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The Science of UFOs

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The Science of UFOs

     March 24, 1967 - Flight Security Controller, Oscar Flight, near Roy, Montana to Lt. Robert Salas, Deputy Missile Crew Commander - “Sir, we are seeing some strange lights flying over the LCF. They are traveling very fast across the sky, stopping on a dime and reversing course, making ninety-degree turns, and making no engine noise. I don’t think they are aircraft.”

This was the report I remember receiving from my topside
Robert Salas
By Robert Salas
The UFO Chronicles
guard over fifty-one years ago. Anyone who has ever flown a high-speed aircraft or has familiarity aircraft of any type would find this report incredible. However, very similar observations have now been reported many times by credible witnesses. We need to move on from being awed by the “lights in the sky” reflex. It may be time to try and attempt a scientific explanation of the observable flight characteristics of UFOs.

Jean-Pierre Petit
Jean-Pierre Petit
Recently I spent some time with Jean-Pierre Petit at his home in France. For decades he has been a preeminent researcher in Magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) - an advanced concept for hypersonic flight. He has also researched and published many papers and video on a new Cosmology called Janus. Of late, he published a book titled, “Science from Beyond,” coauthored by Jean-Claude Bourret, where he proposes explanations of observed UFO flight characteristics.

We discussed his theories at length and I came away convinced they should, at least, be considered. I will attempt to briefly summarize these theories but be advised they involve some radical and controversial concepts and more detailed explanations can be found in Petit’s papers and videos.

Hypersonic flight without sound waves, shock waves or turbulent wake by use of Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) flow:

In 1976 it was shown that, through a full MHD control of the airflow is possible. The creation of shock waves comes from the Mach line compression. In hypersonic regimes the rise of the temperature at the stagnation point is extreme. A Lorentz force (the force that is exerted by a magnetic field on a moving electric charge.) may ensure a complete control of the Mach lines pattern, resulting in avoidance of Mach line compression, so that shock waves do not appear. This could explain the common observation that UFOs don’t produce shock waves and appear to have some sort of ionized gas surround the structure of the craft.

The possibility of interstellar travel in a relatively short time:

If we confine our cosmological model to the Einstein’s schema, based on a single field equation, the limit of the speed of light brings a severe limit to the velocity we can attain during interstellar flight. The present mainstream model includes the action of cold Dark Matter and a cosmological constant, which the mainstream model adds to Einstein’s equations and which is supposed to represent an unknown repellent property in the cosmos. This model is far from satisfactory, carrying two unknown components, dark matter and dark energy, whose nature remains perfectly unknown.

In 1967, Nobel Prize winner A. Sakharov proposed a model of two “twin universes” with opposite arrows of time. The dynamic group theory shows that this time-inversion is equivalent to the inversion of the energy of particles and of their mass.

This suggests a new cosmic model, based on two coupled field equations (the Einstein’s equation being one of the two) that overcomes the problem of dark matter/energy and provides the following interaction schema:
- Masses with same sign mutually attract
- Masses with opposite signs mutually repel
In general this model fits very well the available observational data. For example, it takes into account the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, as based of the data from 740 distant supernovae. The negative mass (with mc2 < 0) emits negative energy photons, which cannot be captured by our telescopes, so that it is invisible to us.

Due to initial instability, the two coupled systems experience different evolutions, which goes with different sets of physical constants. [the speed of light becomes variable, not constant]. When the gravitational instability occurs the dominant negative mass gives the first structures because its time is shorter. It forms a set of spheroidal clusters, which repel positive mass in the remnant space, giving its lacunar structure with big voids. When galaxies form, negative mass invades space between them. Its repellent effect confines them. As recently shown, when a galaxy is surrounded by repellent negative mass, it flattens its rotation curve. The negative lensing effect explains the observed values, challenging the classical explanation of a dark matter halo. Dynamical friction of the galaxy with its surrounding negative matter environment explains their spiral structure. When light emitted by distant galaxies encounters a negative mass cluster the subsequent negative lensing reduces their apparent magnitude and make them appear as dwarves, which corresponds to observation.

Thanks to Sakharov’s Dynamic group theory, it makes it possible to describe precisely this invisible content of the universe. It would be made of negative mass antiprotons, negative mass antineutrons, negative mass anti electrons, negative energy photons, and so on. It gives an alternative interpretation to the fluctuations of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), which reveals the ratio of the two space scale factors in the two entities. This shortens the distances if a craft can invert its mass, so that brings a new insight on the problem of interstellar travel. This goes with a higher speed of light in that second frame of reference c(-)//c(+) 10. If a craft can move at relativistic velocity the net gain for travel time is 1/1000. Interstellar travel then becomes possible.

How does the possibility of negative mass relate to avoiding high acceleration forces in our airspace?

The energy required for mass inversion could be much smaller than that derived from E = mc2, where m is the mass of the craft. Concentrating energy in the surrounding space, possibly through neutronic metastable states, could produce the required conversion.

The following shows how a UFO craft could get transferred in the negative frame of reference:

UFO Craft Transferred in the Negative Frame

Then no ‘propulsion system’ is necessary. Quantum effects and energy conservation requirement make it that when UFOs reverse their mass they gain relativistic velocity. The concept of acceleration does not make sense any longer. To be back in the original positive mass frame a new mass inversion stops them immediately. In this way, combining both aerial displacement and mass inversions process UFOs can achieve sharp (90 degree) turns that are impossible in the frame of a classical physics.

In many ways, the different flight characteristics of observations of these unknown craft challenge us. They can move in the air at hypersonic velocity without noise or producing shock waves. They can cruise over interstellar distances. They can disappear in front of our eyes. They execute turns that oppose the laws of classical mechanics.

We are faced to two choices. Either we simply deny their existence and ignore the multitude of observations, or we admit they are real flying objects. Then, considering current improvements in aviation, it forces us to consider the most advanced fluid dynamic technique, MHD. Other aspects, which challenge classical General Relativity suggest a dramatically different paradigm, shifting from Einstein’s model to an extended model, such as the one described above.

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