Saturday, May 22, 2010

McElroy's Extraterrestrial Presence Pronouncement: Behind the Story and How It Began

Henry McElroy
By Lead/Communication Team
Gateway To Freedom

Rarely does a citizen have the opportunity to reach a span of humanity in such a way, that avoided the mainstream media and a swarm of hype and illusion. But, it appeared that I had been given the ominous task of introducing one man to the public, before that happened. The internet has been used for various reasons, one of those reasons being freedom. With that in mind, I had elected to use this tool to give the public first-hand information, without a hidden agenda, in order to give each human being the opportunity to make their own decision about a matter which, for some, had yet to be decided.

     I would like the reader to know how the conversation ensued, in which I was enlightened to the fact that any brief, whatsoever, even existed concerning President Eisenhower, and an invitation to meet with extraterrestrials. I was only vaguely familiar with this rumor, and was rather shocked to find out that it was, indeed, true.

We were sitting in an elegant room, discussing an unrelated topic. He and I had met rather by coincidence, and had enjoyed each other’s company. I had no idea who he was, as he hadn’t told me anything but his first name. But, because we seemed to gravitate to each other in a general sense, we decided to have a cup of coffee. Matter of fact, I do believe he offered it. I thought he was very kind to make such an offer, so I accepted.

We were discussing the subject of a certain children’s book which spanned an area which related to astronomy. And, because we had become rather friendly in our rapport, I simply asked him if he had considered that there might be life in other galaxies.

(I didn’t consider this to be out-of-line, because I commonly ask this question of people I meet. I enjoy hearing various viewpoints on this topic, as I have been asking it for years. Perhaps I am simply looking for progress in evolution. Or, simply because I’m curious about humans and their traditions and cultures.)

After I asked Rep. McElroy about his viewpoint concerning life in other galaxies, which was considerably off-topic for the conversation we were having, he paused slightly. His head turned sideways, and he proceeded to make a statement that spurred my interest immediately.

“Of course, there’s life in other galaxies,” he said. “I saw that brief to Eisenhower, when I was in office.”

“Excuse me?” I said. “What brief are you talking about?”

“The brief. To Eisenhower. Telling him that they wanted to have a meeting with him,” he said.

“Who wanted to have a meeting with him?” I said, not really understanding where this conversation was going.

“Extraterrestrials,” he said. “They were here. During the fifties. I saw the brief to Eisenhower, telling him that they wanted to meet with him.”

I sat there, stunned. I was sure that this document hadn’t been shared with the public, and felt that he needed to come forward, and tell the nation the truth. People’s lives had been ruined since Roswell. Credibility of honest men and women had been questioned for decades when it came to this topic. Within this man’s memory, of seeing this document, was a means of vindicating those who have attempted, so many times, to come forward with their accounts – only to be shunned and mocked by skeptics.

The next day, my husband and I began to research the internet for anything similar to what Rep. McElroy might have seen. It was suggested that we look at the MJ-12 documents, but found nothing that appeared to be a brief to Eisenhower. So, I decided to forward them to Rep. McElroy. I asked him to make sure he hadn’t mistaken one of these documents as being the brief he saw while in office.

“Do these look familiar to you?” I asked. “Could this be what you saw?”

“No,” he said. “I’ve looked at these several times over the past few days. This is not what I saw while I was in office.”

“Would you be willing to make a statement to the American people about what you saw while you were in office?” I said.

He paused for a moment, while I waited. And, while that moment was only a moment, it seemed to last much longer.

“Yes,” he said. “I will do that.”

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