Sunday, April 27, 2014

UFO Flies Over Stadium | VIDEO – ARGENTINA

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UFO Flies Over Stadium 4-21-14

Argentina: UFO Flies Over the San Lorenzo Stadium

By Inexplicata

     Argentina: UFO Flies Over the San Lorenzo Stadium

Video shows the moment in which a strange light appears over the stadium during the game against Botafogo.

The strange episode took place at el Nuevo Gasometro during the last game against Botafogo for the Libertadores de America Cup, ending in a 3-0 victory by San Lorenzo.

The video shows a strange light making unusual maneuvers in the sky of Bajo Flores. The recording with the unidentified flying object was published on YouTube.

Could it be a UFO?


  1. it could have been remote control saucer, I think it is a prank

  2. Hum,
    seems strange so low.

  3. Way too fast to be a drone and doesn't look like CGI. Reminds me of a video from a football game that was shown on the old TV show sightings.


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