Saturday, November 22, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Retired DOE Employee Recalls Seeing Similar 'V-Shaped Craft' at Oak Ridge

Triangular UFO at Oak Ridge
Reader Submitted Report

     Your most recent posting, "Army Veteran Takes Cover While V-shape Craft Passes Overhead," and the accompanying illustration is VERY close to something unexplainable I saw a few years ago. I have long been interested in UFOs and the entire alien question for most of my life, since my teen years (I am 62 now), but had never had a sighting until this one. The craft that I saw looked very much like the one in the illustration of the story, except that the windows or openings I saw were slightly more "square-ish" than rectangular as shown in your illustration.

The sighting came about this way: It was early one morning before daybreak, and at the time I worked for an engineering company that did contract work for the Dept. of Energy in Oak Ridge, TN, although I am now retired from that company. I had about a 20-minute drive to work and had travelled this particular road daily for the previous 10 years. I know the road and its environs very well, all the buildings along the way, apartments and houses, etc. But on this morning (in February of 1999, 2000, or 2001, I can't recall exactly) I approached an intersection that is somewhat rural and had to slow a bit before turning...and at that time my attention was drawn to a brightly lit object up on a hillside about half a mile from where I was. I drove a Jeep Wrangler in those days, so I had a good field of view of the object. I could see it clearly through my windshield, and it was easily as big as a WalMart store. The thing (or craft or whatever it was) had only one side facing my direction, so I could not get a sense of its true shape, but I was seeing what looked like a black or dark-gray "wall" with several square (maybe SLIGHTLY rectangular) openings, similar to your illustration. I pulled to the side of the road and at that time (6:00am) was the only car on the road, to get a good look at the object. It was sort of "resting" at treetop level on the hill, with the bottom of the craft precisely at tree-top level, and it was resting at approximately a 5-degree angle and followed the tree-tops other words, it was not parallel to the horizon, but at a 5-degree angle off the horizon.

I stared at the object for at least two or three minutes, and thought to myself, "I'm going to try to find a road or trail up there to see what that is." I knew I could probably navigate any paths or rough roads that might lead to the top of the hill, but as soon as I reached for the gear shift another thought sort of "popped" into my head..."You need to get to work." Notice it wasn't "I need to get to work" but rather "You need to get to work." And so I just put the Jeep in gear and drove on to work that morning.

I have driven past that point many, many times since that morning, and there is absolutely nothing up on that houses, no sheds or barns, not a single structure that could have been mistaken for a UFO.

I have thought about the experience many times since then.

What was it that I saw? Why, after many years of wanting to see a UFO up close and personal did the thought appear in my mind "You need to go to work!" Where did that thought originate from? From my own mind or from somewhere else?

It is a true mystery to me, but the few illustrations of these triangular craft that I have seen suggest to me that it was one of them that for some reason was touring the East Tennessee area near Oak Ridge and Knoxville.

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