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Loch Raven Reservoir's UFO Event Spurs Air Force Investigation | UFO Chronicle – 1958

Loch Raven Reservoir's UFO Event Spurs Air Force Investigation
On Oct. 26, 1958, an unidentified flying object was allegedly spotted over Loch Raven Reservoir. The incident launched an Air Force investigation, spurred headlines and even inspired one Towson neighborhood, Knollwood, to stage a series of “alien invasion” photos.

     Around midnight on Oct. 26, 1958, Alvin Cohen and Phillip Small were taking a drive by Loch Raven Reservoir in Towson when they said a great, iridescent, egg-shaped object appeared above a bridge.
By Libby Solomon
Towson Times

The young men inched closer and the car stopped dead — no headlights, no engine, no ignition, as if the entire electrical system had given out.

“There was no place to run,” Small, then 27, told an Air Force investigator less than two weeks later, according to an interview transcript in a declassified report of the incident. “We probably would’ve if we could’ve but we were terrified at what we saw.”

Cohen, then 24, told investigators the men hid behind the car and watched the object hover. There was a flash of light and noise and heat — and then, Cohen said, it rose into the sky and disappeared.

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