Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Virginia UFO Sighting Sparks a Family's Curiosity

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UFO Over Virginia 9-8-13

By Lisa Suhay

      Lisa Suhay and her 9-year-old son caught a rare glimpse of fiery trails in the night sky last night that unleashed the family's imaginations and sparked a sleuthing adventure.

The sky has been in the news a lot lately, from the fireball that outshone the Moon to NASA’s LADEE moon launch, so when your child tells you, “The sky’s falling” if might be worth more than a story about a little chicken.

Last night Quin, 9, and I were driving home from the grocery store just before dusk, sevenish, when he pointed out a bright flare in the sky, like a tiny sun that appeared and then began to shoot away leaving a very bright trail. . . .
I captured the event in both photos and video with my cell phone.

The results are not great, but in the end would get us closer to finding out what we were seeing.

What we saw with the naked eye were irregular black shapes appearing in the sky with orange coronas that flared around the leading edge and bright trails of white light behind them. It looked like a match head burning through a picture of the sky from the back. . . .

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