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Egg-Shaped UFO Stalls Cars On Highway | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Egg-Shaped UFO Stalls Car On Highway - Alamogordo Daily News 11-5-1957 -

'Frankly, I Was Scared,'
Says Stokes of Experience with UFO

     "It all happened so fast that I don't know whether I can give you the answers you want or not," was the way that James Stokes, Alamogordo, opened an interview this morning relative to the unidentified flying object he saw yesterday afternoon
By Alamogordo Daily News
near Orogrande. "The whole experience is weird, and frankly I was scared to death, but I'll tell you what I can," he said.

Stokes reported that while driving on Highway 54 about 10 miles south of Orogrande yesterday afternoon, at 1:10, he noticed that his car radio began to fade out, and then the engine of his car slowed, and finally quit.

There It Was

"I thought it was strange, but did noticed that other cars had pulled off, so I did too, and the motor of my car quit entirely. I got out of the car and noticed another fellow pointing toward the sky, so I had a look myself. There it was. Coming in from the northeast was the object. It swooped on down to Orogrande and headed out north. It disappeared quickly. We watched skyward, and it came in once more on the same path, and headed out north once more. We watched it until it disappeared, and that is all there is to it.

"The object was rather egg-shaped, the color of an egg or perhaps 'mother of pear' color, it was definitely a solid, material thing, but there was no noise, no smoke not vapor trail."


Egg-Shaped UFO Stalls Cars On Highway (Body) - Alamogordo Daily News 11-5-1957

Egg-Shaped UFO Stalls Cars On Highway (-cont) - Alamogordo Daily News 11-5-1957

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