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STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Trial Date Set in Child Porn Case

Stan Romanek

Jack Brewer By Jack Brewer
The UFO Chronicles

     A Colorado judge recently ruled Stan Romanek competent to stand trial. The high profile and controversial alleged alien abductee was arrested and charged with distribution and possession of child pornography on February 13, 2014. Several medical and mental competency tests have since been conducted, resulting in the court ruling the case may proceed. Trial is tentatively scheduled for October.

The initial charges reportedly stemmed from the Department of Homeland Security contacting local law enforcement after discovering incriminating files shared from the IP address of Romanek's residence. A subsequent search of the home resulted in the confiscation of two computers containing some 300 images and 17 video files associated with child pornography.

Camp Romanek has maintained his innocence. Supporters frequently suggest his UFO-related activities and outspoken stance on an ET presence resulted in a government conspiracy to discredit him. Defense attorney Kathryn Hay presented to the court that Romanek believed he was being harassed by a space organization. She also noted the police did not investigate other people living in the Romanek home or his physical whereabouts at the specific time the computer files in question were downloaded.

Critics remain skeptical of Romanek's allegations, citing years of significant inconsistencies contained in his claims and accompanied by unsubstantiated accusations of government conspiracies. As recently as February, 2014, Romanek was the alleged victim of a reported assault in which police records indicated he accused authorities of conducting. Loveland Police Department Detective Henry Stucky eventually suspended the case due to what he termed a lack of suspect information and concluded the evidence was not consistent with the reported fight having actually occurred.

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  1. > the evidence was not consistent with the reported fight having actually occurred.

    A polite way of saying Romanek staged the attack for his own ends.

    1. I would say that, in all fairness, I cannot prove that to be the case, Terry. But I would also say that if someone were to form the opinion that Mr. Romanek staged the alleged assault, then, as you once aptly put it, I am not sure I could muster the evidence to dissuade them.

    2. His claim of a assault didn't fair to well.The supposed pocket of a policemans uniform found at the scene,was cut with scissors,so in the assault Stan whipped out his scissors and cut the pocket off.The most damning evidence,he would not cooperate with police.If you have a court case,stay low and out of the limelight,accusing other's, lying,will do nothing to help your case.

  2. Stan Romanek is a fraud. Romanek is the same guy who called into the Art Bell show years ago claiming he was a former Area 51 employee on the lam. I wouldn't speculate on the kiddie porn issue but it looks like he convinced himself he was bulletproof- "They're after me because I'm speaking out" kind of nonsense. Nice alibi if you can convince the world you're being persecuted as a whistle blower.

  3. Like anyone that tries to get the truth out, the Govt makes up lies and false accusations to shut them up through any media they can. They do anything to discredit them by confronting them, threatening them,and doing their best to destroy the persons reputation and character in any way possible. More people have been murdered but made to look like suicide for continuing to get the truth out there. Wake up people. We are not, nor have we ever been alone on this planet.

    1. VenusianW, Stan "makes up lies and false accusations." Are you saying Stan works for the government?

  4. No , Im saying the Govt doesnt want anyone telling the truth about anything and when some normal Joe, such as Stan, comes out and tries to tell people about such things, the Govt tries to shut them up in any way they can. Anyone with a brain knows the Govt lies to everyone and hides the truth about so many things. Stan is just one of many, that is trying to open the publics eyes to such things as aliens. Too many documentations have come out from people about their experiences with other life forms, and the Govt STILL says they dont exisit and people are carazy or theyre seeing things. The Govt stands for Liars in my books. Look at the people that have been trying to tell people about aliens here on earth, that have been told to shut up, or killed( made to look like a suicide). And the men in black that show up on these peoples doorsteps and told to keep quiet. I think Stan is just one of many wanting to get the word out.

    1. But VenusianW, Stan has told many lies about his experiences, including faking that he was attacked by police (see link). Is the government forcing Stan to tell these lies?

  5. I saw the movie and i have an open mind. He is very brave to share his story and he is being condemned by others. Many people have not experienced anything unexplained and feel the need to judge. If you do not believe it is your choice just except the story is not meant for you. Just let it be. It is an inspiration to those who experiences something unexplained and afraid to share for the same reason Stan is being condemned. As far as the child porn I do not know but it could be a judgemental action to discredited his integrity. Whatever, his story should be told.


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