Thursday, February 20, 2014

UPDATE: Wife of Self-Proclaimed 'Alien Abductee' & Accused Child Porn Distributor, Stan Romanek Issues Statement

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UPDATE: Wife of Self-Proclaimed 'Alien Abductee,' & Accused Child Porn Distributor, Stan Romanek Issues Statement

By Aaron Sagers
The Huffington Post

     Self-proclaimed alien abductee Stanley Romanek was arrested in Colorado last week for child pornography possession and distribution. . . .

. . . On her Facebook page, Romanek's wife Lisa stated he cannot access the Internet as a condition of his release, and his Facebook page has since been deleted. Lisa Romanek also said it is her husband's and her belief that their computer has been the focus of "harrassment, break-ins, hacking and remote access" and that "whoever has been accessing our system also left behind traces to verify the Office of Homeland Security tip that the police department received."

Speaking on behalf of her husband, Lisa Romanek further stated, "We will be taking UFOlogy into the courtroom. We know that this has EVERTING [sic]... to do with our being outspoken about the ET/UFO reality!" . . .

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