Monday, April 09, 2018

Why I'm Beginning to Dislike UFOlogy By Kevin Randle – Pt II

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Alien Abduction Phenomenon

     Last night, while flipping around the cable because there didn’t seem to be much of interest on, I came across another UFO show. Only a small part was devoted to abductions, and frankly, I didn’t see much of that either. I mention this because we were treated to the same lame arguments supporting the idea that some people have been abducted by alien creates. What was annoying was that the arguments being made were the same ones being made two decades ago when Bill Cone, Russ Estes and I wrote The Abduction Enigma. Research into abductions has not changed since then and the evidence

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective
supporting the idea of alien abduction have not changed either. This whole area has stagnated so that no progress is made but those same arguments, refuted repeatedly, are still trotted out.

The Abduction Enigma
For example, we were told, again, that this was a club that no one wants to join… except, that simply is not true. There are people clamoring to join the club because it provides them with a sense of identity. They meet others who share an interest, they now can go on outings, and they have regular meetings. While they complain about the horror of the abduction, they have found a group that takes them for who they are and are delighted to find the support.

We are told that sleep paralysis is not the answer because some of those claiming abduction were awake when abducted… but David Jacobs, outlining the typical abduction, (Chapter 3, page 49, Secret Life) is describing an episode of sleep paralysis. But no one is suggesting that all claims of alien abduction are the result of sleep paralysis, merely than many of the initial experiences are an episode of sleep paralysis later conflated by hypnotic regression.

The abduction researchers all say that they are not asking leading questions but are allowing the story to take its natural course. An examination of the transcripts as published in various books, shown in various documentaries, and recounted in various lectures proves that such is not the case. I discussed this and these other points at length on this blog.

For those who attempt to look at these things objectively, there is very little real evidence that abductions are taking place. The alleged implants provide nothing in the way of evidence, and many of them seem to be nothing more than terrestrial objects that have been embedded under the skin in years passed. Nothing has been recovered that suggests alien technology. Some are just lumps of glass, bits of metal, or even just tiny pebbles.

For those interested in exploring all of this in more depth, take a look at The Abduction Enigma. Or take a look at these posts:

This all, I believe, provides a comprehensive examination of what I, as well as others including Bill Cone and Russ Estes, have learned about alien abduction. But remember this… I was one of the very first UFO researchers to report on alien abductions, and Budd Hopkins, in one of his books cites a case that I had investigated. All this suggests that I have been at this for a very long time and these articles and The Abduction Enigma is a result of that work.

And this latest “examination” of alien abduction on television is simply another example of so few learning the lessons of the past. It’s just another reason to dislike the stagnation of UFO research because we do not advance our knowledge.

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  1. No one is being abducted. These alien explorers are merely doing what mankind does to ducks and other wildlife. They are catching people, doing a physical exam, tagging them and releasing them. That "rectal probe" is probably taking a stool sample.
    People like to believe that mankind is an intelligent creature, but if visited by aliens, I imagine they freak out, scream like mad and attack them. Its not surprising that aliens de-activate your neural network with a neural neutralizer to keep you from attacking them while they do this simple scientific examination. Your nervous system operates at a certain frequency of electrical charges. It can be jammed with a neural neutralizer.
    They just want to understand you. Your carrier waves have gone out for a century. Its obviously not background radiation. I don't trust the government. I doubt that aliens do either. The government has taken pot shots at UFOs for DECADES.


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