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The Threat of UFO Invasion

The Threat of UFO Invasion
"A communication disruption can only mean one thing: Invasion."

--Sio Bibble, Queen Amidala’s prime minister in Star Wars Episode I – Attack of the Clones
     Despite the sage courtier’s assertion in the first installment of George Lucas’s second round of space epics, we might sooner believe that a planet-wide interruption of communications, or a collapse of the power grid, was due to a Carrington-level event more than an alien attack. Unless cloaking technology really exists, an alien fleet would be visible to our telescopes and hopefully our orbiting satellites, unless they too had been wiped out. Nevertheless, the opening rounds of an assault by hostile non-humans are the key moment of any science fiction movie. How would that translate into a real life event?
Scott Corrales
By Scott Corrales

In November 1979, Thomas Muldoon, writing for the National Enquirer, published an article with the sensational headline: "Take UFOs Seriously or Be Prepared for Sneak Invasion by Space Aliens." Some may find it amusing to see this article included among the National Security Agency's cache of information on the subject of unidentified flying objects, but the Enquirer was at the forefront of much UFO journalism in those days, as evidenced by the sterling work of the late Bob Pratt. The NSA report - "obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER", as we are reminded - was aimed at dispelling the notion that UFOs were unworthy of scrutiny by the military/scientific establishment.

"If America does not start taking the sightings seriously, we leaver ourselves wide open to the possibility of a Pearl Harbor-type UFO invasion. The very fact that UFO phenomena have been witnessed all over the world from ancient times, and by considerable numbers of reputable scientists in recent times, now indicates rather strongly that UFOs are not all hoaxes, and if anything, rather than diminishing, the modern trend is toward increased reports from all sources."

So far so good. The nameless report, allegedly prepared in 1968, then moves on to scorn the "leisurely scientific approach" and urge a more determined response to fight the perceived threat of an alien invasion.

Carl Sagan had issued his own thoughts on the matter just two years earlier. “One of the primary motivations for the exploration of the New World,” he wrote, “was to convert the inhabitants to Christianity – peacefully if possible, forcefully if necessary. Can we exclude the possibility of an extraterrestrial evangelism? Can we conclude even darker motives? Might an extraterrestrial society want to be alone at the summit of galactic power and make a careful effort to crush prospective contenders? Or might there even be the cockroach response – to stamp out an alien creature simply because it is different?”

The concept of an interplanetary war in our times, a thought which admittedly smacks of the Cold War's "flying saucer" scare, has been seriously invoked by Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the 1950's and by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980's. NATO allegedly prepared a document evaluating the threat posed to existing conventional and military forces in the 1960's, conceding that "we virtually have no defense against their advanced technology." Serious researchers like the late Dr. Olavo Fontes analyzed the possibility that northern Brazil would be occupied by a UFO invasion force in the wake of the attack on the Itaipú garrison in 1965. in the Summer 1998 issue of the Samizdat newsletter, Brazilian researcher Oriel Farías told the world about the incredible and still little-known UFO wave that covered northeastern Brazil and which centered on the town of Guarabira. According to Farías, the outstanding characteristic of the '98 flap was the sheer variety of objects reported, ranging from standard disk-shaped craft to massive objects projecting powerful beams of light. "Lengths of 30 meters have been reported, the size of a 20-storey building," he writes. The Guarabira "invasion" began on March 3, 1998 and was spearheaded by 26 UFOs flying over the city at 6:45 p.m., when the lights went out in Guarabira, and lasting until 3:45 a.m., when power returned to the city. This blackout remains unexplained to this day.

Almost 500 witnesses all over France reported seeing a veritable invasion force of giant black triangles on November 5, 1990. In an article translated by author George Andrews from OVNI-MAGAZINE, a publication of the Banque Internationale de Données Ufologiques, it was said that "...The flight path of this armada of over 70 ships (that is the minimal figure) was at an altitude of 1000 meters (some 320 feet), sometimes over the horizon, flying a horizontal course after rapidly descending from the skies, following parallel trajectories distant from each other by 5 to 25 kilometers...Considering the facts of the matter altogether implies that a non-human intelligence and technology were responsible for the phenomena." The French space agency, CNES, based in Toulouse, ascribed the sightings to the disintegration of the Soviet Gorizont booster in the upper atmosphere, using a telex received from NASA to substantiate their claim, in spite of the serious discrepancies between the booster reentry times and those of the sightings. The sightings recorded by OVNI-MAGAZINE appeared to indicate toward craft of the same nature as those seen in Belgium and the U.S.: spotlights on the underside of the vehicle' hull, strobes which swept the ground, simultaneous activation and deactivation of the spotlights were among the common characteristics. It is interesting to note that when UFOs were reported above the Pyrenees on March 31 1993, the CNES once again sought to dismiss the sightings as the reentry of another Russian space booster that had lifted the "Cosmos" 2238 satellite into orbit the previous evening.

In 1981, Colin A. Phillips of UFO Research had the following words to share in a meeting held in Adelaide, Australia: “Thirty years after the great UFO invasion of Earth occurred, because no physical war was fought, the battle of the mind was lost. Those who have knowledge of this event and dare speak of it, have been drowned out with laughter and ridicule or destroyed by character assassination. The world audience with its provincial view, narrow horizons and vested interests, is not ready for this new concept. However, those who talked about swamp gas and degraded facts to clues, are still "sifting carefully through the evidence", creating UFO jargon, statistics and methods of investigation, trying to make a science of what all the time was a major historical event. The UFO visitations to Earth of the 1950's have subsided now and the real work of UFO groups should be to use the best evidence to inform governments and citizens of the real significance of this event on our future civilization. We should have an informed public in readiness should the events of the 1950’s be repeated.”

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