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FOIA: Where is The Eisenhower Alien UFO Film?

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Request for a GAO Probe into the Whereabouts of the Original Film Footage of Pres. Eisenhower Inspecting Certain UFO-E.T. Artifacts

By Larry Bryant
Office of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

TO: Hon. Mark Warner
U. S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: March 4, 2009
Larry Bryant     A few years before his death in 1998, the late U. S. Rep. Steven H. Schiff, in responding to concerns expressed by some of his New Mexico constituents, commissioned an investigation by the U. S. Government Accountability Office into the whereabouts of various federal agency records pertaining to the now-famous 1947 crash-landed flying saucer near Roswell, N. M. As a result, GAO staffers assigned to the case determined that certain military records likely to pertain to the event had gone missing. The public may never learn how important those records would have been in determining the fate of the Roswellian crashed-saucer wreckage and crew.

To pick up where those GAO investigators left off, a new case now presents itself with the recent discovery of some 1940s/1950s-vintage military film footage allegedly showing Pres. Eisenhower and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes inspecting some UFO-E.T. artifacts (including deceased UFOnauts). For details of the case as revealed on Feb. 3, 2009, to radio talk-show host George Noory during his syndicated program Coast-to-Coast AM, see the below-quoted transcript of "caller Bob's" account.

As Noory awaits receipt and analysis of a tell-tale excerpt from the discovered film footage, the other stakeholders in this historic turn of events -- meaning you and me and the rest of Earth's population -- deserve to know whether the discovered 16-mm film constitutes the original version thereof. To that end, I ask that you seek, on our behalf, the assistance of pertinent GAO investigators in determining:
(1). The film's authenticity.

(2). The identity of its originator.

(3). Whatever other such revelatory footage currently exists within the files of U. S. military components.
As you fulfill this request, I ask that your office keep me regularly informed of all related developments. If you know of any congressional committee that would be interested in holding a public hearing on this case and its implications, please share the content of this letter with the committee's chair.

Note: I'm sending to you a signed printout of this e-formatted letter, by which I authorize you to divulge its content to anyone you choose.

Thank you for helping the legacy of Congressman Schiff speak for itself.
Director, Washington, D. C., Office of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy

Copies furnished to:

Editor, UFO Magazine
Producer, Coast-to-Coast AM


[LWB Note: at the last minute of the guest segment's final hour, wherein guest Whitley Strieber and host Noory fielded listeners' calls, a man named "Bob" (from east of the Rockies) gives this account.]

Hello, Mr. Noory. I have a unique -- unique-- situation to volunteer. I'm in the military, and I monitor satellite cameras. What I've got to tell you is based on UFOs -- uh, very unique situation: I have acquired eighteen canisters -- reel-to-reel film, military film, based in the forties, early fifties. Uh, I inherited it.

[Noory: 16-mil, black-and-white?] They're black-and-white; I had a [garbled] on the majority of them. The cans show military insignia like eagles and stuff like that.

[Noory: Have you looked at the film yet, Bob?] I have looked at a few of them. Uh, what I've seen so far scares me to death.

[Noory: of what? -- give us a quick glimpse.] Uh, we gonna have to talk off the air at some point in time; it's not . . .. [Noory, interrupting: I'm gonna have you give Tom your phone number if that's okay.] What I've seen so far on the ones that I've looked at -- well, back to the first one that I looked at showed President Eisenhower and, uh, the, uh, that eccentric guy, he, uh, that had the airplanes -- what was his name? -- the one who went into seclusion.

[Strieber: Oh, Howard Hughes.] Howard Hughes in a warehouse, looking around and, uh, people laying on stretchers (and they weren't from this earth). [Noory: Oh, my gosh; all right, look . . ..] I want to stop there and . . .. [Noory, interrupting: Bob, I'm putting you on hold, we're gonna get your phone number and we will talk at length. Could be fascinating. Whitley, my friend, stay in touch. [Strieber: thank you very much, George, as always . . ..]

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