Monday, September 09, 2013

Aircraft-Carrier Sized UFO Filmed by Two Cameras | VIDEO

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Aircraft-Carrier Sized UFO Filmed by Two Cameras in Melbourne, Australia 9-2-13

By Robert Sheaffer

      At 05:23 on Sept. 2, 2013, YouTube user Lou20764 of UFO Australia was photographing the International Space Station (ISS) pass in the pre-dawn sky over Melbourne. Then about twenty minutes later, at 5:47, he noticed part of the sky light up, and then saw and recorded a huge, glowing object high in the sky. It seemed to be pulsating and changing its shape. He had two separate cameras running, and both recorded the same thing, which makes the possibility of a hoax much less likely.

Lou posted the video to YouTube, where in a few days it was viewed over 100,000 times. A thread was started on the conspiracy-oriented website Above Top Secret, which attracted the usual mix of intelligent comment and wild speculation. . . .



  1. I can understand how he was so excited. I was very much so too. But what the heck was it???

  2. I think they must be waiting for the exact right moment to let there intentions be known crstal clear. Like if someone is going to push a button and NOTHING will happen!Let us have faith!

  3. You guys do know planes have overcome gravity and do fly around even at night !!?? I realise it can be hard for some to overcome this scariness but it true .... planes can fly in the dark.

    1. Except that the object in question is OBVIOUSLY not a plane.

  4. Linda, Don, LG,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment; however, it's always wise to read an article, essay, commentary etc., in its entirety before doing so.

    What the object was/is–is explained and supported by evidence.



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