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Veteran UFO Maven, Larry Bryant Enlightens C2C Listeners

Larry Bryant on C2C
By Frank Warren
© 3-2-09

     C2C listeners received a rare treat in the wee hours yesterday morning (Sunday’s show) as long time UFO pundit, Larry Bryant graced their airwaves!

Over 50 years ago Bryant began making inquiries to the military machinery regarding what they knew about UFOs (then Flying Saucers). The young Virginian was a founding member of the then “Air Research Group,” and wasn’t buying what the Air Force/government was selling then, and he doesn’t buy it now!

Some might describe Bryant as an antagonist to the powers-that-be with his never-ending “official catechizing” under the guise of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); however, I deem him as a UFO stalwart who has a “never quit” attitude in attempting to pry the truth from the PTB.

For those of us paying attention, young John Greenewald (The Black Vault) comes to mind when FOIA’s are discussed, seeing that he has literally filled his “vault” with thousands of documents culled from the deep, dark depths of government archives . . . retaining the moniker as “expert” in these matters would be argued by few; however, who does John call on when “he has a question” concerning FOIA minutiae? You guessed it—none other then UFO sage, Larry Bryant!

Larry’s spot on C2C was precipitated by a revelation made by a caller from a previous show, which aired last month on the 3rd; experiencer/author Whitley Strieber was the guest. At the tail end of the show, during the “call-in segment,” a man, who said his name was “Bob” made what some might consider a ground breaking disclosure—he was in possession of film showing then President Eisenhower, along with none other then “Howard Hughes” inspecting what he described as “people laying on stretchers and they weren't from this earth . . ..”

Larry who was listening to the show, in true form didn’t waste any time; he immediately fired off a FOIA request to the Eisenhower Library requesting, “access to all Eisenhower-related UFO-E.T. film footage held” by the institution. Ironically, in what might be called the most expeditious response in FOIA history, a reply was mailed out the very next day (of receipt of the FOIA), maintaining that they “do not hold motion pictures, still photographs, or records of any kind documenting President Eisenhower's alleged inspection of alien bodies or UFOs.”

Pertaining to his recent interview with Noory at C2C, Larry wrote:
At 3:30 a.m. EST, Monday, March 2, 2009, as I was in bed listening to George Noory field calls from his audience, my phone rang. It was producer Tom Danheiser, who asked if I were amenable to joining in for the show's fourth hour (which had been billed by George as a
"breaking news" segment). It turns out that I happened to be the trigger for this "breaking news" - specifically via my recent series of freedom-of-information requests to several federal agencies for access to any Eisenhower UFO-E.T. records they may be harboring. (It had been two years since my last C2C appearance, so I obviously let Tommy know my eagerness to chime in.)

In the ensuing discussion, George led off by endorsing my campaign to tie "caller Bob's" case to the public's growing demand for full governmental disclosure of UFO-E.T. reality. I explained this opportunity by noting that "Bob's" brave - and selfless - step forward gives us "a 'big foot' in the door of UFO secrecy." George took care to note that "Bob" has specified one proviso for his sharing the film's content with C2C upon his imminent return from Europe - i.e., that the C2C organization must refrain from any commercial exploitation of that content. He seeks no financial gain in this matter from anyone or for any reason. Now, what does that tell you about how to proceed with assessing the credibility and other value of "Bob's" story? For my part, I suggested that George photograph the two (incoming) film canisters' insignia and any labels/serial numbers thereon - for later forensic investigation. His plans call for posting a key excerpt from the film footage upon the C2C web site ( http://www.coasttocoastAM.com ).
So, is Bob and the alleged canister of ET/Eisenhower/Hughes film the real deal . . . or is it another prank/hoax aimed at the C2C’s listeners, and subsequently we Ufologists who perk up when such things come to light? Time will tell.

On the other hand, one thing is for certain—Larry Bryant is the real deal, and C2C would do as all a great service in not waiting so long in between visits!

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  1. If this pans out, it would reinforce my long held suspicion that Ike met with an alien (Gray?) delegation on February 20, 1954, at Edwards AFB and reached an ultra-secret agreement that still governs U.S.-alien relations. Although obviously unratified, this "treaty," if in fact it exists, would be far and away the most important treaty this country has ever signed. Among other things, it probably ended--or at least seriously curtailed--our occasionally successful attempts to shoot down the ETs' disks (see Frank C. Feschino, Jr.'s fascinating 2007 book, "Shoot Them Down!" although Frank doesn't mention the Eisenhower incident) in return for some technological "trinkets," perhaps including fiber optics, Kevlar, and the other stuff that Col. Corso distributed to to the military-industrial complex in 1961-62.

    Perhaps Eisenhower's prior visit to "Hanger 18," or wherever the Roswell (and perhaps other) bodies were kept at that time, could have prepared him psychologically for the Edwards conference. BTW, I might add that I also suspect the agreement was updated, probably re abductions and cattle mutilations, in the mid-1960s, most likely at Holloman AFB in NM. But IMHO we're still living under the shadow of the 1954agreement, especially when it comes to the stonewalling of all attempts at full disclosure.

    C. Scott "Scotty" Littleton
    Pasadena, CA


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