Saturday, April 07, 2018

UFOlogy: Lifelong Quest to Find the Truth

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Peter Robbins & UFO Books

     Peter Robbins was lying on the floor of his New York City apartment, reeling from memories of events more than a decade old that he had been able to sufficiently repress since they had occurred. The memories were making up for lost time,
By Matt Butler
flooding back to him with such force that it was all he could do to move from the floor to the kitchen, fixing himself a cup of tea as he thought.


As the years passed, Robbins became a renowned authority, researcher and expert on UFOs and instances of “gray” interaction with humans. He’s appeared on radio and television, written books, published research material, given lectures at conferences the world over, all as a UFOlogist and self-trained investigative journalist. It’s not a joke for Robbins. It’s not a scheme, either. To hear him describe it, even calling it a “job” might be ill-conceived. It’s his necessity and duty, something he reluctantly realized in the days and weeks after talking to his sister.

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