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Stan Romanek:
Point - Counterpoint With James Carrion Vs Rick Nelson

Stan Romanek- Point - Counterpoint With James Carrion Vs Rick Nelson
James Carrion’s public web posts September 2009 on specific items regarding Stan Romanek’s experiences.

By Rick Nelson
Paranormal Research Forum

Rick Nelson     I am compelled to write this letter for a number of reasons. First, and most of all, because it directly affects what I have come to realize is the most important issue in human history. Secondly because I’m sick and tired of partial truths, spin doctors, and irresponsible acts by government agencies, big economic interests and individuals that stand in the way of the opportunity for the world to discover and begin to understand the UFO/ extraterrestrial reality.

I am founder of the Paranormal Research Forum based in Denver, “The nation’s largest monthly gathering on any paranormal matters”. My first UFO investigations began in 1987 and I have now devoted my life to become more aware of such matters. I have also had the honor and privilege of being the lead investigator on the Stan Romanek UFO/Extraterrestrial experiences in recent years. I, along with dozens of other credible individuals, have witnessed many events associated with Mr. Romanek that defy any scientific or rational explanation. Frequently these events were in the company of a number of top MUFON investigators. I don’t believe my anger is directed at MUFON but at Mr. Carrion’s personal actions although he functions as the Director of MUFON International.

In 1965 I was serving in Viet Nam in the US Armed Forces in Naval Air Intelligence. I was forced by a US Navy Captain sent by the Pentagon to meet with me and force me to hide critical information I had discovered in the course of my investigative duties that specifically pertained to our ability to end the war in extremely short order. I found the suppression of this critical information contemptuous. That is why I left the service and refused any offers made by the US Intelligence Agencies to recruit me.

I smell the same kind of rat here. I find Mr. Carrion’s public comments regarding Mr. Romanek’s experiences unprofessional and inexcusable. I have had more respect for MUFON’s activities and efforts up to this point. I hope Carrion’s comments on Mr. Romanek’s experiences are not sanctioned by the MUFON organization. Top MUFON investigators I personally know and have worked with would never take a public position based on a small fraction of information and evidence associated with Mr. Romanek’s experiences. Especially a misspelling on a document that is substantially inconsistent with a preponderance of indisputable empirical evidence involved with Mr. Romanek.

Mr. Carrion has taken a very specific isolated slice of confidential and proprietary information given him and delivered it in a public manner. This kind of action violates fiduciary responsibilities outlined by the MUFON organization. This violation of trust is not acceptable practice anywhere…ever. This kind of information is reluctantly shared with MUFON by individuals who are concerned about such misuse and abuse of proprietary information. If we’re talking about credibility and integrity I think the intelligent public has to look at Mr. Carrion’s actions very seriously.

Cofounder, and former Director of MUFON John Schuessler has always conducted himself, and his work, with high standards that I am not seeing in Mr. Carrion. If I’m not questioning Mr. Carrion’s professionalism and competency then I guess I’m questioning his motivations. I see this conduct within our government, the commercial news media and other major economic interests threatened by the disclosure of the UFO/ extraterrestrial realities but not public watchdog organizations supposedly dedicated to understanding these matters with the highest of professional and ethical standards for the benefit of humanity.

While I agree that Mr. Carrion’s comments regarding misspellings on a certain document are concerning I have to say that no responsible investigator would ever ignore the overwhelming amount of other evidence and witnesses solidly confirming his experiences. Is it possible a government agency could have set this up? It would be a clever way to discredit a case wouldn’t it? I also wonder why Mr. Carrion has chosen not to check, or accept, the opinions of MUFON members and investigators that have been with Mr. Romanek during some of these unexplainable sightings and other highly unexplainable events? Their opinions seem to conflict with Mr. Carrion’s and quite frankly they have more firsthand knowledge from personal experience. Perhaps this substandard methodology is because Mr. Carrion has never been a MUFON investigator and for some reason chooses not to accept experienced MUFON investigators opinions that have been closer to the matter!

Why would anyone go out of their way to taint public opinion on such an important matter all serious UFO investigators and researchers worldwide struggle to understand? Reading Carrion’s comments I was originally very disappointed in with the MUFON organization taking such a leap to damage one of the world’s best opportunities to begin understanding this amazing unfolding extraterrestrial reality. As I let Mr. Carrion’s comments fester within me I realize I can’t let this unprofessional action go without taking it on head to head. Especially knowing the powerful truths and realities I have reluctantly come to accept regarding Stan Romanek’s bizarre and unexplainable experiences.

I will not allow the dozens of credible facts of Mr. Romanek’s experiences over the past 9 years, and witnessed by hundreds, be undermined by the irresponsible actions of one individual placed in a high position of trust. Is this the new standard for MUFON? I can’t imagine a 40 year old organization degrading its integrity to this level of behavior by its leadership.

Mr. Carrion seems to have forgotten about some investigating basics such matters are to be well informed, include all facts and information available, do not leap to conclusions or make assumptions on important matters, be professional, be ethical, be responsible and objective. Again I have to ask how and why you would take such a careless and irresponsible action? Every answer anyone can come up with is deeply disturbing.

In summary I would have to say “get it straight Mr. Carrion or get out of the way of capable individuals who are looking for the whole truth”. This matter is far too important to let a loose cannon get in the way of the world’s understanding of this historic shift into a greater reality.

My Response To Rick Nelson’s Unsubstantiated Personal Attacks

By James Carrion
Follow The Magic Thread

James Carrion     It is a sad day in Ufology when a self proclaimed investigator personally attacks another investigator rather than the evidence/data being presented. Such is the case here with Rick Nelson. Rather than focus on the data I find troubling with the Stan Romanek case, Rick has taken the stance of the arch-debunker himself by personally attacking my credibility and motives.

First, he calls my remarks disparaging. There is nothing disparaging about examining data when in the search for truth. Rick can’t even bring himself to properly validate my long investigative experience with MUFON. Perhaps he needs to subscribe to the MUFON Journal. I will be happy to send him the past issues where I authored a number of articles based on the investigations I personally conducted into such prominent cases as the Kinross Incidence, the California Drones, the Mexico Nayarit Photos, etc. Rick promotes himself as the lead investigator on the Romanek case, yet fails to explain how he glossed over the GIANT IMPOSSIBLE to miss red flags of the misspelled word fallow. Very thorough investigation indeed.

Witnessing a magic act in Vegas defies explanation as well, but does not make the experience supernatural or paranormal. It appears that Rick has lost all of his alleged investigator objectivity by supporting the Romanek case because of alleged eyewitness experiences while completely ignoring the material evidence that still awaits impartial analysis. Perhaps Mr. Nelson has personally validated the vast photo and video evidence that Romanek touts but which Romanek refuses to release publicly for forensic analysis.

Isolated and confidential? Neither. Nothing Romanek or any other investigator gave me on the Romanek case was given in confidence. Isolated? I would like to see Mr. Nelson present a valid scientifically based argument for how the word fallow shows up in more than five documents associated with the Romanek case, three documents from anonymous or “yet to be validated as real people” sources who support the Romanek case.

Finally, by alluding to me being some sort of debunker or agent of the government, without even attempting to explain the inconsistencies in the Romanek case, Nelson has stooped to the level of Phil Klass. In the words of Stanton Friedman, if you can’t attack the data, then attack the person. Bravo Mr. Nelson. Phil Klass would be very proud.


  1. First, I would like to state that as a result of my friendship with Stan Romanek and his family, I have been witness to many events which support Stan's story. During the development of his book, "Messages," I spent a considerable amount of time with Stan directly and discussed many of the details of his case by telephone. As Stan is a victim of a learning disability known as Dyslexia, Stan did require some editorial assistance in compiling his manuscript, which I happily provided both as a friend and as someone interested in getting this amazing true story to the public. By the way, it is not a crime to suffer from Dyslexia. I was angered and embarrased by Carrion's posting of the definitions of the words, "fallow" and "follow," which, admittedly, Stan still tends to misspell to the present day. What was the point of this arrogant display? I was also more than a little confused to observe how someone who had never witnessed a UFO (James Carrion) can hold such an esteemed position with MUFON. I was also amazed to learn that Carrion worked in military intelligence! And shortly after Carrion somehow became the director of MUFON, Bigelow Aerospace got involved. Furthermore, Bigelow Aerospace, rumored to have connections to intelligence agencies, started funding MUFON! If that were not enough, I was told that once a case comes along that Carrion deems "worthy," MUFON researchers are then ordered to stand down so Bigelow Aerospace can step in. I was then told MUFON investigators are told to keep quiet and nothing is ever heard about that case again. I am shocked to say the least! Anyone with a brain can see something is up. It is my opinion that it is not the Stan Romanek case that should be in question but the integrity of James Carrion. Knowing that an apparent shill such as he has put so much energy toward this case only reinforces my resolve that Stan Romanek is the real thing! If I were MUFON, to save their integrity, I would vote James Carrion of office!
    -Don C. Millan

  2. James Carrion sends in his reply to Don Millan:

    "And the same old tired formula of weak counter-argument is played out again. Folks, stick to arguing data instead of counteracting with personal attacks and calling into question my integrity by putting me in the central sinister role of some conspiracy theory. Critical thinkers will see this for what it is - the Stan Romanek marketing machine sidelining the real issues and problems with his claims because Stan refuses to release publicly his videos and photos for independent analysis."


  3. You don't deny your connection to Bigelow Aerospace nor Bigelow Aerospace's connection to MUFON then? Stan has released his video and photographic evidence to trusted scientists specializing in this media. The verdict is that none of the footage was maipulated. People need to examine the motivation of debunker's efforts to derail what is one of the most important extraterrestrial contact cases in history. As for being a part of Stan's "marketing machine," as I stated, I am a friend and I am also interested in getting this material in to the public consciousness. I happen to make a comfortable living refurbishing medical devices and will continue to do regardless of how Stan's books or videos perform in the marketplace. Stan is not motivated by the monetary aspect, but is quite genuine in his desire to spread the profound message of these advanced beings.
    -Don Millan

  4. James Carrion sends in his reply to Don Millan:

    MUFON's relationship with BAASS has been public knowledge since its inception and MUFON openly reports the investigations done for BAASS in the MUFON Journal? It is you that is painting the conspiracy theory.

    Trusted scientists? Who? That is like the infamous line in Indiana Jones when the Ark of the Covenant is being hauled off to the warehouse and Indiana is told that "top men" are working on it. The bottom line is that Stan will only release the evidence to those who support his claims. Stan should release the original photos and videos for everyone to examine, not just "trusted scientists". What is he afraid of?



  5. James, it just seems to me that you are quite fond of slinging the word, "conspiracy" around, in a transparent attemtp to place my credibility at a disadvantage. Forgive me if I am mistaken, I don't want to seem paranoid. With MUFON's close association with Bigelow Aerospace, I have some words of my own that I am now motivated to sling: "MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST!" While I am certain that Bigelow develops and manufactures only the finest of products for NASA, I can foresee a few problems with this kind of relationship, can you? MUFON, supposedly bringing to light the existance of what could be the spacecraft belonging to highly advanced civilizations originating many millions of lightyears from Earth... working very closely with a NASA contractor, in the business of utilizing conventional technologies and also, by definition, closely associated with Earth's military/industrial complex. Is it just me who thinks this way? I don't ever remember seeing references to Bigelow Aerospace on any of the MUFON litterature I've ever read in the past. But I must confess-- any time I've bothered to read any MUFON reports, three things would always happen to me. First, my eyes would slowly begin to glaze over. Next, I would get blurry vison, follwed by a deep slumber ("fallowed" by a little snoring). But hey-- isn't that the whole idea of MUFON? Is it not the REAL point of MUFON to give extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien technologies plenty of lip service without providing any new insights regarding the behavior of humanity toward our own environment and our constant warring with one another and what the existence of these beings actually means to the status quo and to the implications and causes of mankind's destructive behaviors? Sadly, it is my personal opinion that MUFON is no more sincere in learning the truth about UFO's and ET's than the American Cancer Society has toward erradicating cancer! And now please allow me to address what you refer to as your "Big Red Flag" in regard to the misspelling of the word, "follow" among Romanek's documents. Someone hands Stan a hard copy of a report. Stan, a diagnosed dyslexic, types it up on his computer in order to have a digital copy to e-mail or to print. He misspells the word "follow." Big mystery revealed! And as for utilizing trusted scientists? Perhaps Stan should start trusting in individuals who are shills for NASA!? LOL I will surely suggest that to him (but I cannot guarantee anything).

  6. To V, Et Al,

    Your comments are greatly appreciated, and coveted; however, blatant mis-use of this site's bandwidth to advertise a product or a web-site will not be tolerated.

    Separately, one of the components in the Romanek debate, with Carrion et al, are claims espoused by the Romanek camp via people who can't be identified; henceforth to avoid that problem here, in the colloquy between James, Rick, Don and others as the editor of TUC, I'm not allowing "anonymous" posts.

    If you want to participate in this dialogue, then come to the table without the hidden identity.

    Frank Warren

  7. Most happy to do so, Frank. - Will you delete me again?

    It is amazing that 3 of my posts have been deleted! What have I said that is not healthy debate? What are you afraid of? Unbelievably believable! I will try once again....
    Yet another “fallow” misspelling! This time in a government document!! Oh my, oh my!! Will you delete this one, too? I would encourage readers of this blog to Google the phrases, using quotation marks “fallow through”, “fallow up”. Check it out, reader, and decide for yourself!
    As I state in my deleted posts – The Romanek evidence is rich with video, photographic, audio, trace, physical, and scientific evidence. Why is it that Carrion insists on pointing out the misspelling in the Shriever letter and in the UFO reports? Because that’s all he has to debunk the Romanek case. You are transparent, Carrion. Get a clue! You have been, how you say, made!!

    My six-year-old son has figured out there’s a big effort underway and as he says, “We’re sending our soldiers to fight the bad guys.” As Nevadan’s, there is little we can do to affect a troop surge. There is little we can offer when it comes to directly helping the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our nation’s leaders will continue to justify our actions and our direction, but we, we as state representatives and veteran advocates can also have an impact. Once our troops deploy, we need to be there for their families. We need to support them when they come home and make certain we honor their sacrifices and contributions to our Country. If we fail to treat them fairly and respect the price they paid for our freedoms, the next generation of America’s Heroes will not be driven to fallow in the footsteps of the veterans here before you today. It doesn’t take ten million dollars, dozens of new employees, or gigantic efforts on anyone’s behalf. It requires us to not overlook the veterans as we focus on other looming crisis and problems and show through our funding, programs, and legislation we support the veteran and their family
    A Denver man named Jeff Peckman has proposed a commission. That would deal with the "Aliens". The commission would be called, 'Extraterrestial Affair Commission'. This would deal with eventuality, of final contact with the "Aliens". A few years ago, this idea would have sounded ludicrous. Not in today's world. He has already gathered over 10,000 signatures to get it on the City of Denver's ballot. If the 2010 vote gets approved. How many other cities and states will fallow? You would have figured, this would have already been done in California.
    Since KC was in Howard replayed the ''Mig-non'' tape that they goofed on KC about yesterday. KC was supposed to say ''filet mignon'' in a commercial he was reading but ended up saying ''filet mig-non.'' Howard goofed on him for a few minutes. His spelling is horrendous so he had him spell the word follow... He spelled it ''FALLOW.'' KC said he uses spell check but it doesn't always catch his misspelled words. Howard told him that fallow is a word, that's why it doesn't catch that.

  8. Hi Victoria,

    You wrote:

    Most happy to do so, Frank. - Will you delete me again?

    As long as you abide by the rules for posting comments, and identify yourself--no I won't.

    You wrote:

    It is amazing that 3 of my posts have been deleted! What have I said that is not healthy debate? What are you afraid of? Unbelievably believable! I will try once again....

    I am not afraid of anything, I don't have a dog in this race (aside for heralding sober research methodologies) and I would argue that part of a healthy debate is putting one's bona fides on the table; Carrion, Nelson and Millan, regardless of their respective positions have done so; moreover, as mentioned above since part of the argument is that the Romanek camp quote people who don't seem to be able to be identified, I have deemed it appropriate that all who wish do participate in this specific dialogue identify themselves.

    Additionally, your previous posts published under the pseudonym "V" were removed, because at first glance it seemed as if you were trying to promote other web-sites using TUC's bandwidth (a common problem associated with spamming); however, given further consideration, I feel the links are pertinent to your argument.

    That said, I also feel it relevant (for our readers) to note that you are mentioned in Stan's book; your positive review of it can be found almost every where the book can; your listed as Stan's business agent by PIPL and by your own admission the Romanek's "are friends of yours." You also espouse that "ET's are among us, that they want to help us from destroying ourselves, and we have nothing to fear from them."

    Now, some might argue that you are biased; some might question a proclamation (by you) of a known "ET agenda"; some might be curious why you chose to not only post anonymously, but omit your connection to the Romanek's as well.

    Personally, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Now to address your core argument, which the gist is that: it's possible that the misspelling of the word, "follow," i.e., "fallow" pertaining to Stan's situation/case is a coincidence; you shore this up by citing the number of times the word is misspelled in general on the internet and write:

    "I would encourage readers of this blog to Google the phrases, using quotation marks 'fallow through', 'fallow up'. Check it out, reader, and decide for yourself!

    I personally think this is a great idea; however, it's only part of the process; after that first step, I would encourage readers to now Google the phrases with the correct spelling, i.e., “follow through”, “follow up” and then do the math!

    The percentage of misspellings between correct and incorrect spellings is a tiny fraction of one percent.

    In Stan's case the misspelled word is in a document admittedly by his own hand; in a document supposedly submitted to NUFORC by an independent, objective source, and finally, in an "alleged" Air Force document, purportedly dropped off in the Romanek's mail box. (3 out of 3).

    In using the examples "you cite," (and completing the math) you reinforce Carrion's argument that the odds of this occurring by coincidence are slim to none!

    Frank Warren

  9. James Carrion responds to Don Millan:

    And around and around we go. I am not the one claiming to have the “most documented contact in history with extraterrestrials” – Stan is, and it his claims that are in question. By managing who sees and analyzes his evidence, Stan has manipulated his claims into proof positive. Sorry that doesn’t cut it in my book and I am sure other critical thinkers can see through your flimsy attempts at trying to take the focus off of Stan’s refusal to release his evidence and onto MUFON and your contrived Bigelow conspiracy.

    Fallow this – have the two “physicists” who supported Stan’s claims on RENSE.COM and ATS.COM come forward in person and explain how they also dyslexically spelled the word follow as fallow and then we can call the mystery solved.

    -James Carrion

  10. There is no secret; I am not adverse to admitting that I am a friend of the Romanek’s. In the 18 months that I’ve known them, I have had so many various experiences together and independent of Romanek, which have led me to the unbiased conclusion that the Romanek case is indeed real. I do have my own independent opinion; however biased as you claim. I have had personal experiences long before I met the Romanek’s.

    My intention was not to post anonymously, Frank, as I often go by “V”. I didn’t have a Google account, and I quickly created one. Nothing sinister there! When you finally responded as to why you deleted my posts, I quickly resolved your complaint, and I am now fully visible.

    You have forgotten an important clarification to your math equation, though. You are only including the documents with the word misspelled. You haven’t included all the other documents created by anyone where the word was also misspelled or spelled correctly. I can point to any document where a word is misspelled, and say that 100% of the time in this document, a word was misspelled. What’s your point here?

  11. Yes, as peredicted, each and every response to me MUST contain the word, "conspiracy". This (to an unelightened few), can immediately marginalize my comments and place me within the "fringe" category. This tactic, however, may not be having its desired effect. And all of this fussing over a misspelled word-- in contrast to a true case of extraterrestrial contact of immense importance to humanity? The story is going to break organically, James. No "organization" with NASA ties and therefore beholdin to the all-powerful military/industrial complex is going to be able to hold this one back once the truth becomes obvious. After the dust settles, studies will likely be performed regarding the actual feasibility of the 1969 Apollo "moon missions" in terms of whether there was enough fuel to get there, what the late Stanley Kubrick's role may have been in that project, whether humans could have survived the Van Allen Radiation Belts or the micro-meteors within a very vulnerable vessel. Or whether astronauts could easily enter or exit the lunal lander fully dressed in protective gear or could have survived the surface temperatures in direct sunlight on the lunar surface. The question will be asked at what point government and military officials had knowledge of the existance of extraterrestrials and their advanced technologies... "fallowed" by the question as to why fossil fuels have remained the premier form of propulsion on Earth despite the available knowledge and why advanced, non-polluting technologies have been suppressed from day one, etc. These questions will lead to yet more difficult questions, and those will lead to harder questions still. I certainly wouldn't want to be on your side during the great enlightenment. I for one, and going to open a beer and watch this situation unfold with unprecidented glee! There, now do as you've been trained to do and scoff at the nasty "conspiracy theories" while it is still safe and fashionable to do so.
    -Don Millan

  12. James Carrion writes in:

    “I would settle for the little enlightenment of seeing whether Stan’s claims prove to be real or made up. It starts with Stan releasing his evidence instead of manipulating people and perceptions. “


  13. Victoria,

    You wrote:

    however biased as you claim. I have had personal experiences long before I met the Romanek’s.

    I did not say you were biased, I said:

    Now, some might argue that you are biased . . . . Personally, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    You wrote:

    My intention was not to post anonymously, Frank, as I often go by “V”. I didn’t have a Google account, and I quickly created one. Nothing sinister there! When you finally responded as to why you deleted my posts, I quickly resolved your complaint, and I am now fully visible.

    Thank you!

    You wrote:

    You have forgotten an important clarification to your math equation, though. You are only including the documents with the word misspelled. You haven’t included all the other documents created by anyone where the word was also misspelled or spelled correctly. I can point to any document where a word is misspelled, and say that 100% of the time in this document, a word was misspelled. What’s your point here?

    Let me clarify:

    In Carrion's argument (re the misspelled word), he highlights the fact that the misspelled word "fallow" shows up in "3" documents; one, undeniably Stan's; one submitted to NUFORC purportedly by an anonymous, objective witness; and finally the misspelled word shows up on an alleged Air Force document "dropped off in the Romanek's mail box."

    Stan has come forth and admitted spelling is not his forte and additionally he is dyslexic, which he says is part of the problem; he has admitted misspelling the word in his own penscript.

    Carrion rightfully points out that the odds of this happening by coincidence are slim to none, which eludes to the notion that Stan was the author of the other two documents.

    You previous wrote:

    I would encourage readers of this blog to Google the phrases, using quotation marks “fallow through”, “fallow up”. Check it out, reader, and decide for yourself! [inferring that folks often times misspell the word "follow"]

    In response to that comment, I noted that I felt this was a good idea, and did just that; in Googling the phrase (from my location) “fallow through” Google comes back with about "21, 000 hits"; with the phrase, “fallow up” it's 81,800 hits. These numbers seem impressive by themselves, and gives the reader the "impression" that misspelling the word "follow" is not so uncommon after all; however, if one Googles the correct spelling, i.e., "follow through" and "follow up" the hits come back "1,390,000 & 25,900,000" respectively.

    The number of times the word "follow" is misspelled in contrast to the correct spelling, in the phrases suggested, using your methodology--is "a fraction of 1%" in the first example, and 1.5% in the second.

    Granted that in either case, i.e., the correct or incorrect spellings, there's no account for duplicate pages, intentional spellings of the word "fallow," or other anomalies etc; however, the search parameters are equal in both examples.

    Henceforth, using your suggestion, one quickly learns that misspelling the word "follow" with "fallow" in its place is rare, and the notion that this occurred "3 times" (one admittedly) with two purportedly by unrelated people, regarding one case--is mathematically improbable!


  14. As this back and forth bantering continues with James Carrion, I am surprised that no one has expanded on the fact that James Carrion is Military Intelligence! Dose this not send up any red flags for you people! Why is someone like this in charge of MUFON, and why would someone in military intelligence waste their time and work so hard to try to debunk any case, unless there is something more going on! Snap out of it people! Someone needs to expose James Carrion for what he is!

  15. James Carrion through the star team investigations, is a ufo debunker in disguise.
    Why he is still part of MUFON is beyond me. He's chewed up a lot of innocent people reporting their sightings and experiences to Mufon through his documentaries.
    I've been doing investigations and research much longer than Carrion and learned to smell a rat long ago. Whatever he's into he's not a believer or even knowledgeable, I suspect Carrion's main appeal re Alien UFOs and EBEs is 'debunkering-disinformation. It's past time for James Carrion to move-on.

  16. The discussion between Carrion and Millan was entertaining, and informative. I would like to point out a few things to each of them (and to the others), so please, “fallow” along!

    1. Let's say Romanek faked SOME 'evidence' (Air Force document). We know the ‘paranormal pen’ (Jan 2014 web interview) was faked. While I believe that much of his evidence is real, compelling evidence of ET contact, I do think he may have faked some of it. Why? After more than a decade, having gone from 'messiah' to 'pariah', as an insecure man, possibly with a borderline personality and suffering from a form of PTSD, he may have felt a need to "turn up the buzz" from time to time. This could have motivated him to falsify the Air Force docs (IF they were). With his "Extraordinary" film coming out and the pending child porn court case, the 'pen toss incident' may have occurred for a similar need: to be regarded as the 'Star'. I’m not saying that his behavior was ok, but after 53 years of life on THIS planet, I think I understand a bit about human nature; so I can believe that this may have been his motivation - if not from stress, then perhaps vanity or egocentrism - whatever. I think he deserves some consideration; we should forgive this trivial stuff, because in the big picture, it means nothing!

    2. You cannot deny how AMAZING the math equations were. I'm a math guy, and I couldn't have done what he did (to recall and write down the equations - BACKWARDS!). You have the ‘NSA siding replacement following the night of the bright (radioactive?) flash’ – scary! Then the knee-healing incident - anyone with an ACL tear knows how debilitating and PAINFUL those are – I was out for 10 days until I got the arthroscopy (and another 8 weeks of physical therapy before I could walk again!) Yeah, he faked all of that! (NOT!!!)

    3. We (the educated/informed researcher/contactee) KNOW there are ET's living on Earth; visiting Earth (in various antigravity vehicles, not to mention intra-solar "cigar-shaped" shuttles, or interstellar transports, etc.). In time, this will be as 'common as credit.' However, Romanek's child porn case is disconcerting. But I find it hard to believe that his wife Lisa would EVER condone such a transgression, even if Stan were rich (and he's not - far from it!) We know the covert government (i.e., the Aerospace executives who order their 'covert' security forces) to murder whistleblowers (Phil Schneider, Derek Hennesy, ..) and discredit others (Bob Lazar..). It is plausible that his porno allegations are a frame-up. Stats suggest there may be a correlation between publicly popular paranormal prophets, ET witnesses, etc., and a violent outcome, or worse. As Americans, we should presume innocence, right?

    4. Looking at Carrion's record, MUFON's involvement with Bigelow further complicates the issue for me. I agree with Millan that this (along with Carrion’s military intelligence background) is troubling. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a dis-info agent, paid by an Aerospace firm. If true, then it makes sense they'd want an agent in MUFON to monitor Stan.

    5. Finally, I don't have a problem with Carrion bringing up the shallow fallow misspell; getting to factual data should be every UFO investigator's credo, however, he did do a dickish thing in releasing the document to the web without Stan’s prior approval. He should probably be fired. Any worthy executive would do just that. Does MUFON then, have any worthy executives? I have thought about joining them several times, but something always dissuades me, and I could NOT support an organization with leadership like the bad seed of bird food, Mr. Road Kill himself, James Carrion*.
    * And to Mr. Warren, please don't remove my post, but it was too easy to misuse carrion... I'm SO fallow and uncultivated!


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