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STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Police Reports Reveal Heinous Allegations in Child Porn Case Against Self-Described Alien Abductee

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Stan Romanek

UFO Conspiracy Theorist Stan Romanek Says Child Porn Charges Are Gov. Conspiracy

By Sebastian Murdock
The Huffington Post

     On a sunny day in April 2013, police swarmed a suburban Colorado home to execute a search warrant on suspicion of child pornography. Their suspect, a well-known UFO conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed alien abductee, walked outside to see investigators approach his house. That's when police say he ran.

Stan Romanek of Loveland has gained a cult-like following for his videos, talks, and supposed proof of extraterrestrial visitations.

. . . A 54-page document obtained by The Huffington Post contains police reports detailing an investigation that dates back to 2008. It also paints a striking narrative of Romanek himself, who adamantly believes that his arrest is part of a conspiracy to silence his work.

'Girls Are Posed In A Seductive Manner'

In 2008, Homeland Security Special Agent Darrel Franklin was working on an investigation into Web users sharing child pornography over peer-to-peer networks like Limewire and Emule. An internet protocol address traced back to Romanek allegedly had child pornography dating from August to December of that year, according to the report.

"Descriptions indicate that there were files that depicted very young girls being sexually assaulted," the report reads.

The following May, the case was passed off to the Loveland Police. Detective Paul Arreola said he was unsure how to proceed because, at the time, his department did not deal in internet crimes.

Two years later, the Loveland Police Cyber Crimes Unit was founded. Arreola wanted to reopen the case, but the information was deemed "too stale," according to the report.

In March 2013, Franklin once again allegedly found pornography on Romanek's computer.

"The pictures contained images of girls that spanned an age range of approximately 5 years old to approximately 12 years old," the report reads. "In each of these photos, the girls are posed in a seductive manner and are exposing their breasts and genitalia. Several of these girls are very young and unmistakably children."

The information was sent to the Loveland Police Department, who were now equipped to act. . . .

. . . Romanek's thumb drives and computers have been analyzed by the Northern Colorado Regional Forensics Lab. NCRFL investigators said they discovered "over 300 images depicting child pornography" and multiple child pornography videos from a laptop located inside a bag that was in Romanek's office closet. . . .

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  1. I never followed the man thought he was a fake.To see this awful report of his actions just proves he is dispeckable. Now he is saying it is a fraud that someone else did that don't believe him,and never will. He is a scum bag. Hope he stays in Prison. If he enjoyed his Pictures WHAT Else Did He DO??

  2. Now maybe all his psycho cult followers will come to their senses.

  3. "the node bends the stalk..." "...we oppose deception..."

  4. Thousands of children are abducted every year,they are abused in the worst ways,sexually,mentally,physically etc and to anyone who thinks it okay to view ,share ,trade these photos and video's.Your as guilty as those people that made the video's.

  5. Sounds like a set-up, I will not jump to conclusions yet. Reminds me of Vreland, the Feds managed to get a charge of child molestion to stick on him in Canada, after having been proved repeatedly to have outright lied with charging him with other crimes like burglary etc, ... they wanted him stashed and discreated badly. (this was the Naval Intelligence Officer that came back to the US with Russian /Israeli info on what was to become 9-11, the Feds tried to say he was a part of the Russian mafia in stead of investigating him... and he ended up being granted asylum in Canada.


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