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20 Questions About Flying Saucers (UFOs / UAP) For The Air Force - 1950

20 Questions About Flying Saucers (UFOs / UAP) For The Air Force - 1950

     The recent announcement by the Air Force that its Operation Saucer had been closed failed in its purpose to put an official quietus on discussion of Flying Saucers [UFOs].

The announcement followed by 24 hours of the appearance in True Magazine of an article by Lt. Donald E. Keyhoe, entitled, "Flying Saucers Are Real." Lt. Keyhoe spoke in Buffalo and repeated his statements after the Air Force announcement had been issued.

Among the columnists and commentators who have taken part in the discussion is Frank Scully, who writes a column entitled
Frank Scully
By Frank Scully,
Buffalo Evening News
"Scully's Scrapbook." Mr. Scully scoffed at the Air Force announcement and listed 20 questions which he would like to ask the Air Force top command.

Subsequently, Mr. Scully said the questions were propounded in utmost seriousness, that whatever others might think, he saw no reason for treating the subject of Flying Saucers lightly. Mr. Scully's questions follow:

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