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Triangle-Shaped UFO Photographed While Hovering Over Home

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Triangle-Shaped UFO Photographed While Hovering Over Home - Vineland, New Jersey 11-21-13

Roger Marsh By Roger Marsh

      A Vineland, N.J., couple thought their UFO encounter was not recorded until noticing that a friend captured the hovering craft while driving nearby during the event and posted the image.

The two were surprised to see a friend's Facebook photo posting after watching a low-flying, silent, triangle-shaped UFO moving over their two-story home that shone light onto their property that "illuminated the whole front yard" and slowly moved east and disappeared, according to testimony from Case 53929 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. . . .
. . . "My fiance and I were getting into bed in our second story bedroom," the reporting witness stated. "We both noticed bright lights out of our window."
The two got out of bed and moved to the window for a look.
"We noticed that the lights were so bright that it illuminated the whole front yard."
But then they looked up.
"When we looked up, we noticed the triangular shape. It was so low the I could see underneath the object. The object was bigger than my house. The object was completely silent. The object was flying to the east at a crawl."
The following day, the witness discovered a photograph of the object.

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