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England: A Hayes Sighting – May 2004

Hayes Sighting Image 1
By Michael Beckley
© 7-23-10

     My name is Michael Beckley and my then girlfriend was Rene Smith. As she had not seen satellites going over in the night sky (she thought they could not been seen with the naked eye) I showed her that they could be observed with the naked eye. So whenever possible, we would be looking up at the night sky - if clear - to see what might be moving about against a starry background.

At 11.50pm on Saturday the 22nd May 2004 we had just left the Heathrow Club, Hayes, Middlesex, in England. We had been to a freestyle ceroc dance. As we walked to the car park I looked up to see if the sky was clear. I saw two red dots, one slightly ahead and abreast of the other. The colors were ‘brake light red’ but not glowing, they were moving slowly. I pointed them out to Rene and said, “Look satellites”, but then thought: “no satellites are silver because of the reflection of the sun, as they are in orbit and move at a constant speed.”

These two red dots were not aero planes. They started to increase speed, they were high up. I said, “Look meteors Rene, they are going to explode in a shower of light as they go over.” They now moved towards West Drayton. I found out much later that there is a Ministry of Defence (MOD) base near West Drayton, as well as an air traffic control centre on the other side of the town.

"Now The Pale White Lights Were Coming Back Straight Towards Us!"

It is very strange to see two red dots at night in the sky slowly accelerate, then move fast. Then they dipped downwards and seemed to cross their parallel flight paths - to end up on opposite sides now, coming back towards us at about a 45 degree elevation. There was a gap between the lights, which made me think it was a solid object with whitish pale lights at each end. No red lights now, just two pinpricks of light coming towards us and getting nearer, bearing down on us at 45 degrees. I then thought it was a plane but could hear no noise. Like myself, Rene had watched them go over and away.

Now the pale white lights were coming back straight towards us! I was standing right behind Rene. I grabbed her by the shoulders to move us in the direction of a nearby building and safety, just in case this thing was going to crash into the car park where we were standing. But before I could move her, one of the two lights began to move away but they were still coming at us and there was still no noise. I could now tell that they were very much independent of one another.

I braved it out with Rene and watched as they turned over (see Figure 1), going to our left and we turned slowly to watch these lights reveal an underside, lit up by a ring of lights which formed a circular disc. A ring of about 10 or 12 lights, the colour being a yellowish pale white, the same as the other object that was now furthest away, also showing its underside. I then observed, as they flew past - the nearest had a ‘hole’ in it. That was what I thought at first.

How weird! I expected to see stars through it, in the background. This was all happening quite fast. Then at the same time I saw that there were rings or slots with a framework around these slots. The framework being a red orange colour, the inserts to this thin framework being yellow. Now the black hole seemed like a lens looking at us because the object was now in plan view; underside ( Figure 2).

But the black hole was not a hole! I could see this now. It was like a thick black container, smoke-like wisps moving around its outer edge. There were a number of slots around this black spot that went out to the ring of lights. I could also see a radial line in the yellow slots where the frame work of orange had formed these rings around the underneath of these discs. The nearest disc wobbled slightly for a second. The weather conditions were clear - no clouds, no wind - half moon visible. I think they were now at about 600 hundred feet in altitude and maybe each 40 feet in diameter. I am used to seeing aircraft of all sorts. I’ve also done a bit of flying myself.

"What Are They?"

These discs - because that’s what I saw - maybe had a flying speed similar to a light aircraft but slightly faster, with no noise. The colours were matt and dull but sharp. I noticed that the outer lights (as in the drawing) were backlighting the framework between each light. So I could see all of the underside. It was as if a torch had been shone on a big round pipe. It seemed to have depth into the slots of yellow, within the red- orange framework. This was the same for both objects. The black round spot in the middle still had this thick black wispy “smoke” visible, slightly “boiling” around the edge.

Rene said, “What are they?” I said, “Ssshush, listen, remember the colours and watch,” as they sailed past.

Hayes Sighting Image 2
The disc furthest away was a lot higher and in front now. It turned from its underside angle to nearly side-on,. still showing its underside though. The object bringing up the rear, nearer to us, showing full underside ; like a painted dinner plate. It now started to speed up. It got faster and started to catch up with the first one, then the furthest one away started doing an aileron turn towards the south and Heathrow airport. The object that had caught up did the same and tucked itself just behind and below the one in front and both were in a turn to the south. I could now see the side view of these discs for a split second and saw that they were quite thin in section with a pinkish red colour on top. They seemed to slightly climb as they went over the trees and then were lost to our sight.

“Quiet”, I said to Rene and we stood there scanning the night sky. We spoke after about two minutes. I asked, “Did you hear anything?” Rene said that she did not, nor had I. Then we saw a plane going over, high up. We could just hear that and make out navigation lights. Rene thought they were coming back. I said, “It’s a plane,” and she said “Yes it is.”

She was bewildered. I was ecstatic and jumped up and down, swearing my head off at what we had just witnessed. I then felt a little disturbed. I knew I had seen something that was not an aeroplane but definitely craft. I felt that I should not have seen them. They somehow didn’t belong to this planet. The whole sighting lasted 40 seconds approx.

"They Were Two Flying Discs of Unknown Origin with an Unknown Power Source"

We went home feeling very strange indeed. I was aged 47 at the time of the sighting. I had good eyesight and I am a keen aviation enthusiast, so I say it wasn’t aeroplanes. They made no noise. It wasn’t UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), it wasn’t electric model aircraft and I’ve yet to see two radio controlled models flying in perfect formation. It wasn’t laser lights; there was no cloud to bounce the laser lights off and it was a clear night and you could see stars out but I can tell you this: they were two flying discs of unknown origin with an unknown power source.

I have, after 2 or 3 years, produced a drawing of what we saw. It’s not 100%, I would say about 85%. I am not an artist. I didn’t want to do it but I knew I had to, as we had witnessed something unique. Rene is an artist and very good too but at the time she was not wearing her glasses. After a year or so she produced a painting. She saw them going over the trees; the main colour is spot on, but the outer lights as she saw them are merged into one. If only she had been wearing her glasses! It would have been a fantastic painting on canvas.

But writing this I have had to relive that night again and I am glad to have written this account so clear in my mind after 6 years.

*If readers have any questions, please contact Ananda Sirisena, who encouraged me to document my sighting at:

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