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The Uncensored Truth Behind Ufology


Since the publication of this article, Mr Sanchez has published and offers for sale a PDF file [and now print book] entitled, UFO Highway; within the pages is a copy of a DD-214 allegedly belonging to "Colonel X"; a copy of said doc was faxed to the NPRC in St Louis where Sanchez claimed to have obtained the DD-214 via a FOIA request–they stated emphatically that the document was bogus.

By Anthony F. Sanchez
© 7-29-10

Anthony Sanchez     This past week I have been preparing for a trip to Rio Rancho, NM to meet with Norio Hayakawa to discuss my book on Dulce and UFO research. I' ve been researching UFOs since my first hearing of Area 51 back in the late 80s. By 1990 I was really involved in Ufology, interviewing experiencers, attending discussion groups, and watching as many videotapes as I could. That' s right, video tapes - good old fashioned VHS tapes.

If you are as old as I am, or like me, you’ll know that the first real offerings of UFO videos came by way of "Block Buster Video" which was still relatively new at that time.

I can I remember renting every tape off the shelf that was a documentary on UFOs. This would be all the “In Search Of” tapes, and any other series narrated by your typical semi-retired Star Trek actor, etc.

Late one evening in 1996 I remember walking into Block Buster, and there it was ... UFO video gold ... "Area 51: Secrets of Dreamland - The Uncensored Truth Behind the Cover-up of the Century!" It was new, shrink-wrapped and boy oh boy, there were promises of “new information” … I just had to have it.

As it would turn out, this video was the perfect example for the precursor to what would become the Ufology industry' s typical talk format used for discussions on secret bases, UFOs, aliens, etc. Yeah, sure there had already been home-made tapes of MUFON conferences and of a few ancillary UFO symposiums in circulation at that time. But this tape was not like those. And no one could rival the level of knowledge that the presenter of this Video could. His name was Norio Hayakawa; yeah, that Norio.

People often ask me, "Why do you admire Norio so much?" Or they' ll ask, "Aren' t there other people who are more modern, hip, and up-to-date?"

I often respond with, "If you mean (modern) as in who can scare-or-freak-you-out-the-most … ‘modern’, then it is a firm, no."

You see, today there are too many people who would choose to hurt UFO research simply to make as many dollars as they can. And this is what I refer to as the "Freak Show Element." And to them my answer is also a firm, no. No … I do not want to hear you regale tales (not your own) of Reptoids raping women, or hear you talk of how your "Human-Reptile Intergalactic Defense Fund" (for which you desperately require more dollars for), is working hard to help fight Reptoid discrimination, or to seek support in lobbying congress to change the term Extraterrestrial (E.T.) to “Non-Space-Earthbound-Underground - whatever - whatever.” …Enough already.

What we have seen lately is the emergence from the dark ranks of Ufology. Those who create stories, do zero research, and work off the backs of others by poaching information and taking credit for it when it is not deserved; just think about "Sean David Mortenson" for bit, among others – and yes, you know who they are.

When I look for the best that this field has to offer, my personal library is a representation of what I expect from my self as a practicing UFO researcher.

Among my book collection you will find the works of Greg Bishop, Dennis Balthaser, Stanton Freidman, Scott Ramsey, Jim Marrs, etc. people who are exactly what they claim to be, "Serious Researchers".

What stands out about these people are the years of serious work they have accumulated to present their own supposition. Not to mention one person in particular who deserves credit for “not pushing his own ideas”, and who instead “allows others” to use his site as a true open forum … Frank Warren. It takes a lot of integrity to do that.

But one other person who so often gets overlooked because of his honesty, good nature and humble demeanor is Norio Hayakawa. Norio often allows others to step in front of him, and take the limelight; and if you know him, you often see that he' s never been one to ask for it. And in this field, most people are not willing to give it away.

Recently it was brought to my attention from an email sent to me by one of my website visitors, that Norio was supposedly (at the bottom) of the respectability list of UFO researchers.

Really? Are we talking about the same Norio Hayakawa? Excuse me, but if it were not for the work of Norio half of them wouldn’t have a pedestal to stand on while busy earning their "research dollars” selling books and talking at UFO conferences.

And incidentally, this tidbit of meanness comes by way of one self proclaimed Reptoid expert who ardently allies himself against Norio for not being invited to speak at the 2009 Dulce Conference.

Sorry, but I think Norio was right in thinking the people of the Jicarilla Apache Nation can do with out the “Freak Show Element” which only serves to diminish the true nature of the subject. Those who really study Dulce, know and will tell you that this whole notion of craziness surrounding the underground bases comes from fantastical stories created after (and from) the only two real sources of evidence; Paul Bennewitz and Myrna Hansen, everything else is highly speculative; period.

Remember that VHS tape I bought at Block Buster back in 1996? Incredibly my 12 year old son found the tape in the garage “just last week” (along with my – ahem - Tiger Woods, Highlights of the 1995 Masters Tournament tape).

I have not watched the Norio tape since 1997, thinking I had lost it when I bought my new home and moved some 150 miles away in 1998. That night last week, when my son found the tape, my wife, two sons and I sat there riveted for 83 minutes, astounded at what we were watching.

Norio presented data back then, which people are still discussing to this day; sadly, he gets no credit for these early topics. Topics such as conspiracies surrounding Area 51 & S-4, Tonopah, Edwards AFB, China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, Advanced Tactical Laser Weapons, Underground Bases, Dulce NM (Four Corners Area), Thermo-Nuclear Tunnel Boring Machines, Abductions, Sightings, Paul Bennewitz, Los Alamos, HAARP, Project Blue Beam, the enigma surrounding Serge Monast and so much more...

I mean you could take an entire season of UFO Hunters and see where much of their ideas come from. Okay, did Norio originate much of these ideas? No, not necessarily; but ask yourself this, “if you are a researcher, did you discover or originate the topic you are known for?” Unless you are Stanton Friedman the answer is no. However, simply looking at the tape will prove that even for those ideas not originally his; he sure as heck did have supporting News Paper clippings and Government documents to support his own added supposition.

And that is what separates a researcher apart from a pretender. And what I love is that in the video of Norio, there were no Power Point presentations with ominous sounding Background Music, or flashy graphics to detract from the real reason of the tape. Nor did he have an adjoining table with Books to Sell, etc. I don' t even know if Norio was aware he was being filmed! (I’ll ask him, upon having him sign my re-discovered VHS tape.)

In any event, the “Freak Show Element” needs to understand, that simply because Norio may not have the delivery of the “Sham-Wow guy” (as they tend to have), this does not mean he should be relegated to the bottom ranks of the "respectability list". The data talks louder than one-liners and appearances on Coast to Coast.

So to those who would refuse to recognize just how important Norio is to both Ufology and Conspiracy research … over the last three decades, I have something to say to them, "I too have a list, and you’re not on it." And my list matters to those who are like me; those who know the difference.

In closing, a certain (truth seeker) whose work I often read says this, "Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything."

I' ll leave it at that.


  1. Well done, and I agree. I've been involved in originating topics related to UFO and paranormal research for the past 15 years. I have nothing to sell, and my name is unknown because I hide it.

    To say that I am disgusted with the circus would be the grossest sort of understatement. Most of the sham-wow contingent is damaging the intelligence of their audience severely, and charging them for this 'privilege'. Occasionally, we get a refreshing sense that there are still a few people with intelligence, drive, and scruples remaining in the field. Rare though this is, it is inspiring, for they may in turn inspire the next generation who shall certainly surpass the relatively useless 'achievements' of ours.

    Here's to Norio, and his kind. Long may they prosper in relatively innocuous quasi-anonymity. In fact, let's agree to protect them from the forces that would insist otherwise!

  2. I agree with this article. If we tunnel through the literature of underground bases and Dulce, we inevitably end up with Bennewitz meeting Myrna Hansen. Many of the stories swilling around ufology in recent years have been poached and repackaged from their (Bennewitz/Hansen) core story.

    In regards to A. Nother researcher seeking to 'demote' Hayakawa? It's hardly surprising in the field. I may be speaking from ignorance of other subjects, but ufology is amongst the worst subjects for peers to be disrespecting each other. Researchers rarely miss an opportunity to snipe or kick back at their colleagues.

    Kevin Randle posted an article on his blog early this year and the responses make my point clear. 4 or 5 UFO researchers disagreeing with each other and claiming to be 'more right' than anyone else.

    I'm not particularly a follower of the Dulce area of ufology. The provenance has put me off and trimmed its credibility. Nevertheless, Norio Hayakawa is one of the foremost researchers on the my opinion.



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