to offer Fugal an opportunity to comment on the specific circumstances), that the individual - who initially offered to speak by phone - advised me of their request to neither be named nor quoted. We can only speculate exactly how that evolved.

Offered an opportunity to address the circumstances, Fugal responded in a long message that he spoke to his associate and indicated they are concerned I have a "clear negative bias." According to Fugal, they therefore do not want their name associated with an attempt to disparage witnesses. Fugal suggested he applauds what I do "relative to calling out people who are exploiting the phenomenon or spreading disinformation and lies," yet alternatively went on to state I give voice to people who hide behind a cloak of hypocritical skepticism or self-righteous critical thinking. Some, he stated, are clearly dishonest. He also stated he hopes I am honest and not a disinformation agent.

Fugal was obviously much less inhibited about commenting than the person who will remain nameless who he initially recommended I hit up for info. Directing our attention back to his original statements about law enforcement records, Fugal stated the lack of corroborating records "doesn't make the fact that [Porritt] went on record regarding the multiple events that occurred and his relationship with Ken Myers any less real or true. For instance, I have closed billions of dollars of transactions going back to 1991, but in countless cases couldn't give you the exact dates of groundbreaking events, transactions closing or key meetings with leaders structuring some of the most important business deals in the Intermountain West. My testimony and track record stands."

I'll let the reader decide the tenability of the argument. Fugal further asserted they have interviewed other law enforcement professionals who "recall responding to incidents in the area" that predate the Sherman and Bigelow era.

"Furthermore," Fugal continued, "we have an interview with a respected professional who had a firsthand experience coming on to the ranch in 1984, who did provide exact dates, who happened upon a freshly surgically dissected cow in the same area on the property that other strange incidents have occurred in the field just south of Homestead 1."

The apparent respected professional and an accompanying friend were so disturbed, Fugal continued, they promptly reported the circumstances to law enforcement. Fugal hopes to obtain permission to release the account to the public, along with what he described as additional witness testimony, seemingly either ignoring or oblivious to the relative lack of value such material has to a more discerning research community not under the ether of Skinwalker lore.

Similarly, Fugal explained how a member of his security detail interviewed many retired officers who attest to strange and disturbing activity. Their accounts go back many decades, he contends.

"Since I know you have a tendency to give weight and voice to the criticism of people with no credibility or credentials, I encourage you to continue to interact with people who actually know what they are talking about. My professional track record and history is unimpeachable, as is the case with my principal investigator/physicist, ranch manager, law enforcement & superintendent."

Fugal's remark about me giving a voice to criticism may be related to my willingness to explore the arguments of those which include James Carrion. Fugal has previously expressed disappointment to me specifically about my interest in Carrion's perspectives. I identify Carrion's criticism of the Skinwalker saga and television series as worthy of consideration, particularly in the context of Fugal's persistent suggestions the show portrays legitimate scientific study. Related posts may be found at Carrion's blog in addition to the example linked above.

What would Fugal say to people who might feel he is attempting to stack the deck by suggesting he has documentation of law enforcement responses while no actual records of such responses, or what was originally recorded in them, is available?

"Transcribed interviews & testimony from former law enforcement stating they responded to incidents on the ranch in the mid-1980s constitutes documentation. We have verified that the people involved and cited were indeed acting in that capacity during that timeframe and have no reason to doubt their testimony or credibility. Although you were unable to obtain the actual records from the Sheriff’s office from that time period, you cannot say that the events did not occur."

Skinwalker Ranch
Fugal directly denied he is trying to stack the deck, continuing, "My own firsthand experience (with multiple witnesses) coupled with countless events with data involving 3rd party experts has proven (so far) there is no conventional, prosaic explanation for past & present extraordinary events at Skinwalker Ranch. I respectfully request that you take a balanced view and appreciate you giving me the opportunity to respond & address your questions."

There are a number of people in addition to James Carrion who challenge several aspects of Brandon Fugal's stated positions, and one of those people is Erica Lukes. The outspoken host of UFO Classified understands the winding Skinwalker saga and personally knows the players about as well as anybody who rolls the UFO dice.

"When bold claims are made about a particular location having an excessive number of paranormal phenomena, the expectation for me is that they are not just narrative tall tales but are well-documented, testable events," Lukes responded. "Can the anomalous nature of these events be demonstrated beyond 'they came without warning and left without warning' that we always seem to get in such reporting?

"If they can’t rise above the usual level of narrative story-telling, there is a presumption that errors can be introduced into the events. After all, the usual method of relating the details is done verbally from the mouths of human beings, a notoriously flawed means of recording transient events. It’s a mistake to accept verbal testimony at face value without extensive testing of that information by means of questions designed to assess the accuracy and consistency of the related information."

Some people don't see the issue as a matter of verifying claims, but suggest those who do not unquestioningly embrace the stories must be calling the supporters of those stories frauds. What would she say to them?

"No, not frauds, at least initially," Lukes explained. "Fraud comes from deliberate intent to deceive. Supporters of the claims can simply be accepting bad information by not exercising due diligence at considering all the more possible mundane explanations before opting towards the unusual, sensational ones."

What does Lukes think is most important for people to keep in mind when considering claims associated with the ranch?

"It's critical to understand that as with any extraordinary assertions, the burden of proof is on those making the assertions and not on those raising questions about them. That is real science."


The lack of significant documentation of sensational Skinwalker claims continues to haunt the saga worse than a hitchhiking bipedal wolf. While a valid argument can be made that a lack of UCSO records does not completely negate the testimony of Porritt, the fact remains law enforcement visits to the ranch cannot be verified. More importantly, the extent anyone may have originally perceived the events as extraordinary cannot be verified. We are unable to examine descriptions of events and the interpretations of those involved as may have been entered into original police reports. This does not allow us to compare those reports to the possibly dramatic narrations recorded decades later for an entertainment-based television show. It seems the UFO subculture indeed often needs to be reminded the burden of proof is on the claimant.

As observable in various internet spaces, a concerning aspect of the online Skinwalker fan base and cast is their tendency to sensationalize until checked. They then encourage more patience for ongoing investigations, as if they have not been suggesting all along a supernatural presence is a foregone conclusion. They are promoting conclusions; many of them only deny it and urge suspension of judgment when called on it.

Investigations, by definition, must include systematic examination. That is particularly the case if framed as scientific activity.

One might get the idea the faithful would never tap the brakes if their claims went entirely unchallenged. When challenged, a typical response is to act as if a request for proportionate evidence is unreasonable, as if anything less than extending limitless patience and unquestioning belief is a disrespectful personal attack. All of this without so much as forming a hypothesis, identifying a sustained research objective, or proposing how progress will be measured. We're in for a long wait under such conditions.

Saturday, September 03, 2022

Major Sea Rise ‘Now Inevitable’

Major Sea Rise ‘Now Inevitable’

Minimum rise of 10 inches to occur regardless of climate action, scientists find.
     Research based on satellite measurements of ice losses from Greenland and the shape of the ice cap from 2000-19 has allowed scientists to calculate how the climate crisis has pushed
By The Guardian
the ice sheet from an equilibrium where snowfall matches the ice lost.

They found that a minimum 10.6in sea-level rise is inevitable regardless of action to limit carbon emissions after 110tn tonnes of the Greenland ice cap melted. A multi-metre sea-level rise also appears likely as the trajectory of environmental damage continues.