Friday, January 31, 2014

UPDATE: UFOS Over Okinawa Came From U.S. Marines | VIDEO

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UFOS Over Okinawa Came From U.S. Marines

By www.okinawatimes

On the 28th, in the Okinawa U.S. Marine Corps news section, a flare was shown in regards to the mysterious lights [seen near Naha Port in the town of Naha Tondo] as described in the previous article. With that we have removed the term "UFO" from the [previous] heading; the following article is dated January 29:

     On the 28th, in the At around 9 pm on the 23rd, orange lights, about 10 of them had been seen floating around in the Naha sky; multiple reports of sightings were received at this newspaper. On the 28th, the Okinawa U.S. Marine Corps news department explained the lights being flares and showed a picture of the flares being deployed along with the machine firing them off.

F-16 Dropping Flares
Example of F-16 Dropping Flares

In checking with the newspaper, the photography, showed "Third Marine Expeditionary Force during training missions southwest of Naha; “it was training with flares fired from the aircraft" he said.

There are three bombing fields Desuna Island, Torishima, of Kume Island to the west of Naha, but the location was not revealed.

There were several witnesses who contacted this newspaper to report the “mysterious lights.”

Experts had previously ruled out astronomical phenomena, and the U.S. Air Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force had not been training.

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  1. I spent years in the Army and I can absolutely guarantee those were NOT arial flares - of any kind! Those lights flash in unison and remain stationary throughout the 15-20 minute sighting. Flares drop on parachutes and glow with an intense, blue-white light, falling until finally burning out. See how these lights appear in different areas, simultaneously? No, no.

    I'm not saying it's ET calling home, but I can say with certainty that those are NOT flares.


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