Monday, June 17, 2019

Orbs Sighted Over Neighborhood in Kingman Arizona | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Orbs Sighted Over Neighborhood in Kingman Arizona | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

     This event happened back in 2012 June or July we had a abouve ground pool in our back yard me daughter had a friend over and they finished swimming and went out in our front yard where they met our neighbor a retired school teacher a few minutes later my daughter ran in the house yelling at me to come out front there where some orbs coming.
By Reader Submitted Report
The UFO Chronicles

I ran out front and ther were huge round balls about 30 to40ft around and they were flying past us I would guess over 100 miles per hour about 2 hundred feet in the air we were about 4 hundred feet away from them they looked sorta orange not matalic I have no clue what held them up or made them go they were completely round no jet no blades no sound they were just there and they were turning they were going some where on a course twwards Hoover dam there were 4 of us that seen them including our friend the retired school teacher who hhas been all over the world se seen the great pyramid .She had no clue she was speechless we all looked at each other and said that was real wow we are in kingman AZ Did anyone else see thise balls in the sky they came from south to north

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