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The Book UFOs and Nukes is Still Available from the Author

UFOs and Nukes
By Robert Hastings

Robert Hastings     Following the 2008 publication of my book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, I have received a number of inquiries from persons wondering why the book is not available at, except at ridiculously high prices. Well, the book is self-published, and sold only at my own website,, for $23.95. The price for new and used copies asked by unscrupulous scalpers posting on Amazon—who want buyers to think that the book is now out-of-print—is much, much higher, as the following, recently-written customer review notes:
"Indispensable work of the highest integrity and value" - May 8, 2010
By Archer Books (Hemel Hempstead UK)

This review is from: UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites (Paperback)
After more than 30 years of painstaking research Robert Hastings has written a large (600-page), meticulously documented study of the interactions of UFOs with nuclear weapons installations. It makes for sobering reading.

The author's interest in this subject was first kindled in March 1967 when as a teenager from an Air Force family, he had an after-school cleaning job in the control tower at Malmstrom AFB in Montana where his father was stationed. One evening he was shown "unknown" targets on the radar screen (i.e. UFOs) above the nuclear missile base, and told that fighters had been scrambled to intercept. Later he was told that the intruders had outperformed the USAF jets and flown away.

When Hastings went on the US college circuit in 1981 to lecture about the government cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, he discovered many former military personnel were attending the talks. Some would approach him after the lecture, reveal details of their UFO encounters whilst in the military and agree to a confidential interview. He has also been contacted by former Air Force Missileers via their Association and, gradually, built up a reputation for thoroughness, professionalism and discretion which has led many former military witnesses to trust telling their stories on the record. Interestingly, the Inspector General's Office confirms not one "broken security" event relating to UFOs revealed by former service personnel has ever been prosecuted, so Hastings sticks with witnesses retired from the military (mainly from the Air Force) and avoids compromising current serving personnel for whom the consequences might be more serious.

The book documents more than 200 such interactions supported by hundreds of ex-military witnesses and FOIA-released documents. Incidents where UFOs have been associated with complete shut-downs of nuclear missile systems (such as that at Malmstrom in 1967 described by Salas & Klotz in "Faded Giant"), where missiles have been actually shot down in flight (i.e. the notorious "Big Sur" event) and at least one alarming event where missiles armed with live nuclear warheads were almost launched by the apparent intervention of a UFO, are related in convincing detail. There is a chapter on interactions between UFOs and Soviet nukes, a section on the interest shown by "visitors" in civilian nuclear power plants, and a most interesting chapter on the CIA and its involvement in the UFO issue.

As another reviewer commented, it's a pity the new book is not widely available from Amazon sellers—as I write this review, two new copies are for sale on at US$125 each. However, you can buy a new, signed copy from the author's website (google it) for about US$20 and in time second-hand copies will also become available. The author informs me that a second, updated edition will cure the few typos evident in the first (actually not that many in a 600-page book) and contain a bibliography and list of references missed from the first edition due to the rush to get the book into print prior to his TV appearances in summer 2008.

[Actually, the second edition will not be published for two more years. –RH]

Hastings wisely shuns the UFO conference circuit in favour of universities, colleges and professional academia, in which venues he has a busy annual speaking schedule on this most important subject. "UFOs and Nukes" deserves a five-star rating for the sheer volume and thoroughness of its original research, for its conservative and grounded perspective and its vital subject matter. Hastings is a good writer, and the long sequences of factual accounts of UFO/nuclear interactions are interspersed with informed discourse on every aspect of this phenomenon and an examination of the ETH which the author sees, with good reason, as the most plausible hypotheses supported by substantial evidence.

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