Friday, May 21, 2010

The Joiner Report Welcomes Grant Cameron and Larry W. Bryant

The Joiner Report Welcomes Grant Cameron and Larry W. Bryant
By Sherry Boardman

     Two distinguished guests are scheduled for Friday night’s The Joiner Report. Noted Canadian ufologist Grant Cameron and research/writer Larry W. Bryant will share the two-hour broadcast. New Hampshire’s former state legislature Henry McElroy’s recent statement regarding an undisclosed document that President Eisenhower was briefed on an ET presence in the United States will be only one of the informative topics to be discussed.

Cameron became interested in ufology in 1975 after the sighting of an object, which became known as Charlie Red Star. Hundreds of Canadian sightings occurred during 1975-76. After composing a manuscript of his experiences, he began researching Canadian government investigations. One result of his efforts was the co-authored book, UFO, MJ-12, AND THE GOVERNMENT, published by MUFON. In the past few years, Cameron’s UFO research interests have become focused on the involvement and actions of the Presidents of the United States, which has required numerous trips to the U.S. National Archives and presidential libraries for Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton. He interviewed Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of UFOs. Cameron’s FOIA to the White House yielded 1,000 pages of UFO documents from the Clinton era. His material has been chronicled on his personal website Recently Cameron teamed up with Giuliano Marinkovic to produce a DVD called “Who Knows,” audio and video clips of politicians and famous people talking about UFOs.

Larry W. Bryant’s journey toward full governmental UFO truth began in 1957, the debut year for Ray Palmer’s newsstand magazine “Flying Saucers.” In recent years, he has become a columnist for the newsstand periodical UFO Magazine; has helped UFO-E.T.-disclosure lobbyist Stephen Bassett run for Congress in Maryland’s 8th district (circa 2002); has published a compilation of UFO-related letters received by the White House (UFO Politics at the White House: Citizens Rally ’round Jimmy Carter’s Promise – still available at; and, for a couple of years, has been posting essays, articles, and correspondence upon his web log at He sums up: “I have no illusions that full government disclosure of the Deepest Secret will occur in my lifetime. But, at least I’ve tried to help pave the way for others who might wish to adopt this life’s journey of civic inquiry, analysis, lobbying, and disseminating one’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations.”

Tune in for Angelia Joiner, Grant Cameron, and Larry Bryant’s two-hour discussion on The Joiner Report, Friday night, May 21, from 9-10 p.m. CST, on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network.

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