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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Luminous Green Orb Spotted Near Great Falls Montana

UFO Over Great Falls Montana
Reader Submitted Report

     I lived in Great Falls, Montana from 1989-2002. Around 1988 I was driving home in the middle of winter from Missoula, MT--it was on a Sunday night around 10 p.m. It's a three hour drive from Missoula to Great Falls, on Highway 200. I had just come down the East side of the Rockies, passed Bowman's Corner, and was now driving through empty range land. In around 20 miles I'd merge with the main freeway and zip south to Great Falls.

It was a very clear night, with loads of stars in the sky. I would look out the windshield, no other cars around me at all, and then look up through the driver's side window up to the stars in the night sky because it was so beautiful to see. Suddenly, when I turned to look out the side window again, I saw a large, luminous circle of lime green floating in the sky. It had appeared out of the blue. I had the distant feeling the light was looking down at me. I pulled over and got very nervous; I felt, for some reason, incredibly vulnerable. I stared at the object and within a minute or two it then dashed through the sky in shortl, abrupt lines, like it was outlining an invisible triangle and then it took off quicker than my eyes could follow, dashing back West over the Rockies. It was gone in a blink of my eyes. There is no way that any human aircraft could dance around the sky the way it did, utterly, completely soundless; and then zoom away so quickly.

I was unnerved. I got out to urinate in the freezing cold, with snow and ice on the road and the landscape, then got back inside. I checked the clock on the dash and all time seemed accountable; that is, there was no lapse in recognized time passage. I had not, apparently, gone anywhere for any length of time unbeknownst to my conscious mind. I had not been abducted, as I had heard some folks believed themselves to have been.

I suppose others think it is so exciting to visualize a UFO, but when you are a petite woman, faced with advanced technology as you sit in your Ford Escort Wagon, with no other human around to help you or witness your experience, I found it positively frightening. I hope to never see one again, at least alone, in the freezing winter, late at night, in rural America.

Days later I was channel surfing and came, coincidentally, across a show on UFOs on the Sci-Fi Channel. Lo and Behold, imagine my shock when they mentioned that the large, luminous, lime-green flying object in the sky is one of the most common UFOs seen by people. I had not known that. I was not, by any means, a follower of UFOs before I saw one.

Anyway, I heard locally when I lived there that there were pretty frequent UFO sightings around that area in Montana, because of Malmstrom Air Force base. I heard that UFOs not uncommonly hang out around military bases. I don't know if that's true.

I still feel that they were watching me, analyzing me, wondering, perhaps, if they should "take" me. Why they chose not to--if that is an accurate feeling and not simply the imaginative part of my mind getting goofy and way out of line--is unknown, but I'm very happy "they" let me be. I wish them well and hope never to see them again.

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  1. i was standing outside my moms house thinking about what i wanted in life looking up at the stars its pretty quite out there i turned around and saw an object fall from the sky at first my mind said oh thats a shooting star about a secound later i realized it was not in outer space but in our atmosphear just about 100 feet up i also realized that it was a strange lime green teardrop shape and it couldnt have been a shooting star i to felt like it was watching me as soon as it saw me turn around it flew down at an angle smoother than any aircraft could it was completely quite seemed to appear from no were but it was not natural it seemed very alien and very out of place i immediatly ran in the house locked the doors and felt very violated i do beleave that it was watching me


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