Monday, February 10, 2014

UFOs Spotted in Downtown Fort Lauderdale | VIDEO

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UFOs Spotted in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

By Jess Swanson

      . . . "I saw a UFO the other day," this guy told me. "I have a video of it."

Now, before you think I'm talking to your run-of-the-mill Florida looney tune, let me defend this man's sanity. His name is Tom Wareham, and he's a 30-year-old insurance adjuster from Fort Lauderdale. He wasn't wearing a tinfoil hat, he knew all the U.S. presidents in order up to Coolidge, and he prefers the Rolling Stones to the Beatles.

He whipped out his iPhone 4 and showed me this shaky video of a hardly noticeable orange speck. It was pretty pathetic. I heard crickets in the background and saw the back door of his house. I was thinking something crazy would happen at any second like in a tacky mockumentary, but it was indeed an unidentified floating object.

Wareham claims there were multiple flashing orbs and for almost 20 minutes they would move around in weird directions. . . .

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