Friday, November 21, 2008

Peculiar Craft Over Stephenville Leaves Witnesses Stunned!

UFO Over Stephenville
By Angelia Joiner
Guest Writer
The UFO Chronicles

Angelia Joiner     What in the world continues to fly in the skies over Stephenville, Texas? Some say it’s better termed as “out of this world.”

Upon the heels of multiple sightings in the area on October 23, last Tuesday, November 18, proved just as noteworthy for local residents.

Michael Corn, 27, and former member of the United States Army assigned to a Patriot Missile Unit from 2003 to 2006, saw something for which he has no explanation.

Corn said while at home at the intersection of Hwy 377 Business and U.S. Hwy 281, friends called him outside at approximately 7:15 p.m.

As he looked toward the small town of Dublin in the southwest sky he saw what appeared to be a brightly lit hovering object.

“It looked really close to Stephenville like it was almost over the courthouse,” Corn said.

He said the lights pulsed in a right to left direction.

Corn estimated the lights might have been as large as a quarter held between the thumb and forefinger at arms length. He described the lights as an amber or orange color.

“I could see the bottom of the object from the illumination of those lights and the city lights,” Corn said. “The bottom (of the craft) looked smooth.

“There is no way you could be outside and look up in the sky and not notice this thing. It was just weird.”

Corn said he observed the object for about 15 seconds and then suddenly it disappeared without making a sound like it had never been there.

“It just vanished,” he said.

When questioned about the possibility of the craft perhaps being an experimental project of the military, he said, “I know that we couldn’t make it. I don’t believe it’s ours. I got the impression that it has technology that we are not capable of understanding.”

Corn said he is familiar with all types of aircraft because of his experience in the Army and he grew up near DFW airport.

“It was very unnerving – you can’t come up with a reasonable explanation for what it was,” Corn said.

Corn’s girlfriend, Ashley Couch, also observed the object.

“It reminded me of a carousel lying over on its side,” Couch said. “I don’t think a quarter would have covered up the lights. I think they were larger than that.”

Another observer a short distance away at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 281 and North Loop 377 said she could not explain what she had seen at the same time of 7:15 p.m. For the sake of anonymity the 20 year old will be called “Leslie.”

Leslie was traveling north on Loop 377 when her boyfriend called her attention to the vehicle just ahead that seemed to be strangely illuminated.

“He asked me if I saw those weird lights,” Leslie said. “ But, I hadn’t noticed anything.”

She said they pulled into the Shell station at the intersection to gas up for a trip to Granbury.

When they exited their vehicle, a man pulled in at the gas pumps and asked if they had seen the weird lights.

“He said he was a pilot and after my boyfriend had just asked me about lights so that got my attention,” Leslie said.

Entering back into traffic on the loop headed north is when they both saw an object.

“It was coming down at a slight angle – slowly – it had a bright big light, a steady light and a blinking light,” she said, “ for a total of three.”

“One was red and maybe that was the one that was blinking…I’m not sure,” Leslie said.

The couple was so mesmerized they slowed down to almost a stop in the road.

“It pivoted to our left side, maybe 50 yards away and 75 yards up in the air,” she said. “It looked almost like it was hovering. The lights were so bright it was hard to see the shape, but the bottom looked a silver gray color.”

Leslie said they passed the object and she looked back to see if it was going to land at the nearby local airport, Clark Field. But, she was unable to see it.

“We turned around and went back to the Shell station,” she said. They turned back around again to see if they could spot it.

“There we saw it again, but this time it was on our right moving left across in front of us,” Leslie said. “It turned again and looked like it was about to stop and went back the other way. It went back in the direction from which it had come.”

Leslie said it could not have been a plane and at first she was wondering if the object was about to land on the highway.

“It looked like if it were going to land it was going to land on the highway,” Leslie said. “The lights were so bright it was almost hard to look at it. I think it might have been blimp shaped and about the size of two school buses. It was hard to tell.”

Leslie said what she and her boyfriend witnessed was not normal.

“When I think of something unidentified I don’t think of little green men,” she said.

She said she feels the object could be something being tested by the military.

“We were a little bit frightened,” Leslie said. “Until you see something like that you don’t really understand. I’ve made fun of people for seeing stuff like that and now I saw it.”

Leslie said she’s heard others commenting on what they saw that will not come forward.

“So many people won’t tell what they’ve seen around here because they think people are going to think they’re crazy,” she said.

Area law enforcement officers said about 10 calls were received during the time of this sighting reporting a craft and/or lights. While some may have seen flares, one officer said not all of the calls were related to flares dropped in the Brownwood Military Operating Area just prior to 7 p.m.

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