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Scientist, Dr. Garry P. Nolan with Journalist Ross Coulthart | INTERVIEW

Scientist, Dr. Garry P. Nolan with Journalist Ross Coulthart | INTERVIEW


     Dr. Garry P Nolan has given a range of interviews over the last few years., concerning the topic of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. I have written about a number of these. Back in 2016, he was interviewed by journalist Annie Jacobsen, for her book "Phenomena" about his work with Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green. In a June 2021 blog article, I presented details of three interviews with Garry Nolan. In February 2022 Garry Nolan was interviewed about his analysis of UAP related materials. He has also appeared, in more recent times, on a number of UAP related podcasts, providing his views on the phenomena.
Keith Basterfield
By Keith Basterfield

Need To Know

In an 24 August 2022 episode of the podcast "Need to Know" with Ross Coulthart and Bryce Zabel, produced in conjunction with the Channel 7 television network in Australia, Garry Nolan was interviewed by Ross Coulthart. The following is a transcript of most of that conversation.

Ross: Professor, how significant is it that the United States government came out, a year ago, and admitted that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are real. Whatever they are; they're a real mystery?

Garry: I think it tells us that, first of all, the government has been lying to us for the last 60 or 70 years. I think it gives solace to people who have been told that they were crazy to have been believing or seeing this...

Ross: I know this is speculative, but why do you think the US government's lied?

Garry: I think it's because, frankly, they didn't understand what it was, and no body wanted to admit that; first of all. But second that they didn't want to admit that they didn't have control over our airspace. We didn't have control over our own airspace.

Ross: So the government's been lying, but do you think there's been a coverup?

Garry: Absolutely. I mean there's been both a coverup, as well as a disinformation compaign to make people look like they were crazy.

Ross: ...Is it a dangerous thing for you to admit that you think these things about the phenomena?

Garry: I think its dangerously necessary. I think that this is the kind of thing that if we continue to ignore it; if we continue to ignore the potential danger of what it might represent, we are putting ourselves at risk, both to what it might do to us sometime in the future, but then ignoring the physics of what these things are capable of doing.

Ross: Let's talk about "it." What is "it?"

Garry: You know, I wish I knew, and of all the people that I've spoken with on the inside, there's really very little unanimity about what it is; except for, that there, whatever it is, appears to be so far advanced from us, that it beggars understanding.

Ross: So, you don't think its human?

Garry: I'm sure its not human.

Ross: Is it intelligent?

Garry: Yes. It certainly acts it. And in some cases, it seems to have a sense of humor.

Ross: ...You are suggesting there is a highly advanced civilisation, that is intelligent, and it's not human, and its real?

Garry: Yeh. I almost hesitate even to call it a civilisation. A civilisation implies a lot of interacting parts that are moving towards some sort of goal. I couldn't even say whether or not, what it is  that is being observed is something like that.

The Wilson/ Davis notes

Ross: Are you aware of a document called the Admiral Wilson document?

Garry: Yes.

Ross: Do you think its genuine?

Garry: Yes.

Ross: Wow!

Garry: I mean, I know Eric Davis, and you know, Eric is of a kind of character that is just impossible for him to lie.

Ross: The significance of that document is that the former immediate past director of the Defence Intelligence Agency Admiral Thomas Wilson, allegedly had a conversation with Dr Eric Davis, a renowned physicist, where he imparted his discovery that there was a secret UFO reverse engineering program going on inside the US government, where they were hiding recovered spacecaft, and it was being hidden in private aerospace, in a private aerospace corporation. The journalist in me, Garry, thinks Americans can't keep secrets, everything leaks in this country.

Garry: And this is an example of it.

Ross: Ok. So, you take that point.

Garry: Yeah.

Ross: Ultimately it did leak.

Garry: Ultimately, it leaked. But what was interesting, was how it was found. It was found in Edgar Mitchell's effects after he died. So, it wasn't like anybody went out of their way to put it out there.

Ross: Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell?

Garry: Right. Eric Davis had written it, and I don't know what the story was as to how Edgar, Dr Mitchell got hold of it, but nobody was looking to actively reveal this. It was the work of journalists who finally got hold of Edgar's materials who decided to release it.

Why would Eric Davis lie about writing something that he never intended to go public in the first place. He was just doing what an intelligent agent does on a regular basis, which is write reports on what it is they have been doing.

Ross: And Eric, quite conspicuously has never made any comment one way or the other about the veracity of the document.

Garry: Right. Well.

Ross: He can't; can he?

Garry: He can't; but well before this came to light I already knew of the document. So, because, you know, Eric was part of a group that I was associated with, around this.

Ross: The implications of that are mind blowing, Garry. This conversation; you told me that you believe, on evidence, that there is a non-human intelligence of advanced technology, on this planet?

Garry: Right. Advanced capabilities.Now, I don't know whether it is a technology per se. Because I'm leaving open the idea that it's some form of  consciousness that is non material. And I will say to my colleagues, out there, I know that all this sounds absolutely crazy, but if you've seen the things that I've seen, you would only be able to come to a similar conclusion. You know, and I know again my reputation takes a hit I'm sure, that there are, you know, prizes and other things that I'm never going to get because I'm talking about this. That's now where near as important as this subject matter to me.

Some of Garry's personal experiences

Garry then spoke of a number of personal experiences:

1. Windsor, Connecticut. Around 1972/73. [Garry was born in 1961.] Around 5.30 am he was delivering newspaper in the dark. He walked through a copse of trees and became aware of a round object above him, with 4-5 lights shining down.

2. Windsor, Connecticut. 1967-1968. Woke up in his bedroom Saw little men in the room. Went on for a few weeks then stopped. Could have been a dream.

3. London. In a hotel, woke up in bed with his entire body "buzzing." Could hear that sound. At the pomt of waking up he heard words, though words is not the right term. He heard "This is how you connect."After 10-15 seconds, he thought to himself this has to stop and it did. He didn't think it had a physiological cause.

Some comments

1. Statements by Garry Nolan have been becoming more definitive as time goes by. He has placed his professional reputation on the line by making the kind of statements which you have just read above.

2. Although it has been a loosely kept "secret" for some time; Garry Nolan has now chosen to publicly describe some of his own personal experiences with the phenomena.

3. His comments re the Wilson/Davis document are certainly illuminating. He has no doubt that the document is genuine, i.e. that it is a true record of a meeting between Eric Davis and then Admiral Thomas Wilson. He states that he knew of the existence of the document before it hit the Internet. Click here to read the original document for yourself.

4. All in all, a revelatory interview.

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