Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UFOs Over Norfolk; "Sky Started to Rain Balls of Light in All Directions" | VIDEO

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UFO Sighting Precipitates Personal Investigation by Author - Journalist

Frank Warren By Frank Warren
The UFO chronicles
© 8-10-13

      Author, journalist and mother, Lisa Suhay's trip to the grocery store last Sunday afternoon (9-8-13) was anything but mundane. While driving home with her son Quin, he noticed what she would later describe as a “bright flare” in the sky.

The curiosity and inquisitiveness of a nine-year-old boy is in part focused on celestial objects and astronomy and nurtured by his mother. In fact a sky-watch was scheduled for later that evening to view the crescent moon and the planet Venus; little did they know, the preamble would steal the show.

With the initial sighting of the “flare” Mrs. Suhay quickly pulled into a parking lot; she and Quin jumped out and she began recording with her cell phone. In the article she penned for The Christian Monitor she wrote:
“What we saw with the naked eye were irregular black shapes appearing in the sky with orange coronas that flared around the leading edge and bright trails of white light behind them. It looked like a match head burning through a picture of the sky from the back.

In photos they just look like a jet contrail super highway.

Some seemed to be falling up, others changed course. Two nearly collided. Several seemed to just come down through the atmosphere as hunks of blackness with an orangey corona at the head and then became all white light. Each lasted only moments. The entire event lasted less than about eight minutes.”
The impact of the event precipitated a personal investigation into the matter and to find out just what she and her young son witnessed. She called Dr. Edward M. Murphy of the University of Virginia’s Astronomy Department and Observatory and queried him. After inspecting her video and stills from her cell phone camera he stated:
“From the way these are moving and the fact that two actually seem to go right at each other from opposite directions, and their speed, it isn’t likely to be a naturally occurring event but more likely some sort of very fast, high atmosphere craft. Probably military but I can’t really say.”
Another call was put into the Air Ops at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach and as of yesterday it hadn’t been returned.

The mystery continues . . ..

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  1. Frank I live in Liverpool in the UK and on many mornings when I look to the East just before the sun comes up [I have a VERY irregular sleeping pattern so this's also an extremely irregular thing] the sky's usually packed with these things [I recently stopped counting at 24 of 'em] but I've always assumed they were contrails from commercial jets leaving or arriving at John Lennon Airport illuminated to an intense flaming pink by the sun just under the horizon.

    It's only now it occurs to me though the sky's only ever that incredibly busy at that time of day the rest of the time you'll only ever see a normal jet contrail once every few hours in all directions [and I'm such an avid sky watcher whenever the local kids and youths see me they usually call out to each other "There's that weird guy who's always lookin' at the sky!"].

    Even at sunset once the sun's just below the horizon when the lighting conditions're very similar you only ever see the odd contrail and though they're illuminated they don't seem to look like intense pink versions of the fireball off the cover of the Deep Purple album.

    In the final analysis they probably just are atmospheric effects but now I'm less certain of that.


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