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Clinton Echoes President Ronald Reagan’s 'Alien Invasion Speech'

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Clinton Echoes President Ronald Reagan’s Alien Invasion Speech

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 4-4-14

     During football’s preseason last year I made a prediction that the Seattle Seahawks would not only make it to the Super Bowl, but they’d win it! Throughout the season I would remind my wife of that prophecy, and told her, remember—“you heard it here first!” She laughed . . . right up until the 49er’s game that is, then she thought I might be on to something and of course the rest is history.

Thursday morning I made another prediction—no sixth sense required and that was that the video interview of former President Bill Clinton by late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel (via the formers’ appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Wednesday night [4-2-14]) would soon go viral.

Why you ask? Although Bill Clinton is no stranger to the UFO topic, he hit all the UFO cylinders Wednesday night, traversing through “secret UFO files”, “Area 51,” “Roswell,” “aliens,” and something that rang familiar to me which was an (or the) alien invasion scenario.

On September 21, 1987 then President Ronald Wilson Reagan addressed the Forty-second Session of the United Nations General Assembly and in part stated:
“I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world.”
Like Clinton, this was not the first time he talked aliens and specifically an “alien invasion.”

Curiously, in a very similar narrative, Clinton relayed to Kimmel:
“If we were visited some day, I wouldn't be surprised; I just hope that eh . . . it's not like Independence Day. That it's uh . . . you know uh, a conflict. It may be the only way to unite this incredibly divided world of ours. They're out there we better . . .. Think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader, that's the whole theory of Independence Day; everybody gets together and makes nice . . ..”

Of course Clinton wasn’t sitting in a formal newsroom, with a sober news anchor asking serious questions. As one might surmise—for those that haven’t seen the video, the discourse was light-hearted and had quips threaded throughout. That said, Clinton did make point of fact statements re his actions pertaining to UFOs during his tenure at the White House and talk of the revelations are rippling through the mainstream media & social media alike. UFO enthusiasts are giddy and self-proclaimed skeptics are taking aim.

Watch the respective videos below:

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  1. While it sounds good at first blush, the most technologically advanced corporations would be trying to cut deals with the aliens in exchange for new science of all sorts, while the poorer countries would be at the mercy of everybody, just as they are now. Any hiatus in fighting here would only be temporary. Clinton may be recycling this to prepare us for a fake alien invasion to help corporations consolidate power globally, or he may be trying to keep the his own party going. Either way I don't like or trust him or his wife. They are part of the immense problems we have, and in no way do I see them as being part of the solutions. They are corporate shills who do not represent our interests.


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