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Air Force Urges Top Scientists To Scan Saucers (UFOs)

Air Force Urges Top Scientists To Scan Saucers - Mt Pleasant Times-News 7-28-1952

     The Air Force called in top scientists to find out what "Flying Saucers" really are today as mysterious objects again swooped over the capital.

By Mt Pleasant Times-News
The Civil Aeronautics Administration traffic control center reported that its radar picked up the objects for about six straight hours early this morning.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Former Seaman Reports UFO & USO Encounters With USS Hollister

Former Seaman Reports UFO & USO Encounter With USS Hollister

Our Channel Islands Naval experiences: 1972-1974

     As the only open UFO researcher on our war ship, the USS Holister DD-788, home ported in Long Beach Ca. I was awakened from sleep in my rack below decks by order of Lt. Robert Walter, the OOD that fateful night.
By Greg Barnes
The UFO Chronicles

The sailor who was dispatched to hurry me, wearing only my skivvy shorts, to the bridge, happened to be my best friend, a very excited seaman, Larry Allen, a Quartermaster striker on duty at that time during the mid-watch.

Larry said there was a big UFO directly over our ship, and Lt. Walter needs you on the bridge on the double!!

We both scrambled through the ship and up the ladders to the bridge. When we arrived, everyone was silent, like a movie, it was strange. Lt. Walter said, “You just missed it, a giant UFO was just above us, and it’s bright light lit up everything”.

I asked the radar man if it appeared on his screen. He said, “I don’t know, I was to busy looking at it directly overhead”.

Our crew estimated this event was no more than a 5 minute experience and I had just missed it, but my friend Larry got a good look at it before he ran to get me. It disappeared just before we arrived on the bridge.

I asked those on the bridge what emotion they felt when viewing this silent flying device? They answered: fear and awe.

Our sonar-men had occasionally detected a metallic object beneath the surface of the ocean making huge circles around our ship as we cruised at 14 knots, also in the Channel Islands area.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Nuclear Technician Reports UFO Activity Over Whiteman Air Force Base

Nuclear Technician Reports UFO Activity Over Whiteman Air Force Base

     A former nuclear weapons technician has gone on the record for the first time to speak about disturbing security incidents he encountered at a U.S. Air Force (USAF) base, which stores nuclear weapons.
By Christopher Sharp
Liberation Times

Whilst stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, between 2003-2007, Adrian Reister claims to have witnessed two incidents involving Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) entering restricted airspace above the base and a serious security breach involving a ‘shadow person’, who Reister chased within the base.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Alien Abduction Reported in 1897

Alien Abduction Reported in 1897

     The airship mystery is "solved" again. A few days ago a man was brought to the city hospital in St. Louis, having been found wandering aimlessly about the street.

By The Milan Republican

For a number of days he was kept a prisoner by the Martians, or whoever they were, during which time he suffered frightful torture, but finally effected his escape....

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

French Ufologists Send Public Letter To President Emmanuel Macron

French Ufologists Send Public Letter To President Emmanuel Macron



This letter follows the one sent to President Nicolas Sarkozy by
The UFO Chronicles
a ufology collective in 2008 and the meetings of the aeronautic commission 3AF SIGMA with the government in 2010. These French initiatives having had a professional and interested reception, our query reflects a genuine and reiterated concern of the general public. We emphasize the major stakes pertaining to the UFO question and the benefits that may arise from a policy of transparency.

The “Collectif d’Intervenants sur le Phénomène OVNI” (CIPO), in English, the Collective of Contributors on the UFO Phenomenon, consisting of around fifteen associations, study groups and specialized media as well as close to thirty independent researchers, is a civic initiative aiming to promote a serious, scientific and transparent response to the UFO phenomenon in France. Our demands are:

• For official organs or state services to declassify and preserve all archives concerning UFO and UAO phenomena in France.

• For scientific communities to initiate research on the topic and make them public.

• For independent French research in ufology to have better backing.


Atypical aerospace phenomena have been widely reported for several decades on all continents, including in Europe and in France, and have been constantly on the rise. A majority of them are ultimately explained by conventional causes, such as meteorological or astronomical phenomena or confusion with mundane flying devices (planes, helicopters, drones, sky lanterns, models, kites, rockets, etc.) At times the devices are less mundane, at others the reports are simply pranks. 

However, a significant portion of the phenomena (called UFOs or UAPs) remain unexplained because they feature sizes, shapes and aerial capabilities that are radically incompatible with official aeronautical standards. The facts are documented with credible testimonies and reports from aerospace specialists like pilots, radar operators, meteorologists and astronomers. A non-exhaustive list of cases is included with this letter.

In some situations, the devices display aerial capabilities far beyond our current and conceivable technical know-how: extreme sizes or speeds, stationary flights followed by stupendous, instantaneous accelerations, breaking of the sound barrier without a sonic boom, acute angle turns, non-aerodynamic shapes without any signs of propulsion or fueling devices, electrical or electromagnetic disturbances, USOs…

From the multiple archives available in France and other nations, major cases show the concreteness of the problem in all physical environments and all territories. Statistical and historical analysis indicate an over-representation in polluted or very densely populated sites, or sites in the vicinity of nuclear installations.

Despite the factual elements we have touched upon, we regrettably find that the UFO phenomenon is not given attention adequate to the needs of the research in the corresponding field.

It is also to be noted that historical cases are rarely officially addressed. They are either downplayed or classified as confidential, secret or top secret. The sparse media outlets that broach the topic generally do so in a superficial or ironical manner (though some earnest and professional press articles on the subject are starting to appear in France. As a result, the overwhelming majority of UFO witnesses do not wish to make their testimony public.

The Stakes of the UFO Question

Incursions of unknown aircrafts in our airspaces obviously give rise to security concerns, even more so if these crafts possess outstanding evasive abilities. The hypothesis of revolutionary technologies developed by a foreign nation is not ruled out but has never been verified. This line of thought is also hampered by the repetitiveness of the phenomena observed worldwide over a period of 70 years. Similarly, psychosocial theories surmising that UFO sightings are attributable to influences from science-fiction, psychological conditions, hallucinations or mediatic contagions are not scientifically recognized and credible models for the purpose of explaining mass testimonies, physical traces on the ground, or radar and photographic data.

The scientific analysis of existing and declassifiable data reveals the benefits that a non-polluting technology capable of generating more energy than a nuclear plant in less space might have, as an alternative to the fossil fuels which have a devastating impact on Earth’s ecology.

Other perspectives, just as important, might be sketched here: “The extra-terrestrial hypothesis is by far the best scientific hypothesis: while it is not indeed categorically proven, there exist strong presumptions in its favour, and if it turns out to be exact, its consequences would be tremendous.” concludes the COMETA report, a paper published in 1999 by French generals and scientists. Indeed, in case of discovery or contact with exogenous intellects, the cultural, religious, philosophical and scientific implications would probably alter the face of the world. Notably, it would require an advanced reflexion on the nature of our reality, the role of conscience in the way it appears to us and possible links with the philosophical implications of Quantum Physics.

The International Context

In spite of some public initiatives (creation of the GEPAN in 1977) or private ones (the COMETA and SIGMA reports) which have been acclaimed in their times, France presently remains marginal in its contribution to the progression of the UFO question. Some French media outlets have only just begun to touch on the subject in light of the surge of events in the USA. Technical debates are starting between intelligence specialists, aerospace professionals and scientists.

A major political inflexion is taking place in the USA since 2017. On a regular basis, pilots openly talk about UFO encounters during flight. The facts, confirmed by videos such as FLIR1, Gimbal, Go Fast and USS Omaha, as well as technical measurements, are officially recognized as unexplained by authorities like the US Navy and the Pentagon. Meanwhile, major American media (The New York Times, The Washington Post, Popular Mechanics, Fox News, CNN, CBS…) are engaging in thorough investigations leading to the conclusion that the phenomenon of UFOs is genuine. These initiatives are supported by prominent politicians like former Nevada Senator Harry Reid, the actual Senator of Florida and de facto President of Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio and John Ratcliffe, ex-head of National Intelligence, by important private groups (To the Star Academy of Arts & Science) and by the work of scientific study groups (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies). In 2020, the American Senate voted the creation of a study cell on the unidentified aerial phenomena of the Pentagon (UAPTF), whose mission is to present an official report on the situation. We furthermore note that China is conducting advanced investigations on the UFO phenomenon, for example by supporting private ufology groups and through the use of extensive technical and astronomical tools.

Historically, government or military bodies, aerospace professionals or media who have acted in a transparent way have always received marks of respect, encouragement and congratulations.

All this represents an exceptional opportunity for you, decision makers, to promote at the level of the general public the reality of the UFO phenomenon, because our fellow citizens have a right to be informed in order to apprehend in the best conditions the change of paradigm tied to the fact that we are not alone in the Universe and thus enable them to better understand the world in which we live.

It would also be best if France did not fall behind in the new technological race taking place between the other major powers of our planet.

We thank you for the attention and favourable response you will give our application. Mr. President of the French Republic, please receive our most respectful regards,


Thursday, January 06, 2022

UFOs, Mysterious Drone Swarms, the Navy and the Channel Islands

UFOs, Mysterious Drone Swarms, the Navy and the Channel Islands

     The Navy has a perplexing mystery on its hands. For several weeks in 2019, unknown objects stalked U.S. warships off the coast of southern California. While the bizarre “drone” encounters remain unsolved, the incidents occurred in an area with a long history of UFO sightings, including two of the most credible encounters on record.
By Marik von Rennenkampff
The Hill

According to documents reviewed by The Drive, the first reports of unidentified objects hovering and flying near Navy vessels sparked a sweeping, high-level investigation. The Navy, working with the FBI and Coast Guard, now appears to have ruled out civilian activity or U.S. military operations as plausible explanations for the encounters. This leaves two possibilities, each with extraordinary implications.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

UFOs / UAP: Tell The Truth Say Military Veterans

UFOs / UAP: Tell The Truth Say Military Veterans

     Fifty-five years ago in September 1966, Air Force members from Minot Air Force Base experienced an incident in the Minot missile field in which a flying object [UFO] took “off alert” all 10 of the nuclear-tipped missiles, causing them to be unlaunchable. About a dozen military members topside at the
By Eloise Ogden
missile launch control facility observed the mysterious flying object with bright flashing lights hovering near the perimeter fence on that September night.

Air Force officials reportedly instructed the military members at the launch control facility and those who knew about this incident never to speak about it and as far as they should be concerned, it never happened.

Friday, December 31, 2021

UFO / UAP Stalwart, and Former Senator Harry Reid Has Died

Harry Reid

With the death of long-time Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the search for unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and their potentially otherworldly operators has lost one of its greatest champions.
     Reid, whose state is home to the notorious Area 51, was a long-time advocate for increased federal funding and scientific research on UAP, which may include airborne debris, animals, or aircraft. In his role as Senate Majority Leader, Reid helped steer
By Michael Ginsberg
millions to the Department of Defense to create the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Following his retirement from Congress, Reid continued to advocate for scientific study and increased public awareness of aerial phenomena.

“I believe that there is information uncovered by the government’s covert investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena that can be disclosed to the public without harming our national security. The American people deserve to know more — and hopefully they will soon,” he wrote in The New York Times in May, shortly before the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report on the national security implications of UAP.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Analysis of Council Bluffs UFO / UAP Debris

Analysis of Council Bluffs UFO Debris

Vallee-Nolan et al, peer reviewed analysis 
of unusual materials paper published

Peer reviewed article

     The Journal "Progress in Aerospace Sciences" is an "...invitation only international review journal, designed to be of broad interest and use to all those concerned with research in aerospace sciences and their applications in research establishments, industry and universities."

Volume 128, January 2022 contains an article by authors Garry P. Nolan, Jacques F. Vallee, Sizun Jiang, and Larry G. Lemke. Its title is "Improved instrumental techniques including isotopic analysis, applicable to the characterization of unusual materials with potential relevance to aerospace forensics." The article
Keith Basterfield
By Keith Basterfield
The UFO Chronicles
was made available on line on 9 December 2021. Many thanks to researcher Jonathan Davies for pointing me to this article.


The introduction spells out that precisely identifying unknown material is an issue, in a number of areas, e.g. medicine, space exploration, and military intelligence.

The first section of the article reviews analytical processes which are currently in use, e.g. mass spectrometry and x-ray spectroscopy. The second section "Basic approaches for the initial characterization of unknown materials" reports on the material analysis using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS.) These determine the masses of atomic components of the material. Other analytical processes are also discussed.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, a case study
Analysis of Council Bluffs UFO Debris

Section 3 "Investigating unknown material collected in the field: A Case Study" concerns an incident on the 17 December 1977, which occurred in Council Bluffs, Iowa. At 1945 CST "...a red, luminous mass was observed by two Council Bluffs residents, as it fell to Earth near the northern city limits..." At the scene the witnesses found an area "...covered by molten metal that glowed red-orange, igniting the grass. Police and fire brigade personnel who attended the scene within 15 minutes all saw the mass, estimated at 35-55 pounds. An investigation was conducted with three initial thoughts in mind. These were, an industrial accident, an aeronautical malfunction or a meteorite (despite there being no cratering.) After investigations, it was concluded that it was not re-entering space debris; not falling material from an aircraft, not a meteorite, nor was it a hoax. It was also noted that two witnesses of the eleven witnesses, described a round object hovering in the sky, edged by red blinking lights.

The retrieved material had three components, namely "solid metal, slag and white ash inclusions in the slag." Vallee provided a piece of the original material for further testing. "...our initial conclusion was that sample components were consistent with a terrestrial origin." A recently developed Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging" (MIBI) instrument was used which is capable of measuring a broader range of isotopes. Using this instrument investigators concluded that "All isotopic ratios were similar between the samples and did not show any statistically significant deviations from expected terrestrial normal except for 57Fe..." However, there was a suggested conventional explanation for this 57Fe deviation.

Speculative conclusions

Section 5, "Speculative conclusions" includes the statement:

"Our experience with the Council Bluffs case study shows how difficult such a determination can be, even when abundant evidence is collected within minutes of an event, supported by reliable testimony from multiple witnesses and in well-defined meteorological conditions."
The authors speculate about the hovering, round object edged with red lights; that "Such an object might have ejected the mass of material observed by the other witnesses and recovered by police." They note that "The materials from Council Bluff show no evidence suggesting it was (sic) been engineered or designed. The material would not be expected to form naturally, and has been shown does have unusual inhomogeneity."


1. An excellent, peer reviewed paper in a significant international journal, which introduces the topic to the broader aerospace community.

2. Some UAP / [UFO] researchers might suggest that the paper doesn't go far enough in taking a look at other unusual samples associated with UAP / [UFO]. However, the authors note that:

"The objective is to provide data in an open-source manner so that others might replicate the analytic approaches or divine a testable hypothesis of why and how such materials are deposited or left behind . To many this will feel incomplete or insufficient, but this would be a premature conclusion. In the case of Council Bluffs, however, the data is is only the origin and nature of the material (and the phenomenon in general) that remains open."

3. On page 3 of the article there is reference to one of the Defense Intelligence Reference Documents produced by the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program, namely the one on "Metallic Spintronics."

4. There is also mention of the fact that the authors are conducting other analyses on other pieces of unusual materials.

5. All in all, it is the paper most of us were waiting for. Hopefully, just the first of many similar articles.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Single Video Accomplished What 70 Years of Modern UFO Documentation Had Not

Single Video Accomplished What 70 Years of Modern UFO Documentation Had Not

Been a long time comin'
Clinking a glass to today’s milestone of bipartisanship: The appearance of democracy getting a break after nearly four generations of military intelligence resistance to opening the books on UFOs is better than no appearance at all.
     The moments that shape who and what we’ve become can take years to assume full stature, but sometimes the details linger, waiting for proportion to catch up. My backyard neighbor, eyes fixed on the catastrophe blossoming across the immediate sky, placing the microphone to the cancer hole in his throat and issuing a pronouncement filtered through an electronic and otherworldly monotone: “I think the space shuttle just blew up.” A newborn daughter’s first screech and the snip of the umbilical scissors in the launch of a fresh adventure. The slant
By Billy Cox
of the late afternoon light through the kitchen window when Mom calls from 650 miles away to say her diagnosis is terminal.

What I remember: It was clear-blue cool the day the Earth stood still, arid, low 70s, invigorating for Florida. The December sun drew the critters to the surface at the state park down the road. A couple of gopher tortoises, an armadillo, the biggest glass lizard in memory, maybe two feet long, or more. Following the five-mile hike came a long exhale on the 10-speed home; by time I shook the sand off everything and hit the laptop, it was early afternoon.

The breaking news headlines were consumed by tiresome disaster porn, floods in Chile, California on fire, stalemate in Afghanistan, etc. The usual reruns. Men behaving badly. #MeToo updates. The Detroit Lions coming up in a few … ugh. Maybe a movie? But then. Wait a minute. The New York Times. Whoawhoawhoa. Stop.

“WASHINGTON – In the $600 billion annual Defense Department budgets, the $22 million spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was almost impossible to find …”

UFOs — the white whale. At last. Lead image above the lead graph: official U.S. Navy gun-cam footage, alternating from television to infrared modes, F-18 pilot exchanges recorded in pursuit. “There’s a whole fleet of ‘em, look on the AESA.” “My gosh!” “They’re all going against the wind, the wind’s 120 knots to the west … Look at that thing, dude …” “Look at that thing!” “It’s rotating.”

And within the space of 30 seconds, a single video packed with digital metadata accomplished what 70 years of “modern” UFO documentation had not – confirmed that those of us who’d looked up and gaped at the incomprehensible weren’t crazy or hallucinating. Well, many of us. And the Pentagon – those publicly indifferent star-spangled uniforms who for generations thought it better to let us doubt the sanity of our own curiosity than to toss us a bone – turns out those sneaky guys and gals had a few secrets of their own.

I raced through the article, the names, the acronyms, the numbers, the dates, the places, all of it pointing toward something I knew viscerally to be true. But I didn’t laugh out loud until I got to the sidebar, to the part where Navy pilots David Fravor and Jim Slaight emerged fearless in retirement. They described the aftermath of their 2004 encounter, in which a UFO shaped like a breath mint had run circles around their jet fighters.

“They were en route and closing in when the Princeton radioed again. Radar had again picked up the strange aircraft. ’Sir, you won’t believe this,’ the radio operator said, ‘but that thing is at your cap point.’ ‘We were at least 40 miles away, and in less than a minute, this thing was already at our cap point’ …”

Good god. This wasn’t just about propulsion, hardware and technology – this was about reality itself, demanding new definitions. But there was no lag time in this scoop’s impact; I knew right then and there, the world had changed. And I knew I had changed, too. Because this was personal, as the news no doubt was for countless other fellow Earthlings who had learned to table this very real conversation for some other time, some other place.


I went noodling around for more — and there, a second story, from Politico, not Alex Jones, independently corroborating details on the Pentagon’s clandestine dive into the The Great Taboo. Then another story. And another. And the minutes turned to hours, and the wire services and global newsies all piled on, some with the urgency of a terrorist bombing or a celebrity fashion disaster. Just as my parents had saved the paper from JFK’s blood-splattered limo dash out of Dealey Plaza, this was history, and I needed an old-school memento.

I headed out to the bookstore early Sunday morning, where the Times was sitting on the rack. Its top stories were more reruns, including two (2) analyses of Republican tax bills. A third threw a spotlight on how “reformer” Mohammed bin Salman had annexed Chateau Louis XIV outside Versailles for $300 million. Six bucks later, there it was, underplayed below the fold, but a headline on 1A real estate nevertheless: “Real U.F.O.s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know.

So much has happened since then. So many moving parts and falling dominoes, enough to fill a book, too dense to tally here. But all those interlocking efforts have brought us an overdue payoff. Consequently, today, this day, is like none other in American history.

Just one day shy of the four years since the Times broke the AATIP story, Congress has passed and dispatched the National Defense Authorization Act spending bill to the Oval Office for a rubber stamp. Included in the mandate is an order for the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence to collaborate on getting a grip on the UFO challenge. The nerve center of this joint effort is a laughable acronym, AOIMSG, or the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group. But amid this most dangerously polarized Congress in living memory, a bipartisan show of lawmaker support isn’t laughing.

AOIMSG is commanded to be up and running within 180 days of President Biden’s signature, and to brief the heads of select congressional committees in classified settings twice a year. By the end of 2022, it will issue an unclassified report. The itemized areas of interest are broad. They include a presentation of UFO/UAP incidents involving nuclear assets, physiological harm suffered during such encounters, and “an update on any efforts underway on the ability to capture or exploit discovered unidentified aerial phenomena.”

The bill on Biden’s desk is flawed, of course. One the strongest parts of the original language — proposed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to include an advisory board of 25 civilian scientists — didn’t make the cut. And for now, AOIMSG will answer to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security, or OUSD(I&S). This is the bureaucracy that, according to Pentagon whistleblower Luis Elizondo and former USD(I&S) Chris Mellon, is unqualified to handle these chores and have actively resisted outsider scrutiny.

Whether this effort becomes the envisioned window into transparency on America’s darkest closet or just another cynical exercise in information control/image rehab remains to be seen. We’ll hash out some of those reservations in the near future. For now, until the brass begins to disappoint us, let’s just say well done, to the lawmakers who proved they actually are capable of working together, to the persistence of Elizondo and Mellon, to the journalists who’ve made this moment possible, and to everybody who got off their asses and actually contacted their public servants.

The only analogy that comes directly to mind is the bitter feuds that preceded the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. In a world where radioactive fallout from WMD testing poisoned the food supplies of friend and foe alike, military-industrial complexes on both sides of the Iron Curtain pushed back against calls to take this insanity underground. Establishment heavyweights in the West, like Atomic Energy Commission chair Lewis Strauss, and hydrogen bomb architect Edward Teller, once argued the very fate of our nation hinged on the continuation of atmospheric atomic experiments.

Anyway … here’s hoping that today marks the beginning of the end of the Cold War’s final chapter, a line of demarcation where future generations will look upon our pathological insecurities and wonder, “What the hell was that all about?”

You may say I’m a dreamer. But …